Secoriea Turner shooting atlanta
Courtesy 11Alive Youtube
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Over the last six weeks, crimes involving gunfire have increased drastically in the US. Police pulled back or were ordered to stand down during widespread rioting, looting and destruction. Dozens were killed during the initial protests and as Town Hall details, 600 people have been killed in the past six weeks in just six cities as the number of shootings have skyrocketed in places like New York, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and, as always, Chicago.

Criminals and other opportunists have been emboldened as calls to defund the police have spread and the Minneapolis Effect has discouraged police from vigorously enforcing the law. People across the country have seen these results and have chosen to arm themselves in record numbers, concerned that dialing 911 won’t bring help any time soon (if at all).

Yet there won’t be any protests for 7-year-old Natalia Wallace who was shot and killed by three men who opened fire on the home where a July 4th party was being held in Chicago. Chicago’s mayor — who needs no help from anyone in dealing with the city’s notorious violence problem — blamed a gun.

No mention was made of the person who fired that gun.

There won’t be any protests for 8-year-old Secoriea Turner, who upset “demonstrators” near a burned-out Atlanta Wendy’s restaurant by being in a car that tried to park nearby. A crowd surrounded the car and two people opened fire, killing the girl. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has now declared that enough is enough. “We’re fighting the enemy within when we are shooting each other up in our streets.”

From the AP:

The shooting death of an 8-year-old girl in Atlanta prompted a $10,000 reward for information as authorities searched Monday for at least two people who opened fire on the car she was riding in near a flashpoint of recent protests.

Police identified the girl killed on Saturday night as Secoriea Turner. And officers returned to the scene late Sunday to investigate another shooting, steps away from where Secoriea was shot, that left one person dead at the scene and two others injured, news outlets reported.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called for justice in Secoriea’s death during an emotional news conference Sunday with the girl’s grief-stricken mother.

“You shot and killed a baby,” the mayor said. “And there wasn’t just one shooter, there were at least two shooters.”

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms
Courtesy 11Alive Youtube

“You can’t blame this on a police officer,” she added. “You can’t say this about criminal justice reform. This is about some people carrying some weapons who shot up a car with an 8-year-old baby in the car for what?”

“Enough is enough,” Bottoms continued. “If you want people to take us seriously and you don’t want us to lose this movement, we can’t lose each other.”

The shooting happened near the Wendy’s restaurant where a Black man, Rayshard Brooks, was killed by a white police officer on June 12. The fast food outlet was later burned, and the area has since become a site for frequent demonstrations against police brutality.

Authorities said Secoriea was in the car with her mother and another adult when the driver tried to drive through illegally placed barricades to get to a parking lot in the area. Armed individuals blocking the entrance opened fire on the vehicle, striking it multiple times and striking the child, police said. The driver took Secoriea to Atlanta Medical Center but she did not survive.

“She was only 8 years old,” said her mother, Charmaine Turner. “She would have been on Tik Tok dancing on her phone, just got done eating. We understand the frustration of Rayshard Brooks. We didn’t have anything to do with that. We’re innocent. My baby didn’t mean no harm.”

The girl just wanted to get home to see her cousins, said her father, Secoriya Williamson.

“They say Black lives matter,” he said. “You killed your own.”

Police released a wanted poster announcing the $10,000 reward. The mayor urged anyone with information to come forward.

The mayor noted that protesters had damaged Georgia State Patrol headquarters in Atlanta in a separate incident early Sunday. She said the city’s 911 system was flooded with calls Saturday.

In addition to the shootings near the burned-out Wendy’s restaurant, Atlanta police said two other people were killed and more than 20 injured in gunfire and violence during the holiday weekend.

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  1. As we all know, if it doesnt fit the narrative, it didnt happen! And it’s only newsworthy if a white cop kills a black thug!! Media, my a*s!

    • In San Francisco a 7-year old boy was shot and killed on July 4th and an 18 year old took 24 rounds and was killed last night (July 5th)…. not a peep from the news, Nancy (Spreaker of the House, S.F. House Rep.), Kamala (CA Senator, former S.F. District Atny.), Gavin (CA Governor, former S.F. Mayor), or Dianne (CA senator, former S.F. Mayor). Black gangs killing black children doesn’t fit the narrative, indeed.

    • As always there will be endless talk, talk, talk, yap, yap, yap droning on and on.

      And of coarse there will NOT BE A PEEP about the 80% father-less homes of black people.

