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“Now the National Rifle Association is coming after us,” the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) Facebook posting proclaims. And about time, too. You can read the NRA-ILA’s editorial on the CSGV’s advice to SWAT open carriers – reflecting the NRA-ILA’s newfound feistiness – after the jump. For now, here’s a CSGVer Robin Thompson‘s response that racked-up 111 likes so far: I despise the NRA and this loathsome psychological war they are continuing to wage. They are treasonous and hateful. They prey on the fears and hatred of others to fuel their cause. They are EVIL!” I know you are, but what am I? Here’s the piece that got stuck in the CSGV’s collective craw . . .

Unhinged: Antigun Group Seeking to Provoke Confrontations Between Police, Lawful Carriers?

The cracks are showing at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Granted, it can’t be easy for them these days.  Overall rates of violent crime are down.  Americans are embracing the right to keep and bear arms and rejecting calls for gun control at historic rates. Gun control standard bearer Barack Obama has utterly failed to advance antigun legislation through Congress and occasionally sounds resigned to defeat. Gun sales have soared to record highs in recent years.  Worst of all for them, the NRA’s approval rating tops those of prominent gun control politicians.

All that money.  All that outrage.  All those antigun editorials in big city papers.  All those academics and “researchers” churning out antigun papers that immediately get picked up by the media. All those celebrity endorsements.  All those years of work.

And the Tweets!  Fingers aching from endless antigun Tweets!

This was supposed to be their time.  Other fringe political movements are getting traction.  Why not them?

But to CSGV anti-gunners Josh Horwitz and Ladd Everitt, we ask, has it really come to this? SWATting? Calling the cops on your competition and hoping to provoke confrontations?   Maybe getting a law-abiding citizen, or even a police officer, killed? Maybe mistaking a cop for an armed citizen and pitting cop against cop?

This is extremism at its very worst. We’re tempted to say we’re surprised.

But not really. We’ve seen this coming. We took the gun control movement to task over this issue a while ago, but that was different. Those were just cranks commenting on gun control websites. Still, we said, you ought to at least have the decency to disavow those tactics.

But you didn’t.   You’ve now adopted those tactics as your own. “Oh, those poor babies,” you wrote.

America, this is the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Ironic name for a group wishing to provoke armed confrontation between police officers and law-abiding citizens. They’ve never accomplished anything to stop violence of any sort, or even accomplished what they really want, which is the banning of guns. They are angry. And they want you to lose your guns, and more. They want police officers and gun owners to see each other as enemies, with all the implications that entails.

But it’s okay. Police officers and lawfully armed citizens have been getting along just fine throughout America’s history, and they will undoubtedly continue to do so. In fact, the police, who keep our streets safe, believe in the law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms and reject gun control as the magic panacea against violent crime. Maybe that’s why Josh Horwitz and Ladd Everitt are willing to put them at risk, too.

Nice try, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, but we’re fully confident that the responsibility and good sense of law-abiding gun owners and the professionalism of America’s law enforcement community will carry the day.

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    • I think I’m starting to understand this problem, pro-freedom types use of facts in context has us engaging in a intellectual battle with unarmed opponents. Sigh.

    • I enjoyed it. There must a be a bit of troll in me, but the thought “you mad, bro?” popped into my head. Their response to someone calmly calling them out for their hate is, of course, more irrational, foaming-at-the-mouth hate.

      But I understand that it’s no game to them. This is what leftists do, this is what they are. Make no mistake: if it were up to them, each and every one of us would be imprisoned or put to death for daring to defy them. Yes, they are deadly serious about it. Hundreds of millions of dead in the 20th century tell us that.

  1. It’s a shame you have to like the page to comment. i would live to fuck with these assholes, but i just can’t muster the nerve to hit the like button.

    • You wouldn’t have very long to comment on their pages. They’ve been in the habit of sometimes preemptively blocking people for no apparent reason. If not then, then certainly after you arrive on their page and refuse to repeat their dystopian delusions, parrot their debunked and nonsensical talking points, and carry forth their message that guns are evil incarnate and gun owners need to be rounded up and summarily executed in the public square along with their families.

