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The Progressive magazine asked a few, uh, distinguished scholars what can be done about “gun violence” in America. Here’s the response of one historian, activist and author . . .

In brief: a reckoning with U.S. history. The elephant in the room is the Second Amendment.

U.S. citizens, not only white men or members of the National Rifle Association, accept the notion of sanctity associated with the Second Amendment, as with the Constitution as a whole. The lobbying efforts of the NRA are the designated culprits in most arguments for gun regulations, but their success is due to a larger ideological hegemony: white nationalism.

Across the United States, the Pew Research Center found, 39 percent of men and 22 percent of women own a gun; half of all white men are gun owners, compared to a quarter of men of color, a quarter of white women, and 16 percent of women of color. Only a third of the population owns a gun, and those who do own guns, possess an average of eight.

— Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz in One Question: What Can We Do to Curb Gun Violence?

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  1. “Only a third of the population owns a gun, and those who do own guns, possess an average of eight.”

    Hmmmm……I have only five….I’ll need to spend some dollars to at least move up to ‘average’.

    Thank you, Pew, for that useful info.

    • No prob, my friend. If we stand together and add mine, our average between us will not only meet that average, but surpass it by quite a bit. I’ve got you covered. 🙂

      • The Leftist Scum aren’t honest in their gun ownership.

        A whole *lot* of them are ‘closet’ gun owners, “just in case”…

        • “White Nationalism” is a globalist propaganda scam lie phrase. “White” isn’t a nation and never has been. Japanese, Dutch, Irish, Tutsi, Cherokee, Thai, Armenian, etc are nations.

        • White” isn’t a nation and

          No, but America is and being “White” and taking pride in that “Nation” has somehow been perverted to the point that “White” and Natonalist or one who puts America first above all other “Nations” has become THE symbol of Racism…

        • I used to work with a woman (this was in my higher-ed days) who kept a scoped Crosman pellet gun in the trunk of her car because the thought that she could use it to threaten bad people away made her feel safe.

          No ammunition, she assured me, because she was a pacifist. And she begged me to keep her secret because she didn’t want everyone to judge her. Plus, she was sure the police would get wind of it and come take it away.

          But she knew I owned at least one gun, so I guess that meant I wasn’t part of the “everyone” she was so afraid of. If she thought I wouldn’t tell everyone at work her “shameful” secret, she thought right; nobody ever knew but me.

          I did judge her, although I kept it to myself. Almost felt sorry for her.

          The “progressive” mind is a strange, tortuous place.

        • “Japanese, Dutch, Irish, Tutsi, Cherokee, Thai, Armenian, etc are nations”

          and the ones behind all this hate all those nations too, for exactly the same reasons. but right now they’re focused on their primary obstruction, the white nation, because in their ideology and belief system it is indeed functionally a nation in opposition to their own.

        • “The ‘progressive’ mind is a strange, tortuous place.”

          the ones behind all this have succeeded in causing their enemies to torture themselves. that is why they act so arrogant and carelessly superior – they have objective reason to think so.

      • Haz,

        That is right decent of you!

        Yes. We all have to stick together. The racists, the self-victimizing, the tyrants, and the commies are all coming for us. We are on the verge of a zombie apocalypse with the Pretender- in -Chief leading the horde.

    • I am “above average.” Does that mean I have to get rid of some so I won’t be accused of being an “elitist”?

    • a third of the population is a pretty significant voting bloc….especially when they can be counted on to do it…

    • If one knows how many guns they have, they don’t have nearly enough….
      With eight guns owned by the average gun owner, the average gun owner must be about 9 years old.

  2. I’ve decided many “conservatives” will go to the Wall grumbling “so much for the tolerant Left”. If you think voting for mainline Republicans and listening to Ben Shapiro are going to stop the Left, we’re in for an unpleasant ride. Sooner rather than later.

    • “I’ve decided many “conservatives” will go to the Wall”

      watch the movie “the chekist”.

    • “Conservatives” are largely worthless. The best they ever do is slightly slow down the destruction (they normally don’t even do that). We need to go in the totally opposite direction.

