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No Fun in Acapulco: This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace

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Acapulco (courtesy borderlandbeat.com)

Republished with permission from borderlandbeat.com [italics added]:

Police in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco say eight people were killed there on Sunday and the bodies of another three found in a shallow grave. At least 16 people were left dead in two massacres in the Mexican states of Michoacan and Guerrero. A justice of the peace was gunned down near a community outside Tixtla, a city in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, over the weekend, state prosecutors said.


According  to police reports a shooting attack occurred at about 2AM Sunday at a bar named “Jala la jarra”, located between Avenue Cuauhtemoc and a Bernal-Diaz de. Castillo street in the colonia Progreso.

A waiter known as Adrian was killed. Three customers were also shot and transported to the hospital. Two of those customers, Jose Alfredo and Hugo Enrique, later died at the hospital and the third was hospitalized.

Also on Sunday morning two men and woman were found shot dead and showing signs of torture in a car parked in the Garita colonia outside the housing units of the   Magisterium, near the Pantheon. The police found the body of one of the men and the woman in the trunk of the car and the body of the other man in the back seat.

In addition to the signs of torture, each body had a bullet wound to the head, a “tiro de gracia” ( “coup-de-grace”) and their hands were tied.  The car had license plates from the state of Pueblo.

In the port area of the city, two young men were killed in their vehicles in separate incidents.

And an anonymous call about noon led police to a shallow grave on the outskirts of the port.  The site is located 500 meters inside the road leading to the village of Las Plazuelas. The site is an an abandoned orchard of lemons and access is unpaved where they found the remains of three people.  The caller said there was a bad odor coming from the area and the appearance of  excavated soil.

Firefighters began digging at 1 pm and exhumed a body first, then the second and the third, all of them men.


A young man was shot dead in the town of La Sabana, about 200 meters from the market.
At 3:15 pm gun shots on Lazaro Cardenas Avenue  were heard, and the police who had came back from Las Plazuelas, where the clandestine grave was found, rushed to the site. The first police reports indicate that the young man, about 20 years old, was pursued and murdered in the street near an alley.

The murder caused astonishment among motorists, pedestrians and traders. The family did not allow the body to be taken by the Semefo and carried the boys body home so additional information about him is not available at this time.

One of the relatives shouted to the federal police, ‘we’re tired of so much violence, we will arm the citizens  to defend ourselves.’

In another case, a young man was gunned down at 1 am in the colony Juan R. Escudero, located between the town of La Sabana and Ciudad Renacimiento.
According to the police report, the crime occurred on the street Soledad and experts reported that the victim received six impacts of a Horn of Chivo weapon.
Ministerial sources said that the victim was 29 years old and allegedly accompanied another young man who was killed at 9 pm Saturday in the town of La Sabana.
The police said they could be partners, first because they wore the same  tattooing and had black paint on their fingers, but agreed that the family will declare if there was any employment relationship.
In another case police found a dismembered body in three black bags and a narcomensaje in Chilapa.

Police reports show that at 7:30 pm yesterday in the vicinity of the Chilapa-road Acazacatla three black bags containing human remains were found. The decapitated head  he was not located at the site. The victim was a man. The sources reported that upper extremities, lower and upper body were separate black bags.

A card with the following message written on it was found: ‘This is what will happen to all who walk supporting the federal already know who commands shits att. The bosses’.

The remains of the body were not identified and were transferred to the municipal funeral parlor.

On Friday 29 July in the central avenue José María Andraca city of Chilapa five armed youths between 25 and 30 years were shot dead by federal police after an atattempted arrest and they fled in a taxi.

Also on Saturday, state prosecutors in Guerrero said seven people, including two children, were shot to death in neighbouring houses near Tepecoacuilco de Trujano, a municipality 15km from Iguala, the city where 43 students disappeared in 2014. Local media reported the seven dead were members of the same family.

A statement from the Michoacan state prosecutors’ office said nine burned bodies were found inside  the cab of a pickup in the municipality of Cuitzeo in an area with pipelines run by state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos. Prosecutors said there were signs of the possible clandestine tapping of the pipelines and authorities are looking into whether the deaths are related to fuel theft.

Chilpancingo –  A justice of the peace was gunned down near a community outside Tixtla, a city in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, over the weekend, state prosecutors said.

Juan Octavio Morales’s bullet-riddled body was found on Sunday morning, Guerrero Attorney General’s Office spokesmen told EFE. Morales’s body was discovered near the community of El Troncon, located about 30 kilometers (some 19 miles) from Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero.

Investigators have not determined the motive for the official’s killing, the AG’s office said. The 52-year-old Morales’s body was taken to the coroner’s office in Chilpancingo, where relatives claimed his remains.
The Los Rojos and Los Ardillos drug cartels are waging a turf war in the area where Morales was killed, with officials blaming the gangs for dozens of murders.Three state police officers were gunned down while driving through downtown Tixtla last Tuesday.

The officers, one of whom was the commander of the state police unit in Tixtla, were ambushed by gunmen, Guerrero Attorney General Xavier Olea said.

Investigators suspect that the Ardillos gang staged the attack, Olea said.

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  1. No rule of law. No chance for personal defense. The Police carry automatic weapons, speak a foreign language (to me) and are notoriously corrupt. But the military will protect you. Oh wait…

    Just say no. There is no sane reason to go to Mexico. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    • You got to it before me, hehe. Cuerno de Chivo, horn of the goat or goat’s horn – Sorry, the mixing of english with spanish was driving me nuts.

  2. In the 70’s a group of us went to Baja to go SCUBA diving, you had to bribe the local cops from being robbed by them. I never went back.

  3. Daily reminder that the US government drug war is responsible for this, not some consequence of a disarmed people.

    • Drugs have nothing to do with this situation. This is the result of Mexicans not having the fundamental rights we have via the Bill of Rights. This is why our Government is trying to eliminate our rights. It’s called enabled tyranny.


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