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Chicago Police investigate yet another violent incident

One of my friends at Chicago PD anonymously sent me the Chicago Police Detailed Situation Report from August 8th, the deadliest day in the Windy City in 13 years per the Chicago Tribune.

The Detailed Situation Report details the victims of violence at each incident along with personal information including their criminal history, details of what happened as investigating officers could determine, and also gives suspect information where it is available.  The SitRep might as well as be a list of victims because it’s rare that suspects are identified in Chicago violent crime.

According to, the Chicago police’s current year-to-date homicide clearance rate is 20.9%.

Got someone you want killed?  Looking to get rid of a spouse?  Remember those vows…  till death do us part?  Why not invite them to Murder City USA for a fun-filled vacation!

Normally the weekends are the peak of violence in America’s second largest city.  The goblins made an exception to that rule this past Monday, with nine murders,  and ten others shot.

Here’s the August 8th SitRep summary:

So far this year, as of August 8th, there have been 661 more shooting incidents than last year – an increase of roughly 50% year to date over last year.

The number of seized guns is down 274.  Tough luck there, administrators, as you turned away about 50-some guns from Guns Save Life members because we were white or brown and not black at your last gun buyback.

Murders are up nearly 50% as well, but according to Chicago Police, only 404 murders have occurred to date. has a little higher numbers.

Among the victims was a fifth grader gunshot victim that a Chicago Police Officer saved by administering first aid until paramedics arrived.  The young man was the sole victim of Chicago firearm-related criminal violence on August 8th that didn’t have an arrest record.

On the flip side, three reported Gangster Disciple members perforated in one location had 115 arrests between them.  Cook County prosecutors prosecuted and obtained convictions on exactly 22 of those arrests.  Ironically, the one killed the deadest had the fewest arrests.  Sometimes Karma and Darwin don’t talk things over before the fun starts.

It all happened at 9441 LaSalle Street.  Here’s part of the description:

The victims were standing on the street when a blue minivan drove by and began shooting.

Those darn shooting minivans.  Can someone help me get my tactical minivan similarly equipped?  I think I’d like 9mm caliber, but I won’t turn down .45 ACP.  7.62×51 might be a little too noisy and over-penetrative.

Twelve spent casings were recovered.  (The dead guy – name withheld by us just to be on the safe side) is listed in the SSL with a score of 165 and has 17 arrests for cannabis, possession of a controlled substance, murder Apr 2005 sentenced 18 months for cannabis, unlawful use of weapons by a felon Oct 2000 sentenced to 2 years, Possession of a firearm June 1998 sentenced to 2 years, Possession firearm Sep 1994 sentenced to 2 years, Possession of firearm Aug 1991 no court disposition…

The lack of meaningful prison sentences for a frequent flier like this guy is why Chicago is awash in criminal violence.

Florida, by contrast, puts bad guys with guns into prison for a long time.   Maybe that’s why Florida enjoys the lowest rate of firearms violent crime in that state’s history.



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  1. So all of this “terrible” Chicago shooting is really saving us all lots of money and actually keeping us safer–so why should anyone be complaining ?? Kain Yirbu !!! DMD

      • I think the 20% conviction rate could likely be the lack of cooperation by witnesses due to intimidating threats of violence for being a “snitch.”

    • I think the gang bangers have been practicing and their hit rate went up.
      Same amount of shooting, just better AIM

    • I think you’re missing the point. The people being shot / killed are the same as those doing the shooting and killing. It’s all one in the same. It’s just easier to identify the ones that assume room temperature.

      Furthermore, the police know who they are. All of them. It’s a finite number and they are known. In most other cities, those people are locked up and remain locked up for longer periods. Hence, less shooting and killing, overall. Funny how that works.

      • Only problem with your comment is when you said…

        It’s a finite number and they are known.

        As long as the Democrats keep “helping” the inner cities with welfare the supply is infinite.

    • The guy described at the end fits that description. 4 sentences were given: (3) weapons charges, (2) years each. (1) murder charge, (18) months. He literally got a lesser sentence for KILLING SOMEONE than for possessing a weapon.

      The reason violence is so atrocious is because people’s lives don’t matter to the local government.

  2. But if they but all the gang bangers away how is the Machine going to get volunteers for the upcoming elections. The union workers are all pissed off with the Machine now that they know their pensions are in jeopardy.

  3. Here’s a hint porkchop.

    The guns gangs have been using have been coming from states with lax laws.

    Chicago’s laws claimed to be not working than why is it been declared one of the best safest cities in America next to new york.

        • So you post one murder suicide to counteract all the killing in Chicago? The problem in Chicago is a gang, drug, poverty and lack of education problem not a gun problem. Treat the sickness not the symptoms.

        • Run along home, commie. Go find a brain to use before you venture back to the real world.

          Also, a murder-suicide is now a mass shooting? So, anytime more than one person is injured well just slap the old political fuel-oil label on it? Neat.

        • Been working around Chiraq gang bangers for almost 20 years now. Alot of that crap comes in on railcars, and their even told WHICH ones! I’ve been told almost the same exact story by a dozen different vics, in 3 different prisons. Kinda makes you wonder…

    • How much does Soros and/or the DNC pay you per troll post? Do you get extra cash if your dribble is extra retarded?

