Twist the Balloon Man Fisks Gun Control

There are those who believe that gun control can stop “dangerous people” from getting guns. Now I’m not saying Twist the Balloon Man is a dangerous person, although there is such a thing as globophobia. Nor am I inviting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) to classify a balloon gun as a prohibited AOW (Any Other Weapon). But anyone who believes that gun control will stop dangerous people from possessing¬†guns fails to understand just how easy it is to make one. In short, you can’t stop the signal. But you can, on occasion, stop a dangerous person. With a gun.


  1. avatar Geoff PR says:

    That could easily put someone’s eye out.

    Best to ban it in the interest of safety…

  2. avatar Southern Cross says:

    I remember some documentaries and magazine articles that showed how easy it was to make guns, with and without a source of ammunition.

    In Papua New Guinea, someone made a workable shotgun out of a length of pipe, a piece of wood, and bits of an umbrella.

    An article about recovered improvised firearms in South Africa. The guns had to pass being tested with real ammunition to be classed as a firearm. Examples included toy pistols with a steel barrel liner to take .32 or 9mm pistol ammo. Air Rifles with a barrel extension for a 12g. You fired a pellet to strike the 12g primer. A “revolver” that would chamber .303 or .308 cartridges. Single shot 12g pistols made from a piece of wood, steel pipe, and the trigger from a toy gun. And the ubiquitous AK minus the butt stock to aid in smuggling.

    Even you Americans should be familiar with “zip guns”, especially from the 60s and 70s.

    Even with “historical designs” it is not too difficult to make crude but effective submachine guns in a workshop. Only the magazines would be difficult to make reliably. I’ve seen examples from Brazil, Australia, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Poland (from the Warsaw uprising), and unofficial products made in the US.

    The genie is out and it isn’t going back in the bottle any time soon. Where there is a need, there will be a supply.

    1. avatar GRW says:

      Yea but none of those are dangerous until they add the black Krylon, then it’s all blood in the streets lunacy.

  3. avatar Southern Cross says:

    And one for the without ammunition, the Indonesian Timorese militias used home made guns using a piece of wood and a length of pipe, with ammunition made from match heads and ball bearings (or even stones). The stock was often cut to resemble a BM59, even with a fake fixed magazine.

  4. avatar Coolbreeze says:

    Creepy. The hat alone is an effective self defense device. I mean I’m staying away from THAT guy.

  5. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    I think that was supposed to be a different kind of gun than the usual subject of The Truth About Guns. You know, this one’s for fighting, this one’s for fun… That one’s definitely not for fighting.

  6. avatar Mk10108 says:

    In 30 minutes One can make a firearm with assembled hardware parts from Home Depot for 10 bucks. Walk behind a cop, kill him, grab his weapon, ammo and keys and now have a transport, a shotgun and possibly an AR. It’s that simple.

    1. avatar THC says:

      Uh maybe you,.but I aint killing no cop. one of the punishments for shooting a cop is they force you to watch sex tapes of Hilloraly Clitnon,

  7. avatar MLee says:

    Some smart kid will make one at school and get expelled……because, well.. GUNS!

  8. avatar Saul Alinski says:

    iPhone pop ups on your are out of control!! I may stop trying to view it!!

  9. avatar Kaban says:

    First Leisure Suit Larry 7, now this!

    I thought Jim Carrey’s Mask (with its hilarious Making Of Tommy Gun scene) already proved that baloons are evil, and they were to be banned. Especially black, tactical ones.

  10. avatar Ian in Transit says:

    ” . . . But you can, on occasion, stop a dangerous person. With a gun.”

    Robert, if 33,000 deaths per year (including suicides) is considered an epidemic then 500,000-3,000,000 DGU’s per year hardly qualifies as occasional.

  11. avatar Bob says:

    Anyone who believes that a list of dangerous people provides any real protection fails to understand that a list is just, that, a list. This “list” just means that these dangerous people are out in society with you. Driving next to you on the highway, standing behind you in line at the grocery store, walking the same streets, etc.

    A list of dangerous people would only be useful if all the people on that list were incarcerated, or ground into Soylent Green. And if you believe that either of those things should be acted on by the .gov, you’re incredibly naive about the governments ability to get things right when they try, let alone when they actively seek to abuse it.

  12. avatar DerryM says:

    In physical anthropology there has been a hypothesis seriously advanced that the making of tools by our most distant ancestors actually fueled the evolution of Humans to the emergence of Homo Sapiens, our species. We are the master toolmakers and tool making and use is an unalienable element of our existence.

    The idea that it is possible to remove an entire class of tools from our kind’s possession and knowledge base, or capacity to re-invent, is unthinkably stupid and delusional. The idea that millions of us should give up our firearms because a few might do bad things with them is beyond unthinkably stupid and delusional. All we CAN do is hope we can occasionally stop a dangerous person from obtaining a firearm, or making one.

  13. avatar Matt in NC says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Twist numerous times over the years. He is insanely talented at balloon art, and also performs magic and that sort of thing. I was shocked to see his video here!

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