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I think we covered the Alternative Ballistics less lethal gun attachment before. (Thank God Dan’s back online.) If so, it’s still worth revisiting – given the appearance of this most excellent Russian TV. Of course, the jokes kinda write themselves. In Russia, clown nose shoots you. You’re welcome to have a bash. But seriously, is the device of any use whatsoever?

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  1. I could see where this might be more effective than a Taser…..

    However, the need to incapacitate might change in milliseconds….so the question would be…


    Could it incapacitate without death or risk of? I’ll call this interesting for LE, but useless for civilians.

    • This is a novelty with a lot of marketing speak.

      The Ferguson connection is not an LE endorsement it’s the result of a knee-jerk reaction by politicians and senior officers who would happily sign off on Hello Emo nun-chucks if they thought it would stop the rioting and improve public perception.

      Hey look folks orange plastic, less dead folks* (rightly or wrongly).

      *As long as its not shot at head, center of chest, the catcher doesn’t fail, suspect has a strong heart etc.

      Also developed and built with LEO and Special Forces feedback usually means;

      “Stop calling me, it’s beyond a joke now” Sgt. J. Smith, NYPD
      “It’s junk” Chief P. Jones, USN SEAL Team 4
      “Sure I’ll test it for a $100 an hour” PFC S. Omebody, Alaska National Guard (once stayed on a base with Special Forces looking guys with Canadian accents)
      “**** off, its a toy” Captain N. Weebley, 22 SAS

      So with all that said expect an epidemic of “senior officer me too” and every force in the US to issue to every officer by end of decade.

    • In its defense, you don’t lose the ability to kill.
      It’s a rubber bullet on the first shot and then lethal force on all shots after.

      The problem is someone “accidentally” double tapping or forgetting/fumbling with the device while drawing.
      It might be better as a separate weapon.

      • Yeah the clown doing the demonstration really shoulda passed on the “less lethal” shot followed up, in short order, by the potentially lethal one. When I saw that I was like “Yeah and that’s exactly how that will roll out half the time” – whether that was the original intent or not.

        • I guess the answer to that dilemma would be a bandolier of clown noses. Not only would that give you the option of multiple less lethal shots, but the mere sight might just be ridiculous enough to confound an angry person to the point where they’re no longer capable of violence.

  2. I can’t possibly see how this could go wrong… Especially if you have trained to double tap. Or your running through bushes and it gets dislodged

  3. BTW TTAG if you do not quell the autoplay on the Israeli posting, I’ll not come back until it stops! Every damn time you refresh the page that video starts!

  4. Well like someone said, a double tap makes this thing useless. Also as we have seen many times police can’t shoot straight anyway so what good would it do? As far as “less lethal” anything can kill if hit in the correct place.

    • But Frank!
      I hear their coming out with Magazine model, 5 round cylinder, rotates around on the top of your slide. Drops them in one by one, and, and,………………………….Christ, forget it! I can’t type worth a crap while I’m laughing so hard!

    • No, but they’re making a rape horn to go with it. just start honking it and someone with a real gun will come along and help.

  5. Nope, if an Officer has the time and believes non-lethal is required then he/she can use the taser. If not they can shoot the real thing, don’t risk damaging the last line of defense for the officer and public with a plastic piece of (I’m sure overpriced ) hype.

    If there is a call for this type of impact device issue all offices bean bag shotguns or design a new separate device.

  6. Bad Idea. We already have cases where LEO pulls a real gun and kills someone when they intended to pull a DIFFERENT YELLOW PLASTIC GUN and just taze them.
    Imagine how many unintentional deaths will occur with this thing…….deaths that will be given the rubber stamp of state sanctioned approval because the f**k up was committed
    by someone wearing a badge and sprinkled with the magic fairy dust of government authority. NOPE. LEO are borderline incompetent and violence prone already. This would do nothing but increase the number of dead unarmed people.

  7. A lot of stuff can go wrong, sure. Worst, to me, would be if it becomes another pain-compliance thing, rather than a less-lethal alternative when lethal force would be warranted. But, heck, as people of the gun (and motorists, and people who use gas stoves, some of us) is this not the sea in which we swim? Like, if it’s used properly it’s good, if not, yikes.

  8. This reminds me of the shotgun shooting into water video posted last week. Basically this joke of a device is a barrel obstruction. Quite possibly the dumbest idea ever,

  9. I appreciate the effort. Somebody’s at least trying to come up with innovative shit. But this not a keeper. For one, liability. The department’s lawyers are going to be apoplectic.

  10. I can see it now, some reluctant volunteer rookie cop, goes down range to take slug, to test the power it has, and after shooting off the round, the shooter forgets that he has slipped a fully loaded mag in his weapon, and accidently follows up with a second shot.

  11. I’m beginning to wonder if less-lethal might just be a poor idea in the first place.

    It still requires lethal force justification, and it opens departments up to the kind of second-guessing, when lethal force is justified, that you saw in the case where the cop grabbed the wrong lethal force option. Not to mention causing deaths.

    Maybe it would be best for all parties involved (except the lawyers) if it were perfectly clear-cut. If you pose an imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm, you get a JHP center-mass, with more to follow until you cease to pose said threat.

    On the other hand, I’m sure that officers engaged in lethal force interactions (12% of police officers are expected to ever have to draw and fire a weapon at someone: , admittedly a biased source) are happy to have the option that doesn’t result in psychological trauma.

    It’s a complicated issue. Nonetheless, I don’t think that this device could be considered a solution by anyone.

  12. Bad enough there’s a high-velocity collision of materials that close to your person. But with no eye protection? WhoTF is this moron?

  13. The best non lethal option? All of these useless black lives matter protesters get a job, get off welfare, and stop committing crimes. No more police interaction, no more dead protestors.

    • How they gonna get off welfare when they don’t know how to stop having too many children! Most of them think a condom is something you slip over the end of your gun barrel, when it’s raining!

  14. More junk for a cop to haul around. I don’t know how they keep their pants up now, what with all the crap hanging off off their duty belt. Taser, pepper spray, cuffs, baton, pistol, extra mags, flashlight, radio, knife, keys, gloves and god knows what else.

  15. This has exactly one use – after the shooting when you’re in court your defense attorney can point to it as a warning shot. You TRIED not to kill the bastard, but he just wouldn’t go away AND you endangered no innocent bystanders with a stray bullet.

  16. Do they also market one in a different color for the violent criminals to use as a less lethal alternative, so that the bad guys will only incapacitate their victims? Oh wait, I forgot a criminal’s intent with a firearm is to be lethal, but we should play nice in our efforts to defend ourselves from their violent attacks.


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