Minimal, Customized Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

A somewhat minimal EDC from a gun owner in Florida. His carry gun, a GLOCK 43, is noticeably customized. What do you guys think about using a gun with aftermarket parts for EDC?




  1. avatar Centuriator says:

    He must be an operator because look at how worn his slide is!

  2. avatar New Continental Army says:

    What the hell is all over that guys glock?

    1. avatar I creampied Bader Ginsburg in 1886 says:

      Alien blood and unicorn milk. You’re welcome.

  3. avatar Jeremy D says:

    No phone, keys or wallet?

    1. avatar RA-15 says:

      Since when do keys , a wallet , phone. Save your ass ? Looks like his Glock is well used , an operator maybe. “Gay & proud ” Wtf gives this EDC one that impression. If it is functional , reliable , consistently. What’s not to like.

    2. avatar anonymoose says:

      Who needs that crap when you can just take it from other people at gunpoint? :^)

    3. avatar The Shropshire Slasher says:

      No Field Notes? What if you need to take notes in the field?

  4. avatar Harry Denkman says:

    The EDC combo that tells the world ‘I’m gay and I’m proud’.

    1. avatar RA-15 says:

      & you know this from Experience ?

    2. avatar Michael Stilinovich says:

      Or if you click on the photo you can see he’s a father and pirate age 39……..?????

    3. avatar New Continental Army says:

      I really can’t stop laughing at this exchange 😂. Well done.

    4. avatar Jonndoe says:

      Don’t be ridiculous If he were gay he would have smeared pastel colors on the slide not gold……and that’s not the voice of experience It was my local news station showing clips of the gay pride parade I made the mistake looking at the TV at that moment…took a FULL gallon of mind bleach to get rid of that Image.

      1. avatar Jonndoe’s Boyfriend says:

        Oh you. Honey you weren’t just at the parade, you served as grand marshall. And your P226 Tacops with rainbow grips and hot pink slide looked fabulous with those cut off shorts. I’m stroking my teal PK 380 just thinking about it!!

  5. avatar RA-15 says:

    There are many pirate types. 2 daddy’s Idk , I have heard of some strange things. To each his ,or her own. No judgment here 🙂

  6. avatar I creampied Bader Ginsburg in 1886 says:

    Butt pirate.

  7. avatar strych9 says:

    I’m not into the steam punk look.

  8. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

    When I carried the Glock 23, I added the extended slide release to it…

  9. avatar rudukai13 says:

    My opinion is as long as you can reasonably justify every part that you add to your gun AND nothing that you do defeats/weakens any of the factory safety mechanisms, go nuts. But I carry a Roland Special P320, so you know – Grain of salt…

    Oh, and no Punisher Skulls. Just…Don’t

    1. avatar Ton E says:

      A Roland Special P320?! Jesus………

  10. avatar Mike W. says:

    It’s JUST paint, he doesn’t have one of those WACKY drill out the slide jobs ! New barrel and trigger, cool. Silly color, check ! Some ‘grip-tion’ modification of the frame and thumb rest, CHECK !
    What’s the big deal? He/She’s proud of their gun ! [see how I did that? ]

  11. avatar Bigus Dickus says:

    I’ve always chuckled at how the Glock extended mag doesn’t add any additional capacity. This is just more Glock fanboi crap. Buy a Glock cause it’s the best handgun in the world, then customize it cause you don’t like a stock Glock. Add grip texture, cause the stock grip texture is poor. Add a customer trigger cause the stock trigger sucks. Oh, and let’s color this thing up….cause it looks KEWL!

    Oh, and a Sharpie as part of EDC? Umm, wut? So do you ask your assailant to hold still so you can draw and “X” on him so you know where to shoot?

    1. avatar Cloudbuster says:

      Oh, and a Sharpie as part of EDC? Umm, wut? So do you ask your assailant to hold still so you can draw and “X” on him so you know where to shoot?

      If you’re not fast enough to do this, you haven’t been training enough.

  12. avatar TRUBRIT says:

    My EDC is a Gen 3 Glock 19 that I removed the finger grooves, filled and shaved off the back strap bump, undercut the trigger guard. Silicon carbide grip texture, duracoat black to cover the ‘stripper glitter look’. Travis Haley Skimmer trigger, Grey Ghost Prescion V1 complete slide topped with a Trijicon RMR. Shoots and handles like a dream, no feed issues or malfunctions. My name is Roland so in effect it is my Roland Special 😉

  13. avatar MilitantCentrist says:

    Hope this never ends up in a court room. Anything that can be made to suggest the carrier takes a frivolous or fetishized view of violence is a risk, rightly or not.

    1. avatar Cloudbuster says:

      Has that ever worked in a court? It didn’t even affect the conviction of the cop who had “You’re f*cked” on his rifle’s dust cover when he shot an unarmed, begging civilian.

      1. avatar MilitantCentrist says:

        Cops and the rest of us chickens tend to be judged by different standards, so maybe not the best comparison. Still, you pose a valuable question that I can’t answer – though I suspect the fewer things you have to explain to a jury the better.

  14. avatar JS says:

    I changed out my trigger from plastic to Stainless steel on my P938 simply because plastic is weaker and I want reliability. And I have birdseye maple grips I made because that’s what I do… Carpentry…
    I think that customized carry is considered to far when you start doing such things as ramp polishing, lowering trigger pull weight and other things to make the gun “more lethal-er” to give the impression you are out to kill.

    1. avatar Matt(Tx) says:

      I polished the ramp of every pistol I have. Takes five minutes. Has cured hollowpoint feed problems on the last. (Berreta 85f police turn in) Why would you not?

    2. avatar Erik Weisz says:

      My carry gun is practically a race gun, so I guess you could die just by looking at it.
      2.5# trigger pull, polished every damn thing, less than 1mm take-up, 1/4 that for re-set, compensator, mag-well, extended safety and mag release, the works. Last I checked, it would kill you the same exact dead as anything else.

  15. avatar TRUBRIT says:

    People customize their guns to make them more reliable and improve accuracy and funtionality. The stock Glock trigger sucks. The Gen 3 hand grooves suck. The grip texture sucks. The bump on the back strap caused me to present high. After the mods it is now more like a 1911 grip which is what I am used to. I like to shoot, and I shoot a lot. The stock slide and barrel are accurate and tight, but I wanted more accuracy and a slightly lighter slide, hence the GGP upgrade. With my older eyes, the RMR means I can shoot with or without my glasses day or night. I am near sighted so with glasses I have difficulty with focusing on the front sight. All this talk about ‘modifying guns will get you in trouble in court’ is true speculation with no facts to back it up.

    1. avatar Erik Weisz says:

      ^Exactly THIS^

  16. avatar kahlil says:

    where’s the orange cap for the end of the pistol, this is a toy, right? An ugly, plastic, crap colored toy. I hope the sharpie is to cover the horrible “gold” finish.

  17. avatar B.D. says:

    Another gucci glock. Easily identifiable in court and as ugly as the abercrombie and fitch shirt he tucks it under. Such a fucken waste.

  18. avatar Snake Plisskin says:

    Aftermarket parts on EDC? Well, I don’t (and that includes aftermarket mags; sorry Magpul)

    But if I did, I’d have to have the entire set-up tested with about 200-300 rounds of every SD load that I use before I would. YMMV.

    On the subject of the Glock in the pic….its hideous….

  19. avatar PeterK says:

    I don’t bash custom parts in guns. Just make sure it’ll work when it needs to.

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