Julie Golob resigns NRA board of directors
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Competitive shooter Julie Golob was elected to a 3-year term on the National Rifle Association board of directors in 2018. Now, a little more than a year later, she’s announced her resignation via an Instagram post.


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Dear NRA Members, I gave my notice to NRA President Carolyn Meadows, Secretary John Frazer, and Directors that I have resigned my position on the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. My intentions in running as well as serving in this volunteer position are directly aligned with the purposes and objectives of the organization. I am proud to have had the opportunity to represent the members of the National Rifle Association but I can no longer commit to fulfilling the duties of a director. This was not a decision I made lightly. I apologize to those members who have supported me that I will not be completing the full 3-year term. I also feel this is the best decision for me and my family. I wish the director who fills my vacancy and the rest of the board nothing but success. I will absolutely continue to support the NRA’s programs and sports as a proud benefactor member and active participant in the preservation of freedom. Sincerely yours, Julie Golob

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That makes four board resignations in the last two weeks. Five going back to the end of May. As the New York and District of Columbia investigations accelerate and the Dell’Aquila group’s pressure continues to ratchet up, look for more board members to decide that this wasn’t what they signed up for.

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    • In what way?
      How has she pushed for renewal of those Rights?
      Did she use her fame as a platform for removing current infringements?
      Did she push for more awareness of how current immigration policies & the reality of how THAT single issue could further harm our Rights?

      Other than a pro shooter with fame, that’s all I see

  1. Is it possible she is just too busy? Or is it that in her occupation she does not want to deal with the distraction of such a heavy situation? Competitive shooters do need a clear mind.

    • “Is it possible she is just too busy?”

      That’s the way I read her resignation. I’m sorry to see her go, never thought she was part of the NRA swamp.

    • A lot of the board members are just window dressing, they don’t do anything of substance, particularly oversight. She might have decided it’s time to move on.

    • “Is it possible she is just too busy?” That’s how it reads, but it is really not the case.

      “A lot of the board members are just window dressing …”

      Julie Golob was the Chairwoman of the NRA Action Shooting Committee and had a 100% attendance record for Board meetings. She simply did not want to have anything to do with the current NRA chaos. That’s why she left! Good for her!

  2. I hate to call anyone a rat here and am not attempting to insult her in any way, but this is starting to seriously look like a “rats leaving a sinking ship” moment with the WLP-led-NRA.

    If he cannot see that by holding on to power at all costs is hurting the very community he says he supports, I encourage more people to leave and force his eyes open. Maybe his personal chef or driver should be the next to quit.

    • You may be right. Take a look at Adam Kraut – he ran more than once to get onto the NRA BOD and when the opportunity finally presented itself, he opted to work for the Firearms Policy Coalition instead. From the sound of it, he’ll be able to do a lot more good at the FPC.

    • Unfortunately, a board member has about as much to do with the running of the NRA as a rat has to do with the sinking of the Titanic.

      Even if you can convince several board members that an issue needs to be addressed, they appear to have no ability to even gather information related to the board’s oversight duties.

  3. Given the timing, I sense she was there long enough to get the lay of the land…and realized how stacked the deck is.

    I hate it when bad apples ruin a good thing for the good people.

    • Honestly at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Wayne was in bed with Bloomberg, Cuomo and the like. He almost seems like he was appointed by Bloomberg to drive the NRA into the ground.
      I don’t think it’s really about conservatives vs. liberal or Republican vs. Democrat; I think its the elite vs. the rest of us. They already have their security detail, they dont need guns and they’d personally be safer if the rest of us didnt have them as well. With all these backstabbing Republicans promoting gun control, it further makes me believe its really an Elites vs. The people issue.

      It amazed me that people thought Trump really gave a flying f*ck about them. Really? (He’s been rich all his life, why would he care about your peasant ass?).
      We need to put people like us into power, people who not only want to make things right but have the track record to prove it.

      • It has always been the government versus the people. Doesn’t matter what part of the world or at what time period. This will not change any time soon.

  4. WLP will screw us all by running a formerly decent organization into the ground. Even if half of the publicly made allegations were incorrect, if a very large number of members is not happy with the leadership and threatens to end support (which would cripple the organization), then it is time for any decent leader to step back and help transition everything to a more supported leader. Him not doing that, just increased my disgust with him and the NRA.

