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  1. Why is this guy not a spokesman for one of our pro-gun organizations? I wonder if the staff at TTAG has reached out to him? He is a voice of common sense and reason.

    Wait nevermind, the anti-gunners reject common sense and reason as if it were something poisonous…who am I kidding….

    • TTAG has reached out to Mr. ColionNoir, just check the TTAG twitter feed. Within the last week or so TTAG reached out to try and set-up a meet/range trip between him & Nick.

      Plus he’s one of the folks in the ad that used to be on the right side of the page that said, “Person X reads TTAG”

  2. It should be painfully obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that the kind of people he’s referencing in this video do not respond to reason and logic. They are hell bent on disarming us. Period. We have to fight to the death on this if that’s what it takes.

  3. Love that guy. He and the man from Zonation should be inspirations to minority youth, and must be truly feared and hated by the progressive establishment. If we as a nation supported men like Mr. Colion instead of pretend rights advocates like Al Sharpton we might actually see progress towards racial parity and an end to prejudice.

  4. Good Good that was pure logic. He should be the next Black President.

    As for Obama and CA Law Enforcement

    Sam L Jackson says it best on Die Hard 3

    “I dont like you (Obama, LAPD), because your going to get me killed!!!!!”

  5. Dang. The video he’s responding to was itself a video response to my video (it even used my full transcript in its description), but I got no love ;-). It’s okay, Colion is awesome and he’s much more comfortable in front of a microphone than me! I could have used the YT hits though to build my street cred on there haha

    Big thanks to TTAG for posting up my original video last week, btw.

  6. When is he going to be the President of the NRA? I heard that idea floated somewhere (maybe here) and it just makes so much sense. Sorry Wayne, but this man understands the battle to an extent I don’t think you ever could.


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