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Before boarding Air Force One on Sunday, President Trump addressed his opposition to NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. “This has nothing to do with race,” he said. “I never said anything about race. This has nothing to do with race or anything else. This has to do with respect for our country and respect for our flag.” Well it has something to do with race for the players . . .

Lest we forget, this whole kerfuffle started last August when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an interview after the protest. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

In other words, the SF QB jumped on the Black Lives Matter train, using his celebrity to draw attention to allegedly racist white cops shooting and killing innocent black men. Again, “getting away with murder.” Yes, well, no.

While the mainstream media is busy having a cow about the NFL vs. Donald Trump — focusing on players’ “right to protest” — Bryan Dean Wright at dares to set the record straight on what was the matter at hand.

In 2016, Harvard Professor Roland Fryer – an African-American academic who focuses on economics – decided to examine whether the nation’s police officers were killing black Americans more so than whites. When he launched the study, he fully expected to find a clear pattern of unjustified violence.

Fryer looked at four national databases of crime statistics representing police-civilian confrontations from diverse states like Florida, Texas, and California. After rigorous analysis, it turned out that he, Kaepernik and Black Lives Matter were all wrong.

Indeed, Fryer’s study showed that American police officers were not killing black people at a rate any higher than whites.

In short, the nation’s protectors showed no racial bias when it came to deadly force.

Fryer called it “the most surprising result of my career.” . . .

Fryer gave the American people an important gift in the combustible debate of racial violence. Using data science, he showed that the nation’s police officers were not out-of-control killers but committed professionals largely conducting themselves with honor.

And there you have it: the facts prove that NFL protesters and their progressive supporters in the media and entertainment are wrong about racist cops targeting African Americans with lethal force.

Which may explain why the protests have now become about the right to protest and unabashed hatred for President Trump rather than the original [perceived] injustice.

America’s national anthem ends in a question: “Oh say does that star spangled banner still wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?” I reckon the answer is yes, certainly in comparison to any other country on earth.

But some of these free and brave people are deeply misguided and, if you don’t mind me saying so, more than a little ungrateful. And that’s what got President Trump’s goat. Fair enough?

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    • ..and what is non-lethal force?

      Not getting your way and getting beat down while resisting arrest?

      Sorry Charlie, it happens to everyone. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.

      • NYT link is the source that the Fox News article cited; if it’s not legitimate, than throw out the Fox news article as well.

        • Ok… let’s take apart this particular piece of bullshit.

          1. It only studies incidents in NYC, using the data to project the pattern on the entire nation is retarded.
          2. It uses weasel words like “similar situations”. We both know that there are no such things. Routine stops in Times Square for littering are far less likely to result in violence than the Bronx just because of the relative crime rate in the area.
          3. Given the disparity in violent crime rates between blacks and everyone else, 18%-20% differences are actually low.

        • If the report is garbage, then we can also dismiss the Fox News article that cites it, and the TTAG article that cites Fox News.

        • Chances are (without having looked at either yet) that both the NYT and Fox articles are total garbage WRT reporting on the actual scholarly (peer reviewed) paper. It is the nature of current popular media; they can’t report accurately (and definitely not precisely) on anything scholarly, and yet they spew forth garbage, jumping to conclusions that are not supported by the paper they reference.

          Here’s a link (that took me 3 seconds to find) to the actual paper in question:

          I would suggest that referencing that rather than either NYT or Fox is probably the right way to have this debate.

          Point out flaws in the actual study’s methods and/or utilize its stats to support your argument. Relying on NYT or Fox is like building your house on a thin layer of sand on top of a garbage dump on top of jello on an active fault line; you know shits just going to fall down all over the place.

        • So, that being said, I’d say one glaring problem with the study is that it seems all of the data is from densely populated places (New York City, Houston, Austin, Dallas, and ‘six large Florida counties,
          and Los Angeles County’). So, all it can really say is that it is representative of densely populated areas in the US. Event hat may be stretching it; only one single place amongst those is in the Northern half of the country (New York City). Hard to say that what holds true for, say, Dallas or LA county, would also hold true in, say, Grand Forks North Dakota or even Seattle, Washington.

        • PwrSerge – You provided 3 arguments as to why I should consider the Fox News article (and TTAG’s reliance on it) faulty.

