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 NRA bronze medallion (courtesy

Here’s the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) short and sweet response to the President’s Gun Violence Task Force’s report [click here to read].

The proposals by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s “Gun Violence Prevention Task Force”, chaired by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), represent the Obama Administration’s gun control wish list. The Pelosi-Thompson Task Force calls on Congress to ban millions of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and magazines; criminalize private firearms transfers; ban common hunting and sport-shooting ammunition; waste taxpayer dollars on government studies to promote gun control and on flawed and ineffective “gun buyback” programs; and remove legal protections on sensitive law enforcement information . . .

“The 4.5 million men and women of the National Rifle Association and our tens of millions of supporters across the country strongly oppose this effort to enact the Obama gun control agenda”, said Chris W. Cox. “The last thing America needs is more failed solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems. Congress should instead focus its energies on the things that will actually keep our families and communities safer – prosecuting criminals who misuse firearms; securing our schools; and fixing the broken mental health system that keeps dangerously ill people on the street.”

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  1. Indeed. Now can we get Mr. ColionNoir to read this in a commercial or something? I’d donate a couple weeks of Da Beer Fund for that.

  2. They keep throwing in that line about “Respecting the Second Amendment” and then do everything to the Contrary.

    To respect the Second Amendment, they must first realize the purpose of the Second Amendment… to protect against future Tyranny. Then they must make sure that citizens have access to the types of guns that would aid in that purpose… such as AR-15’s and AK’s with high cap magazines. Then they must accept that in order for the Second Amendment to be fully effective… the govt must never know who has guns and where they are.

    • Like all liberal politicians they lie. They say they respect the 2A when they ban all guns and imprison all conservatives opposed to the liberal Fascist cause.

      • “Like all politicians they lie.”
        Fixed. And if you don’t believe it, you’re only fooling yourself.

        • “Like all politicians, they lie.”
          Fixed. And if you don’t think using poor grammar when you are correcting people makes you look silly, you’re only fooling yourself.

    • Just a thought, we need to make sure that even when speaking to like minded individuals we are using terminology that turns the tone of the debate. For example we, the supporters of the RKBA, are not advocating for ownership of high capacity magazines. Instead we are advocating for ownership of standard capacity magazines. This change in terminology is a critical change in terms that must be habitual because it is a lot hard for the antis and the uneducated to argue for outlawing standard equipment than something that sounds like it is excessive.

      Yes, I know this is a small thing but as we are aware from being on the wrong side of misused terms words matter and if we are going to win this thing at the cultural level, the only level that truly safeguards our rights, then we have to start fighting at that level and words shape the culture which shapes the debate.

    • Well said, except for ‘High cap magazines’ which are merely ‘standard capacity’. The genius of the evil libtards is the ramming into the mainstream the term ‘assault weapon’ from ‘assault rifle’ which is a machine gun that shoots intermediate powered rounds to keep control of the weapon in full auto. Some will use the more correct spin on the mythological ‘assault weapon’ and call it an ‘assault STYLE weapon’ (which should tell any moron that all they are trying to ban is ‘style’).
      The damage to the sheeple is done, however, because anybody hearing the term ‘assault’ anything automatically thinks ‘machine gun’.

  3. and fixing the broken mental health system that keeps dangerously ill people on the street
    So they are supposed to be incarcerated indefinitely even though they havent committed a crime?

    prosecuting criminals who misuse firearms
    This doesnt happen?

    securing our schools
    And turn them in to prisons? Because a couple dozen kids killed out of 2.4 million deaths every year is worth spending billions of dollars to prevent?

    • So they are supposed to be incarcerated indefinitely even though they havent committed a crime?

      Yes, if need be. Those people are dangerous, just as dangerous as a rapist, robber, or cold blooded killer from the street. I’d prefer voluntary treatment, but if they can’t or won’t, a nice padded cell is fine with me.

      This doesnt happen?

      Not nearly as much or as rigorusly as it needs to. Sadly, jails and prisons are so full of folks who aren’t dangerous, that we haven’t the room for the ones who are. Priorities…

      And turn them in to prisons? Because a couple dozen kids killed out of 2.4 million deaths every year is worth spending billions of dollars to prevent?

      Yes, and if you had children you’d feel the same way. I don’t look at it as a prison, I see it as a fortress that some poor mental health patient who steals a law abiding citizens AR-15 can’t or won’t be able to penetrate. Sheep with shepards are harder to kill than a herd of sheep alone, or better yet when we keep our own wolves with the sheep.

