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Senator Loretta Weinberg (courtesy

Fairfax, VA  [via] Domestic violence is shameful and those who commit violent acts against domestic partners should be harshly punished. On that point, there is firm conviction and agreement. That is why it is all the more troubling when politicians in Trenton are focused on perpetuating a failed agenda instead of getting serious about a serious issue . . .

S. 805, sponsored by state Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37), is a recycled version of a bill that was vetoed last session by Governor Chris Christie. S.805 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee on Thursday, March 9, at 10:30 a.m.

This bill is not only a repeat from last year, it is a template bill as part of a nationwide agenda being pushed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group. What proponents of the bill fail to tell you is that New Jersey already has some of the toughest domestic violence laws in the country, in addition to federal law.

Even more unforgivable, the proponents of S.805 have completely ignored real legislation that would enhance penalties on convicted violent abusers. A.4866 was introduced last year and would have punished convicted violent domestic abusers with tough penalties. This year, a version of A.4866 has been reintroduced – S.1905.

Senator Weinberg’s legislation fails to empower victims. It also creates new victims because it does nothing to address the real, albeit rare, circumstance where false accusations are made. It fails to address cases where weapons other than guns are used.

There are also technical problems with the bill, including punishing someone for failing to surrender a gun which has been previously sold. S.805 requires a person to pay police to store their guns, even if they are cleared of all charges. The bill also takes conduct, such as a verbal argument or annoying someone, and turns it in to a forfeiture of property and suspension of constitutional rights with little guarantee of due process.

These are only a few of the serious flaws contained in S.805. If lawmakers truly want to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence victims, they will stop playing games with bills like S.805 and adopt legislation like S.1905 which severely punishes truly violent domestic abusers.

Please contact members of the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee and respectfully urge them to OPPOSE S.805.You can contact members of the committee by clicking here.

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  1. False accusations are NOT at all rare. “Laws” like this will guarantee that they become much more common too. Women initiate the violence about half the time, but men have no way to protect themselves most of the time, especially not after such laws are passed.

    Good luck getting the NJ politicos to face facts….

    • Officer arrives, no bruises, marks, broken items. He (she) hurt me. Second ammendmant gone for good, jail, fines, counseling at defendants cost. The cops are used as a “stick” in many instances. Its not rare at all to get a 911 payback.

      • If I lived in NJ, after the passage of this bill, I’d be raising my kids to be celibate.

  2. It is disgusting that a serious issue like domestic violencr is hijacked into a peripheral issue by outsiders who won’t be effected.

    The issue is the violence, is it not?

    Bloomie seems fine with women getting beaten to advance his agenda. And why wouldn’t he. The victims are in another state. He never sees them.

    • It’s because “domestic violence” isn’t really much of an issue at all. Never were. Only became so when whoring for the votes of washed up women, desperate enough to shack up with virtually anyone (and stay that way, regardless of look-at-me antics involving abuse charges), becaue de rigeur for those wanting to be able to fleece and harass their fellow man under cover of nonsense like “the rule of law.”

      A woman’s children’s father can reliably, across all cultures, be counted on to care for his woman 99% of the time. While no apparatchik has ever in the history of humanity given even a rat’s ass about anyone except himself. 100.00000% of the time. That pretty much sums up how utterly idiotic it is to champion any “system” that relies on giving the apparatchik power over the the husband, ostensibly to “save” the woman. Nothing but idiocy, up and down every conceivable line ever. Just like all of progressivism, come to think of it…..

    • “Bloomie seems fine with women, MEN, and CHILDREN getting beaten to advance his agenda.”

      FIFY. Women commit domestic violence, as well. And have higher rates of child abuse, which is domestic violence, more or less, the only difference being kids cannot choose who they habitat with.

      Women want equality, so give credit where it’s due. Equally comes with responsibility – it’s not a buffet.

  3. those who commit violent acts against domestic partners should be harshly punished. On that point, there is firm conviction and agreement.

    What’s the difference between a bully beating a “domestic partner” or a bully beating a weaker stranger? Should the person who beats a domestic partner receive a harsher sentence that someone who beats a weak victim who is not a domestic partner?

    I don’t think so. Yes, batterers should be harshly punished — but just as harshly as any other thugs, not more harshly or less harshly. Assault is assault, and all the pandering in the world by politicians to feminazis won’t change that.

    • Anything that makes it harder to stay married the anti marriage crowd wants. Anything that makes it harder to work out problems in a marriage they want. Think about it being married makes your crime even more serious.
      Interesting how so many people in power support gay marriage but not heterosexual marriage. They will not let a wife have a gun.
      I remember when a wife was not allowed to have a credit card. The feminist were never pro guns for women.

      • +1

        Nothing weakens women more, hence making them more susceptible to look to Massa Gommiment for protection, than destroying the nuclear family, and with it, her husband’s ability to protect her and her children

        One more area where the so called baaad Muzzies, that we are supposed to be happy to pay half our incomes and all our freedoms to “defend against”, have “us” beaten by waaay more than just a country mile. Not saying “their way” is necessarily 100% ideal either, but compared to progressives like Bloomberg and others of that ilk, The Taliban is outright Jeffersonian.

      • Statists (mostly Socialist) want to break-up the family model. If there is not a family, or support system, then the State can step in and justify more social programs.

