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While COVID hasn’t exactly brought a lot of positive developments for many of us personally or to the nation or globe as a whole, one thing that’s absolutely fantastic for the 2A community is the massive influx of first-time gun owners. Better, still, is the fact that so many of these new firearm owners are women, minorities, and other folks of a not OFWG background.

The new ARMME app is intended to create a community geared heavily toward these new gun owners and, hopefully, future Second Amendment supporters and defenders. It was launched only a week ago and they’re looking to get the word out! Go sign up and help create a community that’s safe from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media anti-gun censorship. ARMME’s call for beta testers follows:

Over the past year and a half we’ve seen a record number of new gun owners join our
community. At the same time we’ve seen our voice being diminishing on social media and connecting with like minded enthusiasts has become more difficult. As you can imagine, all of this has created an environment where new gun owners are having trouble getting integrated into the community and finding useful information about safety, shooting fundamentals, and best practices.

There is a new App called ARMME coming on line to address both the education, training and community integration for new gun owners and existing enthusiasts as a whole. They are currently looking for 500 beta testers to set up accounts, surf the app, and give feedback, so they can fine tune features that are actually important to the community. Those who get involved will get discounts with several industry partners and a free membership for 2 years with access to training, events, and other secure features. To get involved go to the App Store and Google Play, and search ARMME and download it to get started. We’re all looking for alternatives to the current big tech offerings and this will give you a chance to impact a solution for the industry as a whole.

Here’s the full ARMME App description from the Google Play Store:

ARMME is a lifestyle platform for outdoor enthusiasts focused on SELF RELIANCE, including a secure, private app that is promoting a safer and inclusive gun culture that is apolitical in nature.

We empower our users to continue your evolution of personal development and Self Reliance. Challenge yourself while pursuing your passion-driven lifestyle. Everything you need in the palm of your hand.


Join a community that is part of a new era of gun ownership that is at the intersection of technology, Self Reliance and responsible gun ownership.
Firearms safety & proficiency
Mindfulness & personal defense
Advanced courses

CHALLENGE yourself, and earn rewards

ENGAGE and connect with your local community via Groups

IMPACT, we aim to support & give back to spotlight initiatives

Outdoor enthusiasts can manage all aspect of their passion driven lifestyle. Protect your firearms and livelihood via Armme Lockton firearms insurance.

Follow your favourite brands and key influencers within the outdoor enthusiast community. Read the latest reviews on new product releases, and stay informed on news that affects your passion-driven lifestyle.

Join the Armme community and meet others from all over the USA who share your same values, goals, and drive. We offer social events, community challenges throughout the year, both live and virtually. Expand your network of new friends, challenge old ones, and receive rewards, while doing what you love.

A little about us:
ARMME is a lifestyle platform for outdoor enthusiasts focused on SELF RELIANCE, including a secure, private app that is promoting a safer and inclusive firearms culture that is apolitical in nature.

Through emerging technologies, we empower citizens to manage all aspects of their passion- driven lifestyle. Individual privacy matters, but so does the care, protection and well-being of our communities

Join us, join our community, start today and begin your journey to a complete experience, approach, and a new way of life.

Download Armme and join a safe, and inclusive community.


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        • Mack the knife September 16, 2021 At 19:42
          Some people, no, most people on this blog never come up for air. Negative, negative, negative is about all you get from these losers.
          To me the APP sounds interesting and I am going to check it out. The Warrior Poet is no left wing anti gun commie. If you guys would crawl out of your fox holes you would know that.

        • sounds like your browser accepts cookies longingly, mack.
          while you’re at it ~check out~that toenail fungus ad.

  1. Yeah… my antennae were picking up some minor fluctuations with the idea of this concept as I was reading, and then I read this line “Follow your favourite brands and key influencers within the outdoor enthusiast community.” That’s when the DEFCON alert sounded.

    That’s not how we spell favorite here in the U.S.A.

    I’m very curious to know just who exactly is behind this “community”- and what their real intensions are.

    • You caught that too, huh?

      Whenever I read anything – whether an article, advertisement, or item for sale (think Amazon) – I pay close attention to the spelling and grammar. If it’s not perfect American English, I pass on it.

      • Depends on what it is for me. Something cheap is fine. Expensive electronics are a hard pass with bad English. Just got a Airtag accessory in the mail yesterday with the phrase “Till good is better, but better best.” No idea what that is supposed to mean, but the little silicone holder seems good quality.

    • What if this was like that ANOM app the FBI gave out to criminals and then monitored all their “secure” messages.

      Interesting they have gun insurance, I guess it’s like an NRA membership!

    • After a cursory search- this appears to be Canadian-based…

      Mark Lawson, MBA
      President & Co-founder of Armme Inc.
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      As for the app…

      Armme Inc.
      A New Era of Gun Ownership

      Social Networking

      Age Rating
      Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

      See Details: App Privacy
      The developer, Armme Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.

      Data Used to Track You
      The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies: Location

      Data Linked to You
      The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:
      Contact Info
      Usage Data

      • Funny…I’m looking at the T&C for the app and the address(es) listed are:
        Skylab USA Inc.
        5600 Avenida Encinas, Suite 140c
        Carlsbad, CA 92008
        Skylab Apps Inc.
        6440 Sky Pointe Dr. Ste 140-101
        Las Vegas, NV 89131

        Perhaps this is only for the app itself.

    • I caught that “favourite” too. Canadian, eh? Well, how can a Canadian outfit, where guns are strictly controlled and they regularly relinquish their natural rights, help us? Seems like they oughta get their own house in order first. Hmph, even one of their own guys says you should start by cleaning your own room before trying to go out and fix the world.