      What a shit show.

    • for all of you that haven’t seen Trump’s latest political ad…check it out, it’s a doozy…and very relevant to what we’re discussing here….

    • “Tonight, a 7-year-old girl in Austin joined a list of teenagers and children whose hopes and dreams were ended by the barrel of a gun.”

      WRONG it was ended by a CRIMINAL, you idiot

      • Undoubtedly by a criminal who has been arrested for violent felonies multiple times and released by State’s Attorney Kim “Crimesha” Fox.

        And if the cops corner the perp and he dies resisting arrest BLM will demand the officer be charged with murder and the victim of institutional racism will be elevated to martyr status.

        You have to wonder how many “shooting victims” are really acts of vigilante justice.

        • When you see 2 or 3 shootings a block apart the same day that’s the judge jury executioner.
          DC has this all the time.

      • She is not an idiot, she is smart and evil. She uses this incident to demonize firearms, preparing the minds and hearts for public disarmament, while clearing the murderers of any blame.

    • “This is so sad to watch. Please stop electing these fools.”

      But they *care*…

  2. Obviously the civil authorities are incapable in dealing with this never ending crisis. Chicago desperately needs Illinois National Guard (a.k.a. “State Militia”) to patrol the streets and suppress the gangs and the thugs.

    It also needs to be trumpeted from all news sources that BLACK CHILDREN’S LIVES ARE TAKEN BY BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE!

  3. The mayor is disgusting, tying the slaughter of a child by blacks to Brooks killed by police. This is what these people do. They never take responsibility. They never look at themselves. Play the victim of the system.

    Absolutely disgusting.

    • “Enough is enough,” Bottoms continued. “If you want people to take us seriously and you don’t want us to lose this movement, we can’t lose each other.” – mayor

      What you say has truth to it Jimmy Beam. With this two statement line she ingratiates herself to the “cause”, and at the same time slides the blame of this murder off her office and their policies. The people and policies she controls allowed armed, agitated people to gather at the Wendy’s while refusing to allow law enforcement a presence there. I feel that due to her office’s inaction and weak willed approach to this situation she helped create the environment that got that little girl killed.

      Mayors and politicians all over this country are continuing to take Bottoms approach to all of this. Over and over again.

      • How a cop can work for the Atlanta Mayor when she has the gall to compare black on black crime to cops killing blacks, like that is even on par or has the same causes.
        She is a piece of shit and should be removed.

  4. Black lives will matter when Chicago, Minneapolis, and Baltimore black lives matter enough to their brother and sister blacks.

    Until then, ‘Black Lives Matter’ is an empty platitude…

    • You’re very generous, I just refer to it as bu!!$hit for the very reasons you cited.

    • It’s a call to a commie backed race war is what it is in the cities.
      To the white-guilt ridden suburbanites it’s either a handy virtue signal for likes or an adolescent angsty way to stick it to every thing and everyone who made their lives as comfy as they are.

    • “black lives” are the first thing sacrificed when you tell the cops to stand down….

  5. Rest assured looters and arsonists are not looting and burning for George Floyd et al. Looters and arsonists are looting and burning for themselves. They belong in jail goes without saying.
    Question for the forum’s resident bigots…Were the looters and arsonists all black or were they a mixture of black and your skin color?

      • In the “five felonies a day” sense (i.e. so much is illegal now it’s impossible not to break the law repeatedly on a daily basis,) sure. But when you’re talking about petty theft and violent crimes, there are some population trends that hold true no matter how far you extrapolate to control for socioeconomic status, and no matter how often you repeat the mantra “everyone is equal, everyone is the same.” ‘Nuff said.

  6. “You killed your own.” And will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. They did not intend to kill the little girl. Just the adults who dared to drive around their barricade. Those deaths would be unreported.

    • Actually those deaths will be reported as Gun Violence or at least become another tally mark that gun control advocates will dance around as proof that nobody needs a gun. I’m fairly sure we will see in a year or so one of these slain children’s picture on a flyer for gun control against lawful owners even though the laws already on the books did nothing to prevent this and any laws in future would likely also not stop this sort of thing.

    • Shameful, and telling. BLM is a hollow statement, only meant for everyone who isn’t of that race to respect, while casually disregarding the sentiment within the “community” itself. Respect is earned, not a birthright, learn the difference. I emphasize in quotes, as it would be a rude smear to call an endemic culture of violence, a “community”.

