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Earlier today we reported that National Rifle Association board member Richard Childress, a former NRA first vice president, had resigned. Now CNN is reporting the departure of two more board members.

Country music singer and NRA board member Craig Morgan has resigned, sources with knowledge of the matter tell CNN, and NASCAR team owner Richard Childress stepped down on Monday. David Lehman, the deputy executive director and general counsel at the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, also is leaving the organization, the sources tell CNN.

Both Morgan and Childress were prominent public faces for the NRA. Morgan appeared frequently on the group’s now-defunct streaming video service NRATV and even hosted his own program on the network. Lehman was the deputy to then executive director Chris Cox, who resigned in June and was also the NRA’s top lobbyist. Lehman was filling the role of top lobbyist when he departed the organization.

This is another significant loss for the Institute for Legislative Action, the NRA’s lobbying arm. In recent weeks the NRA-ILA has lost its executive director, Chris Cox, a top Cox deputy, Scott Christman, the NRA-ILA’s director of pubic affairs, Jennifer Baker, and now Lehman, the ILA’s deputy executive director and interim head.

And all this heading into election season.

TTAG spoke to David Dell’Aquila whose Grassroots organization is working to bring about the removal of NRA EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre over the mounting allegations of overspending and financial mismanagement.

Dell’Aquila said . . .

It’s a shame that it’s come to this. Our only interest is in making the NRA stronger and more accountable to its members and core mission of protecting Second Amendment rights. The departure of eight board members in just a few weeks is an indication of the depth of the problems facing the NRA.

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  1. What is it now 6 or 7 that have resigned from the NRA BoD. Seem to me the wrong folks are leaving (well, Cox needed to go after his RED FLAG rant).

    • Did they jump because they were about to get pushed?

      Soon the NRA Board of Directors will be known as the Wayne LaPierre fan club.

      • I think they are leaving since they found out about all the monkey business that will come to light when the liberal prosecutors expose all the stuff done with money that you cannot do and be tax exempt.

    • Exactly. Cox and LaPierre BOTH (IMHO) have lost track of their mission objectives and focused only on money and rabble-rousing. Behaviors like that only play into the hands of those who would see us all either disarmed and/or declared criminals instead of lawfully-armed citizens.

      Leave with the rest of them, Wayne. We don’t need the overblown hyperbole. We need calm, rational, rock-steady leadership!

  2. I guess Wayne is willing to go the scorched earth route and go down with the ship he is navigating into the rocks.

    I stopped giving money months ago. Not a penny more until Wayne is gone!

  3. Soon only the long-time “enablers” of the internal corruption at NRA (since at least 1997) will be left on the Board. They will find weak people to join them, by control of the Nominating Committee, and the ship will slowly sink as the corrunption continues unabated.

    The NRA is doomed.

  4. Wayne,

    Can I get your autograph? I’ve got a trainwreck picture I’d like you to sign for me.


    • It is Wayne’s mother being channeled al la Norman Bates style. However, she is trying to stab him rather that the prostitute in the shower.

    • How do you know he is wrong. I’m not so sure. the people who left might be a bit more lefty than they show. How long were they part of the ORG. Olie is a known criminal served time. We must be careful that the enemy is not using the book rules for rads on the NRA. When you believed you thought you were supporting the NRA, you may actually find that you are supporting its demise. Time will tell

      • Yeah, the Left made Wayne buy $20,000 suits and pay for an “intern’s” apartment. He’s dirty and needs to go.

  5. I guess eventually it will just be Wayne and the Hammer…. Who can’t be bothered to show up for board meetings anyway so they just won’t get anything done.

    • At that point the money spigot will have dried up,won’t the two of them have a grand time together.

  6. Oh well…as I previously said support your local/state gunright’s organizations!

  7. If you’re not a bot, can you explain to me why you (((DO THIS)))?

    Because that screams bot to me. Or at least illiterate. Or twelve year old.

    • Oh, ((Hell)), <<Can {I} [[[PLAY]]] ({[]}) ? >>

      Just because the keys are there does not mean they should be used.

      —And certainly not in the cause of some anti-jewish rant.

      We really need a clean-up on this aisle . . . .

  8. “David Lehman, the deputy executive director and general counsel at the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, also is leaving the organization, the sources tell CNN.”

    When your lawyer bails, its a really bad sign. This thing is accelerating.