      • So there is no evidence for your racist claim that black folks fail to “behave themselves” any more than whites folks, and misbehaving of course is not a justification for the police to shoot you when you are unarmed.
        And the documented reality of police disporportionately shooting unarmed black folks remains, and it is NOT explained away by citing the fact that black folks disproportionately commit crimes (no matter how many times you rignorant dishonest racists repeat this bullsheet).

        Heres one of many peer reviewed studies indisputably documenting this reality (juxtapose this with yall GED racist liars repeating your evidence-free excuse):

        “There is no relationship between county-level racial bias in police shootings and crime rates (even race-specific crime rates), meaning that the racial bias observed in police shootings in this data set is not explainable as a response to local-level crime rates.”

        The documented reality of police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks remains no matter how many excuses yall dishonest ignorant racists concoct and repeat ad nauseam:

        “The results provide evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans…”

    • If you are going to dig into it and dissect it, you need to keep going.

      There’s interesting things in there like the black sampling refusing to ID themselves at three times the rate of the white sampling (3% for black 1% for white). Which would indicate that the interaction is more confrontational from both sides for a larger portion of the demographic.

      Also of note is that white people are more likely to be shot while blacks and hispanic people are more likely to have hands laid on them and less lethal force applied. Black individuals were more likely to be stopped individually. Whites were more likely to be stopped as groups. One on one, or one+ on one, physical pain compliance is more likely to be viable. With a group, groups threats of force escalation are more likely. Unfortunately the data as presented in the study doesn’t let you break out the data within subgroups looks.

      One thing it also seems to omit are officer involved deaths not by shooting. escalation of pain compliance could be a thing amongst blacks while being less common amongst whites. Who knows.

      With somewhere between 750k and 1.1million sworn police officers actively employed in the US, you are talking a shitload of individuals and man hours making up the make up of observed behavior. With ~1100 officer involved deaths , you are talking about trying to draw broad conclusions about a very small subset of actions, which is always going to be tricky to draw reliable conclusions on, but pretty hard given the quality of data at this time for the subject.(those are 2016 estimates for number of police and deaths, police count varies greatly by estimating source and all are estimates.)

    • How does RF see where he’s going while suffering such cranial rectal inversion…freedom of speech is the first amendment for a reason…love it or hate it it’s a basic founding principle…warts and all

      • Oh, it is! It is also an equal-opportunity right, of course. That means that when you say or do something completely stupid and obtuse, not to mention entirely wrong and offensive, I have the equal right to tell you to your face that you are an incompetent boob with your own personal cranium inserted far beyond your own rectal sphincter. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
        Furthermore, the 1st Amendment is ONLY a restriction upon GOVERNMENT action to proscribe speech; Nothing in the Bill of Rights prevents persons NOT in Government from contesting your right to bleat your misbegotten twaddle in public by firing you from your job, denying you service, vilifying you in print or to your face, and otherwise exercising THEIR right of free speech in any manner short of violence to you to point out your grievous inadequacies.
        For example, I think that anyone who does what the NFL players are doing had a mother who was a hamster and whose father smelt of elderberries, as does anyone who agrees with or supports them.
        Isn’t this fun?

      • While I disagree with the players’ message (and think they’re useful fools for spreading it), I fully and completely support their right to express their opinions in any way they like – IN THEIR PRIVATE LIVES.

        However – and this is a humongous HOWEVER – when those same players are on the field, they are representatives of a multi-million dollar corporation being displayed on television nationwide or worldwide and watched by millions of people. This simple fact should be all that’s needed to see that those corporations can (and should!) impose whatever standards of conduct they choose on these players, despite any union’s outraged protestation.

        Are you really prepared to argue that the CEO of any large corporation (certainly considered a representative of that firm) should not be subject to reasonable standards of conduct? He or she can demonstrate poor decision-making, get wasted, perform lewd acts in public, or otherwise make that corporation look very bad on national television, without facing any sanctions? Get real… (s)he’d be unemployed, pronto.

        Now tell me why a spoiled-rotten NFL player should be held to a different standard. I’ll wait.

    • Serpentt is an accurate screen name for you and your kind. You’re nothing but poisonous reptiles. Crawl back to where you crawled out of, snake.

      • Pointing out that a cited link doesn’t quite fit the narrative it’s cited to support frequently evokes that reaction.

    The Database of NFL Arrest Statistics
    NFL Arrest provides an interactive visualized database of fifteen years of National Football League player Arrests & Charges. Learn about your rival team’s history with the law, break down arrests by Player, Position, Crime and Team.