  2. “…go to the App Store and Google Play, and search ARMME and download it to get started. We’re all looking for alternatives to the current big tech offerings…”

    seems fairly contradictory to me. i’m fine with apple and google knowing as less about less than less.

    • I’m with you. I have an account with neither and plan on keeping it tat way. I balked at Apple when it required that you post a credit card number even if you were going to download free apps. Years later we learn that the App Store is riddled with fraudulent apps, that Apple rips off developers, and that security oversight is nonexistent. Why would anyone want to go there? My iPhone does everything I need a phone to do and more without any other apps other than what came with it–and most of the apps on there I have never used.

  3. Sounds cool but here’s the question, who hosts them? No matter what THEIR policies are, if their hosting service decides they are ‘socially unacceptable’ it’s game over just like with Parler.

  4. They don’t get it. Parlor didn’t seem to teach anyone anything.

    You can’t rely on those app stores for this. It WILL be takin from you and you start all over.

  5. The way Apple and Google are looking at things lately, along with normal social media, this app will probably end up being pulled from their app stores before long.

    I can envision a time in the near future where all advertising, sites, apps, ‘social media something or other’, manufacturers web sites, just about anything to do with firearms or the second amendment or gun ownership/use, will be banned or de-platformed and search engines scrubbed of these.

    • Of course. It is the Chinese way. The government will control big tech, and big tech will control you. does anyone besides me remember Roller Ball?

      • “…does anyone besides me remember Roller Ball?”

        Yeah, I do, mid 70s.

        I don’t recall being very impressed by it back then, and maybe 10 years back, I watched it again.

        Wasn’t particularly fond of it then, either.

        Kinda the same with ‘Logan’s Run’, as well…

        • i was the perfect age demographic for that film when it was released, probably still tolerating thunderbirds roller derby. never saw it though, nor logan’s run i don’t think.
          romero’s living dead film had just made it to the valencia theatre and i was still traumatized.

  6. If this is being distributed buy the app stores, then is this really a conservative thing or another liberal group trying to get the names, emails, phone numbers & address of new and old gun owners??

    • If you have looked closely at the list of permissions needed by apps from app stores, this is a real possibility. they ask for permission to anything and everything on your phone that can possibly contain and personal information or can be used to track your movements. I mean for cripes sake, why does an app from Google play store that focuses on “social media” type activity for gun owners need access to my text messages?

      In the current anti-second amend anti-gun climate I would not put it past there being some anti-gun group somewhere mixed up with a phone app aimed at the gun community. The last thing I would have put out was a phone app for a device that is set up to track and report like apple and android phones are.

  7. While I dont like being spied on being paranoid about what gunms I got and what the government knows about them is like hiding evidence. Evidence that is not a crime.
    I’m about to the point of fckem, yeah I’ve got 45 thousand machine gunms, sawed off shotgunms. hang gremaides, and perpetual fusion nuetrino blombs.
    So what.
    I’m tired of being scared of what somebody is gonna do .

    • It’s more about being aware of how the online world works- it’s designed to lull you into being comfortable enough to not ask questions and provide way more information than you normally would.

      Convenience leads to complacency. For example- if you were stopped on a street corner by a stranger asking you about the firearms you own, how quick would you be to share that info with them? Now, picture that stranger taking out a digital recording device and asking you to speak slowly and clearly as you give them all your private, personal information.

      You wouldn’t do it, you say? Well, that’s precisely what happens online- every day, all day, 24/7.

      Be mindful

  8. No way in hell. Apps of all kinds routinely collect data they do not need and sell it to big marketing firms.

    Keep your app use to an absolute minimum. Delete apps you do not use. Be extremely cautious about adding a new app. It probably does more in the background than you would ever allow if it only asked your permission.

  9. Some people, no, most people on this blog never come up for air. Negative, negative, negative is about all you get from these losers.
    To me the APP sounds interesting and I am going to check it out. The Warrior Poet is no left wing anti gun commie. If you guys would crawl out of your fox holes you would know that.

    • In case your comment was aimed at my referral to WPSN, let me clarify that I wasn’t throwing rocks at either of them by any means. I was referring to the fact that this app was presented as an independent center for training with memberships, which is already available through WPSN without having to beta test a startup.

  10. Gun owners should just use Gab for social networking.

    For video sharing Gab works if you have a pro account, but if you want a free video sharing site there’s Bitchute, Ugetube, Odysee, Full30, Brandnewtube, Youmaker, Joshwhotv and a lot more if you do some digging.

  11. An app you say?
    For gun owners?
    So an application that accesses your information, location, and data as a firearms enthusiast?
    And hands that data to anti-gun big tech?

    Hard pass.

  12. They lost me at “and a free membership for 2 years” I’m not paying for any app that doesn’t do anything. doomed to fail.

  13. ARMM aka Arm Me app is being peddled to firearms related media as being for first time firearm owners, then internally lists Gifford (anti-2A) group as the authority on gun laws and bills for reduction of crime by limiting citizen rights to own/possess firearms.
    Seriously, whole education section labelled “GIFFORD LAWS” that begins with informing readers that gun control laws are good for the safety of Americans, etc etc (same rhetoric, same words, as every Gifford supported anti-2A talking head).

  14. lists Nico Civelli as a board member. Interesting that you can Google the ties between the Civelli’s and Soros. Hard pass for me too. Plus it’s an app aimed at making gun owners “more responsible.” I’m already a responsible gun owner. I don’t need some Canadians telling me I’m not.


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