    It is a good thing that people like Julie leave the sinking ship before their own reputation gets tarnished by a gang of crooks that have little besides their own bank account in mind.

    • “…running a formerly decent organization into the ground…”

      Happened to the Boy Scouts.
      Happened to the Girl Scouts.
      Happened to the YMCA.
      Happened to Sears, Roebuck, & Co.
      Happened to many institutions.

    • She’s also the face of S&W as their team captain. They might have encouraged her to go. If she was pulled down by WLP, she’d lose her day job.

    • Exactly when was the NRA a formerly decent organization! They helped to write and support the 1934 NFA, the 1968 Gun Control Act, and the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act. Oh that’s right I forgot that NRA stands for Negotiating Rights Away.

      • Yes, they screwed up many things, but at the same time achieved a few helpful things as well. Even though I personally don’t like it either, sometimes it has to be a give and take to achieve something.

  5. Ted Nugent still supports the NRA, the Republicans and Trump to the fullest regardless of what they have and are doing.

    This is how bad the older “conservatives” are. They blame everything on Democrats and the left when their president and party are doing it too. Alex Jones is straight lying about the El Paso gunmen and Ted Nugent is blaming gun control entirely on the Democrats when Trump has passed gun control in ways Obama couldn’t. Both of them are saying the people trying to fix the NRA are infiltrators/enemies.

    • Ted was a dope-smokin’ draft dodger during the Vietnam war but now he’s the Conservative darling.

      Of course he and Alex Jones are lying about the El Paso shooter being a liberal, his audience wants to be lied to because it supports their delusion.

      And of course they’re on board with Wayne at the NRA, it’s all part of the conspiracy to separate POTG from their money, all while telling them how only the NRA can protect their rights.

      • The El Paso shooter is just like the Unabomber. A racist environmentalist crackpot with a rifle. Read his manifesto.
        In the 1970s the Sierra Club called for stricter immigration laws because TO MANY PEOPLE were coming across the southern border. And causing great damage to the environment. Look it up. Get educated.

        • The El Paso gunmen is of the current right wing. People like him don’t want to be Democrats because that party is full of non whites now.

          The politics/parties have changed.

          The Republicans are increasingly becoming the party of white pride because the Democrats are the party of diversity. Go ask a Republican what he thinks of diversity.

        • Diviersity is ruining this country.
          Look at all the non-European countries.
          They are shitholes.
          Diversity is simply turning America into a shithole.
          If you disagree, you’re simply denying facts and proven statistics.

          The Ellis Island immigrants received ZERO support from the government, WORKED HARD for everything, ASSIMILATED, and LOVED AMERICA.
          They called themselves one word: AMERICANS.

          We are currently experiencing an INVASION supported by the Democrats that are willing to sacrifice America’s sovereignty and laws in order to import illegal votes to permanently steal power from taxpaying citizens.
          They are NOT immigrants.
          They are parasitic invaders that hate America and the very Europeans that created this once great country.
          DIsagree? LISTEN to what they say and how they feel. Follow where their money goes and the taxes they do NOT pay. Follow the violent crime statistics.
          WAKE UP AMERICA.

    • Agreed. I think the organization has done good things in the past. But the current captain is acting like it started with him and it will end with him…….he might be right on one of those. Even if he leaves today he has depleted most of the bank accounts. Hell I can understand depleting the bank account for some cool firepower but for suits? Really?

      • Did you hear the recent news that Wayne LaPierre and his wife tried to get Ackerman to buy them a 6 million dollar French style mansion in Texas then Ackerman was to charge the NRA for it?

        Apparently Wayne and his wife were using Ackerman as an intermediary to funnel NRA money to them for their personal gain. He tried to take millions out of the NRA’s war chest via Ackerman.

        Sounds criminal to me. Too bad McQueen died before justice can be served. At least Wayne, his wife and the board of directors are still alive. Are the Democrats going to bring us justice or are they going to make a deal with the NRA? How much do the Democrats want to win before 2020?

      • Maybe if more of us pipsqueaks were to not spend money at Midway then we would not need to uncheck the round up for the NRA. I stopped shopping there and also stopped all email from them with a note explaining why. If a lot of us did that I’m sure Midway would notice as they like money.
        It’s hard to run a business if the money tap dries up.

