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EDC Everyday Carry Pocket Dump

The presence of Field Notes in a lot of carriers’ EDC pics has become a running gag around here. But Scot from Sacramento ain’t packing no hipster notebook when he goes out and about. Along with his trusty Smith & Wesson M&P9 SHIELD EDC pistol, he slips a good old-fashioned composition book in his pocket in case the mood to write should strike. Good enough?

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump CCW Concealed

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  1. Note book is a good idea. You don’t leave the house without a gun, sharp knife and a pen.
    Note book is good to keep record of details of events. People use the cell phone to take notes and pictures. Electronics can take a crap at any time. People have used a pencil and paper during the Civil War. Those records still exist because the lead doesn’t fade or run when if it gets a little wet.

  2. My Dad always had a pencil and small note pad in his pocket
    Even had pajamas with pockets on pj shirt when he had to go into a Nursing Home. He would be in bed but had pencil and note pad in pajamas pocket.

    I carry a pen and note pad in blue jeans pocket everywhere I go. Comes in handy for writing down automobile plate number down to rat out a young woman who threw a water bottle that hit my windshield. Did I call police on her and her posse.
    Yes I did. Lesson to teenagers, don’t screw around with senior citizens . It’s not our first rodeo!

  3. NASA spent something like $150,000 on a pressurized ink pen that would write in a vacuum, The Russians used a pencil. …. The handguns may change, the field notes come and go, but one thing that’s consistent with Pocket dump of the day is the pocket watch complete with optional wrist straps. I’ll tell you what, if I didn’t see a pocket watch on Pocket Dump I’d probably move to Japan

  4. Who gives a fuck what notebook you carry? If liking a certain notebook is a thing for hipsters, what is liking a certain gun? Seeing descriptions like this only makes me want to buy a 10 pack of field notes and upload an operator as fuck picture just to troll you idiots.

    • I approve of that comment completely. There are reasons why something like a “Field Notes” brand or style notebook is superior to the cheap 99 cent composition notebook, despite the price variance. For one, it goes in my back pocket and is about 1/3 the thickness so it doesn’t’ fuck with my sciatic nerve… can’t get all operator AF if my back and leg is all messed up! lol.

      Good point about liking a certain gun compared to notebook… Jesus.. can we get any more snobbish and picky about shit that doesn’t matter. Just be happy the guy in California is even carrying any of these things!

  5. Hell, I don’t carry a notebook in my pockets / on body. Its not worth the bulk. A phone can take pictures which are much more detailed. I can voice record or type reasonably fast. I already carry it, so a notebook / pencil are 2 redundant item. If you are not comfy with smartphone, I think a notebook is a great idea. I feel the same about carrying a automatic vs a wheel gun, both can be very effective with an experienced user.

    A general issue I see with these pocket dumps is about 7-10 pockets of gear. I guess this can be done with tactical cloths, but using normal cloths in summer, I have to carry less than typically what is displayed. One gun, one knife, one light, a wallet and cell pretty much tax my personal capacity. I carry a secondary kit in my car and computer bag, but that is not a pocket dump.


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