      • Don’t be so quick to throw the mentally ill under the bus….. America is on the verge of creating a massive new and dangerous Mental Health Database which will be merged with firearms background checks and have serious unintended consequences FOR ANYONE SEEING A COUNSELOR FOR ANY REASON. Once the govt creates such a database they will over time add more and more conditions to it until anyone who sees a counselor for ANY reason… depression, anxiety, grief counseling, anger issues over a divorce, patients previously diagnosed with ADHD, and especially people who are taking mood altering/leveling drugs as several of these killers have been taking is added to it.

        THIS DATABASE WILL BE MISUSED TO DENY AMERICANS THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. Veterans with PTSD and other issues are already finding this out the hard way. At the moment line 11F of ATF Form 4473 (filled out by prospective gun purchasers) asks “have you ever been “adjudicated” as mentally defective” — The lawsuit brought against the Psychiatrist for James Holmes, plus President Obama’s announcement that Doctors should report “ANYONE WHOM THEY SUSPECT” could be capable of committing violent crime, essentially means that doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors should ask every client or patient if he or she owns guns. If they answer “yes,” then look for a visit from the local police.

        I have no doubt that we will see an escalation of state gun violence out of all this. Bureaucrats are risk-averse, which means that the new default position will be the confiscation of guns or denial of gun rights from anyone whom “MIGHT” be capable… for safetys sake. You will lose your right to due process with a court hearing in favor of preemption based on nothing but someones opinion and the burden of proof will be on you, and the lawyer that you will have to hire to prove otherwise. This is not so much because all of them will be threats to kill others, but rather it presents a new opportunity to government agents to further control, harass, bully, and even kill others

  4. I don’t understand why there isn’t an internet meme/demtivational poster of cops behaving badly that says “These are the people you want to have guns when you can’t?” And a picture of the LA cops standing next to random citizen’s pickup truck that they felt like shooting up for sh!ts and giggles, plus every other awful cop photo out there.

    • That and somebody should write a flash game, maybe call it something like LAPD Enforcers. There could be a “shoot up a truck full of innocent people level” and a “beat up innocent people level”. Actually, the would probably be like 50 “beat up innocent people” levels……

      • Actually, I think that there would be no beat up the innocent levels and all shoot up the innocents and the truck type levels. As a bonous level you get to shoot someone at a voting booth.

  5. Before the ACLU AND president carter stepped in we had mental facilities where the extremely mentally ill could be housed. A good percentage of the homeless people you see on the street are mentally ill. They were housed and supervised prior the this “intervention”.
    You’d be amazed at how many liberal judges there are out there handing out wrist slaps to violent felons, including the ones who commit gun related crimes. Just google “catch and release”. It’s a short film made by the NRA.
    Lasty, in my opinion, yes, it is worth spending the money to keep our children safe. And no it wouldn’t take billions. LTC Grossman outlined long ago the simple measures to take to secure shools. Not like prisons, just harden the target to deter killers. As the good LTC says, “They fear only one thing: failure.”

    • Before the ACLU AND president carter stepped in we had mental facilities where the extremely mentally ill could be housed.

      Sadly, after the state run mental hospitals were shut down, the mentally ill had nowhere to go but into political offices as members of the Democratic party.

      **EDIT** Supposed to be in response to Tex74, but apparently replies aren’t nesting properly.

    • I agree completely, the science clearly indicates a significant percentage of the homeless and criminal are, well, nuts. They need to be institutionalized before they do something wrong, and maybe even can be helped before they are irretrievable.

      But, the dismantling of the ‘psych hospital’ system began in force in ’63 with Kennedy’s Community Mental Health Act. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

      The defunding and other programs aimed at moving things to a more local level, and out of hospitals, kept rolling for the next 50 years. Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II – They ALL stayed on that path.

    • I’m down with that, but I have a free solution. End gun free zones and actually respect the constitution.

    • They’re no just on the streets. A lot father mentally ill ae in ail where they can be victimized and not get the treatment they need. So they are locked up, but in the wrong place, benefitting nobody.

  6. Committing a violent person against their will is nearly impossible to do for any real length of time if at all. The ACLU has guaranteed that.

