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By his own admission, Nick Leghorn is a nerd. Which is a not very nice way of saying that Nick is very good at a lot of things. He’s an accomplished musician, cunning chess player, well-paid programmer, marathon blogger and skilled marksman. While Nick reckons he’s got all the social skills of Lewis Skolnick (a nerdy reference to Revenge of the Nerds) I’ve never found TTAG’s Testing and Reviews Editor to be anything less than unflaggingly polite and, well, fun. Granted, exchanging acerbic remarks whilst reloading expensive firearms is my idea of fun. As it is for Nick. And now, thanks to to his mad shooting skillz and FNH USA’s kind generosity, the Texas sharpshooter has a date with destiny (again) . . .

FNH USA has agreed to embed Mr. Leghorn in their world-class 3-gun team. As a competitor, no less. Nick will be blogging the beJesus out of team FNH USA’s entire 2013 season: the guns, the gear, the instruction, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the human drama of multi-firearm ballistic competition.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank FNH USA for this unique — indeed groundbreaking — chance to provide Leghornian insight into the world of 3-gun. And I know (or at least suspect) that I speak for our 120k+ daily readers when I say to Nick: hey guy, let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to compete with the best or the best. Or, if you prefer, good luck with that. Watch this space. Official press release:

Team FNH USA and The Truth About Guns to Provide Exclusive, 

Behind the Scenes Look at 3-Gun Competition 

Gun Blogger Nick Leghorn to Join Team FNH USA for 2013 Season 

(McLean, VA – February 5, 2013) FNH USA, LLC are pleased to announce a new addition to its professional shooting team: gun blogger and competitive shooter Nick Leghorn. Writing for The Truth About Guns, Nick will provide his readers with an in-depth, ongoing, behind-the-scenes look at Team FNH USA’s 2013 3-gun competition season.

“This is the first time a blogger has been embedded with a professional shooting team,“ said FNH USA Senior Vice President Ken Pfau. “By following Nick’s progress throughout the season readers will learn what it takes to become competitive in the sport of 3-gun, and gain real-world insight into FNH USA’s high quality firearms and accessories.”

“Team FNH USA is comprised of some of the best shooters in the world,” said Team FNH USA captain Larry Houck.  “We’re delighted to help Nick learn the ropes to assist him in elevating his game to a higher level.”

“The Truth About Guns is the world’s most popular firearms blog,” Nick said. “FNH USA makes some of the world’s best firearms. Whatever happens, it won’t be dull.”

To follow Nick, please visit The Truth About Guns or Team FNH USA’s web page.

# # #

FNH USA, LLC is a U.S. subsidiary of FN Herstal S.A., a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, reliable firearms for the military, law enforcement and commercial markets. A pioneer in innovative firearm technology since the days of John M. Browning, the company supplies a variety of products to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Based in McLean, VA, FNH USA is responsible for all U.S.-based sales and marketing efforts.  FN Manufacturing in Columbia, SC is responsible for U.S. production activities.

Team FNH USA is the practical shooting team sponsored by FNH USA.  The team is comprised of 13 world-class shooters who come from all walks of life – law enforcement, military, musicians, industry experts, etc.  All have come together because of their love of shooting and their dedication to growing the professional sport of 3-gun competition.  In addition to showcasing the latest in firearms technology and innovation, team members also serve as ambassadors for all shooting sports, promoting sportsmanship, integrity and respect in each and every match.  For more information, please visit or follow them on Facebook.

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      • Chris! As Roll said below, “helmet cam footage!”

        You need to get that little rail mount camera to Nick. That’s something I’d totally like to see.

        It was you that had it, right? Wasn’t there supposed to be a review or writeup on it at some point? Did I miss it?

        • I’m pretty sure Nick is already the geek with the camera rigs.

          However, I think an endeavor of this magnitude warrants a full kit of top notch gear including backup cameras.

          How about it, Señor Farago? Will Nick be properly outfitted with recording equipment and logistical support to get content online on a timely basis?