    • Tom let me explain why your post is racist.

      The topic is Black folks being the VICTIMS of unwarranted police shootings, of the police VICTIMIZING black folks, of the police disproportionately killing unarmed Black folks.

      But you have NOTHING to say about this topic.

      Instead you CHANGE THE SUBJECT to the racist trope that BLACK FOLKS ARE CRIMINAL

      You inexplicably post stats about Black folks being the PERPETRATORS of an array of violent and non-violent crimes.

      You see this is irrelevant, it has NOTHING to do with the topic, the only purpose of your post is to smear black folks as criminal, to ignore the documented reality of police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks.

    • Imagine Tom that the police were disproportionately shooting your ignorant white hunting buddies and when you broached this topic, I responded by ignoring the topic and instead posted stats on how many times your ignorant white hunting buddies got arrested…

      Now in that context youd be able to recognize how irrelevant and nonsensical and unfair this kind of response is…

      But because the topic involves black folks and youre an ignorant racist, your irrelevant and nonsensical and unfair responses seems perfectly reasonable to you…

      I realize youre a dunsky and dishonest, but you really should mull this over carefully… if for no other reason that to make your racist smears more effective, because this one is absolutely transparent, only the dumbest of the dumb, the most dishonest folks with be distracted/influenced by such blatant racism

    • Its also worth noting ignorant racist Tom that the very next sentence IN BOLD TYPE from the site you copied and pasted stresses the following:

      “Keep in mind there are 1700 NFL Players and their arrest rates are lower than the USA arrest rate.”

      Again that is from YOUR source.

      And you omitted that sentence because it contradicts your ignorant racist smear of NFL players as “thugs”, it contradicts your ignorant racist delusion that black folks are criminal

      • –“Keep in mind there are 1700 NFL Players and their arrest rates are lower than the USA arrest rate.”–

        It says that, but clicking the link compares the arrest rate for the NFL only to the rate for men 25-29 years old, which may or may not be a reasonable age range for comparison, but would not typically be stated as “the USA arrest rate”. One can speculate on how celebrity status might affect arrest rate.

    • Tom you need to speak up, Im constantly giving you documented corrections for your offensive bullsheet and you never acknowledge the favor Im doing you…

      If you dont show some gratitude Im gonna futtbuck your father with your mothers headless corpse right there on your doorstep! : D

  2. Well stated RF. My beautiful black wife and I agree with our President. What a whiny bunch of losers. Paid entertainers don’t have the “right” to protest on company time…do they have a point? Yeah but act civilly,don’t hang out in bars and with drug dealers and don’t be a puzzy. THAT may keep the po-leece from kicking your azz. May profootball die if they keep this shite up!

    • Thanks to former water walker for further documenting that having sex with a black woman does not magically cleanse white folks of their racism.

      Im tickled by these kinds of posts that unwittingly refute themselves… and its 2018… how much longer will we have these anachronistic racists…

    • Some of grabembytheformerwaterwalkers best blacks are friends* (and lovers).

      *Credit to the clever Kevin Young for this riff on this racist mantra

    • Despite the racist grabembytheformerwaterwalkers ridiculous excuse that unarmed black folks are disproportionately shot by police because they fail to “… act civilly,don’t hang out in bars and with drug dealers and don’t be a puzzy…” the fact remains that nothing can excuse the police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks, it is simply inexcusable.

      The victimizing police are at fault, they have a problem, they are in the wrong.

      Black folks are the victims of this unwarranted police violence, only racist azzzzholes like grabembytheformerwaterwalker blame these victims and try to excuse the victimizing police.

      And this is such an outrageous claim

    • This is such an outrageous claim it strains my imagination to picture a black woman who would marry the racist pos grabembytheformerwaterwalker…

      But hey she could be another self-hating black woman… or given this pos embrace of the Puzzy-Grabber-in-Chief maybe just an all around no-self-esteem dishrag…

      Or she only exists in this pos mind, concocted because he thinks it somehow lends his racist remarks legitimacy…

      What do yall think, this pos invented a black wife to cloak his racism, or this pos is married to Aunt Jemima?

    • I draw your attention to your fellow ignorant racist Toms source and the very next sentence IN BOLD TYPE from that site that he copied and pasted stresses the following:

      “Keep in mind there are 1700 NFL Players and their arrest rates are lower than the USA arrest rate.”

