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“Look at all the guns. . . . This is heartbreaking.” Jackie Rowe-Adams [via] contemplating the NRA Wall of Guns raffle display

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  1. Maybe I’m a little dense this morning but I don’t get the MC Escher connection.

    And you guys include a graphic with every post. Of all, how can you not include one in a post that refers to MCE? (Copyright?)

  2. What did Jackie Rowe-Adams expect to see at a NRA convention?

    I guess she’ll be “morally outraged”, that there wasn’t a Brady Campaign booth anywhere at the convention.

    Libs…. sheesh!

  3. My father died (was killed) at age 82 from an infection that he got in a hospital after a knee operation. ‘Therefore we must ban hospitals’. On a serious note there are practical things that should be done to improve hospital care and not react by banning hospitals or making care so legally difficult for providers that they can’t provide. Like guns, hospitals generally provide more value to individuals and society than the harm they do.

    BTW, I read that 100,000 people die annually in hospitals from infections they get there often as a result of health care workers Not washing their hands properly between caring for different patients.

    • Oh no, Obamacare has bolstered their wallets far to well for that to happen.

      Update: In my area as of 5yrs ago thete was only 2 main hospitals & few independent clinics. The individually owned clinics have been gobbled up my regional medical systems & new facilities relating to everything from heart care to knee surgery are being built at a break-neck pace. They are gauranteed money at this point so development capital is readily available. Where as before, it took years for planning, zoning, & demigraphic annalysis before a clump of dirt would be moved. Coincidence?

      Do search for “super bugs”. It will give clarity to what the state of heathcare facilities are in due to over treatment and oversterilization. One day the harvard medical center will have to be condemned & all its material be destroyed as “biohazardous infectios material”. Currently there are several facilities in the same condition.

  4. I respect the right of Mrs. Rowe-Adams to choose to live in her own created disassociated reality, but I must draw the line when she tries to drag the rest of us into her reality.

  5. Who the hell is Jackie?
    Ok Ok yeah I followed the link. But to that end her idea of micro stamping is flawed.
    Change the firing pin, fill in the impressions with lead or something, there are a million ways to beat it. Oh yeah a background check would have saved her sons who were shot by a 13 year old! Oh and with an illegal gun?
    While I empathize with her loss and think that yes it is a real tragedy, the real work needs to start within her community. They need to get it through the kids heads that gangs are bad, guns are not toys. Get an education and work hard and you will do well.

  6. Correct me if I am wrong but thirteen year old’s are not allowed to purchase let alone possess a firearm. She said her son was gunned down by a thirteen yr. old. How exactly would a more thorough background check have kept an obviously illegally obtained gun out of his hands? And would micro-stamping have saved either of her sons lives? I fail to see her point. Am I wrong?

  7. Jackie Rowe-Adams seems like a mother who loved her son. Too bad that she was surrounded by a lot of other mothers and fathers who just didn’t give a sh!t about theirs.

    If her son had been stabbed, would she be showing up at the annual meeting of the national Cutlery Association? Probably not. Look, if she really wants to make an impact instead of just making a headline, she should spend her time back in her own community teaching parents to raise their children like decent people and not like predators.

    As Jeff Cooper once observed, if we got rid of all the guns, we’d still have a crime problem. If we got rid of the criminals, we wouldn’t have a gun problem.

  8. I would like to know the circumstances of her sons’ deaths. What time of day/night was it? Where were they? Who were they associating with? You know, that kind of thing.

  9. Think of how much more heartbreaking it will be if you live in a place where criminals thrive and the big and the brutal dominate and if you aren’t strong enough to fight them hand to hand you effectively don’t have the right to live.



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