    Wayne LaPewpew needs to go now!

  9. Seriously- what did Wayne do wrong? He was the victim of a blackmail attempt.

    So what he bought some suits? IDGAF. Say what you want about him- he’s been EFFECTIVE!

    Wayne is basically the only reason you still have your guns. Once he’s gone- conservatives are going to lose their gun rights… just like they’ve lost on every other social issue.


    • If you are not aware of his work to ban bump stocks and approval of Red Flag,you may need to poke out from under your rock more often,it’s not the suits mansion travel expences or make overs for his wife or the mistress,er interns,luxury apartment or any of the memberships misspent money but rather his selling out the Constitution,specifically the Second amendment.

    • So, you don’t give a F that Wayne LaPierre has used NRA member donations for personal gain without reporting it as tax income? You don’t give a F that the NRA Foundation has misused donations? You don’t give a F that Wayne LaPierre had an Ackerman McQueen credit card to launder NRA donations through a vendor? You don’t give a F that all these instances of tax fraud can cause the NRA to get completely shut down by regulators or the IRS?

      Well, this is a free country. You can believe what you want and we can donate to or withhold donations from whoever we want. Good luck in your approach. My money goes to the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition and Tennessee Firearms Association (my state’s gun rights organization).

      Wayne’s NRA is dead to me — A Tennessee NRA Benefactor Life Member

      • “any of the memberships misspent money but rather his selling out the Constitution,specifically the Second amendment.”

        Yes I care and that very issue is a large part of what could buy him time behind bars,but he sold out the members representation of the 2 nd,Mr. Stand And Capitulate did that. Yes I forgot SAF because when a large majority of suits filed it’s SAF not Negotiating Rights Away that is filing them

    • Thank God for the GOA. We still have real 2A support movement. They have gotten my money and support. They will continue to get it all until late W.L is out. Not Real Advocates will never get another dimension till Wayne is gone.

  10. No one should lack the brain capacity to willingly replace those directors and become part of the Whiney dog and pony show. Before you know it Whiney La PeePee will be all alone by himself,that is before he occupies his prison cell all by himself.
    This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving POS.

    If you don’t already belong to GOA FPC SAF and your states firearms rights organizations you really should,as WLP has totally neutered the NRA as a effective 2 nd. amendment organization.

  11. Why do folks even have a fondness for Wayne? I don’t understand why anyone supports this guy after the info that has come out.

    Being a conservative I actually do care about hearing both sides so please, Wayne supporters, why do you like the guy and how can you still after all the dirty dealing details that have come out?

    • Only because they get all their information from CNN. Their brains have been thoroughly washed if they agree, and if they don’t they still believe the fake news that; NRA=bad, so, since they disagree with CNN (but still watch…. cuz… reasons), then the NRA must equal good.
      An advanced manipulation technique like “controlled opposition” just doesn’t fit inside their heads.

  12. As the ship is sinking Wayne could not care less. He will hang on to his power until he destroys the entire organization and with 2020 not far off gun owners are not shit out of luck when the NRA does not have the money to pay off their prostitutes the Republicans who will jump ship and follow the money trail to Bloomberg. Wayne can be counted on to “clean out” the NRA coffers before sailing away to Russia were he has close contacts with Putin and his gang of cut throats.

  13. Been telling you guys for a long time. Get rid of the Board but no, now you see what happens. Once the Board goes, let the NRA die. Cripes, you are you gonna learn.

    • “Made in America says:
      August 20, 2019 at 16:10
      Been telling you guys for a long time. Get rid of the Board but no, now you see what happens. Once the Board goes, let the NRA die. Cripes, you are you gonna learn.”

      I totally agree but I think you meant to say, “Cripes. when are they gonna learn.” 🙂

  14. If the place had been properly managed, there wouldn’t have been anything of substance for the other side to attack.

    • Exactly…… but well managed things clearly have not been and still are not. But then also the NRA has never really been a 2A supporting organization either.

      • “But then also the NRA has never really been a 2A supporting organization either.”


        For anyone who is interested go look up the article “NRA Supported the National Firearms Act of 1934” on JPFO’s website. “The oldest civil rights organization” was nothing more than a successfully marketed lie. The NRA’s leadership has never cared about peoples rights. It’s why the membership revolt in 1977 happened. It’s why the Board of Directors mutiny in 1997 happened. But because the ’97 mutiny was put down and those Directors forced out, we now have the current mess.