      Getting banned by them, no matter how respectful and accurate and even how subtle your disagreement is, is something of a badge of honor ’round these parts. You can still see their hatred and bile when you read the comments on their Facebook page. But, if you dare call them out on their hypocritical bullshit, or correct them factually, you’re out in seconds. They don’t want a “debate”, only a one-sided screaming match where you’re not even allowed so much as a word edgewise.

      Fun Fact: Ladd Everitt once got CSGV’s Twitter account suspended because they refused to stop posting the personally-identifying information of an opponent, and even stooped to stalking the Twitter account of a then ten-year-old competitive shooter, Cheyenne Roberts.

      • 100 % correct. I got banned immediately – couldn’t fool them into thinking I’m an anti-gun CA cop after my first pro-gun comment or two. I was respectful and accurate, they were hateful and intolerant of the truth.

        And they are willing to file false police reports or attempt murder by cop against legitimate gun owners for having the hope and audacity to change gun perception by exercising their civil rights.

        • Typical liberal behavior. It’s all about the emotions. If it sounds intuitive, never mind the facts or the research, it’s true. If I have a strong emotion about it, that also means it’s true. Therefore, I get to lash out at anyone who dares challenge me. (That’s not a rational conclusion, but they are not rational people)

    • Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what we see next. They’ll use some B.S. reasoning like “It’s okay if we do it because our endgame is a morally just cause.”

        • What Tom said. Anyway, I’ve always found “kill a commie for Christ” to be misstated. It would have been more accurate as “kill a commie to preserve your freedom to be a Christian, or whatever religion you choose to follow.” That’s just way too long, though.

  2. The CSGV is a money-making organization that panders to the most rabid and extreme anti-gun individuals by promoting state-sponsored violence. That’s where they make their money. The NRA is their manufactured Satan. The CSGV blames the NRA for everything from gang murders to the extinction of the passenger pigeon. The NRA directly responding to them just helps fill the coffers of Ladd and company. Let the gun blogosphere handle the CSGV (they do an excellent job) and keep the CSGV where they belong.

  3. One of these days, some idiot SWATTER is going to get someone hurt, or killed, and reveal that they took CSGV’s advice. Then the family of the victim is going to bankrupt CSGV and probably subject those in it’s leadership that makes such suggestions to the same liabilities.

  4. If they truly promote swatting on their page, that is a terroristic threat. Looks lie the FBI needs to see it and put them on a terror watch list.

    • Many have actually already tried this, and reported their members and their page for actual threats made. Naturally, Facebook does nothing about it while deleting the innocuous posts of pro-gun pages based on knowingly and demonstrably false reports.

      • Well the fed agencies are all controlled by elitist power grabbers so it’s alright if they promote terrorism. Now if we quote Jefferson we get on a list… We all know what the feds want and we all know what the rulers want. Freedom, liberty, and prosperity are not what they want for us.

        • What do people with power want? More power, and they’re not above any and all means whatsoever to achieve it, either. History is drenched with the blood of those that dare exist in opposition to their goals.

  5. The only thing that the posters on CSGV wants to do more then grab guns is to sit in a giant circle and whack each other off.

  6. That’s pretty fiery for the NRA. I’m liking a lot of what I see from them lately.

    Even my wife, who doesn’t give a f all for guns or politics, will watch Noir.

    Keep em coming

  7. “….the police,……believe in the law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.”

    Not to bring anyone down, or ruin these so-called groovy vibes, but this statement just isn’t true. On more than a few occasions on this site, I have recounted from my own personal experience, that all police do not believe this. Three of my local deputy dogs have told me that armed citizens just make their job that much harder. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is. Broad generalizations make for poor foundations. Especially if they aren’t true.

  8. What do you do when you see a person legally carrying a firearm minding their own business and not harming anyone? Why, call in the men with guns (and badges) to come and harass them and possibly (hopefully) escalate the situation to the point where (gun) violence erupts! I mean, sometimes you have to fight fire with (gun)fire. And if being a hypocrite is the price for winning, what a small price to pay!

    • I’ve not quite wrapped my head around CSVG’s “logic” which says a bunch of armed amped up cops with guns drawn is safer than a guy quietly going about his business with his gun holstered.

      • Safety isn’t their goal. Their goal is to create fear and to intimidate. They are just too cowardly to do it themselves.

