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I reckon soft-spoken ads like this one—which connect the civilian disarmament dots in a calm, logical way—will be highly effective. The non-gun owning fence straddlers won’t get it, but that’s not where the action is. It’s with gun owning fence straddlers. True?

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  1. The point is spot-on. However, I can see where people would maintain their distrust, because of this guy’s mannerisms.

    Plus, the message is very, VERY tepid in nature. How about, “if G_d gave Israel to ersatz Jews, he sure as s**t gave me the right to own and keep my firearms.”

  2. Good points, made in a boring milquetoast manner. Samuel L or Mr Colion would’ve taken the same speech to the next level.

  3. They were not “wrong at the time”, the goal has been a total ban all along, by increments.
    A total ban is what they are working for today, no matter what they get now they will be back for more tomorrow.

  4. It was stated that the original AWB ban had the goal of total ban… in the quote it would go restriction ban confiscation, total weapon removal from America… This ofcourse will never happen, criminals do not pay attention to laws for starters, second the constitution gives America the right to the same arms as the government as stated by the founders after the constitution was written, and to violte the rights of this document is treason and therefore not able to be enforced

  5. Well more and more we are seeing the true colors. Sure the tin foil hat crowd might be the canary in the coal mine, but as it turns out there is a problem!

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