  15. Glad to hear you still support the NRA as do I. It serves a very important function. However, LaPierre has become toxic to the members, just look at all the negative posts on all the websites to see how bad it is. If he really is passionate about the 2A, he needs to step down and allow new leadership a chance to combat the onslaught of anti-gun legislators and proposed laws.

  16. Do something, or lose us all! Call a meeting of all the resignees and top leadership of the NRA–and ask them analyze the situation and recommend what should be done!

  17. Reorganize with competent men and women. Change name to NPA (National Patriots of America). Stop the membership heirarchy and charge a reasonable amount to all of us. Im not sending any more money just to puff out my chest and have my name on the wall.

  18. 3k suits ended my support,
    running off honorable bod members is terrible,
    wayne must go,
    save the NRA.
    Phil Evans
    NRA life 1961

  19. WLP in a rich white man . He will always have guns. The NRA is soon to be in the history books. As long as he has his guns, everyone else won’t matter to him. Same goes for his board member supporters.

    • I wonder if he even cares about guns? Sheeeeit, give me a lousy 10k and FedEx rolls up with a pallet of ammo 3 days later.

      This hillbilly can wear $20 Rural King bib overalls and shoot all week until my thumbs bleed from loading mags. That’s probably why no one has ever invited me to head the NRA, but dang sure no one would question my commitment to the cause.

      • The regular guy like you or me, they have never cared about. I think the NRA has been turned into some kind of pyramid scheme. They put on a great show in Nashville in 2015. I really enjoyed my time there. But I was not the only one fooled. Liberals are the devil. They will destroy the NRA because they hate it for protecting civil rights.

        But the NRA fooled the Liberals too. They aren’t about civil right at all. The NRA is only about making money for a select group of board members. The rest of the board members were brought on for just a show.

        This Is going to be one of the biggest charity scandals in US history. I wonder just how many will go to prison?

        • LarryinTX, the NRA and its associated organizations operate as nonprofit corporations under the 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 tax codes:

          “(3) Corporations, and any community chest, fund, or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes, or to foster national or international amateur sports competition (but only if no part of its activities involve the provision of athletic facilities or equipment), or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation (except as otherwise provided in subsection (h)), and which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.”

          (A) Civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare, or local associations of employees, the membership of which is limited to the employees of a designated person or persons in a particular municipality, and the net earnings of which are devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes.”

  20. Please look at whos reporting this CNN a total enemy of the NRA and would love to see it collapse because they know it stands in there way of shoving liberal gun control down your thought. Take anything this phony news agency with a grain of salt they love to sow discontent into the membership of the NRA and if they can destroy it they love it all the better

  21. We need to make the board members accountable to the membership, and we need to install board members who represent American values and the rights bestowed on us by our constitution, and protect the 2nd amendment from the corrupt government officials trying to attack it.

  22. GOA ACTUALLY FIGHTS FOR 2A RIGHTS, NRA just takes our money and parties the day away. If you care about 2A RIGHTS join the GOA. I will give the NRA until the end of the year to get their ducks in a row, if La Pierre is still there I will renounce my life membership . GOA gets my donations now.

  23. I strongly believe that all this stuff about money mismanagement is another drummed up lie started by the liberal gun grabbers to destroy the only organization that stands in the way of their agenda. Remember the lies and underhanded media reports about Judge Kavanaugh that turned out to be total lies? Remember the Russian collusion lies that the liberal democrats pushed that also turned out to be a total lie?

    Well, I believe that Old saying that “Money talks and Bullshit walks.” So I strongly believe that the liberal money people like Soros, Bloomberg, etc., have thrown money at some of the people who are walking just to add support to their agenda. Just my FIRST amendment opinion.

    • Every single accusation has come with documentation that the NRA itself said was legit! In fact, the main NRA’s complaint was that someone leaked NRA-internal documentation.

      Our Second Amendment right does not depend on the Cult of Wayne! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

    • Documentation from WHERE? WP is a significant part of “the NRA itself”, are you telling me that he himself informed you that these assertions are correct? Entire thread sounds like made-up bullshit, I’m not lighting a torch just yet.