        • There are Facebook pages dedicated to gathering up gun control advocate comments that assert exactly that. “Why do that when we can just have the police do it for us?” Is the effect of many of their responses.

          Anti Gunners Say the Darnedest Things.
          Death Threats (and Other Stupidity) from Gun Control Advocates.
          Gun Control Kills.
          Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates.

          There are others, but those are the ones that I follow.

          There is also, where enterprising users have cataloged many, many thousands of such psychotic screeds.

    • @Roymond: And lucky for us that we have an amendment to take care of that. And the other one for guns. Canada already lost the war for freedom. If we are not vigilant and active we will be next. Would be great if we could find a way to export freedom via our 2A to Canada and other countries. But, most of the other countries are so paranoid about guns that will probably never happen.

  9. “… we’re fully confident that the responsibility and good sense of law-abiding gun owners and the professionalism of America’s law enforcement community will carry the day.”

    Unless you happen to be checking out a pellet rifle in a large retail chain store like John Crawford — who police killed after someone called in to report a “man with a gun”.

    • I dunno, maybe the caller was CSGV swatting supporter?
      Still think if somebody calls a false swatting and a person get killed, the caller should be charged with murder. Even if someone does not, it should be attempted murder.

  10. CSGV screeched: “They are treasonous and hateful. They prey on the fears and hatred of others to fuel their cause. They are EVIL!”

    Ha! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. 😀

    • @MiniMe: Exactly. Sounds like they are describing themselves. Had to shake me head and think for a second to figure out exactly who that quote came from. Because is sounds like us describing them rather than the other way around. Bizzare!

    • CSGV are Bolshevik agitators and their real goals go far beyond gun confiscation from private individuals. Just apply their Marxist Leninist goals to the entire spectrum of individual liberties, rights, and private property.

  11. Adopt the tactics of your enemy.

    Let’s stop playing nice. Identify these anti-gunners.Not just by name. By address. Chip in for a number of luxury coach busses. Round up the worst of the worst from the ‘hood. Drive them to the anti-gunners home. Let them get out and walk around. Let them introduce themselves to the antis as their new neighbors. Tell them we bought a house nearby to set up a group home to rehab them and expose them to all the benefits of suburbia. Give it a few days to sink in and watch the for sale signs pop up

  12. Police officers and lawfully armed citizens have been getting along just fine throughout America’s history.
    Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. The heads of the Indiana State Police is usually anti-gun and a lot of city cops are also.
    , and they will undoubtedly continue to do so.
    Maybe or maybe not, but with an out of control over spending government, the future looks dim.
    In fact, the police, who keep our streets safe, believe in the law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms and reject gun control as the magic panacea against violent crime.
    That is a very iffy statement and really it is the surrounding community that makes the streets safe. I have lived around religious communities where they really did not need cops except for the outsiders. I have been in urban environments where they could pour cops in wall to wall and the area would still be a kill zone.

  13. If you are confronted by law enforcement, and it smells like one fo the CSGV type incidents, ask for the name of the person complaining. they may or may not give it. If they ask why, explain that you are wanting to file a complaint for a false police report which in many places is a felony.

    If they refuse to give the information, not the time and get a incident #. You can then FOIA the 911 tapes as they are public record. Dispatchers usually try and get name and info and locations to help direct law enforcement. You never know, the CSGV person just might not be able to help themselves and think they have to go babbleing to the police about hos they feel and embelish their story.

    So much more for the chance at a false police report, or maybe even a civil suit against the individual.

  14. CSGV has no concern for anything but their agenda of disarmament and the end ALWAYS justifies the means to the anti-gun left. Their only concern is how childish, irrational, and irresponsible this article rightfully makes them appear. The NRA must be this aggressive all the time going forward against their extremism.

  15. Watching CSGV is like watching a toddler throwing a tantrum, then someone tells the toddler that they aren’t getting any dessert after dinner, and then watching them REALLY lose their shit. It’s so much fun.

  16. Imagine if I were to call 911 to report a possible terrorist whenever I saw a burka or middle eastern man? Same thing for the most part. But progressive’s would say I was wrong and discriminating. I suggest they are inciting a far more dangerous act. It is necessary to lash out against the anti-2A groups as they endanger all American’s.


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