        • I buy at Midway as a last resort. Biggest reason is they will not offer a military discount. Why? Because their prices are already low. If that were true why is Brownell’s cheaper on almost everything before their offered military discount?

  6. Smart move. Look for a lot more folks to do likewise in the near future.

    A lot of people forget that being on the Board of Directors of a corporation isn’t all fun and games — once you take the position, you are charged with fiduciary duties toward the organization and its members / shareholders. As lots of people who were on the boards of banks and S&L’s in the 1980’s found out the hard way, not doing your due diligence and just being a rubber stamp for management is a good way to get yourself, personally, sued into oblivion for breach of those duties.

    By increasing the size of the NRA board to a truly ridiculous level, populating it with “celebrities,” and essentially giving the mushroom treatment to everybody but his loyalists, WLP and his fartcatchers have largely succeeded in neutering the NRA Board from being any kind of meaningful check on management. Nevertheless, if the wheels come off the bus (which is, unfortunately, looking like it is going to happen), those who were under a legal obligation to exercise independent judgment and due diligence, but for whatever reason have not done so, may find themselves facing some unpleasant and expensive lawsuits.

  7. I can easily believe she just found herself too busy. Age 42, two children, her pro shooting career, that’s a formula for overload seven days a week.

    Just the same I would be interested to hear her take on current events.

    • It doesn’t take much work to be an NRA board member. Some of them don’t even show up for any of the board meetings. She most likely could have found the time to stay if she really wanted to.

      • And therein lies the problem.

        Being on the board of directors of a major organization *should* be a serious job, and directors *should* be expected to take it seriously. If WLP has set things up such that the directors don’t (or can’t) do anything material (especially exercise meaningful oversight of management), then that says about as much about the current state of affairs at the NRA as anything.

      • Julie Golob was the Chairwoman of the NRA Action Shooting Committee and had a 100% attendance record for Board meetings. She simply did not want to have anything to do with the current NRA chaos. That’s why she left! Good for her!

  8. The NRA likes putting people like Golob on the ballot. They are well known and popular in gun circles. They help to dilute the votes insuring the cronies don’t get voted off the board and they are really too busy with their career to interfere with business as usual.

  9. I’ve met Julie a few times and she is an awesome person! Sad to see her step down. That said, it seems like only the good ones are leaving the board and the corrupt, a-holes are sticking around.

  10. All the decent people are getting out before the rot and corruption is so well known that the whole world will be jeering at Wayne. The free apartment for the young sexy girl really was over the top showing that corruption had reached obscene levels. With millions and millions being raped and stolen for the high life of Wayne and his fellow criminals how can the NRA expect anyone to donate money to their high on the hog life style. Next time they scream they do not have enough money to fight Bloomberg write them back and tell them to spend some of the money they stole from us long time loyal supporters whose money was wasted on their high life corruption. I might write Wayne and tell him I would consider donating again if he gives me a free night in the apartment with the cute sexy blonde. Ha, Ha.

  11. She was just window dressing. The NRA is not about teaching anything about guns or marksmanship. Eddie Eagle and that’s it. They have no serious programs for older children or adults.

    • I hope that’s not the case. We all ain’t fighting for 2A for our old selves. We need more gun industry led and sponsored youth shooting events.

    • No. The NRA has pretty good programs for young adults and adults – I am an instructor and use quite a bit of their material, which is overall in decent shape with good information.

  12. I’m sorry but this all kicked off with Ollie North. I questioned when he was announced as president. Darling of the intelligence community, close ties to the Clintons and walked away from Iran Contra with probation before getting paid big money to go on the speech circuit.

    There’s a lot more going on here than anyone is speculating about. Don’t know what it is and firmly believe that conspiracy theories are a waste of time and effort but all of these players are connected just ask Jerry Epstein. Oh yeah can’t, he’s dead.

    • Oliver North is a long-time NRA Board member and was put in as NRA President to line the NRA better up with the GOP for fund raising. That’s it! The NRA President has very little power and is mostly a figurehead.

      The NRA – Ackerman McQueen relationship blew up over the legal and financial liabilities created by both with NRA Carry Guard. As a result, the NRA sued Ackerman McQueen. In that lawsuit, the NRA through Oliver North under the bus. Oliver North simply just retaliated.

      There are no good guys here, just a bunch of corrupt cronies that got into a family fight over money.

