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[h/t Matthew B.]

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    • Nice marketing piece for the Second Amendment absolutist crowd – otherwise, hot air.

      On a side note – if the government really wants a list of gun owners, they need only ask Google:

      Law enforcement officials, it seems, have pretty easy and routine access to Google’s search-history database, and this is surely only the beginning when it comes to sifting through huge amounts of data to find evidence of crimes. The SEC, for one, has had a large data-mining team in place for a good five years now, going through enormous quantities of data to look for signs of suspicious activity.
      Source: Reuters: The Long Arm of the Google

      Yep, even if you pay cash for everything, the government can track your web searches without a warrant. The time to worry about some paper-based registration system has long passed… but the time to worry about some of the other parts of the Bill of Rights has not.

      • I try to avoid using google, and if I need to use one of their login services, I make sure to log out as soon as i am done.

        For general web searching, I prefer to use

        I find the layout to be less annoying than google, plus they claim that they do not track your searches. I think the search results are generally excellent, although there is the rare occasion where I will perform a google search. And google has excellent mapping features.

        In addition, browser add-ons such as no script or Ghostery will prevent a lot of the extra baggage in a web page from loading. As you increase in the paranoia scale, you might start doing your internetting from an open wifi location such as a library or mcdonalds, and make a point to run in private browsing mode so that your cookies are not saved when you close your session. Running your sessions inside a non-persistent-mode virtual machine may also help. Several rungs higher up the security scale, you might start doing your browsing through the Tor network.

        Personally, it isn’t about paranoia, it is more a matter of not being a willing participant who freely gives up the liberties that organizations (private or public) feel they can take. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to join the EFF, to help protect your electronic rights online.

        • I think you are missing the point, perhaps. Google provides search services and crawls many websites, including some intranets. Whether you used Google services or not is not what matters. If data was stored on an internet connected server, it may have been “crawled” by google and other search engines.

  1. As a resident trapped behind enemy lines, again, I would like to thank all free Americans who have helped free me as a political prisoner. And to those who are in a position to help, but have not as yet …


  2. Will New York governments hold buybacks to arm their law enforcement officers? I just love the idea of the NYPD begging citizens to turn in a Raven Arms .25 so the poor cops can have a gun.

      • I’m sure they’re losing some sales now. Perhaps not a whole lot but some. Whats more important is that this letter sets yet another precedent for future sales to the Federal government (which uses Barretts quite extensively) and warns them not to overstep lest they lose the ability to replenish or maintain their large stock of Barretts.

        • If that makes you feel better, than whatever. Lets cut to the real root cause, let’s stop voting for Progressives, like Obama, not worrying about who’s selling what to who in a free market society.

  3. Thank you Barrett! Great to see another big name getting in the trenches in the fight against these unconstitutional policies.

    • Barrett isn’t getting in the trenches is is the grizzled veteran NCO looking at the raw recruits growling about effing time.

    • Too bad the estate didn’t sell it on the open market to a private citizen. I do hate to see these scum bags getting one this way.

  4. Great public sentiment and nice to see them standing with some gun owners…


    Does Barrett actually do any business with NY local or state .govs?

    A truly pro-2A statement would be to redirect their .gov business to the commercial market. Instead, as recently as last year they were actively seeking the DHS PDW contract for the “7000 assault rifles” –

    So maybe Ronnie’s heart is in the right place. If so, he can tell the Feds, and states like NJ, MA, HI & CO that their agencies won’t be supplied or serviced either. Again, redirect those weapons and accessories to the commercial market – it will ease the market prices for us and have the benefit of denying the armament to the regimes that don’t want people like TTAG readers to have them. Win / Win.

    • Do it! She will understand. Explain to her how your car will devalue anyway and you can always sell the gun for at least the same price or more based on what POS Obama does.

  5. I agree with Mr. Barrett, to wit:

    I believe that any author and cosponsors of a law that is found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, in whole or in part, should be charged with a crime against The Constitution and the Peoples of these United States. Further, any Congressmen or Women who voted in favor of it should also be censured and have removed their privileges to incumbency.

    I believe this would go a long way towards cleaning the critter’s acts up. It would cut way down on the amounts and recurrences of frivolous power grabs. And it would end once and for all any of this “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” bullshitte!

  6. Every time I hear Barrett, I think of The Simpsons where Homer goes to buy a gun:

    CLERK: Well, you’ll probably want the accessory kit. Holster…
    HOMER: Oh, yeah.
    CLERK: Bandoleer.
    HOMER: Baby.
    CLERK: Silencer.
    HOMER: Mm-hmm.
    CLERK: Loudener.
    HOMER: Oh…
    CLERK: Speed-cocker.
    HOMER: Ooh, I like the sound of that!
    CLERK: (holding up a huge weapon) And this is for shooting down police helicopters.
    HOMER: Oh, I don’t need anything like that… yet…

  7. Mr Barrett you ROCK! I’ve been saving up for one of your fine rifles for a whole now and should be able to get one in the next year or two, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  8. Ronnie Barrett was one of the first (if not THE first) gun manufacturers to officially boycott an unlawful government (California, due to AB50).

    Inspired by recent events and probably in no small part due to Mr. Barrett’s courageous 1st step:

    5 manufacturers boycotting NYS…

    Hornady, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and others providing petition forms for people to contact their elected officials…

    Online firearms vendor CheaperThanDirt donates $ 100,000 to Second Amendment Foundation…

    World’s largest independent magazine manufacturer Magpul threatens to leave Colorado if anti-hi-cap-magazine bill is passed. Colorado House passes the bill, plus 3 others…

    TWELVE MORE gun manufacturers officially boycott New York, some extend the boycott to ANY state/county/city that violates #2A rights…

    Shield Tactical gives the middle finger to California, departs for Texas…

    And now, it comes full circle. Ronnie Barrett officially boycotts New York.

    I. LOVE. IT.


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