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To hear Nick tell it, he was likely the first shootist in Tejas history to legally drop a deer with a suppressed rifle. And a very nice deer it was. But today we received notice over the electronic transom that Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat fame had some luck on the elk front, too. From Wilson Combat’s email blast: “Bill Wilson, known for successful hunts all over the world, recently went to the Longfellow Ranch in Southwest Texas (380,000+ acres of free range/no high fence hunting) and again, had great success. However, the interesting part of this hunt was his equipment choices for the trip. Usually, Bill will take a very nice bolt action rifle, but he now has the Wilson Combat .458 SOCOM in his favorite suppressed AR15 style rifle at his disposal. The .458 had no problem with the trophy bull at 80 yards, and likewise, had no problem with the 183 yard management bull shot.” As Tom no doubt says to Gisele just about every day, nice rack.

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  1. That is a rather astonishingly large elk. I mean, I don’t know anything about elk, but when its head looks to be the size of my torso… Is there some serious forced perspective in that shot, or is that thing’s hoof really about the same size as Bill’s head?

    • the perspective is a little skewed, but no where near as much as some other pictures of trophies i’ve seen. when you break it down, that hoof is more than likely a minimum of 5-7 feet from Mr. Wilson

    • Somewhat forced perspective. I agree with firemedic; Mr. Wilson is probably about 6 feet away from the hoof. But, thats not to say that the elk is not a very sizable animal. I followed the picture to see if they listed the animals weight, but none was given.

  2. OMG that thing is huge!!! Ok stop laughing already!!
    Congrats on the hunt.. It is interesting to see folks taking out those scary black rifles to go after game.

    Future article request: What is your favorite AR hunting setup?
    We all know 223 is a standard for most AR rifles, but if you want to go for deer or Elk what upper do you swap it out with? Are there any drawbacks? Issues with final fit?

    • Its almost worse to be a meat eater stuck in suburbia and no way to go out and harvest such a tasty animal. Ive had elk steaks in restaurants before, and all I can say is tasty tasty animal.

      • Look into your public land options, bro. I don’t know much about GA’s land access, but if you do your research, I bet you’ll be surprised at what is available to you between your town, county, state, and the federal gov’t.
        Larger, well known parks are often over-hunted, but it’s amazing how many smaller patches the federal gov’t manages that unless you really work to find the info on, you’d never know were open to you (and therefore, neither do the other guysvin your AO). One of the spots I hunt is Corps of Engineers land that I drove past every morning for three years before I realized I had legal access. No elk in GA, but you can certainly get your whitetail on!

      • “Harvest” just sounds so wrong and unsportsmanlike. It’s called killing. You stalk and kill an animal. You harvest a ear of corn. Give our animal friends some dignity in death.

  3. That’s large for an elk?
    No trying to be a smartass- I’ve never hunted elk- or deer. I live in Alaska, and usually go for Moose, and always thought that elk was about moose size, and that deer was about caribou sized.
    To me, that elk looks about right for a legal moose

    • I had a buddy stationed in Alaska. He successfully hunted a moose with his car. I would have thought you needed more specialized gear than that but apparently an old dodge and drivers license works just fine.

      • True story! Made me laugh. There are usually a few hundred moose killed by car every year. Only sad thing is the state usually won’t let you keep the meat from car-killed game.
        And moose hunting is actually pretty easy, if you know where to go. I’ve been told that hunting is much harder in the lower 49.

  4. That’s a righteous elk!

    Y’all already know that I’m a fan of Wilson Combat ammo, and a .458 SOCOM with a suppressor sounds (sorry for the pun) like a damn nice combo.

  5. Again… Military style rifles ACTUALLY used for hunting… *mind blown* -eye roll-

    Cant stand the ol’ “they’re are only used for killing” yeah… animals, paper, and humans. I dont understand why people try to change that fact, or muddy the water with these remarks about “sporting” sure, whatever… thats 1/5th of their intended use. What about a bow and arrow “oh thats fine with me… Thats a spot” uhh… for how man hundreds upon hundreds (*cough thousands*) of years where bows used for hunting, and killing?

    Elk burgers! FTW!

  6. Only on a site like this would someone think that is a wild elk or and accompishment. It absolutely is not. It is not a “world record” in anything but the SCI which has a habit of listing any animal so long as you pay them. What a joke! A raised animal shot with a weapon made for war by a fatso and some idiots think that is really a great thing.

    It is a disgrace to hunting, real hunting. Ask the fat pig how much he paid to shoot the elk. Pay and spray is what it is.

    Really most of you people’s knowledge of guns comes from video games. You have no real world knowledge whatsoever. You certainly know nothing about hunting, not ethical hunting anyway. Yeah, an assault rifle and a raised elk. That something to brag about! What losers! Now go play your video games and shout OMG! to everything and get ready to defend yourself against non-existent criminals that are always waiting to attack you.

    Honestly, I don’t care about your stupid paranoia but when you promote some fat ass shooting a raised elk with an assault rifle and call that hunting you lose me. OK, say OMG! again! That seems to be your favorite phrase. You sound like little girls. For certain you are NOT hunters.

    ONG! OMG! OMG! Someone doesn’t like me!

    • Ok, whoever pissed in Jim’s cornflakes this morning apologize immediately. Then get him some fresh cornflakes so I can take my turn.

      Oh, and Jim the only person claiming it was a world record or record size was you. Maybe switch to decaf to cut down on the histrionics.

    • Jimmy, I know enough about guns to know that’s not an “assualt rifle” that was used to kill the elk. Which shows I have more real world knowledge than you. And I’ve never played a video game.


  7. I’m waiting for Nicks response in the form of noting Bills lack of a headshot on an animal with a head the size of a four cylinder engine… :troll:


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