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Nosler’s first(ish) chassis rifle is a heater! This bad boy is called the Carbon Chassis Hunter and it’s a sub-seven-pound carbon fiber lover’s dream.

Heavy contour carbon fiber barrel, carbon forend with integral ARCA rail plus M-LOK, carbon grip, and folding carbon stock. The action is smooooth as butter and it’s one hell of a nice looking rifle.

Get the full rundown on this $5,395 MSRP rifle (which is more than what I paid for my car, but wouldn’t make the first time the value of guns in my car far exceeded the value of my wheels) in the video below . . .


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  1. I’m sure it’s a nice rifle. It must be light. The author was twirling it like a gentleman’s walking stick. As for a hunting rifle? Yes, from a shoot house. Looks too long and clumsy for a walking around rifle. I like walking around rifles. Besides, the weight of a rifle I used from a shoot house never concerned me much.

  2. A carbon fiber barrel. Hows the rifling not get shot out? Oh it’s not actually a carbon fiber barrel, it’s a carbon fiber barrel shroud.
    Once I get my pawsuit against Ford motor company for wrongful death I’ll buy me a couple of those.

    • Didn’t read this until Wednesday morning…thanks for the mid-week guffaw!

      Looking forward to your new book “A Possum’s View of Humanity”…put me down on the pre-order list for two copies.

  3. Yes, the Nosler Model 21 Carbon Chassis Hunter Rifle was introduced at the NRA 2023 show. It is a long-range precision rifle that is perfect for hunting. The rifle features a 24” (or 26” depending on caliber) Sendero PROOF Research carbon fiber-wrapped barrel sitting in an MDT HNT26 chassis system.

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