      Again that is a quote from the source of one of your fellow racists on this site.

      And your fellow racist omitted it because it contradicts your ignorant racist smear of NFL players as “thugs”, it contradicts your ignorant racist delusion that black folks are criminal.

      So now that youve seen the evidence, being the dishonest little azzzzwipe that you are you will ignore it and live and die the same ignorant racist you have always been… and that is your punishment by the way, to be you and experience life through the prism of your pathetic parochial “mind”

  3. Cops mostly beat on people who show any actual or perceived lack of awe and total subservience to cop “authority.” Maybe it used to be more a race thing, but cops all over the country have become equal opportunity abusers – especially if the victim has no celebrity standing or is completely helpless otherwise. That’s progress, all right.

    • I concur. I find the tendency of police to beat on people for “contempt of cop” to be revolting and requiring immediate correction.

      Speaking out against perceived injustices is sacrosanct. Just don’t do it during our national anthem, which is a time to recognize, respect, and promote the fantastic ideal that our nation is supposed to be. Refusing to participate in our national anthem is stating that you oppose the ideal that our nation is supposed to be.

      Remember, government abuse and injustices are not the ideal that our nation is supposed to be. Oppose abuse and injustice, not our ideal that we must ever struggle to attain/maintain.

      • LOL, ok.

        The anthem is just there to gin up emotions and stir young men to sign up for the armed forces to go murder others overseas to make corporate cronies and politicians rich.

        Nor do I worship the flag of this country nor any country. And to think that the people of California are the same as the people of Kansas are the same as the people of Louisiana are the same as the people of Massachusetts just because a federal authority says this is “America”…well I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

        You want this all to go away? Simple. Have all sports stop the ceremonial empire worship at the start of their games. Depoliticize the whole thing. Otherwise players can and should protest. If their employers want to fire them, so be it.

        Rather than focus on the race issue Kapernick should’ve focused on the real issue at hand: Empire through police state at home and colonization abroad.

        • Whatever you say kiddo… I don’t seem to remember any corporate types in my chain of command when I was hunting terrorists in Iraq.

        • The anthem is … there to … stir young men to sign up for the armed forces to go murder others overseas to make corporate cronies and politicians rich.”

          And that would be an example of what is NOT our nation’s ideal.

          Do politicians and bureaucrats sometimes abuse their office and send our armed forces out to further personal and corporate interests? Probably. And that is a violation of our nation’s ideals. And we are NOT expressing support for such activities when we stand and sing our national anthem.

          In fact the existence of government abuse/exploitation is a perfect reason to show our support for our national anthem because our national ideals absolutely oppose abuse and exploitation.

    • Hmm, that’s a broad and sweeping statement. I have found the street cop here in NM to be exceedingly polite, courteous and professional. And this is with 8 years of OC of a firearm in high density metro populations. Are the exceptions? Of course. But that is the point. We can always find exceptions. Especially now adays with most cops wearing body cams and if an incident goes to court, the cop needs to show why they went to the next level of the force continuum and got physical.

      Polls show 80% of street cops support the carrying of firearms by the law abiding public. Almost every sherriffs Dept. In the country has publically stated they will not enforce an AWB.

      No knock warrants need to stop and the BATF needs to be disbanded as a rogue, lawless and corrupt orginazation, but that is the politicians we need to hold to the fire; in the mean time, I see most cops as a potential ally in the fight for freedom, until they show me otherwise.

      • If the polls are correct and LEOs are on “our side” then why do we bother following the unlawful statutes in the first place? Where’s the testicular fortitude of the populace to protest en masse by not following the decrees, dictates and fatwas of the politicos? If LEOs really won’t back AWBs and the like then why aren’t Californians bucking all of the ridiculous laws in their State?

        Methinks your statistics are of the same ilk of “lies, damn lies and statistics”…

      • Well T.P. I think the fact that we have over 15 million licensed CC of firearms, not including those states where you a can OC without a license, plus States that are constitutional carry; yet there is almost no incidences of police abuse of people carrying firearms in public.

        I think that says a lot for how well and how professional the police are with people in public. And how, again, 80% of police support carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens in public.

        As for California? Well,there is the other 20% of police that don’t support firearms in public. I bet those are mostly concentrated in California and New York. And also I was saying it was the sheriff’s departments that won’t support an assault weapons ban there mostly outside the cities. There might be a lot of quiet resistance by people outside the cities in California and the sheriff’s aren’t really going after those people perhaps. At least there isn’t much press about people being arrested for having assault weapons in California by Sheriff’s departments.