      Proper priorities: 1-3
      1. The God of the Bible
      2. Family
      3. Nation

      Democrats, Republicans,. Socialists, and crony capitalists all largely work for the oligarchy and against the people and against the Christ.

        • “find out for yourself”

          well, everyone does, and everyone winds up finding out something different. then they have arguments, and start fighting, and holy wars erupt. so I’m just wondering which version of “the god of the bible” our nation should be founded on.

        • just wondering which version of “the god of the bible” our nation should be founded on

          The Bible that come to America with the early settlers at Jamestown in 1607 and on the Mayflower in 1620 was known as “The Geneva Bible” translated to English in 1560, 144 editions were published between 1560 and 1644 and contained both the Old and the New Testaments… God is God be it the Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Protestant or whatever faith, only inerpretations differ (much like those whose job it is to interpret our Constitution it all depends on what YOUR definition of the word is is and whether or not you feel strongly enough about YOUR interpretation to respond with violence toward anyone who disagrees with you…

        • “God is God be it the Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Protestant or whatever faith”

          theoretically sure, but very few jews, moslems, christians, catholics, or protestants would agree with that in practice, and those that did would be disowned by their respective cohorts. religion is mostly about “truth” – in real world, which authority structure gets to define truth and thus command its collection of believers – and abandoning that leaves most religions floating in a meaningless void.

          so just saying “god” isn’t enough. unless, of course, you can introduce him personally ….

        • so just saying “god” isn’t enough. unless, of course, you can introduce him personally ….

          If you want to engage in a religious debate find a fukin priest or a rabbi or whatever blows your skirt up… You asked a question I answered with the Bible of the day which was the prevailing moral authority at the time which just happened to be a “Christian” interpretation… This is not Philosophy 101 and from what I’ve seen of your “ideologies” you are most likely ill preprared for such a debate anyway… Don’t want an answer, don’t ask the question… Good day…

        • “Don’t want an answer, don’t ask the question”

          see, this is what I’m talking about. “which god?” “don’t ask!” but that won’t work in real life.

          “you are most likely ill preprared for such a debate anyway”

          I’m not prepared. but no-one else seems any better prepared, except with stock answers and rabbit-hole irrationality and boundless faith that they’re right and everyone else is deceived/evil/thedevil. have to say that your “don’t ask!” is about the most straight-forward (if dead end) answer I’ve ever heard.

        • President Eisenhower said in his final address to the nation, that the enemies of the United States are atheistic in nature. And based on their body count in the 20th century I would say that President Eisenhower was correct.

        • ant actually has a valid point. If you read the Old Testament, you will find that there are multiple names for this supposed “one god” and even reference to a god in a polytheistic Jewish tradition. See the First Commandment: “You shall have no other gods before Me.” which means that there were other gods, but He was No. 1. Which of course makes sense, as the Jews had not long before left the land of the Pharoahs, where there were many gods.

  3. Obviously the solution then is to get more guns into the hands of minorities! Now that I think about it though, not once did they mention “legal” owners. If those are numbers based on legal AND illegal possession, then we have a really long ways to go lol.

    • “Obviously the solution then is to get more guns into the hands of minorities!”

      That’s obvious, dude, no sarcasm.

      Since blacks tend to prey on other blacks, I would *love* to see a little old lady being robbed of her Social Security money send her robber to meet Jesus a little early.

      Bullies stop bullying when they get a bloody nose. “An armed society is a polite society.”… 😉

  4. This article is really reaching! The statistic discrepancy has NOTHING to do with White Nationalism. The reason for the discrepancy is the same as the difference in generational wealth. Caucasians have always had the right to own firearms and the income to attain them vs minorities. This is indicative of social economic differences and nothing else.
    FYI, I am a brown man who has over 8 guns…

    • I’m also a brown man.

      Well, light brown.

      Okay, the lightest shade of brown.

      Like, the lightest sample card at the Home Depot paint department that’s in the “earth tones” section.

      The one right next to white.