      As you point out Roger, what of the adults? Left out of the story, ad nauseum. Sympathies extend to the families of, the remaining victims of all of this. Poor child, her murder in particular is egregiously repugnant beyond the ability of words to express.

  7. Of course not…when they kill their own, it’s considered “collateral damage”, or their “culture”…

    Where’s sharpton, or any of the other loudmouths on this, nowhere to be found…

  8. I wish I could say I was surprised, and that nobody saw this coming. But I’m not, and many people did, and we got called racist trash for suggesting it was even a possibility.

    I agree that black lives matter. I agree – as an ex-cop myself – that the police need a lot of reform. From individual “bad” cops, sure, but also police leadership, union leadership, city, county, state leadership, national leadership – representatives, senators, presidents, judges.. but all of that starts with voters who HAVE to say “ENOUGH.”

    I want to help. I truly do. But I’m being asked to set myself up to die for their cause. It shouldn’t BE “THEIR” cause. It should be “OUR” cause. But as long as I’m a racist for saying “Hey, what you’re suggesting is going to lead to MORE deaths of minorities”, and as long as I’m expected to sacrifice my property, my rights, my ideology for… this… it’s not going to happen.

    Fact of the matter is I’m getting pretty used to being told I’m a racist because I’m white. I’m also getting used to being told that the gun on my hip that has saved my life with its presence but never killed anyone is the direct cause of this 8 year old’s death. I’m getting used to being told that my getting up in the morning, going to work to get my paycheck, and coming home to sit quietly and drink a beer is a form of violent oppression against LGBT people.. like myself.. for which I should have my rights stripped. I’m getting used to being called anti-trans because I told one trans person, politely, that I didn’t want to have sex with them. I’m getting used to being called a misogynist because I has born with an outie.

    I’m getting used to being painted the villain. I’m a safe villain to rail against, because short of personal, violent attack, I’m not going to hurt or threaten anybody. I understand why nobody wants to stand up to the actual, child-murdering, property-stealing, aggravated-assaulting vandals in the streets – they’re scary dudes, no doubt. But it’s not me burning down places minorities work. It’s not me driving away business and opportunity. It’s not me giving the movement a bad, bad name.

    All I can say is “ENOUGH”, and brace for the consequences.

    • “I want to help. I truly do. But I’m being asked to set myself up to die for their cause. It shouldn’t BE “THEIR” cause. It should be “OUR” cause”

      Sorry – I’m not going to care more about black lives than black people do. And they’ll demonstrate that by not continuing to vote for people who want to keep them in poverty, ignorant, and without the means to defend themselves against the evil fucking monsters that decades of democrat controlled cities have created.

      Nope, just not going to do it.

      • I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with my comment or just trying to pick a fight with someone.

  9. Even with a bounty(“reward”)you won’t get the murdering scum. Snitches get stitches as they say in the ghetto. And Chiraq is in the midst of a heatwave. The lamestream media is clueless as this violence is a turf war. Que the lame mayor Beetlejuice…

    • all things dependent the gangs may take care of it on their own. the shooter of tyshawn lee in Chicago was killed by his own gang. they don’t want the heat or publicity.

  10. “Enough is enough.”

    Sure. This will keep going on. It’s been happening for decades. Decades. More money will be pumped into these cities. More initiatives will be proposed to help the inner city. More consultants will be hired to spin worthless plans. People will wail and wring their hands again and again. And nothing will change. Any radical solutions proposed will be shouted down as “racist.” Any gun control laws will fail. And the bodies of both the vile and the innocent will keep piling up.


    The Democrats want this to happen. It plays into their false narrative of “systemic racism.” It allows wealthy liberals to virtue signal about “white supremacy” without having any skin in the game. And the innocent and hapless denizens of these combat zones will swallow the whole thing whole, and keep voting Democrat. At this point, how can any rational person care?

    • remember the CCC camps?…[probably not]…but rounding up young males in a given area that are neither students in good standing or gainfully employed and transporting them some distance away to perform government service for a living wage worked once..perhaps it’s time to consider it again…

  11. I have got a secret for you. Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter and there mostly white supporters. There I said it out loud. It’s no longer a secret.

