This Might Be the First Legal Deer Ever Harvested with a Silencer in the State of Texas. Ever.

Early this morning, just as the sun was coming up, I was sitting on a pair of buckets with Tyler Kee in his brand new deer blind when a beautiful love-struck buck wandered into our field following a doe that had run through a few seconds earlier. And as I lined up my scope for what would be the fourth headshot on wildlife in a row, the biggest thing that was running through my mind was “I might be about to make history…”

The state of Texas has always made hunting with silencers illegal for game animals. Something about poaching being harder to detect for the game wardens. Anyway, this year they changed the rules, and for the first time silencers would be legal to use on deer and other such “game” animals. The older generation isn’t very happy about the change, but its now 100% legal starting this hunting season.

A hunting season which, by the way, opened for modern rifles this morning.

Considering the number of people that actually own a can (small), and then the subset that hunts (even smaller) and the subset of that subset that was out this morning for the opening shots of the season (infinitesimal) its a good chance that my 7:50 AM shot may have been the quietest kill ever made in the state. Which, quite frankly, is pretty cool. Add on the fact that it was a 300 AAC Blackout rifle and it gets even better.

For those interested, here’s a quick rundown of the equipment:

  • AR-15 in 300 AAC Blackout
  • AAC 762-SDN-6 Silencer
  • Millet DMS Scope
  • PNW Arms Hunting Ammo (110gr Ballistic Tip)

Stay tuned for more from opening day in Texas.