      If you look at the card at dusk. Just don’t look at it during the day, because then it’ll look white.

      Like me.

      • IHAQ’s patented failed attempt at humor reminded me it’s been awhile since I noted that this coward skipped 1/6 Freedom Day despite having the means and motive to be there. And, I kid you not, he claimed it was due his to mommy and daddy having the Wuhan sniffles. What a spineless pud…

        • Oh, Hail, you disappoint me. You’re slipping.

          It was my father who was admitted to the Emergency Room. Due to COVID protocols, my mother wasn’t even allowed inside. Remember?

          Better re-check that dossier you maintain. If you’re going to be a creepy stalker, you may as well have correct info.

        • ‘Creepy Stalker’. Whatever, coward. The reason you hassle minimum wage workers is because you know they can’t respond to your bullshit.

        • “Whatever, coward.”

          Oh, the *irony* of the coward too lazy to ‘keep me in check’ every day… 😉

    • Guns really aren’t that expensive. My 8 shot Mossberg Maverick 88 only set me back $199. Two years ago, I built a perfectly functional PSA AR-15 for under $400. I picked up a Rossi .22lr rifle for $99. My Ruger LCP was $165.

      Anyone who has a $600-800 iPhone (most people) could have bought similar guns and made do with a perfectly acceptable $100 Android phone.

    • “Caucasians have always had the right to own firearms and the income to attain them vs minorities.”

      Blame for that lies with whites who passed racist “Melt laws” and minimum size laws, designed to keep inexpensive imported guns from being sold to blacks at a price they could afford…

  5. I’ve always felt sorry for the poor schnooks who only own 8 guns or fewer.. 🙂

    At some point I hope the conversation turns to something other than “White man bad”. That sentiment by the enlightened used to at least raise some eyebrows, now I believe most Americans are past the polite “holding one’s tongue” and moving on. The uprising in school districts resisting CRT are proof positive and this “snowball” needs to keep rolling.

    People are human beings and “human nature” affects one and all- The Christ was the One exception. Only in a fascist society are people put into categories where all are of one type or condition with no pssible “redemption”. The US was the wonder of the world and we were truly one of purpose, drive and beliefs. We still see many arrivals from other nations and cultures being able to thrive, excel, and move up the social and financial ladder, often rather quickly. Only those who hang onto a victim status are left behind or do not enjoy gains, although their leadership seems to do pretty well.

    In America, “diversity” used to display for all the world to see the true nature of the greatest human “melting pot” ever attempted. Under the definition that the word has become today, the only way to define “diversity” is that it is the opposite of unity. In that sense, Americans should not seek “diversity”, only “unity”.

    “A house divided cannot stand”…

    • > At some point I hope the conversation turns to something other than “White man bad”

      Objecting to the pervasive influence of white nationalism on national policy is not “white man bad”.

      It’s quite different, actually. The opposite, in fact.

      • Are you of the belief that a white male that believes in his nation is a “white nationalist”?

        I just don’t see the problem with being a patriot and having an allegiance to one’s nation.

        Or is it just the color of the skin that is the problem?

        • White nationalism generally refers to the specific idea that a nation is /defined/ by its whiteness. That that nation is exclusively the province of – and affords legal benefits to – only white people. That white people are /supreme/ within the nation, to the exclusion of other groups, who are lesser citizens (or lesser humans, in many conceptualizations).

 is a pretty reasonable starting point to learn more.

        • “White nationalism generally refers to the specific idea that a nation is /defined/ by its whiteness”

          you’re completely misunderstanding the situation. they’re defining it by the fact that it’s not THEIR nation. there’s nothing more to it than that – “you’re not us, so you’re wrong!”

        • What Wikipedia won’t tell you is the reason why white nationalism replaced neo-Nazi and white supremacist as the dominant term in political and media usage — and that is precisely because it conflates white people and patriotism with racism.

          People say there’s a “pervasive influence of white nationalism on national policy,” but the Aryan Nation style white supremacists they’re conjuring are rare as hen’s teeth and haven’t had any influence on anyone that matters since the bad old days when the Klan and Southern Democrats were one and the same.

