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“The gun-play by right-wing politicos is appalling and despicable. Have they learned nothing from the Tucson Massacre? Such violent calls to action have no place in American politics. Given our history of political assassinations, civil political violence, and extremist terrorism, it is deeply irresponsible for our wanna-be leaders to go around promoting themselves by shooting those things they disagree with.” – Michael Bryan,

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  1. Yeah…that ad wouldn’t fly where I’m from. What ever happened to Peitho, the goddess of persuasion. You know, the divinity who, in the words of Eupolis, “resides on Pericles’ lips.”

    Sorry, Ron, but you’ll have to do more than cross your arms and symbolically shoot your gun if you want to win me over.

  2. “Given our history of political assassinations, civil political violence, and extremist terrorism…”

    WTF is he talking about?

  3. He’s a little over the top for my taste, but it’s far less absurd than the response by this Bryan fella.

  4. My district and I think I will stay with rival Gosar. But not because of the ad. This is much liberal ado about nothing.

    He did support a bill in AZ for on campus carry so what’s not to like.

  5. Mr. Bryan, like most folks of his political persuasion, has no sense of proportion. America has been comparatively one of the safest places to live, including for politicians, in all the history of mankind. You can look it up.

    On the other hand, his hysterics probably resulted more from his fear the ad was effective than from anything else. So I’d vote for Gould before I’d vote for Bryan or for someone else inclined to pee at the sight of firearm.

    • But, then again… the only politician I’ve ever supported (financially) in my life is my own congressman, LTC Allen West…. another “straight shooter.”

      • Same here. My state representative got flack from the left for scheduling a fundraiser at my shooting club. The free advertising caused attendance and donations to skyrocket!

  6. “Such violent calls to action have no place in American politics.”

    Really? Ummm… that’s exactly how the U.S.A. came to be.

  7. Cute commercial. Hoplophobes will get their knickers in a twist, but so what. Although mental defectives such as hoplophobes, leftists and other morons get to vote in America (hell, even illegal aliens get to vote in America), that doesn’t mean that an honest candidate should cater to them.

  8. Since I don’t vote based on political party I’d have to know more then his stance on Obamacare and boarder security. Both those issues are way down my list of importance.


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