Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Campbell, Ohio is Our Kind of Town


“One of the main complaints that I’m hearing is, ‘You’re a police department. Your job is to get guns off the street.’ At the Campbell Police Department, we believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in people’s right to bear arms. We believe in law-abiding citizens’ right to own guns. We also believe in Ohio’s concealed carry laws.” – K-9 Officer Eric Manning in Campbell police raffling guns for new K-9 dog [via]


  1. avatar jwm says:

    If I lived in a state with sane gun laws I’d buy raffle tickets.

    1. avatar junkman says:

      Describes where I live in NC—in fact, two local fire departments give away (in for of raffle tickets) A GUN A DAY!–one in April & the other in June–also ‘no weapons’ are virtually non-existent in the whole county, which is a big one

      1. avatar notalima says:

        gun a day?

        That is a LOT of raffle tickets.

        1. avatar junkman says:

          Yup, and they sell them all–also the county sheriff says you have the right to self defense no matter where you are–where I said ‘no weapons’ I meant to type that there almost ‘no weapons signs’ in the county– they were removed!

    2. avatar SouthAl says:

      I went to a fundraiser last weekend. Ticket was $20. That got me a good BBQ lunch and they used the tickets to raffle about 100 guns within a couple of hours. Not all were top, or middle, of the line. But, $20. Had a blast. My company did a fundraiser a few months ago and 2 nice firearms were auctioned. A lady sitting next to me, a city dweller, asked how we could just let the winning bidder walk out with a gun. Before I explained the process to her, she thought she had discovered the “fundraiser loophole”. Neither of these were LE or FD, but no one would think twice about it if they were.

  2. avatar Gunga-galunga says:

    More K9s the better. Man’s best friend after all, an they scare the bejeezus out of wussy gangbangers more than a cop with a gun.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      They can’t claim the dog was “racist” when it bites them for trying to shoot it.

      You also can’t bribe a dog for more than a few seconds in general, and I’m sure K9s are trained to ignore attempts to distract them with food.

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Actually, I believe it has happened where a suspect sued the police claiming police dogs were trained to bite Blacks…

  3. avatar Joatmon says:

    Good for them. It’s a little South of me but borders right on Youngstown so I generally just stay away from that area. Good to know if I do decide to travel through Campbell though.

    1. avatar Don Allessi says:

      Youngstown, OH:
      47.0% White, 45.2% Black, 9.3% Latino.
      Quite a melting pot.

  4. avatar RCC says:

    Club I used to be in raffled a new rifle, scope and guided deer hunt here in Australia. Winner was over the moon and got hid first deer

    Very popular raffle. My only complaint was I didn’t win in the three years it was run before I moved with work

  5. avatar DaveL says:

    Your job is to get guns off the street.

    If you see any guns lying in the street, I’m sure they’ll come take care of them.

    1. avatar Rick the Bear (now in NH!!) says:

      Made me laugh!

    2. avatar Joel says:

      True story.

      I used to work as a maintenance manager at a large property in the town I’m in. One morning a customer of ours came in freaked out because there was a gun lying in the street outside. I went out there and picked it up. He looked at me like I was handling a rattlesnake. And said “I’ll call the cops for you.”

      Sure enough, they came and picked that gun up….

      I asked them if I could have it back if no one claimed it and it wasn’t used in a crime. They just laughed at me. I asked if I found an envelope with $200 in it and turned it in and no one claimed it, could I have it back and they said yes. I said why is this pistol any different? “It just doesn’t work that way” they say. gotta love the government.

      1. avatar DaveL says:

        I wouldn’t pick up a gun abandoned in public either. Not because I’m afraid of guns, but because I don’t want to put my fingerprints on it, only to find out later it’s a match for a stray bullet that killed a toddler, and the police have no other suspects – or rather, had no other suspects.

  6. avatar Joe R. says:

    Ol’ Storm is looking grey in the snout.

    ” “One of the main complaints that I’m hearing is, ‘You’re a police department. Your job is to get guns off the street,’” ”

    Somebody please tell where this is really happening?

  7. avatar Rick the Bear (now in NH!!) says:

    Well said!

  8. avatar Samson says:

    That pupster requires milkbones and pupperonis immediately.

  9. avatar Jeff says:

    Can nonresidents of Ohio buy tickets?

  10. avatar ButtHurtz says:

    Nice to see there are some good police around.

  11. avatar Frick & Frack says:

    Sent them $100.00 for the dog. Love dogs. Rather spend a day with a given dog than 99.99% of the people I know. Of course, they would say the same about me:). Next dog is going to be a shepard.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      Dogs are the greatest sentient beings on the planet. Nothing comes close, especially humans.

      1. avatar Benzo says:

        I think cats actually understand humans better – they just aren’t impressed.

    2. avatar pyratemime says:

      I have had two GSDs and they are the best.

      If you are looking to adopt soon my local GSD rescue has some great ones available, name of the rescue is Journey Home out of Jefferson City MO. Tell them Deacon’s daddy sent you.

  12. avatar JT says:

    Not that surprising for Ohio. Our local FOP raffles off guns from time to time.

  13. avatar JW says:

    If I won the raffle I would buy a Kahr… K9 of course!

  14. avatar LHW says:

    Anything that will make the liberals have caniption fits.

  15. avatar Eric Manning says:

    Dan you really made me smile brother. We appreciate the support and if anyone is interested in the raffle or the upcoming t-shirts send me an email at [email protected]

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