    • Typical Leftist name games and propaganda from elitist wannabes:

      Leftist: I’m a Liberal!
      …: No, you’re not…
      Leftist: You’re an Alt-Right Fascist!
      …: Err, Fascists aren’t right-wing…
      Leftists: You’re Racist! Black Lives Matter!
      …: Not to you and your ideology that has kept and exploited them as perpetual peasants and slaves…

      The problem with tearing down social power structures is that they get replaced with another one… and if history is any lesson, like the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, once the power structure tightened those elitists wannabes were the next ones to disappear.

    • suspect there’s a broader agenda at work within that movement…demonizing whites, attacking our history and heritage, neutralizing the police…all part of a broader plan…

      • After watching the chaos of the liberals and the Democratic Party you think there’s a broad plan?

        Not hardly. As Lawrence himself once said, “it’s an army of agile commanders in chief… “

        If the question is conspiracy or incompetence, the answer is incompetence.

        You know Frank, you’re the one guy on here that I think might be a senior federal agent, just from your language and comment patterns.

        Thanks for participating, your perspective is often refreshing.

    • You’re absolutely right. To the progressive left — of which BLM is just one grasping tentacle — black lives don’t matter.

      Because *no* individual’s life matters to progressives or the left. Because in their world, all decent, law-abiding people are merely faceless widgets to be pushed around and molded by the whatever laws our social-engineering elites choose to inflict upon us.

  12. There is a big reasone for this. Becouse gang violence has become an everyday thing and its not going meet the criteria of media shock, and disarmament of the normal populations that want to protect their family and themselfs. The witch of Chicago and land of Lincoln isn’t going to admit that it can’t protect their citizens and let them do it theirselfs. It would meen that all the failed gun policies would have a light shown on them.
    Most of all it would meen that the average citizen would be more reasonable for protecting their community against gangs and criminals, instead of having the police trying to do it. Cops can’t be in every home or yard at the same time. But they expect it. The hurry up give me what I expect society now.
    I could go on and on but the point being it’ll not stop till people balls up and face the gangs.

      • Doctor heal thy self. I’d say he pretty much hit the nail on the head. The citizenry of these liberal democrat run bastions. Have for the most part decided the casualty rate is okay as long as it’s doesn’t include themselves. Just keep giving me my Welfare, WIC and Obama phone. I’ll be a good little Subject and keep my mouth shut (No Snitching Cause They Get Stitches) and vote for you in perpetuity. No sympathy for those who complain about slavery and yet willing become slaves to a Ideology that keeps them down on the Government Plantation. The worst part about it is members of their own race are the ones who hold the keys to the chains.

  13. And people wonder why we have guns and a HUGE quantity of new buyers are purchasing everything in the stores.

    How many people wake up?
    Sadly, very few.

  14. I am supposed to admit I am a racist and support systemic racism because I am white. When you brand an entire race due to their skin color YOU are a racist. When you kill children without remorse you are a violent criminal. When you threaten to burn and tear down cities if your demands are not met you are a terrorist.

    It is time that people support law enforcement and vote for leaders that will not bow to the demands of a mob. No one has admitted the number of law enforcement injured and killed during these “peaceful protests” and no one will.

    This entire Marxist movement is based on lies from the beginning. With the millions donated they will become more powerful and more insatiable.

    • I no longer support law enforcement, governments can defund them for all I care. If anything cops have been actively working against the law abiding citizen and business owners. They enable, sometimes even protect, the Marxist insurgents and domestic terrorists. In many cities, they do not only standby and watch, they will arrest you if you use force to defend yourself against the racist mob. They didn’t even try to defend their precincts and cruisers, paid for by the taxpayers, from the arsonists. It’s always the same excuse “waiting for orders.” Cops nationwide have been used to confiscate people guns, sometimes under very suspicious circumstances, many of them also regularly fail to uphold the constitution despite the oath they took. They’ll hit the wrong house on a warrant, slaughter you or your loved ones, and get away with it. In some jurisdictions they harass good folks over some petty stuff, because covid19, while the thugs are illegally blocking the roadways. Screw their thin blue line, I just want them to stay away from me and I would gladly stop paying for their “service” with my local taxes.

  15. There are many victims in our society whowe suffering is concealed by the very institutions that are responsible for the victimization.

    There have been no marches, demonstrations or occupations for those molested by so-called ‘men of faith’, thousands of children whose lives have been ruined.

    “Nearly 400 Southern Baptist leaders, from youth pastors to top ministers, have pleaded guilty or been convicted of sex crimes against more than 700 victims since 1998, according to a recent investigation by The Houston Chronicle and The San Antonio Express-News. Superstar pastors like Bill Hybels and Andy Savage have been forced to resign over allegations of misconduct.”