      • How much does the NRA or the gun lobby pay you to promote your debunked fringe dweller agenda.

        Check your meds gun-nut.

        Europe, Japan and Australia seem to be doing fine with out NRA nuts going postal.

        • Wait…….. You mean I’ve been supporting the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and one’s right to choose to defend themselves for all there years for FREE when I could have been getting paid? Why’d ya wait till now to fill me in on this tid bit of info?

    • Please explain why the violent crime rate is lower in the “lax” states you criticize than in Chicago.

    • Didn’t someone mention, sometime, something that sounded like:
      “The media insist that crime is the major concern of the American public today. In this connection they generally push the point that a disarmed society would be a crime-free society. They will not accept the truth that if you take all the guns off the street you still will have a crime problem, whereas if you take the criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.”

    • “The guns gangs have been using have been coming from states with lax laws.”

      Here’s a question for you, Applesauce;

      If the problem is the source of guns, why aren’t there as many homicides in those states as there are in Chicago?

  4. Wonder if the city is planning a minivan buyback anytime soon…got to stop those minivans and get them off the streets!!

    • Don’t worry, once he builds his library on the South side all the violence will magically disappear.

      • Maybe it will be a library liquor store combo. That might be the only way to attract anyone.

    • Not exactly sure what SSL stands for. I think it’s a statistical computerized model for predicting anti-social behavior in the future.

      As it’s been explained to me by other people in the criminal justice system (the good side), an SSL over 100 means you’re a bad, bad boy destined for life in prison. Over 200 and you’re probably going to suffer death by unnatural causes if you don’t spend the rest of your days in prison first. Over 300? Don’t sell them any life insurance. Over 400? Great candidate for your “Dead Pool” for the following year. Over 500? They are a walking crime wave and Darwin’s looking for them.


    • SSL stands for Strategic Subject List. It’s a calculated score like you describe above. It works pretty well, too. The last number I read said that over 70% of the homicide victims in 2016 are on the SSL.

  5. There is that lax gun law bs again. Dude seriously stop with that leftist stuff. Its not even slightly amusing anymore. Which states with lax gun laws?
    Do you know?
    Do you mean indiana, iowa, or missouri? All are a lot less strict with gun laws and have no where near the amount of shootings that we have here. Thats right i live just outside chicago. Its not a gun problem. Its a lack of respect for life problem.
    On that topic do you spout this much bs towards pro life people?

    • The pro shill doesn’t know. He just cuts and pastes then runs back to Mother Jones comment boards….safe space and all.

    • Maybe they mean California, where the guns are stolen out if the cars of law enforcement officers and then shipped into Chiraq?

  6. Yeah Flowrider! Over a Million CCW holders and no state income tax! The best part is Midwest people are starting to move here more so then liberal North-easterners.

  7. The police in Chicago have solved 20% of the murders . Meanwhile the Fire Dept has put out 100% of the fires, undefeated for yet another year !

  8. Chicago murders are only up by 50%? C’mon, City of Broad Shoulders and Small Brains, you can do better than that. You’re way behind the Philippines!

  9. It’s hot as he!! in Chiraq today(heat index over 100). I’m expecting more records to be broken.And more little kids shot/killed. Put the scum away-preferably bring back chain gangs(one can dream)…

  10. The big secret everyone knows is that Cook county jail is half empty. There’s about 8000 beds empty, with a commensurate number of ghetto assholes running loose. And the reason?
    Cook county is broke. They try to hide it, but they are in the hole a billion or two.
    So they turn loose a small towns worth of criminals on a rotating basis, rather than feed and house them. 800 people times 80 bucks a day….. 640k saved daily. 19 million a month they don’t spend.
    I wonder if the medical costs of those shot equals 19 million a month.
    The law is a paper tiger here,
    But the restaurants are great.
    Arm yourselves, and take comfort that most of this is shitbag on shitbag crime.

    • Seamus,

      Your arithmetic is wrong … unless you meant to say 8,000 (rather than 800) people times $80 per day.

  11. “Normally the weekends are the peak of violence in America’s second largest city.”

    Every day is a “weekend” day in Chicago since most of the residents do not actually work. Eliminate free food, housing, phones, and medical care and see how fast most of the ugliness goes away.

    • ” Eliminate free food, housing, phones, and medical care and see how fast most of the ugliness goes away.”

      It very well could, eventually. But it would be sheer hell for a time, as people with no useful skills, no conscience and a seriously inflated sense of entitlement and victimhood descend on the homes and businesses in the area to “take what they’re due” by force.

  12. 404 murders in 7+ months sounds pretty violent.
    How do we stop the 2000 deaths by heart disease during that same time period in the state? Shall we institute some “cholesterol control” laws? Do you think they would help?

  13. “One of my friends at Chicago PD anonymously sent me the Chicago Police Detailed Situation Report from August 8th…”

    It’s good to know that the Chicago Police Department has John Boch as a source in GunsSaveLife and the Illinois gun rights movement so they can trade information back and forth.

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