As Dan says, “I have spent a lot of time balancing utility with amount of stuff, which is why both my wallet and keys are the bare minimum of what I need on a daily basis.” See the balance he’s struck at Everyday Carry . . .




  1. I actually STOPPED carrying my PPQ just this week. I went back to the S&W 9mm I’d carried for so many years when I remembered saying to someone, “What would you rather the cops take away after a DGU, the $300.00 gun or the $700.00 gun?”

    • I’d rather trust my life to a $700 gun then a $300 gun. Not necessarily that price determines reliability, but whatever price I spend on a gun will be very very cheap if I ever have to use it. Besides, it isn’t like the PPQ is a rare gun, if the cops take it away, I’ll just go buy another.


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