          That “pervasive influence” line is patently false. But people with gravitas and authority keep saying it, so people like “jsled” here keep looking for ways that it could somehow be true…

          Who are these invisible “white nationalists”? There must be a vast number of these people hidden somewhere…flying under the radar…speaking in code…whistling racist dog whistles…

          And so everyone whose skin tone is Starbucks double-shot latte or lighter who expresses patriotism — aka nationalism — becomes suspect. Patriotism itself is suspect. Whiteness itself is suspect.

          Meanwhile, look at the people who keep telling us that “white nationalism” is a threat to democracy and “whiteness” is a disease. Do they have your best interest at heart? What do they and theirs stand to gain, and what do YOU as an individual and a decent human being stand to lose in this “white nationalists” vs. everybody else contest they’re setting up?

          And round and round the carousel goes, and where it stops, nobody knows.

          But wait…yes, we do. There are mass graves and masses of slaves there, and most of them are filled with people that weren’t white. Our Debbie W. may sound like a broken record sometimes, but she isn’t wrong.

        • “conflates white people and patriotism with racism”

          more accurately it projects their own racism onto whites and any other patriotism but their own. (that’s why biden will tell a black man who didn’t vote for him “you ain’t black!”. he’s not being facetious or addleheaded, he’s being logical and straightforward.)

          “Meanwhile, look at the people who keep telling us that ‘white nationalism’ is a threat to democracy and ‘whiteness’ is a disease.”

          you have to understand these people. by “threat to democracy” he means “threat to OUR democracy” (which democracy does not include you). sometimes you’ll hear leftists speak of this openly – “our democracy” – counting on you to think that “their democracy” includes you while they all know it doesn’t.

      • JSLED, and where have you been you little freak? Haven’t seen you here in a while.

    • “At some point I hope the conversation turns to something other than “White man bad”.”

      Understand something –

      That’s not going away. It is a deliberated goading designed to get a reaction they can exploit politically…

  6. These people seem to really be framing “white whatever-ism” the same way the Smithsonian so hilariously did.

    White whatever-ism apparently is: showing up to work on time, keeping your nose clean, taking care of your shit, the nuclear family, saving and planning for the future, expecting others to do for themselves, and more:

    So, yeah, if they want to re-frame “whiteness” and “white whatever-ism” to mean these things then sure, I’m a white supremacists. I know plenty of Asian, black and hispanic white supremacists too. Hell, the Asians are probably the most radical white-supremacists out there.

    My question is who would want to be the opposite of these things? And would you want people embracing the opposite of these things to be running the country or teaching your kids?

    • “My question is who would want to be the opposite of these things? And would you want people embracing the opposite of these things to be running the country or teaching your kids?”

      It’s the lead-up for the ‘big play’.

      Since there are orders of magnitude more poor folks than wealthy, all you have to do is convince them that the US is evil. Founded by racists. That the system is rigged against them, and they will never get ahead, no matter what they do. That there’s an answer, but it will be a difficult job. A lot of eggs will need to be broken to make the omelette, but it’s one delicious omelette, and will worth the sacrifice. Besides, the only people that will get hurt are racists, and they will be getting what they deserve. Cool, huh? 😉

      That’s the story they are now selling, and the Silicon Valley tech companies will deliver it.

      That now makes destroying evil to be a morally-correct thing to do. Everyone will be equal. No more evil rich. That’s how they will destroy America…

      • “That’s the story they are now selling, and the Silicon Valley tech companies will deliver it.”

        Very easy sell there (Silicon Valley) as majority of the employees and supervisors are now not native-born Americans.

      • “No more evil rich”

        yeah, only good rich will remain. and they will give you everything you need – food, clothing, housing, work assignments, child care, and recreational activities that will all be purged of any evil to keep you safe and productive so that you don’t have to do anything yourself ever again.

        • ” everything you think do and say, is in the pills you took today “…… Zager and Evans just got the year wrong.

      • might be easier to sell that “the US is evil” shit if people would just stop coming here….