    That is 700 innocent children victims, and I have not seen one single March to protest these terrible crimes.

    • Let me translate your post into plain English for you. “i have a deep dark secret. I get my r0ck$ off when. I see a little black kid get shot — giggle, giggle.”

      By men of faith I presume you mostly mean Catholic priest with young boys. Isn’t that rather hypocritical for a LGBT supporter like yourself?

      • “Nearly 400 Southern Baptist leaders, from youth pastors to top ministers, have pleaded guilty or been convicted of sex crimes against more than 700 victims“

        Yep, the Catholics have their issues as well, all the child skeletons at the orphanages in Ireland is a particularly tragic discovery.

        Yes, I do support all humans exercising all rights, no rights should be denied because of a person’s sex.

        I’m surprised some don’t see the difference between consenting adult’s sexual activity and a clergy leader in a position of authority abusing a child.

        Contrary to what you may believe, all gay people are not pedophiles.

        But sometimes gay people are pedophiles, just like straight heterosexuals are sometimes pedophiles. There is no excuse for pedophilia no matter what your orientation.

    • Miner,

      This may be the first time I reply directly to you. Your point about sexual abuse describes prolific sickness and evil that results in much suffering. It can be self-perpetuating. Yet, no out cry, no protests, no marches, no mobs.

      I do not know if your numbers are correct, but, I have no problem believing they represent a real undercurrent.

      We have seen the same incompetent management (to put it generously) of the same issue in the Catholic church. (Some of you already know I am a former Catholic priest). In Catholic language, the cover-up is as much a mortal sin as the original crime.

      So, as long as BLM, refuses to recognize the trend of sexual abuse, the horrendous abortion rate among black people, and the extraordinary black-on-black crime numbers, they will be only a political organization with a militia; they will not be effective in improving people’s lives other than those in BLM leadership.

      • Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

        I would say that not every political organization must take on every ethical or moral crusade that affects their particular constituency.

        I don’t see the right to life groups like operation rescue saying a single word about the police brutality against the black community.

        But I don’t expect them to, that’s not their issue.

        It is the same with BLM, they are organized to bring about change of the institutionalized police abuse of Black people. I don’t expect them to take up every issue out there, that would not be reasonable.

        • Miner,

          I get your point, but I cannot agree with any benign portrayal of BLM. Back when right-to-lifers were bombing abortion clinics, I distanced myself from them from that radical wing, also.

          If BLM sallied against police brutality without an eye to race, I would support them. But they are telling us only whites can be racist, that all whites are guilty of oppression. Their platform is racist. If a cop brutalized an Asian or white person, they would not care. I cannot abide it.

          That being said, I fully support BLM embracing the 2A. I fully support them standing together in a show of force; that is how we get government to pay attention. However, I cannot abide the frothing hatred they scream at cops and white people. I cannot abide pushing division rather than unity.

  16. This is certainly not the first year this is happening, why would they care more now than years ago? As some wrote, it rarely gets mentioned in the “news,” and if it is they turn it to fit their anti gun agenda. Thugs killing kids? Nothing to see here folks.
    Meanwhile, history is showing that many blacks never learn. They are being played like a fiddle again, BLM are so arrogant and proud they don’t realize Soros, antifa, and all the white agitators are using them as their boys.

    • “This is certainly not the first year this is happening, why would they care more now than years ago? As some wrote, it rarely gets mentioned in the “news,”

      Are you referencing the ‘Red Summer’?

      The “Red Summer” of 1919The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered233K views9 months ago

  17. The ethics of the leadership team will be reflected throughout the organization. That is Business Ethics 101 ( I taught business ethics at a local university for a few years).

    Look at the leadership of Black Lives Matter.
    Look at the leadership of Antifa.
    Look at the political leadership in Chicago.
    In Baltimore.
    In Atlanta.
    In New York City.

    Leaders set the tone of the organization.
    Leaders set the example, the direction.
    They manage the outcomes.

    Failure to do so generates the same result as doing so with failed ethical practices.

    Business Ethics 101.

  18. With the MSM and the race-baiters skewing / spewing the news to their benefit / agenda it is all too easy for the rest of us to forget the many G_d fearing, hard working, two-parent Black families out there.

