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Police deliver prizes do a would-be cop killer

When you’re pulled over by Johnny Law, there are some things you should do and some that are in one’s best interest not to do. If you keep your hands where they can be seen and politely inform the officer that you’re armed when it’s appropriate, things will usually go uneventfully. If, however, you play stupid games, you’re likely to win stupid prizes. Below is a video showing a textbook example of how to play stupid games and absorb the excitement that follows.

Officers in Springdale, Arkansas pulled over a well-known customer in their world, Zachary Sutton, 26. Seems that Zachary had no license as a result of a history of drunk driving. One of the officers said he’d stopped Mr. Sutton three times in ten days, but this time, Mr. Sutton was going to jail.

As he was about to be handcuffed, Sutton failed to mention that he was carrying a gun in the appendix position. Sutton drew the gun, racked it, and fired at one of the cops before turning and running. He didn’t make it far – less than seven steps – before a hail of return fire felled him and he bled out.

Thankfully, this didn’t happen in Baltimore. The local prosecutor in Arkansas ruled it a justifiable shooting. has the story.

Police Justified in Springdale Shooting Death
Dashcam Footage Reveals Man Shot at Police First

SPRINGDALE, Ark. — The Washington County Arkansas Prosecutor ruled that the officers involved in the shooting death of Zachary Sutton will not face charges.

Dashcam footage shows the suspect, 26-year-old Zachary Sutton of Springdale, Arkansas, pulling out a handgun and shooting at the officers.

Here’s the video.  The action starts at 1:40.

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    • Action starts at 1:40.

      How far back do you have to go to not even have a video to film? T minus 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 years?

      Sh_t, people, that whole thing was very depressing.

      • With your attitude towards government and civil society, Joe R, I suspect it is only a matter of time before we are watching a similar video starring you.

        In other news, people, even if you are playing stupid games with the police, do NOT Israeli carry.

        • That was Moped-appendix carry, and apart from not having a slide-racker on it, it’s probably par safety-wise under the circumstaces
          As stated, I’m a shoulder holster or drop-leg fan, and I don’t do Mopeds, at least not on dash-cams.. You tell me what part of that video, and whatever lead up to it, wasn’t sad. Sans the throwdown, that mf could’ve beat those TSA-fit cops in a footrace, and we all could’ve shaken our heads in wonder.
          Yes I’m all about Societal Agreement, (and ABSOLUTELY pro-gov’t that serves its people, never believing the position or title raises the holder above the ABSOLUTE value of 1 person/citizen) and we caught the final exam on tape, but not the GED training in it the dude got prior, I’m sure even the cops think it’s sad, and if not, that’s sad.

    • First Awesome draw for a drunk guy but nothing in the pipe…perp 101 – round the chamber safety off when you perform a cop ambush. Never ever run away, if your your going to full stupid move forward aim center mass. It took the cop on the right three seconds to get his pistol out, arms thrust forward before he got a round off. Perp could have had 4 rounds in and and taken him out of the fight in 2 seconds. Better if he ran, turn corner then, set the ambush.

      Do think he had enough of life and just wanted to get it over with.

  1. Sirens in the background within 30 seconds of the shoot and a third officer on scene around one minute afterward.

    This was either serendipitous, or somebody was expecting a substantial problem from this guy.

    • Either he already called backup or because it was a small town in Arkansas the other cops needed something to do so he was headed there anyway.

  2. So the takeaway is, if he weren’t slowed down by the extra steps required with Israeli carry, the cops would be dead and Mr. Sutton would be in Acapulco by now.

    So… just say no to Israeli carry.

    Also, assuming he had no children, this is further evidence in support of Charles Darwin.

    • Yeah. if you slow that down, you can see quite clearly he had the Cop on the left dead bang — IF he didn’t have to rack his gun first. Thankfully.

    • The cop may have been dead. But this dood would have never made it to the state line, let alone another country. In my experience of guys like these he’s driving a raggedy hoopty with less than half a tank of gas. He’s likely got a buck ninety five on him and his plastic was shredded two weeks after he got it.

      No, this trailer trash was going to do one of three things. Run home to his moms, dad ain’t in the picture, and after a lot of hollering and fussing turn himself in.

      Go on a one man crime spree that would have lasted no time at all and likely ended with innocent folk being hurt.

      Or killed his self when the hoopties tired motor blue up ten miles from this place.

      This dude was a compleat failure. Even at murder.

    • Springdale isn’t a very big town.
      So if you’ve had enough DUIs to lose your license and you’ve been stopped three times since then, the cops will recognize you from a mile away.

    • Yeah that audio sounds like it come from battlestar gallactica. They had FTL drive but their radios were worse that a 1983 cellphone.

      • LOL! And they were all sporting firearms in “zero-,or -micro-gravity” in a vacuum ! Might as well be using an ancient sword under those conditions within an atmosphere…

        • A properly sealed cartridge will fire in a vacuum. Modern smokeless powders produce their own O2. Same for all those youtube videos of guns firing underwater.

  3. DUI deserves an arrest. Driving safely with out a license, not even sure that deserves a pullover. An arrest-able offense really needs a victim or potential victim…and not just “society” in general. Oh and that was stupid on the part of that 26yo child.

    • Getting your license removed due to dui and then continuing to drive shows a disregard to the rule of law and to the consequences of one’s actions, to say nothing of his behavior during the arrest. This guy was obviously not a team player.

    • Generally you won’t get thrown in the slammer for your first offense driving without a license. After about the third one, it becomes fairly obvious that a traffic citation with a fine (that you don’t intend to pay) is not sufficient deterrence to prevent you from flouting the law.

  4. Dude if you really want to shoot at cops do it professionally.

    Stop, draw, side step, and shoot while they’re still in the moving car with no escape. Driver first, passenger second. And load that goddamn chamber.

    Or else just don’t be a thug.

  5. Given this guy assumed room temp, I’m sure it’s safe to say he won’t be doing that again. Driving or shooting at cops

    Seriously, if you’re that stupid, eat the gun and save the cops the paperwork.

  6. Wonder if the prosecutor would rule it justified if a non police person shot and killed someone running away from them. Not saying the dood didn’t get what was coming, but I bet in a lot of jurisdictions non LEO’s shooting someone running away from them would be told they are no longer a threat and that shooting them from behind isn’t justified.

    • You are correct. An armed citizen can only use a firearm only under imminent threat whereas the police are charged with keeping public order and removing threats to the community.

      Please go to the board and write 100 times

      “I am not a police officer.”

    • Except this guy was running and shooting. He was shooting to enable his flight. He wasn’t fleeing to avoid shooting. He just as easily have turned and fired again. He’s a fair target throughout. No problem with the cops here.

  7. I guess I give him credit for condition 3 while mexican appendix carry, not that shooting off his junk would have deprived the ladies of Arkansas of much. But, multiple target engagement from that position requires a significant investment in training.

  8. Unless you live in California. If you have a gun, you can stand your ground and then pursue the attacker until the threat is neutralized.

  9. I put a new sticker on my vehicle last week. “If you point a gun at a police officer and you get shot you are not a victim of anything”

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    What made you think you wouldn’t get caught?

  10. He wasn’t really going to shoot the police, he was just playin’

    These cops are out of control!


  11. Clearly Mr. Sutton never saw the movie The In-Laws or he would have known how to avoid being shot.

    “Serpentine! Serpentine!”

    Man, I’m getting old.

  12. Where are SJW’s when we need them, discussing obvious case of suicide-by-cop?!

    Really, the late Mr.Sutton deserved “Tier One Delirium” patch.

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