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Justin from New Mexico, a property manager, sends this “DOD Contractor (not the shooter kind) typical EDC here in the Southwest.

From Everyday Carry.

He writes:

My typical EDC here in the southwest, the staple is the Shield 2.0 9mm with Federal HST’s, and all my holsters for EDC are Priority 1. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has never let me down.

He hits all the bases.  The gun (M&P Shield 2.0 9mm) in an IWB rig.  Throw in a good light (Olight) and a blade (Paramilitary 2) and he’s good to go.

Good job Justin.

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  1. This one, like the last one, has either the spare mag carrier worn OWB or the rounds facing backwards. I have that Olight, the tail switch activation is too soft and I cannot recommend cliping it to a pants pocket becuse it can easily be bumped ON. Best to stow it in something like an orgainzer pouch.
    This EDC looks like what I carry, but trade the lip balm for a Zebra F701 pen. A solid EDC.

    • He may grab it differently due to the way his wrist works. Some people do that.

      I know a bunch of people who, even being right handed, reverse the far right mag on their front shingle on a PC/chest rig because they rotate their wrist when they reach over that far. Just works better for their biomechanics.

      I actually do the same thing with a horizontal pistol mag carrier when I carry it in certain places because the natural way I reach for it is “backwards” for most people.

      • It can work that way, I’m right-handed, and wear a watch on the inside of my left arm. On the outside, I can’t quite see the full face of my watch, inside, no problem.

        It really beats up watch crystals, tho…

      • That makes sense. Thanks for the explaination, I can now stop talking about, “hey, his bullets are facing the work way”. Always something new to learn from you long time TTAG folks.

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