  1. That is awesome! Congrats! Perhaps you can follow-up your first book with a beginner’s guide to 3-gunning?

    (Now might be a good time to delete that pesky negative review of the SCAR 17… just sayin’)

  2. Outstanding and congrats! As a relatively new shooter I am very excited to hear some real, no BS commentary around three gun competitions. YouTube and some of the other forums out there make my head hurt. Well done sir!

  3. “We’re delighted to help Nick learn the ropes to assist him in elevating his game to a higher level.”

    Translation: Foghorn is going to get his ass kicked mercilessly until he can keep up. In a good way, of course.

    Congratulations, Nick. Looking forward to the stories.

  4. Man that is freaking awesome!!!!


    I can’t wait for the info on it!

    This is going to be awesome to read.

  5. I guess this means Nick will have to shoot FNH guns In competition instead of his “pretty princess”….I wonder how she’ll take the news. I’d be happy to baby sit for him.

  6. Wow… congrats to Nick!

    So I’m guessing you’re going to get seriously hooked with some custom FN stuff, like a shiny new FNX9 or FNX-45 tactical? Or SCAR?

  7. Poor Nick stuck with crappy SCARS see if FN can make a A2 AR-15 rifle for you.

    Sorry FN sucks. Others such as HK and Colt would have been better!!

      • Well sorry FN makes awesome weapons FN Hi Power M-240 M-249 and FAL. the SCAR H is decent I just despite the dumb SCAR L which offers nothing over a M-4A1.

        Nothing against many of FN weapons just there plastic pea shooter is not worth all hype they lie about.

        • The M249’s I’ve shot jammed a little too much for my taste, but I was very impressed with the M240. I like the IAR Concept better than the 249, but too each their own. The FNH 9 mm pistols look pretty cool.

        • Would you have carried a magazine-fed squad weapon if you were limited to 30-round mags?

          That’s my main concern with the new HK system — it just seems a bit silly to have a suppressive-fire weapon that requires a mag change every 6-8 bursts. Maybe if it had an option to auto-eject the mag when it runs dry…

        • No I prefer any IAR gunners to use 60rd Surefire mags instead of STAMAGs. Overall prefer all my machine gunners to have 7.62mm M-60s or M-240s for more firepower anyway.

  8. Congrats Nick. I look forward to seeing your blogs on the sport. I have been wanting to at least take up 3-gun on a local club level. Want to see your shiny new team toys as soon as they are issued. Would like to see the FN shotgun in depth. Been kind of admiring those.

  9. This great! I can’t wait to read Nick’s insights and experiences. I would love to see some accompanying video as well.

    Good Luck, Nick.

    We’ll be watching…er, reading, whatever.

  10. Congratulations! That should be an awesome gig.
    See if you can get some ideas for setting up a FN SLP for “open” division.
    So far I have not seen one of those running with a speed loader. Mine is proving to be….challenging.

  11. Congratulations. Competing with world class shooters will teach you more about using firearms than any other way, you will also learn a lot about yourself in the process. Good luck and have fun.

  12. Woah! F’n Aweseome man! Congrats! Im looking forward to reading about it!

    Hey, idea, what about TTAG regional shoots for popular shooting sports or group training events geared toward beginners? It would get new people into the sports, generate content to cover, and illustrate the truth about guns. Also it would help diversify the brand!

  13. Damn, Nick. I had no idea you were up for this kind of thing. I’ll talk to some people and try to get you back in some American-made hardware for the 2014 season 😉

    • I think there will be an uprising of the armed masses if all we get is chunks of text and still pictures from something this huge. 😉

  14. You mean FREE gear? Get to break the scheisse out of FREE gear, write about it, and travel on their dime (or is that out of Robert Farago’s account?) all across America doing it??

    Lucky bastaz!!!

    Awesome news for our head Nerd in Chief and TTAG!

    Bravo Nick!!!

    Wonder how FNH would feel if Nick were to ‘upgrade’ their SCAR’s with GG&G’s Non-Reciprocating charging handle mod… hm…



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