Noir EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

IT guy S.E. Moore from New England shares with us his “Noir EDC” ensemble.  From Everyday Carry.

Like his mountain bike carry from a while back, he’s still carrying a Shield.  Which makes sense as he writes that he’s carried this stuff for three years.  Only today it’s a 9mm.  Carried in a Dara Inside the Waistband custom holster.

No light is pictured, but in an earlier post, he has a nifty little RovyVon A3 550-lumen flashlight on his keychain.  For a blade, he has the Microtech Ultratech auto.


  1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    OTF knife? He’s not in MA.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      If you don’t care much about the silly laws you can buy them online and get them shipped pretty easily to wherever you want.

      Then again they offer little in actual advantage over a less ‘scary’ knife that doesn’t have the legal disadvantages.

    2. avatar andygold says:

      No way I’d be carrying an OTF in a pocket. It would have to be in a dedicated carry case. I’ve had locked switchblades fire in my pocket. Not sure how both the lock and the trigger got pushed, but I’ve been poked in the leg a few times by my Benchmade. Or reached into my pocket only to find a partially open blade caught in the fabric. Imagine if an OTF fired in your pocket. Even worse are the OTF knives where you need to manually pull back on a cord or a blade extension to load them. The springs on those are fierce!

      1. avatar Baldwin says:

        “…I’ve been poked in the leg a few times by my Benchmade.” Benchmade is poking more than your leg.

  2. avatar daveinwyo says:


  3. avatar MouseGun says:

    Noire? Where’s the Colt Detective special and pack of Lucky Strikes?

  4. avatar Specialist38 says:

    No! No! No! You cant refer to EDC items from his previous dump.

    So….no light other than the one mounted on the gun.

    Nowwwww folks can fuss about using a WML for general illumination.

    Bet he’s popular finding his seat in am crowded theater with that CT.

    Love Dara holsters…..not so much on the out the front pig sticker.

  5. avatar Murph says:

    Sorry, but the last gun was a M&P 40C not a Shield. THIS is a Shield.

  6. avatar enuf says:

    No key on the key fob? Is he driving one of them fancy shmancy keyless ignition high dollar Huffmobiles?

    No cards in the card holder neither?

    What gives?

    Hold on, is the deal for real or just some products being displayed together in a sneaky sort of paid advertising?

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      Microtech, S&W, Crimson Trace, Hyve, Citizen, Jack Spade and Audi.

      Nah, no advertising.The missing of the cards is just “opsec”.

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