      • NRA President Carolyn D. Meadows informed the public that these assertions are correct. She tried to downplay and justify them in her May 22 letter by paining a different narrative, but the documents in question were never called false by the NRA leadership.:

        Having said that, it is not up to us, NRA members, to prove that our leadership is corrupt. It is up to the NRA leadership to prove that they aren’t. Why would anyone give money to an organization that is under the suspicion of corruption?

        Ever heard of the Wounded Warrior Project? They had a similar scandal years ago and thier Board dealt with that correctly by firing the CEO and COO in 2016. Even today, the Wounded Warrior Project has still issues with fund raising.

        • The NRA reactions complain about leaking (telling of true secrets), not charges of libel (telling damaging lies).

  24. I agree…. This Wayne guy probably needs to go…. But when you back-bite your own brothers in arms (regardless of what he does with his money), everyone will suffer…
    Now is not the time to start infighting….

    I’m telling you people now, if you don’t get off your own ass and stop waiting for some dude in a $3k suit to save your rights, you will soon lose that right…

    Everyone should CONTINUE to support the NRA….. Life has ups and downs …. Right now is obviously a down time for the NRA, but it will only get worse if this organization falls…. MUCH MUCH WORSE!!!

    I’m thinking about joining the NRA for the first time in my life now….. And it has NOTHING to do with this Wayne guy…. Or bump stocks, which I cherished….



    • “But when you back-bite your own brothers in arms (regardless of what he does with his money), everyone will suffer…”

      When someone is stealing from and intentional undermining the rights of me and my compatriots HE IS NO BROTHER in arm with us. His words (support of ERPO, Red flag legislation) and actions (pushed for and got a Ban on Bump Stocks) are in direct conflict with protecting our rights as gun owners. That make him our enemy, regardless of what he does with OUR (not his) money.

  25. steve hinton on fox news recent recounted some of the high dollar expenditures of wayne lepear. 200,000 dollars worth of clothes so his public image would be appropriate. trips to europe with his wife to promote second amendment values. private jet transportion to various places. don’t know how accurate these statements are, but certainly raises serious questions

  26. Yes, it’s time for WLP to go, but here is the problem, WHO REPLACES HIM? Next issue, the BOD’s, there are way to many of them to be effective. How about a max. of 21 to 25? Smaller cohesive group. 2 year term, 1/2 elected each year, so you have some continuity. Formal By-Laws requiring the BOD to review all financial records every year. Those records to be compiled by an independent CPA. After establishing the By-Laws, BOD reviews them every 3rd year, or at the written request of a minimum of 10% of the membership. Lastly review the current Rules of Operation, of all paid positions, and change as appropriate, or needed.

    At a minimum, this would be my thoughts on how to start. My next action would be looking into moving and reorganizing in a more Gun Friendly state.

    • started this discussion several months ago.

      Stopping with the cult of personality and starting with common business practices would be a good start. This includes significantly reducing the Board size, having term limits and having an interim CEO who oversees the house cleaning and transition. It also includes significant bylaw and organizational changes and a full independent financial audit.

      When I mean stopping with the cult of personality, I really mean it. No, Dana Loesch is not qualified to run the NRA, neither is Ted Nugent. Stop worshipping celebrities! What do they know about running a company with hundreds of employees and contractors, thousands of volunteers, and several hundred million Dollars in revenue?

      Having said all this, the NRA is a broken organization. I don’t see such changes happening, even if Wayne LaPierre and his cronies leave now. The NRA bylaws are designed to keep Wayne LaPierre in power. If the Board disintegrates due to a mass exodus to the point that there are less than 25 Directors, then the NRA is effectively defunct. 25 Directors is the quorum needed to do anything.

      The current NRA bylaws:

    • Well, you go on YouTube and find footage of good ole’ Ollie lying to Congress if you need to see it for yourself.

    • I’m a fan of Oliver North, but to be fair he was indeed convicted of a few felonies related to conduct during Iran-Contra. The convictions were vacated and he never served time, but if you have some ax to grind for him it’s as good of a charge to sling as any.