  4. So cops treat blacks equally across the board??? No that doesn’t fly. Training is needed on both sides of this issue. How to interact with cops and how to not be scared of doing your inherently dangerous job and solving problems with your trigger finger.

        • Anonymous is the typical moron drawn to this site, naively/dishonesty wildly mischaracterizing partisan text from a documented serial liar as “information”

          The documented reality of police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks remains no matter how many excuses yall dishonest ignorant racists concoct and repeat ad nauseam:

          “The results provide evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans…”

      • Not merely “incorrect” but so stupid we must conclude Robert Farago is again lying, purposely posting bullsheet

        So Robert Farago Im perplexed as to why you tried to write an coherent article about statistics when you acknowledge that you are “math-challenged”.

        And your ignorance of math is so outlandish that you dont even understand that when comparing groups of different sizes ie blacks and whites it is of course not raw numbers but per capita rates that are the meaningful measure:

        “… Vice’s race card agenda forced them to adjust for population, rather than list the raw numbers …” (paragraph 6)

        School children understand the difference between raw numbers and per capita rates, so how is it possible that an adult who presumes to critique an article (and to do so in a snarky condescending way) and aver authoritative conclusions is wholly ignorant of this simple grade-school concept!?

        You validate your readers ignorance as several commenters (including Ralph, Robert, John, Cloudbuster, Thinker1) cite and/or echo your ignorant remark, and only one Mark N corrects it…

        PS And you repeatedly post these kinds of ridiculously childish lies and you never respond to my documented corrections; its a testament to your dishonesty and ignorance as well as evidence of how blighted the morons on this site are

    • You would be AMAZED at how many problems can be solved with a trigger finger. . .
      However, if it was that simple, as others have said, the population of young Black and Hispanic men in this country should be plummeting, with Police Death Squads patrolling the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, and LA, just looking for Men With Tans.
      Despite the propaganda, however, there ARE no ‘death squads,’ and the ‘vulnerable’ population isn’t plummeting–well, it isn’t except for those young Black and Hispanic men killed by other young Black and Hispanic men who kill their own kind with great glee and abandon, with no help from Police Death Squads at all.
      All things considered, young Black and Hispanic men should consider themselves lucky indeed that the cops in this country are as forbearing as they are–FAR more forbearing, in fact, than are other young Black and Hispanic men to their own kind.
      Trust me, statistics prove that that guy over there who looks just like YOU, if you’re Black or Hispanic, is more likely to shoot and kill you than is the cop on the corner.

  5. Sack or pick Krapernick is a shitty QB, who lost his job for no other reason than he sucks at football. Anyone who’s ever actually watched him play, even in his breakout year knows this. He decided to jump on the BLM train for publicity.

    • And there it is:
      Likely this would never have been the issue of the weekend if Trump’s aides had confiscated his phone for the day until the games were over.
      These players weren’t protesting criminals being shot by police, they were doing this to give a very fashionable finger to our president.
      How trendy of them. Doubtless they’ll get invites to all sorts of star-studded events now…
      But in so doing: they’ve given that same finger to a lot of people who will now have to rethink spending money on tickets and merchandise.

      • No racist Kevin, UNARMED black folks are being disproportionately shot by police, not criminals who are black.

        That is why decent folks protest, while racist azzwipes like you make inane racist excuses that only similarly stupid racists like you nod along to

  6. Where ever you come down in your beliefs about ‘oppression’, I am more than a little curious as to how people get to do this at work. I don’t care how much they get paid, they are wearing their employers’ uniforms and making their living during games. Why is that a demonstration of free speech? Players have an entire cottage industry dedicated to following, yea, hounding them without mercy to get their insight on virtually everything, they have a much grander and more expansive voice they can project from their private lives than most of their fellow citizens. Imagine one of the multitude of normals on some daily errand in a political T shirt or hat getting stopped at the check out line for an impromtu lecture. Manager time. This is less about the players and their really deep feels than it is about yet again conditioning the majority of the country to swallow it whole and shut up. If they have free speech, so do the rest of us.