    Keep your perspective folks…try not to fall for the “All…” statements in the news. Just like in school, whenever a test question categorically stated “all the above” it was, usually, a wrong answer.

    • The death of one man is a tragedy…The death of millions is a statistic: Joseph Stalin
      Just insert which ever demographic group is applicable. To understand current Liberal democrat Ideology.

  19. Black lives haven’t mattered since 1980. When murder became the number 1 cause of death, for black males age 16 to 45. Black males murdering other black males.

    All because outsiders supported the government replacing the church. And its private rules for self control and personal responsibility. These outsiders installed a government system that replaced the father. These outsiders support making all drugs legal. Saying “it will reduce crime”. That is laughable. And it has never reduce crime.

    The only thing that reduces crime are honest people with guns.

    The drug legalization leadership has never supported the 2A. But they are big supporters of defunding the police. They have said it for decades now. Drugs are legal in Seattle. Any drug laws still on the books are not enforced. So how is life there now???

    The founder of Gun Site, Col. Jeff Cooper, said they best way to solve the violence problem in the cities is to make sure everyone has guns.
    I think that is excellent advice. The problem is the drug legalization crowd really doesn’t believe that.
    They believe crime will disappear when drugs are made legal. “And then you won’t need to have a gun.”

    • They believe crime will disappear when laws disappear. Laws prevent the market from functioning so needs aren’t. If needs aren’t met people turn to crime so once you abolish law then economy will produce enough to satisfy anyone. Voila, peace, brotherhood, drugs sex and rock ‘n roll will prevail!

      And yes, faux Libertarians really believe this.

      • Advanced civilizations and the most primitive tribes all believe in one simple thing. Laws. Written or unwritten. To keep their societies alive and healthy. It’s the utopians, Libertarians, Liberals and the Left. Or whoever. I don’t care. Who all think you can live without law and order.

        The Right wing is feared in this country. The three L’s are indeed afraid of them. It would not be very good for anyone. If you make them angry enough to take action in their own hands. Right wingers have more guns and ammo. And have had them longer than any group in the country.

        I think the three L’s who call for the police to be defunded and then antagonize conservatives are suicidal. Because at some point the conservatives will deal with them. And there won’t be anyone to answer anyones 911 call.

        • I don’t share your optimism..

          I think Biden is going to win in November and we are going to be turned into Venezuela. The average voter cannot connect the dots between the people he votes for and the outcomes obtained.

    • Religion used to have a much greater impact on people’s behavior…reducing its importance and relevance…[another goal of the left]….has had a negative effect on society

  20. Crazy how this happened immediately after emptying all the jails and prisons for fear that someone’s rights would be violated by exposing them to a virus with an under-70 IFR of 0.04%.

  21. There has been marches, rewards and people coming forward for these shootings. People only see what they want to see so they can talk bad about a group or shill for the government.

    There was a march for that older black man who was killed trying to protect his friends store during the looting. The community turned in the shooter.

    There are cash rewards being offered by black people to turn in the murderers who killed kids. The community is helping figure out who did it. When two kids were killed by a tall skinny kid the community was outraged because the shooter killed them for asking how tall he was.

    Black people do care about their people being killed. But they can’t all speak out when it’s the gangsters doing the killings because they will literally be next. The gangsters will show up to the funeral to kill those that rat’d them out.

    Most black people don’t own guns and no one really cares about them. The government will ask them to risk their lives to solve the crime for them, but the government also restricts those people from using guns to defend themselves after they become targets.

    Racist people love to use the “black on black crime” and “what about Chicago?” to deflect and blame black people for everything. It’s much easier to do that then actually help solve the issues that cause the problems. That’s how Republicans lose the youth to communists and how black militias form to stand opposed to those in charge. It only leads to a cultural revolution that can’t be stopped if the same behavior that created it continues.

      • Great video, looks like these folks are all squared away.

        That is quite the celebration of the 2A, American citizens exercising their right to keep and bear arms in the public square.

        Now, can we do something about that awful sculpture of those traitors to America, I think God’s mountain looked a whole lot better before the humans started carving on it.

        • you should see the video of these clowns!

