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Governor Steve Bullock (D) of Montana has vetoed constitutional carry again. The bill, HB 262 was struck down on Thursday afternoon. In an article, Governor Bullock stated that individuals can’t be trusted to decide whether or not to carry firearms.

Bullock noted in his veto letter that he had rejected two bills identical to Harris’ measure in past sessions. The governor says the idea of allowing individuals to decide for themselves whether they are eligible to carry concealed weapons is absurd.

An override attempt of the veto is unlikely. The bill passed with strong margins, about 60% of the votes in each house, but it did not get the two thirds necessary for an override.

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    • In the last election we didn’t have much choice. We need a non-bullock candidate who isn’t an east coast scumbag. Bullock may be a liberal scum sucker but at least he is a montana scum sucker.

        • Also another east coast scumbag that tried to buy the election. As much as I dislike Bullock, I disliked Giannforte even more. Besides, Montana still has more gun rights afforded to it than Texas does, which so many of you love to tout as being “the gun state”.

        • NO KIDDING!!! WTF Montana??!!! You’re supposed to represent the last of the wild west! Apparently all the imported Kaliforninans now control your state government!!! Frickin’s pathetic man!!!!

  1. And supposedly, he keeps up with the news, like how much problem Vermont has had with the policy over the past 225 years? How do these people look themselves in the eye in the morning while shaving?

  2. Yep, only the DemoCrud overseers know whats best for their serfs and must be controlled. Oh, by the way sheep, open your wallets we are hungry for YOUR monies.

  3. Well that says it all. He thinks voters are idiots that can’t be trusted. Guy sounds paranoid with a side of transference. No matter what side of the aisle I sat on I wouldn’t vote for someone that thinks so little of his fellow Americans.

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the crux of the statist’s/progressive’s theology…we “can’t be trusted.” That is antithetical to liberty.

    Montana…call your reps. Vote counts can an do change. Be civil but be definitive. Let them know you want them to override the veto.

  5. The fact he had the balls to say that outright is a step up for most liberals. This guy, however, because of that statement, is now OFFICIALLY a douche bag.

    • Hey mule. Don’t tell me how to vote. Maybe you noticed that there are other issues besides const carry. Bullock is a great guy and many of the republicans around here are tinfoil hat wearing nut jobs. In fact one former republican state legislator just got busted for meth trafficking.

      People buy Rs at Costco by the cartload and plaster them all over the Montana ballots come voting time. Means little around here, kind of like Utah. The Rs infight more than with the Dems. They try and out R each other till we are all in a hand basket.

      • I don’t get it. If the opposition candidates to the Progressives are so bad that you are going to vote for an anti-rights Progressive, why don’t you run for office?

        • Ha! That’s funny because Gov Bullock doesn’t think Doktor there is smart enough to decide for himself!

      • Hey mule. Don’t tell me how to vote. Maybe you noticed that there are other issues besides const carry. Bullock is a great guy and many of the republicans around here are tinfoil hat wearing nut jobs.

        All he said was to vote for liberty. You don’t want to vote for liberty?

        Bullock is a great guy? He thinks that you are not capable of determining if you are eligible to carry a weapon concealed. Why would you support restrictions on liberty? You think republicans fighting amongst themselves is worse than polite agreeable Democrats taking your freedoms or what?×557.jpg

  6. I live in Utah and our Republican governor vetoed Constitutional carry in the past and is threatening to do it again if it hits his desk this legislative session .

    I didn’t support him in the last election and won’t support him ever again. I encourage everyone I know and meet to not support Gov. Gary Herbert either with their vote or donations.

  7. Sounds to me like his highness’ words need to be plastered all over a few billboards. To me that is a much better use of your money than giving it to some politician at election time that is going to ignore you and what you want after the election.

  8. Progressive cesspools like Bozeman, Missoula and Kalispell are to thank for putting that weasel back in office. Don’t judge all of us. I didn’t vote for him, and I wrote letters to my reps as well as to the governor’s office.

  9. Unfortunately Montana is suffering the same fate as all good places, it’s being overrun by wealthy liberals from places like clownifornia,who bring their politics and money with them. Bullock is a sellout,who campaigned on defending the 2nd amendment,only to betray montanans on the first chance he could. Constitutional carry has been passed by the people 3 times here,only to be denied by this smug Uncle Tom liberal.


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