    • Well, in fairness, breast cancer treatment and research have nothing to do with playing football, either. Yet, the NFL took it upon itself to stitch little pink patches on everyone’s uniform. That’s compulsory social activism. The league couldn’t very well rebuke a player for voluntary activism, providing that it did not imply NFL endorsement.

      “But…..but….breast cancer is different from phony perceptions of police shootings! Nobody would be against breast cancer research!!!” Maybe, maybe not.

      Numbers from 2015 here:

      Breast cancer research gets $543 million in annual federal funding, for a disease with approximately 21 annual deaths and 131 new cases per 100,000 people. That’s about $26 million per 1 death/100K people and $4.2 million per 1 new case/100K people.

      Meanwhile, prostate cancer research gets just $90 million in annual federal funding, for a disease with approximately 19 annual deaths and 100 new cases per 100,000 people. That’s a mere $4.7 million per 1 death/100K people and a paltry $900,000 per 1 new case/100K people.

      So, adjusted for rates to make the numbers comparable, breast cancer, which overwhelming afflicts women as compared to men, gets FIVE times as much federal funding as prostate cancer, 100% of whose patients are male.

      Taking offense at the NFL plastering breast cancer awareness swag all over uniforms is a tenable stance. # MaleLivesMatter

      The bottom line is that the NFL opened the door to all kinds of non-football message sending years ago. They don’t have a leg to stand on now that it’s come back to bite them.

      • I spent some quality outdoor time with my sons yesterday rather than watch a bunch of disrespectful millionaire thugs play football within a league run by placating snowflakes and reported on by left-wing media activists. Starve them of the money they need from us flyover folks. Screw ’em all.

  7. Why is TTAG posting this crap? It has nothing to do with guns, gun rights, or gun politics. Please don’t let TTAG devolve into uber-nationalist right-winger nonesense and become divisive.

      • Thank you (autofill/correct error).

        It’s a very weak association. Do what you will with your site, but sometimes you have to step back and think about the mission and goals of TTAG. This doesn’t seem to fit nor advance any causes.

        • The only people “race baiting” are the overpaid hoodlums who make millions of dollars throwing balls and then claim that they are somehow oppressed because they get called out when they make a mockery out of their job.

          Simple fact is, black men are 6% of the population but commit ~50% of the homicides. Until these clowns quit normalizing criminal behavior, that won’t change. Rather than ranting about nonexistent “racist” cops, they should be bringing attention to the fact that these communities are overrun by criminals due to their refusal to assimilate into modern 21st century society.

        • No pwrserge, the problem is that they are integrated into the 21st century of moral relativism, humanism and denial of G-d and his guidance. What we get are families with only a mother and no father and the concurrent lawlessness of their children.

          What we need is a national revival to the Christ and G-d’s laws and families with a mother and a father.

        • Heres a documented correction to pwrserge racist lies, lies typical of the ignorant lying racists running and frequenting this loathsome site.

          The documented reality of police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks remains no matter how many excuses/diversions yall dishonest ignorant racists concoct and repeat ad nauseam:

          “The results provide evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans…”

        • How can PwrSerge and ChrisT both be “TheDumbestLiar”? If you’re going to use childish nickname in your efforts to enlighten the people you insult, they should at least be consistent within a single article’s comments.

      • The concerns of a mixed race football player and football hating white progressive socialists, will never address the thousands on black on black murders that happen annually in this country.

        This is just “feel good” for white people.

        • Parroting Rush Limbaugh by trying to change the topic will not magically change the reality that police disproportionately shoot unarmed black folks

          The documented reality of police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks remains no matter how many excuses/diversions yall dishonest ignorant racists concoct and repeat ad nauseam:

          “The results provide evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans…”

  8. Protesting something by performing an act that demands others protest against it is counter-productive.

    THIS ALL WAS A PRE-PLANNED SET OF EVENTS (delayed only slightly by the total failure of the Hillary campaign). This was all orchestrated long ago AS A PROTEST AGAINST AMERICA, AND SPECIFICALLY AMERICAN ICONS LIKE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Hilloshit was pushing a change in the National Anthem back in Peyronie-Bill’s term,


    Goodell and Colin Kaepernick AND ALL THOSE IN AGREEMENT are tools.


    “Life is, in fact, a battle. Evil is insolent and strong; beauty enchanting, but rare; goodness very apt to be weak; folly very apt to be defiant; wickedness to carry the day; imbeciles to be in great places, people of sense in small, and mankind generally unhappy. But the world as it stands is no narrow illusion, no phantasm, no evil dream of the night; we wake up to it, forever and ever; and we can neither forget it nor deny it nor dispense with it.”