          Where is the safety at? one utters….is something you should not say after you have loaded an AK with live ammo!!!

          maybe just maybe you should do a range or training day BEFORE you hand a AK to a person and have them walk around in public….ya know for the kids that he might kill nearby??? just saying!

          then add even the leader of this group of morons “flags” the whole world more than once with a loaded gun…Flagging is aiming the barrel of ANY weapon without care at a lesson one and this guy was in the military he says???

          then add in one video I watch as dozens did just that many times…morons

          no wonder the cops watched from a distance…they did not want to get shot by idots

          bunch of LARPing fools go play x-box call of duty or go airsoft/bb guns

        • actually BIT–=-CH I do on both questions…

          But…everyone in the US should question when a bunch of morons march with UNSAFE firearms handling being the norm!

          but ya lets give them a pass because ya know ‘black’… we give extra 20 points on tests because ya know ‘black’???

      • Interesting. I guess they won’t be voting for the guy that promised to confiscate those scary rifles they’re carrying? And the ultra scary “100 clip magazine.” 🙂

      • Those fools are a target rich environment. “Never go full retard”.

    • By the way, I believe a bunch of young people were having a party in the streets when three hoodlums got in a shootout, which lead to the 8 year old girl getting shot. It’s the same area where a woman was shot in the leg when multiple hoodlums got in a shootout after young people showed up to mess around with their cars and hit on women because there was no cops around. Of course the media and government blame protesters for the shootings…

      The violence is going up because lock down is over. The crimes went down during lock down. Now everyone is going outside. Look at the air quality to see the difference. So all the crime is going to spike in the graphs and it’s summer time. Crime goes up during the summer and weekends; then throw in quarantine job loss and lock downs.

      A lot of black people lost their jobs and they have yet to be given another opportunity.

      • “The violence is going up because lock down is over. The crimes went down during lock down. Now everyone is going outside. Look at the air quality to see the difference. So all the crime is going to spike in the graphs and it’s summer time.”

        I’m going to put this as gently as I can: It’s statements like this that are the reason you take so much static. You’ve drawn a conclusion here that isn’t backed by the data and, quite frankly goes too far.

        Now, the end of quarantine does mean something, but it doesn’t mean what you seem to think here. What you’ve said is technically true but also extremely misleading in-and-of-itself. Yes, it’s undoubtedly a contributing factor, as are the ripple effects of the lock downs. However, we know that they can’t explain everything. And it’s that excess for which we can’t rationally explain things with past behavior that worries people.

        A crime spike in the summer is common however we have data on this going back a long way and like I said, summer crime spikes are common. This isn’t the first summer on record. However, look at NYC as an example, the current time frame is something we have data on going back decades and we’re at a point now where violent crime is at it’s highest point in 25 years. That’s not just “summer”. We can flat-out eliminate this variable.

        Now, it could be quarantine had something to do with this, in fact I’d say logically that it makes a lot of sense that people are just frustrated with the bullshit. However, the end of quarantine doesn’t explain a prolonged spike in violence, particularly in the direction that it’s going. Violence like this isn’t something that just “sits on the shelf”. People were dealing drugs and shooting each other during the quarantine too, but at lesser levels because the cops were on top of that due to a high police:non-police ratio. That is, there were less people out per cop so cops had an easier job. Great.

        But now you’re essentially back to where you were two years ago or five years ago or ten years ago. Yet crime is way, way up. If quarantine is over then why the prolonged violence among the citizenry? The question is what’s changed and a couple major variables in that equation are the cop:non-cop ratio, willingness of police to engage criminals etc. Logically speaking, if people were simply angry with their government they would simply protest the government. Angry at the cops? Protest the cops. Maybe even attack them. But people don’t shoot each other because they’re mad at the police.

        Literally no one wakes up in the morning saying “I’m really mad about police brutality. I’m going to go shoot up a car. Not a cop car, just some rando person’s car. That’ll show the piggies!”.

        We have data on previous administrations in NYC that have taken a De Blasio style approach to street crime. The results were the same. Therefore we have actual data to back the assertion that a lack of community policing allows criminals to run wild and commit crimes they might otherwise not commit or at least not commit so brazenly. On top of that we have the “summer data” sets going back decades, and the current situation is producing “excess violence”, which means the 50 Cent hypothesis (“In the hood summer time is the killing season/ It’s hot out this bitch, that’s a good enough reason”) doesn’t explain our entire data set.

        Now, as I said, the end of quarantine may result in some pent-up issues that are being, um… released at this point. However, when we have data on subjects we go out of our way not to substitute novel explanations for things we already know.