    Criminals, particularly violent criminals are often repeat offenders. Recidivism is rampant. Nearly every violent crime committed in America involves a repeat offender or a criminal who has had his wrist slapped a few times, been deemed a juvenile delinquent or has otherwise been on the radar. We should make punishments very harsh. Violent criminals should not have the plush digs they get now. No TV, maybe only Barney repeats if we have to pay for something. Put these violent offenders in labor camps and make them PAY for their crimes.

    Securing our schools. All of the schools in the district where my children go to school have armed resource officers. They are hardly prisons. It is simply a sheriff’s deputy. He (or she) roams the halls, is present at all times, the kids know them by name just as if the resource officer was another teacher. It works. You must not have any children of your own. I will do anything and spare nothing to protect my children. They know how to use guns and have been taught to respect them as the powerful tools that they are. What is my daughter worth? To you she is worth nothing. To me she is worth everything. Take back the 200 abrams tanks to Egypt, put cops in our schools. Repair entitlement spending, teach firearms safety in health class.

    • Send the prisoners to Arpaio. Guaranteed, the fat F’s won’t weigh 400 lbs when they’ve done their time in that sweat box. Randy

      • How about out there building the fence?

        **EDIT** Ditto Totenglocke –
        This is in response to Randy comment above about sending prisoners to Arpaio. Reply isn’t working properly.

    • @WildWest
      If the person is violent then they will be jailed when they have been convicted. The NRA is calling for jailing people for nothing more than thought crime/pre-crime.

      Trying to bring up wrist slapping is a joke. If you think jail is plush why dont you go there and see for yourself. If/when a AWB/mag ban passes, I certainly hope you go to jail for violating it, just so you can see for yourself if the sentence you receive is a wrist slap and the accommodations are “plush”

      And of course you want to spare no expense when it comes to protecting your children, you want to spend other peoples money to do so. If your kids need so much protection, pay for it out of your own pocket and hire a bodyguard. I’m willing to bet you call yourself a Republican who is in favor of small government too.

      • If the choice comes to spending millions on enforcing guns laws that won’t reduce crime OR spending millions to put armed guards in schools…I’ll choose the armed guards.

        It appears the govt wants to spend those millions in one way or another to be able to say that they “did something about Newtown” when the next election comes around, so it doesn’t make me an advocate of big govt if I want to decide where that money would be more effective.

        The gun laws that they want to institute federally were already in place in the state in which the Newton shooting occurred, so we know those won’t stop these shootings nationwide. Would an armed guard have stopped it? We don’t know definitively, all we know definitively is that the gun laws didn’t work…

      • Sounds like someone speaking from experience on jail accomodations there…

        Hence, the rage against the machine…and “the MAN”.

  7. prosecuting criminals who misuse firearms; securing our schools; and fixing the broken mental health system that keeps dangerously ill people on the street.

    Criminals are prosecuted.

    Why both to spend billions to save a couple dozen kids out of 2.4 million deaths every year.

    And although the NRA likes to say they are all for freedom, they are calling for the indefinitely incarceration of people who have not committed a crime.

    • Freedom is not free, it requires responsibility. If you cannot or will not be responsible for your own actions, you cannot be free.

  8. Good for the NRA. Like always keep the pressure on congress to ignore Obama’s toilet paper releases.

  9. NO!

    We must not demonize the ACLU. I’ve seen too many gun grabbers say things like “Because of the NRA, we can’t have common sense laws to control violence” to accept demonizing any organization in a rights discussion.

    The gun control debate is about the 2nd amendment.

    Well, the incarceration/commitment of mentally ill people is a 4th and 5th amendment issue.

    We talk about the soviets using gun control to oppress people. We must not forget that they also used the designation of ‘mental defective’ to imprison dissidents as well.

    Any strengthening of forcible commitment laws will see us ‘gun nuts’ thrown into the asylums first, you better believe it.

    The problem is not the insane. Gun violence in America is not a serious enough problem to warrant extreme measures and THAT should be the case we make over and over. Few people die in spree killings and from ‘assault weapons’ compared to hammers and swimming pools etc.

    We cannot try to save our guns by accepting the false notion that SOMETHING has to be done and then attack the mentally ill or video games like La Pierre has.

    • You make a great point. I myself was swayed to think we need to do more in terms of watching the mentally ill. But the fact is autism and asberhgers( however its spelled) is fairly common and you only hear about people like this rarely. It would not be moral at all to punish the many because of the actions of a few. Sound familiar?

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