    ― Henry James, Theory of Fiction: Henry James

  9. Any one of these players could single handedly fund some local “urban” org dedicated to bettering relations between minority and minority and minority and cop. With their pocket change they could have counselors and guides and “social” worker boots on the ground as it were bringing people together.

    But its easier and cheaper to be instagram posting slacktavists and virtue signal with your knee-taking bullshit.

    From where I’m sitting all I saw on Sunday was what should have been an epic day of nail biters and unlikely plays ruined by politicizing bullshit from the players, the owners, the political class and most offensively from the damn pre game coverage.

    The NFL will soon be as dead as MLB and NHL if they keep this shit up.

    I don’t know anyone who follows football because they like being preached to by a bunch of entitled, elitist faux celebs but that’s about all we’ll be getting this season.

    • Shire-man for the win!!!

      Especially Shire-man’s comment that all these incensed NFL members (whether players, coaches, managers, owners, or commissioners) could be spending their obscene amounts of cash on MEANINGFUL AND CONSTRUCTIVE change in their urban core markets.

      I imagine all of those incensed NFL members collectively could easily produce $20 billion to fund education, trade-skills development, family counseling, mentoring, community building, etc. and actually clean up two or three NFL cities every year. But no. That might require not purchasing a new Lamborghini every year.

      Excuse me while I go send an e-mail to my closest NFL city/team and tell them how I will not support them until they seriously clean up their act.

    • They could even open a business in such a community. A decent (not even good) job will do more for a poor person than any training program or handout.

      The whole comment situation really needs to be fixed.

  10. Like I sad yesterday –

    September 24, 2017, was the beginning of the end of the NFL as an institution in the USA.

    They can’t seem to figure out if you go out of your way to piss off the majority of your fans, you’re gonna pay a steep cost for that…

  11. Out of control snowflakes with badges are targeting all Americans. It is well past time to remove most of the privileges we the citizens have given cops. No more immunity of any kind. A higher level of danger before they are allowed to use force against a citizen. Or we can cut pay and force them to work until age 72 before they touch one penny of pension money.

      • I do think cops should be held to a higher standard than the average Joe when a cop uses force on the job. All the special privileges we give to cops that we don’t give to populations proven to be more law abiding than cops are stupid. Also, personal responsibility for gross negligence or an intentional breach of someone’s rights committed on the job would go a long way to getting bad cops to behave, or good cops hounding them out of the profession.

      • Remember, it is a sacrosanct 1st Amendment right to be an absolute idiot in print. We should fully support, nay, CHAMPION his stupidity as a mark of respect for our hallowed American institutions of freedom of speech, don’t you think?
        I mean, even an absolute gibbering half-wit or village idiot should be allowed to exercise his right to express himself, no matter how inane or ridiculous it is to others.
        THIS is AMERICA!

    • Say. . . why don’t YOU volunteer? I’m sure that you’d be so Dag Blag perfect, gentle and forgiving to everyone that you’d never THINK of using violence! You could become an SJW, or maybe a Community Organizer! No gun for YOU!

      Or would you rather stay at home, nice and cozy, while some OTHER poor slob does the filthy jobs FOR you? YOU don’t want to get YOUR hands dirty or your hair mussed, or maybe get sued and lose everything, or get maimed or killed on the job, right?

      I rather thought so.

      Your kind are despicable.

  12. Hmmm… You know, I must have forgotten to turn on any of the games yesterday and I think I’ll ‘forget’ again tonight. The only game I watched this weekend was on Saturday when OU and Baylor slugged it out.

  13. People are wrong about lots of things – many times several at once – due to misinformation and manipulation, as well as personal biases. I read on BigThink yesterday (The Neuroscience of Why People Won’t Budge on Their Beliefs”) that even when presented with factual, objective facts that someone who is already biased towards one position or the diametrically-opposed position, humans tend to clutch even harder to their original beliefs, rather than logic would dictate that they should become more flexible and willing to accept the other position – or at least becoming open to reconsideration.

    This is attributed to a very believable reason: an intelligence gap. The only way they were able see any flexibility in trying to influence opinions was by identifying common motives and goals that would be a seed for building trust with the persons with the opposing position. This is a method I have been employing in my professional life to bring together managers with different attitudes and interests within the same organization. Please believe me when I say that it really works!

