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Via the AP :

The New York City police commissioner says a man with a long history of impersonating law enforcement pretended to be a fire marshal, talked his way into a police station and made off with at least one weapon.

Commissioner Raymond Kelly says Ronald DeShields [above] took at least one police weapon from the 105th Precinct in Queens on Jan. 15. He later returned the weapon to a 90th Precinct gun buyback program and got $100 from the department.

He was charged with possessing stolen property. Police say he was also suspected of taking a second weapon missing from the same precinct; that gun has not been located.

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  1. Nice to see the NYPD is on the ball. They’re probably stretched too thinly, what with enforcing the smoking ban in bars and making sure restaurants aren’t using dreaded transfats and all.

  2. Did they advertise the buyback program as “no questions asked”? If they did, I don’t think the charges will stick unless they nabbed him before he got to the “point-of-sale/buyback” location. Although I still think the public defender will have an easy time with getting Mr. DeShields acquitted of this charge. They would have to prosecute him based on surveillance video from the precinct and it would have to be clearly identifiable video for a conviction. I guess that’s why the charge is for “possession” and not theft. I bet he walks. We need to follow up on this…

  3. The gun control people should be going after guy’s like this criminal and pushing for long prison terms. If they used their time and effort to send criminals to jail and leave the law abiding gun owners alone, this country would be much better off.

  4. an ex cop name Charles Castro was the person he got the gun from. that came out in court, but former nypd sgt Castro, whom ex wife is said to have had sex with mr deshields when he was a 17 year old Auxiliary cop in that same pct. the woman name is Carol , she was also a police officer that got fired from the nypd for nude photos in playboy with her nypd cloths on

  5. it came out that he got the gun from ex nypd sgt name charles castro who mr deshields work security for. he thinks that he slep with his ex wife, whom was also a police officer that got fired from the nypd after she put nude photos of herself in her nypd cloths . its said that when he was a 17 year old Auxiliary cop in that same pct thats when it happen.


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