        So, the question which no one (that I’ve seen) has asked or answered is this: We know what happens in the summer, we know what happens with lax policing and we can generally assign values to this within an reasonable range. Is the amount of violence we’re seeing in excess of those two relatively known factors to the point that we need to look for a new factor specific to this situation?

        The answer to that question is “No” at this point. Why? Because if there was an X factor here we’d have numbers in excess of what we’ve seen before with the excess attributable to “the lock downs” and right now we simply do not have that data, therefore it’s an unsupported conclusion.

        • “And it’s that excess for which we can’t rationally explain things with past behavior that worries people.”

          Should read: “And it’s that excess for which the proposed explanation can’t rationally explain things with known past behavior that worries people”.

          Bad editing on my part.

        • “Logically speaking, if people were simply angry with their government they would simply protest the government.”

          I think “logically speaking” is the one place where you’ve gone wrong in your observations. People don’t behave logically, for the most part. I always think of that line from Men In Black: “A person is smart; people are dumb, panicky animals, and you know it.”

          Aside from predictable political avenues (because politicians don’t change), this crap isn’t logical; hell, it may not even be sane.

          To me, this is starting to feel like a couple of times when I was in a huge crowd and all of a sudden, *everybody* was freaked out about…something…and and in the blink of an eye, the whole scene went from friendly to dangerous. Luckily nothing went really wrong and nobody got hurt, as far as I know, but I still don’t know what flipped that mass panic switch.

          I’m trying to stay calm and rational and think my way through it, but maybe these just aren’t rational times.

        • The factors I mentioned compound.

          Summer time crime goes up. Weekends crime goes up. No school crime goes up. No jobs crime goes up. Inflation crime goes up. Gangsters let lose from house arrest crime goes up. Civil unrest crime goes up.

          I think there was some data that was showing during quarantine drug dealers where fighting over territory that police were giving up on purpose. There was many shootings in that area. Turf wars cause many shootings.

          The civil unrest has got people to come outside and hang out at night. A lot of black youth show up to these protest areas to party like they were partying on the streets during quarantine. Once you get a bunch of gangsters from different crews together someone is getting shot. Happens in the club, it will happen in the streets. Normally street parties are not allowed, but police rather have that than police stations on fire.

          The economic closure by the government has hit black men very hard and they have not gotten another job because the government is still suppressing legitimate economic activities. Drug dealing is the easiest way to make money, but you have to fight for the spots to sell.

    • GMAFB. If they refuse to clean up their own backyard, why is it my fault? Blacks are killing each other and it’s a white problem? Oh I forgot Rap and Hip Hop promote an education, fatherhood and parenting. 99% of the black community votes for the same party that created the KKK, Jim Crow, Lynching’s, Segregation, and Poll Taxes. Not my fault they won’t see that. So they reap what they sow. The race pimps only care about blaming someone else for their failings. The tantrums if they don’t get their way is getting tired.

    • “Racist people love to use the “black on black crime” and “what about Chicago?” to deflect and blame black people for everything”

      It’s racist white liberal who refuse to hold blacks accountable for the actions of black criminals. You are a great example of what president bush called “the soft bigotry of low expectations” for blacks.

      The white socialist progressive is the white racist that thinks its ok for blacks to be criminals. But Not white people.

  22. Meh, none of it’s going to change until both sides are willing to slaughter a few sacred cows, which ain’t gonna happen.

    As is so often the case here the problem is a poison in the mind and for many that poison is a loss of hope for the future. Until you fix that, you’ll never do more than piss away money on bandaids over gushing arterial wounds.

    • Black Lying Dog-faced Monchino Soldier

    • Thank you for posting the link. I had not seen this story. Sad for the affected families.

  23. What we are witnessing is the culmination of 40+ years of indoctrination. By those in control of the education system and the Socialist leadership of the democrat party. At the same time these very people are beginning to feel the results of the “Frankenstein Effect”. They have created a monster that they assumed could be controlled by their promises. Now the “Monster” is becoming self aware and realizing the power it holds. It knows it no longer needs it’s creator. It has begun to terrorize those who once controlled it. Now the master’s fearing they will be next. Have decided to placate the horror by giving in to it’s sacrifices. All the while the “Monster”demands more. To the point where now the old master’s are politely asking to be spared. Knowing horrifyingly in their minds it is to late and no sacrifice will sate the “Monster’. Now as they beg for mercy. They must chose which fate is more suffer able. Ceding control to their “Frankenstein” for eternity or allowing those who can to kill it.

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