Non-Gun Tweet of the Day: Aussie Olympic Swimmers Face Facebook Ban

“Australian swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk have been slapped with a social media ban and will be sent home early from the Olympics as punishment for posting pictures of themselves toting firearms on Twitter and Facebook,” Reuters reports. As our man Dan posted previously, the controversy surrounded the swimmers’ California dreaming Facebook photo [above] drew fire from The Land Down Under, where handguns are banned and “glamorizing” guns makes antis apoplectic. Excuse the metaphor, but the entire country is up in arms about the aquatic duos’ ballistic brotherhood. And so the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has acted decisively. What’s more, there’s more. “The AOC said the punishment was separate to a disciplinary process being carried out by Swimming Australia (SA).” Clearly, a dunking is in order. Meanwhile, it’s too bad Australians don’t enjoy freedom of speech. Or, again, gun rights.


  1. avatar Tbone says:

    Geeezzz, come here and swim for the USA team! We have room for y’all and, hand guns and freedom of speech are yours as well.

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Boycott Twitter and Facebook.

  2. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Holy CRAP!!!! What the heck happened to Australia? These guys posed for a couple of pictures, they didn’t shoot up a shopping mall, they didn’t molest any young girls, so what is the big deal here? I am shocked and saddened that thing down under are so bad. Used to be a great country.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      they didn’t molest any young girls

      Apparently that’s OK is Australia. I saw a show from the land of Oz a few years back where they were doing some contest on a beach and had 30-something year old guys rubbing oil all over (and I do mean ALL over) two 14 year old girls.

  3. avatar ST says:

    As we are in America,they once acted in Austrailia.As Australia is today,we in America will surely become without vigilance at the polls.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      If the dems win a majority of the races this fall, this too will happen here.

  4. avatar MotoJB says:

    WEAK…way to go Australia.

  5. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Sounds like Austaulia has turned into a nation of Sheeple. Maybe its time to invade their country, enslave their population, and exploit their natural resources.

  6. avatar Aharon says:

    This is now a silly yet deadly free-speech message of intimidation to Australians and others aspiring to success in any area that involves the general public.

  7. avatar Ironsite says:

    Gonna try and find a link to their fb page and send an invite for them to immigrate here. I’ll act as self-appointed emmisary to the Aussie swimmers.

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    from wiki:
    Australian sedition law

    “Australian sedition law is the area of the criminal law of Australia relating to the crime of sedition.

    Effectively defunct for nearly half a century, these laws returned to public notice in 2005 when changes were included in an Anti-terrorism Bill announced by Prime Minister Howard prior to a “counter-terrorism summit” of the Council of Australian Governments on 27 September.

    fined a seditious intention as [a]n intention to effect any of the following purposes:
    (a) to bring the Sovereign into hatred or contempt;
    (d) to excite disaffection against the Government or Constitution of the Commonwealth or against either House of the Parliament of the Commonwealth;
    (f) to excite Her Majesty’s subjects to attempt to procure the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of any matter in the Commonwealth established by law of the Commonwealth; or
    (g) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different classes of Her Majesty’s subjects so as to endanger the peace, order or good government of the Commonwealth;”

    1. avatar Levi B says:

      Life under tyranny…

  9. avatar Levi B says:

    How dare they hold inanimate objects!

  10. avatar Curzen says:

    to be honest, it’s all about what the laws are in their home country. I’d expect a similar fecalstorm if a US athlete posts pics smoking weed in NL or banging a prostitute in DE or attending a public execution in CN.

  11. avatar Silver says:

    Why I laugh at leftist-indoctrinated fools who profess that all other western-culture countries are “just as free” as the US.

  12. avatar racer88 says:

    Again… The Aussies DO have an Olympic SHOOTING team, right? Would it be “sedition” if the shooters posed for photos in speedos and posted them on Facebook?

  13. avatar Roadrunner says:

    Where’s the ACLU when you need ’em? Is there an Australian version?

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    I know what a gun is, but what’s a “Facebook?” Is it some kind of stock swindle?

  15. avatar Dex says:

    like ive said before, f–k australia. just like britain, both are diseased little islands that are historical anachronisms. It is disguisting that with the blatant suppression of citizens natural rights, the US is still allies with Australia. oh wait, our own government would love to do this also. i guess its two peas in a pot.

  16. avatar Axl Rosed says:

    I bet if they were black or Muslim this wouldn’t happen to them because they could then claim RACISM!

  17. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

    Punishment is in order for posing with fingers on the triggers.

    The gun fetishism which the US has exported to the world in popular culture is an embarrassment. Intelligent people in Europe, Australia and I daresay in the US agree.

    1. avatar Dan says:

      “Intelligent people in Europe, Australia and I daresay in the US agree.”[citation needed]

      1. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

        You can use my comment as a citation.

        1. avatar Dan says:

          Cool, Mike’s declared it open season for pants-on-head argument time.

        2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          That’s not mike. That’s Dog Gone.

        3. avatar mikeb302000 says:

          Dan, huh?

          Moon, why would you think it’s Dog Gone?

        4. avatar Dan says:

          [citation needed] means you need to to provide a citation to prove the claim it’s been appended to.

          Claiming that the comment in need of a citation is proof of itself means that anyone can claim anything, and have it proven by the act of claiming it.

          I could claim “The King of England wears his pants on his head every day” and, by your reasoning, it would be true, because I can cite that statement as evidence to prove that statement.

  18. avatar El Freddio says:

    To note, both these guys are dickheads
    I live in Australia, and Nick got into trouble for beating up a fellow swimmer in a bar. The other guy pretended he was in a hit and run when he had broke his arm stakeboarding.
    The media will take what they can get to bring these guys down like the a-holes they are. It still doesn’t make it right or anything, ’cause they did nothing wrong, but that’s basically why all this BS happened.

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