    • G.W.
      Go to internet, goggles may have it pulled, but use quack quack go or another browser.
      Enter search : oliver north/pegasus.
      Pegasus was a classified opp, run by c I a casey for then v.p. g.h.w. bushwhacker, for ronnie raygun, and ol’ollie ran the opp.
      PANAMA was the fbo, noreiga was involved, and became a liability, so we had to invade panama to get noriega so he couldn’t sqeal, but I digress.
      There is to my knowledge, one dead man stick survivor. A chopper pilot, who was a key participant.
      This was early to mid 80’s…I was close, as a DOD contractor, and my sources at the time were peerless.
      Decade later, the opp became public, ollie was a protected alpha agency asset. So, the material will take you days to read, longer to absorb.
      You’re welcome.

  27. If you are a voting member, come this next election please vote against every incumbent member of the Board of Directors. They need to be ejected.

  28. Regardless of whom and what caused the current kerfluffle in the upper ranks, and I seriously doubt us bottom of the Totem Pole folks will ever hear a complete, unabridged and unedited truth to the current embroglio. I have to question whether Mr. LaPierre’s continued leadership is the best course for the organization. One of the biggest drawbacks in any organization, is the appearence of impropriety in an entrenched long serving leadership (it’s my biggest beef with our Congress Critters and why there should be term limits, and that was a serious lack of foresight our founders made there). Once the proverbial crap starts flying, it sticks to the guilty and innocent alike. In such a situation as this, the best course is a resignation of all concerned, and a fresh start be made. I’m not casting aspersions upon any of our board or executive body membership. Just almost 60 years of observations, a semblance of common sense and the ne’er ending pursuit of personal responsibility.
    But hey, I’m just a lowly Endowment Life member, so what do I know? All I know is, once there’s a hint of rot or termites in a house, you treat the whole house, not just the rotted and termite infested parts. Half-assed measures yield half-assed results. That’s a universal truth I believe most would agree with. As our 16th POTUS, and a very much wiser man than I’ll ever be ,once said “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand,” I believe such is the case with the NRA. A sincere leadership should recognize this, and provide an appropriate response to the crisis within the organization. A crisis beleaguered leadership cannot long maintain the goals and provide the undistracted direction needed to restore not just the memberships faith in the organization, but the public’s perception of that organization as well.
    Some of you may agree with my reasoning and attempt to provide a logical assessment, and no small number will disagree with my meanderings, and that’s all right. You won’t offend me if you disagree or call my comments Bullshit, nor will I take umbrage if you choose to pick apart my perspective and evaluation. I would just like to see the organization become stronger in itself, and stop the hemorrhage of membership this problem has caused. I want to see a return of the organization the membership took pride in belonging too. I want an organization my Grandchildren will desire to be a part of. Whether Wayne LaPierre steps down or not, I want an ethical and fiscally responsible leadership for the good of the NRA, its membership, and the USA. Anything less than total and transparent operations isn’t acceptable.
    Just my 2 cents on the problems we’re facing in the current NRA.

    • Thank you, Chuck, for a reasoned and thoughtful discussion of the problem(s).
      I too, see the current overbalance of the number of NRA Board members — I have always been concerned with the quantity of board members.

      My thought is “rule-by-committee” is akin to “rule-by-commissariat” if no regular turn-over is specified. The lack of term limitations (for ALL officers) has, as in the case of Congress, led to continual abuses of power. This apparently is why the anti-gun/liberal socialist-democraps have accumulated the power they have now—to the detriment of defenders of the Constitution and the second amendment.

      What really bothers me is to see this fractionation at a time when there is such a concerted attack on the issue of individual gun-rights. The concept of ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’ seemingly would apply here—what should be the premiere organization for the defense of gun rights and expansion of constitutional 2nd amendment rights is being relegated to being seen as a self-serving, back-stabbing, favor-granting, personal-enrichment scheme hatched by Mr. LaPierre, and supported by his henchmen, lawyers, and allied board members. And the fact that the allegations of impropriety are supported by (leaked) Internal Documentation that was later “justified” by the organization is just ghastly.

      As I view a potential solution, it should include AT LEAST:
      1.) A General Election of QUALIFIED members or persons. This might require (Gasp!) actually hiring some
      Professional Business types, rather than old cronies.
      2.) Term Limitations for ALL elected persons.
      3.) Board of Directors ‘streamlining’ and reduction to some coherent level (ten? fifteen?). Oversight and
      accountability for travel, wardrobe, travel, entertainment, and other expenses — with rational justification
      for same (no more $20,000 (or whatever) suits, nor gallivanting trips abroad).
      4.) Quarterly (or semi-annual) reporting of ALL operating expenses and costs — too be reported to the general membership, not held ‘restricted’ or ‘secret’ to a select few.

