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  1. Don’t these politicians take an oath to uphold the Constitution??? It might be a good idea to read it.

  2. Sorry. I couldn’t watch even 3 seconds of Lawrence O’Donnell. Right after the Arizona shootings, I watched his interview with a totally clueless Howard Dean, who managed to go through the entire interview without ever getting one single fact correct while O’Donnell cheered him on. That was more than enough of O’Donnell to last me a lifetime.

    Based on the headline “…Guns are for Sportsmen”, I would guess Bloomberg is using hunters as a crutch to espouse controlling non-sporting arms. As a non-hunter, I find it ironic and ludicrous that politicians of his ilk continue to get away with endorsing the right of one group to kill for sport while denying another group the right to defend and protect life.

    • Dogman, not to split hairs, but there is no right to kill for sport. It’s a privilege. That’s why I don’t get bent out of shape when states restrict certain aspects of hunting.

      The 2nd Amendment was written with militaristic reasoning. The SCOTUS has ruled that the only arms protected under the 2nd Amendment are those specifically for military use. Unfortunately, in US v Miller, they ruled that SBSs have no military use and thus could be regulated. While the application was wrong, the reasoning is correct.

      Oh, and Bloomberg. Get bent. You work for the people in your jurisdiction, you don’t rule them. And as a Mayor your opinion outside NY means exactly nothing.

      BTW for anyone who cares, MAIG is mostly composed of Mayors who didn’t even know they were on the list and are pretty pissed they’ve been included as part of the org.

  3. O’Donnell & Bloomberg can go f—ing choke on their steak dinner tonight for all I care. Pieces of sh!t like those two scum bags contribute absolutely nothing good to American society.

  4. FYI, MAIG is funded primarily by Blamebag, Eli Broad and — I know this will be a shock — the ubiquitous pressure-group, the Joyce Foundation. Brush away the pond scum, check under the rock, and you’ll always find the Joyce Foundation. It’s enemy number one of the Second Amendment. Blamebag, the Bradys etc. are just fronting for Joyce.

  5. You know, XtraNormal used to be free. This guy needs his own XtraNormal video.

    Bloomie: Guns are for sportsman

    the Girl: umm, no. When politicians decide they are bigger than the Constitution, guns are for shooting them in the head. You don’t think you are bigger than the Constitution, do you?

  6. I love Jamie’s comment. I won’t even watch mayor bloomingfool’s cable channel. He only won the election because he’s a billionaire with enough money to buy the election.

  7. Thanks for supporting my comment fellow gun owners. I usually don’t get that blunt, but Bloomy’s ignorant comments deserved a dose of what I consider reality. If you don’t want to acknowledge what the 2nd Amendment really means…FU and the horse you rode in on!!!

  8. Sportsman-
    –noun, plural -men.
    a man who engages in sports, esp. in some open-air sport, as hunting, fishing, racing, etc.
    a person who exhibits qualities especially esteemed in those who engage in sports, as fairness, courtesy, good temper, etc.

    That’s a pretty broad interpretation. I’d say, that the dictionary definition would include target shooting, 3 gun, IDPA, USPSA, the list goes on and on. Pretty much every shooting sport could be covered by the definition of “sportsman”. I can think of pretty much every gun Bloomberg wants banned as fitting into an activity a “sportsman” would do.

    TCBA_Joe is right, you have no pull outside NYC Bloomberg, hell you can’t even run your city effectively enough to remove a couple inches of snow from the streets.

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