    • “My question is who would want to be the opposite of these things?”

      it’s not that they want to see the opposite. it’s that they don’t want to see these things, so they don’t have to see what they themselves are.

  7. America doesn’t have a gun problem, America has a small crime problem vastly overblown by a corrupt media. Until the Oreo Obama showed up, we didn’t have a race problem, he is the catalyst for crime, civil disobedience, rioting, assault and murder, and he is Soro’s puppet.

    • Man I get tired of this bat guano. As an OFWG I own a few gats.I gave one to my beautiful black wife. I’ve never been a white supremacist. I never joined in the race riot’s at my high school in the 60’s & early 70’s. I am not responsible for the millions of black loser’s. I didn’t hold them down. My ancestors came from Austria-Hungary,Belgium & France. And an Ojibway Canadian Indian thrown in. No plantation massa. The most raciss & bigoted folks I’ve known are black men. Worked out with a bunch of them over many years. They respected me because I could outlift a lot of them. You went a gun get one…I’m not stopping you!

  8. America doesn’t have a “White Nationalism’ problem, America has a “Leftist Bigot”problem.

    There is no purpose served in responding to articles like the one cited. There is no amount of discussion that will ever bridge the ideological gap between us because the Left doesn’t want that, they want us all in jail or dead.

    • A minor disagreement with your closing phrase: What they really want is obedient useful slaves, not unruly prisoners they’ll have to feed, or corpses.

    • ^ Basically this. I read a few other articles on that website. These people are nuts and there’s simply no negotiating with their lies or insanity.

    • “is no amount of discussion that will ever bridge the ideological gap between us because the Left doesn’t want that, they want us all in jail or dead.”

      enslaved or dead. otherwise exactly precisely correct. this is tribal warfare, nothing more. they hate you, not for any reason or cause or purpose, but simply because you are not them. that’s the sum total of their motivation.

  9. Writing a June 2021 story while using pew research ownership data from 2017 is disingenuous. The last 2 years have added a shit ton of minority gun owners and the point of this article is now moot and the author knew that.

    • Regardless of the disingenuous nonsense of the article, even in 2017 that meant that approximately 110 million people owned at lest one gun. From person experience when I took my CCL class about half of the class was black women. Too which I say great for them. Boyfriend is a woman beater? Shoot them.
      In actuality the black woman would be less susceptible to violent ahole boyfriends if the boyfriends knew that was a chance of being shot. You don’t need 8 guns to defend yourself from someone, these woman of color only need one gun and one bullet to defend themselves.

  10. This is blatant discrimination, No one should only own eight guns. Due to income inequality, most cannot buy that 9th gun. All us law abiding gun owners need to petition Congress to help with this racist stand on only 8 gun ownership. There should be a gun stimulous check so I can get a new Sig P210. Those with only 8 guns are being discriminated against. We need those new 2nd Amendment stimulous checks issued now to solve this problem. I feel triggered by my reaction to your outrage!

  11. Golf must be the ultimate form of White Nationalism under this rationale; 88% white participation, mostly male.

    Or maybe its NHL fandom which is almost exclusively white.

    But then again only 4% of whites count themselves as soccer fans, less play it. Only 9% of whites count themselves as basketball fans, less play it as well.

    Turns out maybe preferences are just cultural and maybe a cigar is just a cigar.

  12. U.S. citizens, accept the notion of sanctity associated with the Second Amendment, as with the Constitution as a whole…

    That is the WHOLE idea, NO law, ordinance, rule, regulation, edict OR Constitution is worth anything more than the paper it is written on UNLESS a sufficient number of citizens believe it is the right thing AND accept the authority of whomever is presenting the document… Therein lies the problem with unfettered immigration, when the population starts to be weighted by a significant number of people from countries with different ideologies with few basic requirements to attain citizenship and those immigrants begin to develop communities that ultimately reflect the areas from whence they came rather than assimilating into the National “melting pot” as was the original intent… Today we have an increasing population of people who don’t speak the same language, don’t believe in the same “American” ideology and treasure “diversity” over “One Nation under God”. Why are we the ONLY country in the world that hyphenates a person’s nationality (ever heard someone referred to as “Asian-Mexican” or an “African-Canadian”) even after several generations?… The government (from the smallest town council up to and including the U.S. Congress AND the White House), the Courts, law enforcement and our entire education system from pre-school to Post Grad has been infiltrated by “agent provocateurs” intent on the destruction of the “American” way of life… I can still see the bald little fat guy sitting there pounding his shoe on that desk at the U.N. shouting “We WILL bury you” and later bragging that they would do it without firing a shot… Nakita would be proud…