  13. Well, it certainly looks a lot like an “inside job” that torpedoed the NRA…Awful coincidental…I suppose if I was the “Deep State/ New World 🌎Order” I’d be targeting big name constitutional rights groups and rendering inert…Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book…Send in the insiders to manpulate it’s core values, and Destory is from the inside….Yup, sounds like a “Deep State ” hit job with helicopters shooting at innocent citizens….At least , NOT yet anyway…Maybe we still have time before THEY (our representatives/lol…) declare everyone “rebels/enemies of the state” through “Nationwide Red Flag Laws” . You know, “Take the guns (private property) first, maybe due process later on…Wouldn’t this be great if you suspected YOUR neighbors were drunk drivers 🚗! You swear to god you saw their vehicle crossing the solid lines…Drop a dime with “Improved Goverment Enforcers”. Report them by accusations, and armed Police can come down…Take away their motor vehicle for suspected drunk driving! Fantastic!!! Right!! They’ll get their chance in court (Star Chamber) to prove themselves innocent! Right! Hope they got money saved for the attorneys! I believe great “royal” Canada put something like this on the books 📚! Hell , who NEEDS liberties, freedoms and constitutional rights anymore! We got to many of them now a days…Goverment NEEDS to set limits! LOL !!!

  14. What I would care to know from Ms.Golob is why did she vote to retain Wayne LaPeePee at the NRA annual meeting and what took her so long to resign.

    • Did she? Do you believe the NRA’s leadership statement? Or do you believe Allen West’s statement? Do you even know what you are talking about? Are you purposely dragging Julie through the mud?

  15. I know Julie. Her intentions were good. She got out of a good ole boys club just in time. She had some great ideas. I’m sure bitches like Marian hammer and others made her life miserable. Becoming nothing but a good old boys club. This life member is quitting as well.

  16. Serious question: can we trust the reporting on this whole story? In other words, are we being played by Moms or Bloomberg?

    • Right! Bloomberg, Soros and the Moms got together and forced Julie to resign. Right after they made the NRA write a $70,000 check to a newly formed shell company to force Wayne LaPierre to buy a $6M mansion. Right after they forced Ackerman McQueen to issue a corporate Credit Card to Wayne LaPierre, which then Wayne LaPierre was forced to buy fancy suits with at a Hollywood clothing store. It’s all a conspiracy to make the NRA look bad. The biggest unsolved question is, is the NRA’s lawyer, Bill Brewer, working for them too? The most important takeaway is that Wayne LaPierre is completely innocent. It’s everybody else’s fault.


      • Has anyone we can trust really dug into the case and determined that what is being reported is accurate? The list of people I trust is pretty limited. For instance, how do we know that check is real, or that there’s not another explanation?

        • Yes, the check is real. Both, Ackerman McQueen and the NRA said so. Yes, Wayne’s credit card statements of clothing purchases, charter flights and limo drivers are real. Both, Ackerman McQueen and the NRA said so. Emily Cummins was the managing director of tax and risk management at the NRA until she suddenly left last year. Before she left, she wrote a statement to the Board outlining many of these and other financial issues. No one has denied that this statement exist or its content. NRA Board members, like Julie, have seen it.

          The NRA has never denied these and other facts. In fact, the NRA has acknowledged the legitimacy of the leaked information and claimed that many of these official NRA-internal documents were leaked to damage the NRA. The NRA even started an internal investigation on who leaked these documents and deposed Rob Pincus as a witness at an unusual remote location (probably to run up costs).

          In any case, it is not up to the NRA members to proof that the NRA is corrupt. It is up to the NRA to proof that they aren’t! Why should anyone donate to an organization that is suspected of wrongdoing and won’t do anything to fix it? Remember the Wounded Warrior Project? They had similar issues and are still suffering today, years after they cleaned house.

          That’s why an organization typically fires their CEO if there is any doubt. However, the NRA is Wayne LaPierre Inc. It solely exists to make Wayne LaPierre and his cronies rich.

          PS: I am an NRA Endowment Life Member and simply had it with the NRA. Repeated betrayals and corruption with no accountability and no transparency have convinced me that this organization is a scam, a union for gun owners that runs a protection racket.

  17. NRA directorship is a power in name only, they can pass all the by laws and what ever but nothing gets done except with Der Fuhrer,s approval especially for his own back pocket!


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