      The positions of responsibility in the NRA need to be held Responsibly!

      I sincerely believe the five-million (±) NRA members are being ill-served by the current entrenched officers and board directors, and that for the good of the organization and to the people it represents, a General Election by ALL Members of ALL officers needs to occur—with the proviso that NO current official may be considered for nomination or (re)election, nor serve in any other capacity for a period of say, five years.

      Now is NOT the time for a five-million-strong organization to be destroyed by a self-serving few.

      • Wyantry, you forgot one point. How to get to your solutions? You want a “general election” (whatever that even means). The current NRA bylaws simply do not allow for that:

        The NRA is in the state where it is, because NRA members have no real voice. That is by design!!! Wayne LaPierre and the old guard of the Board put those bylaws in place exactly to prevent what you ask for. Everything you want requires a change in bylaws, which requires a majority of the Board to change the bylaws.

        • The Best hope is for the New York State AG to put Lapierre and the rest of the board who are responsible in prison. Fortunately or unfortunately the NRA gave the Liberals the tools to destroy them.

  29. You people can rant all you want but Wayne will make Hitler in the Bunker in 1945 look mild in comparison. He will ride the NRA into the ground and before it burns he will cut a deal with the LIBERAL LEFTIST and turn on every current and previous member of the NRA.

    • This guy not an American, and wants to ban assault weapons.

      You didn’t even know who he was yesterday.

      Dana Loesch belongs in the kitchen.

      Fuck you. Viva Wayne!

      • He is a Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) and has the same Second Amendment right as we citizens have. He applied for citizenship. Yes, he does want to ban “assault weapons”:

        That doesn’t mean he is wrong on Wayne LaPierre, who will sell us out again and again and again. After all, the bump stock ban was Wayne LaPierre’s idea. He also supports red flag laws. He also supports the 1986 machine gun ban. What gun law does Wayne LaPierre not support?

        Wayne LaPierre is not interested in our rights. He is only interested in making money by selling us out! His NRA is a union for gun owners that runs a protection racket.

        Fuck Wayne LaPierre! I am an NRA Endowment Life member and I had enough of this! No more selling us out while making over $1 million a year in salary and additionally embezzling NRA donations. Retire now!

        Wayne LaPierre will suffer the consequences from his actions, no matter what. If he retires now, he at least can save the NRA. The fact that he isn’t retiring tells you that he is not even remotely interested in saving the NRA.

        • This Fox News channel host is not the only immigrant who wants to turn the USA into the English shithole he came from. He couldn’t make it in the UK. He’s here for the $$$. He’s not here of the Freedom. He likes being a subject of the monarchy. He is not the only one who is uncomfortable with Liberty. And immigrants here.

          • “He likes being a subject of the monarchy.”

            He applied for US citizenship, so your argument is rather flawed.

  30. I am a life member and at one time was proud of that. I donated to them in the 80’s when I was a young GI with a young wife, two small children and bills to pay, all because I thought what they were doing was vital. Then I found out what they were doing was ringing the bell at 4 and adjourning to their penthouse to sip cognac on my nickel. Now all this.
    I have not donated to them since and wont. The board of directors is voting with their feet because they arent being listened to.
    I hope something good emerges from the ashes.

  31. How many millions has Wayne stolen? That is what misappropriation of funds is, and even a forensic accountant will only be able to provide an estimate. In the end, one of the least gun friendly states in the Union is going to preside over the prosecution of several board members and LaPierre. Join GOA, the money you send NRA will just go for high priced lawyers trying to keep WLP out of Club Fed.

  32. I have no love for LaPierre BUT….. You have to think how much of this is a disinformation campaign against the NRA organization itself… THAT is the libbies ultimate goal….

  33. Just like Washington D.C.’s deep state. The elitists become entitled to their perks and they want more and more, then they are caught. They lose sight of their purpose, to represent the citizens while they are working Washington, in this case to serve the membership and other gun owners in defense of the 2nd Amendment. Human nature can be a sad disappointment, for sure. What is most important is that we make sure that our Constitution remains intact. For 50 years at least, the Constitution has been under attack and when we lose that we lose everything.

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