    OBTW, other than being on the fringes with the White Supremacists and the Neo-Nazis, what exactly IS wrong with being White AND taking pride in being an American (aka White Nationalism)? For that matter what is wrong with being an American “Nationalist” of ANY color? We are a victim of our own success, the very freedoms we cherish have been corrupted and turned against us by those who want to bring about our downfall… Does anyone know why the U.S. is the ONLY country in the world that permits “on demand” abortion after 24 weeks up to and even after birth?…

    • “…what exactly IS wrong with being White AND taking pride in being an American (aka White Nationalism)? For that matter what is wrong with being an American “Nationalist” of ANY color?”

      It isn’t ‘fair.’ What they are selling is jealousy, and if you vote for them, they will “Spread the money around” (What Obama told ‘Joe The Plumber’)…

  13. Where is the real problem when over 80% of all violent crime is committed by 0.5% of the population? It is with the 0.5% of the population and less than 10% of those are white. I am talking gang members here.
    Gangs are not the target of any legislation proposed by those saying they want to decrease violent crime in the U.S.. In fact, one of their “solutions” has been specifically been banned from use against gang members. These are “RED FLAG LAWS”.
    Gangs are not going to register or surrender the firearms that they possess. We can use New Zealand as an example of that where their gangs openly refused to surrender weapons. So registration and confiscation are not the solutions.
    The solution lies in targeting gangs and gang violence. This may include decriminalization of drug use. Drug sales and distribution are major forces behind gang violence.

  14. People are being taught that ‘white nationalism’ means white supremacy. They are not the same thing at all. Just like AR15’s are not assault rifles.

    The truth is that nationalism is about having a patriotic pride in ones country. THAT is not racist in any way. This entire thing starts out on a lie that just feeds itself.

    • “People are being taught that ‘white nationalism’ means white supremacy”

      (shrug) it does.

      “nationalism is about having a patriotic pride in ones” …

      … nation. meaning people associated by ancestry and cultural heritage. people are opposed to white nationalism because it shows up their own nationalism for what it is, so they seek, not to build up themselves, but to tear down white nationalism – meaning whites – instead.

  15. Either Ms. Dunbar-Ortiz or the editor is so eager to connect gun advocacy with white nationalism that her quote completely misses answering the One Question.

  16. “America’s Gun Problem is Rooted in White Nationalism”

    (shrug) it is. the ones behind all this are admirably focused on their real problem – the existence of a nation independent of their own. it’s an intolerable insult to them and they mean to bring it down by any means necessary.

  17. met a guy who said he had 350 guns. asked him why, he only had two hands. he just smirked and didn’t answer. realized later he was his synagogue’s armorer.

  18. “tolerance does not mean tolerating intolerance”

    meaning you have to tolerate them but they don’t have to tolerate you.

  19. So, white people owning guns is the reason why minority gang members are killing each other? How does that work? Whites do commit murders with guns, but minorities killing minorities make up most of the murders. KKK, neonazis, and white people aren’t venturing into minority neighborhoods to gun down gang members. The real racism is holding these thugs to lower standards and allowing them to continue to victimize their communities.

    • “How does that work?”

      as a logical reason, it doesn’t. it’s just an excuse.

      to keep you guessing and waiting and doing nothing while standing around trying to figure them out, it works fantastic.

      if it ever stops working they’ll just shrug their shoulders and toss out another excuse to distract you while they work.

    • white people owning guns is the reason why minority gang members are killing each other? How does that work?

