SIG SAUER Expands the Cross Bolt Action Line With the New SIG CROSS STX Tactical Rifle

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SIG SAUER is continuing to expand their CROSS bolt action rifle line. After aiming the original CROSS primarily at the hunting market, last year SIG added the CROSS PRS targeting precision rifle shooters. Today SIG announced the new CROSS STX model with tactical shooters in mind.

The SIG CROSS STX is being chambered in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor.

From SIG SAUER . . .

The CROSS STX brings a new level of performance and capability to the tactical shooter. Featuring a 20” precision barrel, full length picatinny top rail, thumb-rest safety selector, PRS-stye grip, AR style controls, and AR style ergonomics. The CROSS STX is the result of input from professional end-users looking for extreme performance in a lightweight, long-range platform.


MSRP = $1999.99






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  1. Dont know about yall, but I am getting tired of the whole tacti-cool AR look on everything.
    I think I am going to go out and buy myself a more traditional non-AR tacti-cool looking PRS.
    The one thing I do find attractive about this rifle is the 2-stage trigger.
    That is about it.

    • The question I have is more for the precision series in how much would it cost to get a similar performing rifle a decade ago and two decades ago.

      • I have a FNH PBR that shoots MOA and better with handloads if I do my part.
        Just cannot get 10 round magazines or in a adjustable stock and only a sling stud mount for bi-pod.
        BTW, the PBR is a Winchester Model 70 with a FNH medium contour barrel, Hogue stock.
        She might be a bit heavier than the SIG Cross, but it also is a 24 inch barrel.
        I did some trigger work and shoots great.

        OT, you getting snow showers today?
        Had to start the wood stove today.
        We are.

  2. WTF.
    My wood stocked rifles sure do look prudy.
    Plastic plastic plastic.
    Once we get enough plastic in the ocean I’m walking to Australia. “Ehlo Skippy”

    • I do not recall where I read it, it was some kind of on-line fan fiction or the like as this was over a decade ago, but the premise was a small country went to war against the US.
      Thing is, prior to the war, it was heavily advertised their weapons were all steel with wood furniture. Same went with their rucks all canvas and metal, their clothing cotton or wool, their tents natural wax treated canvas.
      Everyone laughed at them.
      But when the war kicked off, they used a chemical agent that only reacted to plastics and polymers melting them.
      Some 90% of US arms and material were rendered useless.

    • Are we looking at the same rifle? That is an aluminum chassis and receiver. Only 3 visible pieces of plastic: recoil pad (I guarantee your wood stock rifle has a polymer recoil pad unless it’s milsurp), pistol grip (easily replaced with an aluminum) and magazine (also easily replaced with aluminum).
      Looks are a matter of preference, but this is built for functionality. Your wood stock cannot fold, is difficult to adjust LOP and cheek weld, and cannot support a clip on NVG like in the title picture. Plus, bottom metal that allows it to take detachable mags is expensive.
      Everything looks like an AR instead of your wood stocked rifle because your wood stocked rifle is obsolete for nearly everything but hunting, and even that is debateable.

      • Did you actually read my comment?
        I SAID it was a on-line fan FICTION.
        Did you pass reading comprehension in Jr High School?
        And yes, if someone were to develop a chemical agent that could melt plastic or polymers then a all metal with wood furniture would be superior.
        A all metal and wood stock that could fold or be adjustable for LOP, or cheek weld is not that hard.

      • The make good boat oars, and with enough wooden stocks you could build a house.
        My beef with the new firegunms is by using plastic and shorter barrels the company that’s making them is saving a lot of money, that savings should be passed on down to the consumer, but No, they plastizize it cut the barrel to 16 inches and still want to charge wood and steel Weatherby prices.

  3. Looks like another $2,000 tacticool “world’s greatest bolt action” that anybody who built two model airplanes when they were a kid could assemble out of a pile of parts in about 15 minutes.

    • perfect. harder to stop the signal when armorer skills aren’t necessary to build a legit defensive (or offensive) firearm.


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