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I posted a review over a year ago of DLOC scope mounts and rail thingers. Their big claim to fame was that their mounts didn’t leave any marks, unlike the competition. And to back up their claim they sent over a video of some LaRue mounts leaving marks on a section of m1913 rails, a video I popped on my YouTube channel to add to the article. Ever since then I have gotten comment after comment about how the LaRue mounts don’t actually do that, so I called LaRue and asked for a pair of mounts to try it out myself. They obliged, I tested, and now I can indeed call bullshit on that video . . .

There are some caveats here, though.

  1. The rail has to have a standard military spec finish, not just black paint.
  2. The mounts need to be properly adjusted (there are instructions and tools included).

But given those parameters, the mounts will not only work properly, but they won’t leave any permanent marks on the rails. There’s a bit of white grease on the mounts that will rub off on the rail, but a little nail polish remover and a Q-Tip and you’re good to go.

What do I mean by “work properly?” I mean that not only will they hold zero, but they will continue to do so after you take the scope off and put it back on again. Proof? Proof.

Within a reasonable margin, that is. I’ll have a full-blown review coming up shortly, but for now all you need to know is that it looks like these things are as awesome as advertised. Ted Nugent approved, even.

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  1. Marks?

    First, who the hell cares since they will be covered up by the rings 99% of the time anyway.

    Second, your weapon is a tool, not a piece of art. I don’t worry when my table saw gets a nick or scratch, why should I be distraught when my rifle does?

    Finally, I would be willing to bet any marks, nicks or scratches could be caused by over-tightening.

    My .02.

    • Some people do have trophy firearms. I would be one. I have my firearms that are used and all beat up, but I have a few I like to keep in pristine condition. Kind of like people who save that one special cigar for the right moment.

      In my case my pristine guns (tested to work of course) will get dirty the day the SHTF. That will be the day they are hazed into the pack. haha

      – D

  2. I had a lengthy argument with a friend over LaRue mounts and YES!!!! they do leave marks.

    Not that I care, because my AR is pretty heavily used.

  3. OK, I just popped my LT100 off my Armalite M-15 and there are indeed “marks” they are minimal and are either, slight metal marks from the LaRue mount or slight polishing of the finish on the rail.
    Took a magnifier to really see them clearly.
    Either way, nothing to get your panties in a wad over, if I felt ambitious I would try to polish them out to see what they really are but there is yard work to be done.

  4. I use LaRue QD scope mounts on all my rifles, except one. Their products, especially the QD scope mounts are awesome!

  5. Not sure about marks, that’s not one of my priorities for my ARs. I have tested the repeatability, and found it true, within operator limits. Very nice.

    I got the Magpul precision rifle video, and Hodnett advanced the idea of affording one good scope, and moving it from rifle to rifle. I really liked this idea, and spent more than I have before on a mid range scope, and have used it on a couple of ARs. I really like this concept. I also like the idea of being able to take off the scope for travel, and protecting it accordingly, and then being able to remount without re-zeroing.

    This was an expensive product, but compared to buying multiple cheaper mounts for several guns, it is probably cheaper. Plus it is very well made, and works flawlessly for me.

    • That’s what I’ve been doing for years. I use the GG&G bolt-action height mounts though, and add a GG&G scout rail for AR platforms.

  6. If you’re concerned about a scratch on a firearm you plan on shooting, you don’t deserve owning it.

  7. It’s one thing to repeat a manufacturer’s claims about their product; it’s another matter completely to repeat their claims about the competition, especially when they come off as the personal knowledge or experience of the reviewer. Hopefully the distinction can be made more clearly in the future.

  8. In my experience, Larue’s mounts don’t leave highly visible marks when installed properly, but if you FAIL to install them properly (especially by not having the bottom of the LT mount flat on the rail) you are liable to mar the side of the rail with the locking mechanism.

    I’ve DONE it, and worst of all it wasn’t even on my own gun, so don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.

    Luckily, it appears that the manufacturer may well have fixed it when it went back for the SECOND recall.

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