      It’s ALL the White Devils fault, the hood rats are sooooo full of rage over shit that happened over 150 years ago that they just GOT to kill sumpin and they can’t leave the hood cause some other gang banger might make a move on their turf so they find the nearest 10 year old little girl and buss a cap in dat ass, that’ll show Whitey, just try to keep a ni–er down, we got ways to deal wit chu, feeeel meee…?

  20. See on a tee shirt. ” God gave his archangels weapons, because the Almighty understood you don’t fight evil with tolerance and understanding.”
    For once in my life I’m well above average. I have more than 8 guns manufactured before 1900, let alone what the ATF considers modern firearms. And they are all in working order.
    To be a white supremist, would you not have to at least think you’re superior to someone?
    Now, I guess I do fit as a white nationalist. I’m white and am a nationalist. Meaning my ancestors come from northwestern Europe and I am proud of the country I am part of.

    • ‘To be a white supremist, would you not have to at least think you’re superior to someone?”

      no, you just have to be white. that’s all the reason they need.

  21. I wonder what she would think of my family. I am certainly of the paler variety but my wife has a very nice, darker tint. Our three kids are a pleasant compromise — and we own more than 8 guns, too 🙂

  22. Oh ya, who founded this bastion of freedom, white settlers that fought other whites for their freedom! Who sold blacks into slavery, other blacks in Africa started it all! Look it up! Speaking of freedom who freed the slaves from the democrats that wanted to keep it the same? White men who lost 600,000-750,000 lives to free them.

  23. Not to worried about white, black, brown.
    What concerns me is the comment, ” The elephant in the room is the 2A”
    They’re coming after that. 9 Bill of Rights, then 8, 7, 6. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off

  24. How do Liberal gun owners address these other racist white anti-civil rights Liberals???
    Any Links out there you progressive gun owners?

  25. Here is what critical race theory has to do with gun control. In 1966 the Black Panther movement was started in Oakland California by law abiding black citizens who were tired of being harassed by police and thugs so they started taking advantage of the law that allowed for open carry.

    As a result, Democrats, Republicans and the NRA decided to sponsor legislation to change California law so citizens could no longer carry open firearms. In 1967 Governor Ronald Reagan signed into law the first major gun control legislation in California that prohibited open carry. The second amendment was apparently fine until African-Americans wanted to exercise their rights under it.

    This started the avalanche of gun control laws that would be passed in later decades. As a second amendment advocate such as myself who owns numerous firearms and a concealed carry license holder I recognize that white Americans, Democrats and Republicans along with the NRA caused the gun restrictions that are now being promoted nationwide.

    So if you want to consider this research of mine as critical race theory, go right ahead. I will stand by my research in that historic institutional racism is now impacting my rights as a gun owner.

  26. Critical Race Theory? Just another name to promote racism. I never owned a slave, no one in my family ever owned a slave. Never knew anyone who owned a slave. But I am to feel that I owe Blacks? For what? None living today were ever slaves, unless they recently came to America and were slaves in Africa by their own people. I owe no one anything, Well that’s not true, I just got my electric bill and I’ll have to pay that. By the way after a few years of research, I just got my PHD. Took me a couple years to figure out which “Post Hole Digger” to buy!

  27. I see we’re talking about CRT,
    but let’s use the proper terms: “Creepy Racist Tyranny” ….

  28. Whites are of European and Russian descent. They have fought wars because of their differences for 1000s of years. They will never be one group, even those in exile. This divide is between the haves and the have nots.
    Even activist minorities who do attain wealth become Republicans, so it is not about race. While I agree that since Reagan(trickle down never worked), the middle class, particularly blue collar workers, have suffered and slipped into poverty. The people in power have used environmentalists to stop production in the US.
    This could be a good thing, if we are able to hold on to our country, since the raw materials will still be here for the country. If it means we can’t hold on to our country, our descendants will slave for masters from oversea.
    Hopefully, we will be able to rein in these huge corporations who want control of countries or who are glad to let China run things, since they keep the workers in check.

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