NRA Richard Childress Resigns
(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
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Another prominent member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors has resigned, deciding to focus more time on his other businesses. Richard Childress is a former NASCAR driver and current racing team owner. He was also, until the April annual meeting, NRA first vice president.

Childress was known to be in Oliver North’s camp in his desire to see outside investigations into allegations of questionable spending and conflicts of interest by Wayne LaPierre and other NRA officers, as well as an independent review of the bills paid to outside counsel William Brewer’s law firm.

After the re-shuffling of the NRA’s top officers following the April coup attempt against LaPierre, Childress was replaced as first vice present by Joseph Cotton, but had remained a member of the board.

Childress was one of David Dell’Aquila’s few A-rated board members is the sixth member to resign in recent weeks.

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    • The 70 + member Board of Directors was happy with the status quo and feeding at the trough until the bright lights were put on them.

      There are better options now , lets support those.

    • You changed it to Childress, but it still says present. Our brain does a pretty good job of inserting missing letters and words for us without us noticing.

      • Charles Cotton is NAR 1st VP. Joseph Cotton was an actor who died in 1994. Charles is alive, well, and a great gun rights advocate.

        • NRA. I’m also a member of the National Association of Rocketry and got my affiliations confused. 🙁

        • I know Childress, he is a pos in my opinion. I used to do business with his company. We dont need his kind running anything that involves our rights.

        • Are there options for political action groups other than the NRA? I haven’t renewed my membership since LaPierre came on board. He seems to be behaving like a bad union boss. Just pay up. Don’t question me about how your dues are spent. LaPierre lives a VERY lavish lifestyle now while “Rome burns”…meaning, 2A is in serious trouble. Where do WE organize to fight back, other than the nearly neutered NRA? I’ve made my views known, individually, to political leaders, but, yeah, well….

  1. It’s striking how all of the resignations are very polite and say nothing about the scandal. Wonder what that means? Fear of retaliation? Just wanting to slip out quietly without attracting attention? I’m open to other ideas.

    • I suspect they are looking at their legal exposure and were advised to leave making as little splash as possible, in the hope of not attracting the attention of the sharks that already smell blood in the water.

      • I suspect (but have zero proof of) part of WLP’s ‘game’ is to have the board members drink from the trough beside him. Just enough to be very difficult to explain away…

    • They have class and character which is why they are leaving. They will not support nor be associated with the opposite which is what the NRA has become. Childress is a real class act and will not sink to their level. Childress is a real mover and shaker in NASCAR and this will cost NRA dearly among the NASCAR crowd. He didn’t have to bad mouth anyone to get his message across. Class and character always shines through.

      • No kidding. Childress was Dale Earnhardt’s car owner.

        This is NASCAR royalty we’re talking about here. Almost to the level of Richard Petty.

    • Deniability and perhaps saving face.

      In a way I’ve been there. I’m a geologist and, although somewhat unusual for a geologist at the time, in the early 80s had more than enough math and technology background to take a Cost Engineering class at my local university. At the beginning of the class the teacher held up a simple add, subtract, multiply, and divide calculator stating it was all that was needed and it became obvious that this simple calculator was all he had mastered in the days slide rules still reigned supreme, but most engineering students had $500+ fully programmable calculators for other classes. Cost Engineering involves several sorts of repeated calculations that are quickly solved by plugging numbers into an already programmed calculator. Doing this manually with a simple calculator is possible, but the calculations are complicated enough that it takes a lot longer. After one test it became obvious that everybody else in the class was taking advantage of the new technology and the teacher didn’t even realize it. I had a day job that paid the bills and involved field work, I was one mediocre grade down for the semester, I didn’t really need the class (taking it purely for resume enhancement), and didn’t want to buy a $500+ calculator for one class, so I “withdrew passing” stating I had more field work assigned than I could handle with the class. I have taken several classes since at my local university with all “A”s, but the last transcript I ordered still had a gentlemen’s “WP” listed for the Cost Engineering class with a good excuse in the unlikely event I am ever questioned and the text book that really tells you all you need to know if you need to design a non-standard drilling program or some unusual well configuration.

      My assumption is that the reasons stated for leaving the board are similar, but they really want to be able to some day state that they didn’t like what they saw, but resigning was the best they could do at the time and they were really too busy to continue on the board anyway.

      • @ScottMc,
        Off topic, but hey, I’m a geologist too, and probably of similar vintage as you, maybe a few years younger. Still designing complicated drilling programs, and I’m the senior estimator for our company as well. Didn’t take cost engineering, but that darn Calculus II nearly prevented me from getting my degree – had to tough it out and get through it…..

        • Even more off topic. I don’t recommend taking calc I & II back to back during the summer session. Four hours a day, four days a week, but I just wanted to be done with it.

  2. One day the Boardroom will be quite empty occupied only by WLP sycophants. I expect he will look forward to that day.

  3. Oliver north is probably mossad

    He is a criminal!

    If you trust anyone in the Oliver north camp, bye bye guns. We conservatives will lose on this just like we lost on gay marriage and everything else

    • We didn’t lose on gay marriage. They did. Now they can get married, be miserable, get divorced, and lose half their stuff. Its glorious.

      • “Now they can get married, be miserable, get divorced, and lose half their stuff. Its glorious.”

        Yeah, ‘equality’ can mean nothing like you thought it would mean when you wanted it so badly…

        *snicker* 😉

    • Why wouldn’t you want to promote monogamous relationships among a group of people that are more at risk for STDs? Do you own the concept of marriage, and just don’t want to share it with people that aren’t like you? Something something Christianity? Yeah, I’m one too. America isn’t a Theocracy. We don’t force people to get married in a church or by a priest. And I don’t see too many Christians out protesting heterosexual hook ups. Live and let live. Clueless people like you are pushing potential 2A supporters into the arms of Progessives.

  4. Wayne upset the j00z with his “European-style socialists” comment, where he basically named the Jew.

    Is it any surprise that this blog, run by a Jew, is after Wayne?



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