  4. If they want to disarm domestic abusers then convict them of the offense in a court of law. Otherwise, quit trying to disarm people because the other party in a dispute got to a judge first.

  5. Can one really expect any less from Dims in New Jersey. They have some of the most unrealistic do no good for the law abiding citizens of any state in the union. They aren’t there to help anybody but themselves.

  6. When Hilloraly Clitnon becomes Supreme Overlord all this will change. There will be violent acts no more. The Law will remain supreme, no more idiotic constitutional rights, due process, or jury trials. I will gladly close and lock my cell door, knowing The Supreme Overlords wishes are met. All Hail Hilloraly

  7. “Please contact members of the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee and respectfully urge them to OPPOSE S.805.”

    Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Really? Contact our legislators? Are you serious?

    I live in N.J. and I can assure you the Democrat’s votes in favor of the bill were ALL secured BEFORE it was even introduced in committee. In fact EVERY Democrat in the State House is expected to vote for ALL “anti-gun” legislation if they don’t they get NO support when they’re running for reelection and would face a Primary challenge by a party stooge willing to follow “the Left’s” orders.

    Both N.J. state houses, the Assembly and the Senate are controlled by Democrats as is each and every committee. The best pro-2nd Amendment New Jerseyans can hope for is another “veto” by Gov. Chris Christie.

    “It’s payback time!” Donald J. Trump 3/13/16 Kansas City

    Vote Trump!

    • Absolutely true! The Dems vote in lockstep and I doubt they even read the bills beforehand. Weinberg authors more stupid bills with unintended consequences than any other Senate member. After her idiotic “smart gun” bill, you think the leadership would learn. Instead, like the sock puppet in the White House, they blame everyone else for their incompetence.

      • I scan the Bergen County “police blotters” each day/week and am ALWAYS saddened when I fail to find an article saying Loretta Whine-BOIG was “made good” by a Son of Sharpton in Teaneck (his home) or Englewood (not like she would EVER deem to visit either of those towns in her district, their votes are guaranteed thanks to the “D” beside her name on the ballot).

  8. Here how stupid NJ politics is. Ms. BOWNE had a restraining order…but she can’t get a gun…but if you argue with your partner…all guns get taken away.

    • Loretta Whine-BOIG was the legislator, I mean politburo member, caught on the “hot-mic” saying “I wanted a bill that would CONFISCATE! CONFISCATE! CONFISCATE!” at the N.J. State Senate gun hearing a few years ago, the same hearing that was stacked with “out-of-state” speakers ie. Sandy Hook parents instead of state residents.

      Hear & watch her in action:

      Here she is violating the “2 minute rule” in N.J. Senate and going on a 5minute rant:

  9. The reality is that New Jersey is in such bad shape 2A wise due to the laziness and stupidity of most NJ gun owners. It still amazes me that 1. How many NJ gun owners still vote for people like Weinberg, Sweeney and company. 2. How many NJ gun owners are actually anti-gun and don’t realize or admit it (yup, i know it sounds odd but it is no mistake) 3. How many NJ gun owners think that the NRA can magically swoop in and fix the mess that NJ gun owners have allowed to occur.

    The NJ gun owners above deserve what they get. It’s unfortunate that those willing to fight for their 2A rights in New Jersey suffer due to the other idiots that do not.

    • Other than ghetto thugs you’re NOT going to find many if any gun owners in heavily Democratic districts like Whine-BOIGs’. As an aside Loretta Whine_BOIG lost her entire saving and her legislators pension which she withdrew from the state system and invested with her fellow Liberal Jew Bernie Madoff

      Note: Only politicians are allowed to withdraw out of the state pension system and invest elsewhere, the blue-collar were denied that same option by the Democrats in Trenton, Oh by the way, the state pension system is underfunded, Democrats hadn’t made the required “matching” contributions for 12, now it’s on Gov Chris Christie’s back. years

  10. False accusations of domestic violence and child abuse are not rare.
    They are common.
    As a general rule the women use it as a pressure tactic in a contested divorce proceeding.
    There are no consequences for a woman to knowingly make a false report.

    • Yes…false domestic accusations are common. Many women, when mad at their partner call police, and do various things to disrupt their lives because of their emotions. Just ask the Judges in various counties in about their cases.

      No the NJ legislature want to pass a law the denies a person their constitutional rights based on hearsay and without due process. How can we deny people their constitutional right without due process?

  11. “The bill also takes conduct, such as a verbal argument or annoying someone, and turns it in to a forfeiture of property and suspension of constitutional rights with little guarantee of due process.” Don’t know why NRA would oppose the stripping of due process in this legislation. NRA consistently promotes the criminal police state.

    Illinois “NRA backed” 2013 carry bill has Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties, which requires the armed citizen to give up their right to remain silent and their right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. If a cop lies & claims you didn’t inform you were armed when asked, he can arrest you, which means he has the excuse to use force, which means he can shoot you down on the spot, and get away with it LEGALLY.

    Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA pay scum like Todd Vandermyde in Illinois to sell out the lives of their own membership to police unions. Why would NRA do anything different in New Jersey? Garbage bills like Brandon Phelps HB183 create job security for NRA lobbyists like Vandermyde to “fix” them. Send in your life membership!

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