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“Sacramento police arrested a man Friday, after he and an acquaintance showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds,” reports. “Police were called to UC Davis Medical Center around 3:30 p.m. after the two men showed up with non-life threatening wounds. Police say Gregory Carlton Walker, 53, made an illegal, homemade gun [not shown] and shot himself and his acquaintance. Walker has been jailed, with bail set at $60,000.” I’m not sure that the gentlemen involved with this incident (filed in “violent crime” by the sacbe) were criminals before they violated California gun law, but clock the wider point. Ban guns, confiscate as many as you can, and the bad guys will still have them. Would doing so at least reduce crime? I have one word for that: Mexico.


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  1. Most of them won’t bother to make firearms, most of them will probably switch to blades.

    Those civilized gunless blokes over in the UK have been freaking out over “knife crime” for a while now. Funny how violence doesn’t disappear when the guns do…

    • Does anyone have a coloration with the UK specifically. I am asking specifically because one would think the violent crime overall would be constant. So per capita it stays the same regardless of weapon used, knife, gun, club, etc. Then we can show that guns dropped because, well they took them away, but then knife, club, etc goes up.

      • Hard to say since the UK police are clever at reporting crime, they need to convince everyone it’s not that bad.

  2. The next step is to pass new regulations on machine shops with the ultimate goal being to ban them. After all, we’re supposed to be working only service jobs, right?

  3. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but the afghans easily and frequently make all manner of accurate, reliable firearms out of scrap. I’ve seen them do it.

    Doesn’t matter though. With the number of firearms in society, the black market would be unaffected for a very long time if you banned legal ownership tomorrow.

  4. Transnational criminal organizations don’t have a maristas for imported guns today. Ban guns and the market will appear. I am sure MS 13 would be happy to become a firearms importer.

  5. Making cheap zip guns is child’s play. I know because when I was a child, there was a cottage industry in zip guns in my old neighborhood. We always envied the mob guys because they had better guns, but the zip guns worked just fine.

  6. According to Table 20 of the FBI UCR, nearly 1/4 (almost 2,200) of firearms used in homicides can’t be identified as handgun, rifle or shotgun and are classified as unknown. One of the staffers who enters this information into the database, told me these firearms that are classified as unknown include homemade firearms.

    In addition to a firearm ban not preventing criminals from making their own firearms, nothing would prevent criminals from making IEDs.

    According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Drug/alcohol intoxication was the cause of death in 7% of inmate deaths, yeah, drugs and alcohol are banned in jail, but that doesn’t stop the criminals from getting/making it.

  7. Obviously, the Khyber Pass clones of AK-47s and whatnot are examples of homebrew guns, made by Bacha Bazi-loving illiterate men, squatting on dirt floors. The Sten gun is another example of easy DIY. But, now, CNC equipment is so cheap that truly perfect copies of commercial firearms can be cranked out by the hundreds out of garage operations. A fellow in Canada used to do this (legally), with Sig P228 clones. And making lead styphnate and nitrocellulose is easier than cooking meth. Your typical Fiddy wannabe won’t do this himself, but he will buy a piece from an operation that will.

    • Indeed.

      It is difficult to get across to idiot legislators just how cheap used CNC machinery has become. The used stuff might have been ridden hard, put up wet and not be able to hold tolerances and finishes for the modern market, but as surely as God made little green apples, these machines could pump out parts for shotguns, crude pistols and revolvers all day long.

      What many people don’t realize is that when the Colt SAA, the Winchester 1873, etc were produced… there were no Bridgeport mills. There were no high-precision lathes. Heck, lathes didn’t even use ball or needle bearings back then. They used babbit metal or bronze bearings, bathed in some manner of oil or grease. Most mills were horizontal only, and the reason why so much of American firearms industry was located in New England was to use water falling over a wheel to drive a line shaft through the rafters of the shop. The machines were driven by leather belting. You “turned on” the lathe or mill by using a stick to flip your leather belt up onto the drive wheel, and so on.

      Considering the highly serviceable quality of those firearms, the stuff that could be cranked out with well-used CNC equipment is light years ahead in quality and quantity.

  8. These fools who love passing silly laws attempting to ban anything, will never learn that criminals will just ignore any law because they make up their own rules. They don’t worry about what will happen when and if they get caught, and if they are arrested they’ll most likely get a slap on the wrist. You can’t enforce any ban, and history has proven this fact.

    • Or maybe ban-happy politicos just want us to depend on state protection because it fits into some moral-utopian ideology. Or maybe they just hate us.

  9. It is quite easy to make a simple, safe, and highly effective single-shot shotgun (in your choice of both 20 and 12 gauge no less!) with about $20 in readily available hardware at a local hardware store. Making the gun itself would take about one hour. Making the stock might take an additional 1 hour. Attaching the stock could be done in 5 minutes if you want to spend some additional money on stainless steel hose clamps. Otherwise you could use shellac and string and it would take about 30 minutes … although waiting for the shellac to dry/cure/set would take 24 hours.

    The scary part? If someone wasn’t satisfied with the single-shot shotgun, they could use it to ambush someone (such as an unsuspecting law enforcement officer) to acquire a full feature semi-automatic or even fully automatic firearm.

    Of course a really enterprising criminal could simply contract local machine shops to make all of the individual parts necessary to produce their own full feature firearms of the highest quality. It isn’t rocket science and that’s why gun control will never remove guns from criminals. So if gun control will never remove guns from criminals, what is the point of gun control?

  10. Since I’m sure some idiot liberal arts major with a law degree will soon start babbling, blubbering and crying about regulating/registering/controlling machine shops, let me be the first to assure people that all I need to make some rather serviceable firearms are:

    1. A source of quality steel. A junkyard will do. Truck/auto axles, transmissions, etc are wonderful sources of nice steel.

    2. A hand drill. If I can’t buy drill bits, some drill rod (available practically everywhere) will allow me to make my own cutting tools.

    3. Hand files of various grades and types.

    Now, if I can’t find (2), I could make one. If I can’t find drill rod, I can get by with plain steel that I case harden in a wood charcoal pack and then stone back to sharpness. If I can’t get files, the leaf springs off of cars and trucks is typically high carbon steel from which I can make my own files.

    This is what the liberal arts-turned-lawyer-legislator crowd doesn’t realize, thanks to the fact that they’re over-educated, under-informed and ultimately as useless as teats on a bull:

    Short of taking away fire, there’s nothing they can do to stop those of us who know the secrets of steel.

    Once I have steel, I will have a gun. As long as there are animals on pasture, I will have gunpowder.

    Call Morty and make book on it.

  11. Any of you ever read about “Carbine” Williams making a semi-auto rifle while in prison out of a Ford axle and using only the simplest hand tools for fabrication?


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