    BTW, they used “gun control” as one of the example survey criteria, along with global warming and vaccine denial. I believe they lesson from this is that in order to become heard for what we stand for in terms of 2A rights, the only way we will be able to effect change is to become less hostile to the anti-gun people, and try to establish a basis for trust so that they might become more receptive to actually listening to what we have to say and represent how it works in the real world, and demonstrate that the pew-pew life is not as evil or dangerous as they might have originally thought.

    The last time I used this approach I was with a naive woman in a hospital imaging department waiting area where we each were waiting to be seen. She spouted off some general gun control laws would help fantasies, and I ended up telling her that she was entitled to an option, but that sharing it should be constrained to an “informed opinion rather that regurgitate the lies and misrepresentations of anti-gun organizations who are, at heart hypocritical by enjoying the safety and benefit of personal bodyguards, while denying everyone else from even being capable of defending ourselves. If you are going to express an opinion, wouldn’t you fell more secure if you at least verified the claims you have convinced yourself are worth repeating?”. I was surprised and delighted that her response was positively accepted and actually made her think, telling me that it felt a lot different when considering that perspective, and realizing that gun control laws were ineffective. Overall, a very satisfying experience.

  14. The biggest killer of young blacks is…. young blacks! Not COPS, Guns, whites, etc. I refuse to watch the NFL, there job is to entertain not preach to an audience. FTNFL!

  15. National Felons’ League players tend to blessed with incredible athletic talent, and cursed with tiny, tiny brains.

    They make millions playing a GAME in America. They couldn’t make that money playing a game in Africa.

    It’s sooo unfair…..

    • Aaron NFLers have a lower arrest rate than the general population and a much lower arrest rate than the black NFL-aged population, this fact has been documented by your racist brethren “Tom in Oregon” (although being the silly racist he is he omitted that sentence from his copy-and-paste and claimed that the site actually documented the racist lie yall repeat)

      And yall all regurgitate this lie because yall are all on the same racist sites which sent you an email with fake stats that you imbibed and endlessly regurgitate, even it has been debunked long ago.

      This is typical of how yall lying racists operate, if info accords with your racist delusions you presume it is accurate and disseminate it, just as the mountain of scholarly evidence I have shown you contradicting your racist delusions you simply ignore.

  16. Oh I love this situation. The NFL is a joke that only survives because various state and local governments back truck loads of cash up to the door every year to keep them going with completely one sides tax deals. The fact that President Trump can use this to beat them over the head for being so partisan just makes me laugh all that harder.

    And that’s before I consider that I used to live in a small town in Mississippi where the NFL has a high school ‘plantation’ where they like to ‘recruit’ kids right out of high school for college ball and then eventually into the NFL if they make the cut. Little rat bag high school that looks like an Apple campus. That money comes from somewhere.

  17. Interesting that player in London took the knee for the National Anthem but stood for “God Save the Queen”, an anthem of a country which condoned slavery for hundreds of years, practiced unbridled Colonialism and oppressed the Scots and Irish. Need a history lesson, boys?

  18. Many consider Fox News commentary to lack credibility, and commentary on that commentary even more so. It would be more helpful to provide a link directly Fryer’s paper under discussion (

    Please also consider the December 2016 paper “Do White Police Officers Unfairly Target Black Suspects?” ( published by Dr. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center ( In normal academic fashion, it reviews Fryer’s work in its discussion of previous research. Lott’s paper examined data for 2,699 police killings for the years 2013–2015, and found “no statistically significant difference between killings of black suspects by black and white officers.”

  19. “American police officers were not killing black people at a rate any higher than whites.”

    Well, it’s nice to know that the boys in blue are equal opportunity murderers.

    As for the bums who won’t stand up for the flag, I suggest that if they weren’t playing professional sports inside the stadiums, they’d be breaking into cars outside them.

  20. The Steelers: Alejandro Villanveva who came out and stood for the American Flag while the rest of the teams hid inside the locker room is a true American patriot. Coach Tomlin who said the team comes first before the flag is a jackass.

  21. This nonsense is all inspired by Black Lies Matter, a gang of sociopaths every bit as malignant as the Fraternal Order of Police.

    While there certainly is racism in police ranks, there’s a MUCH bigger problem of generalized hatred and contempt for ANYBODY who’s not a cop, regardless of race. The barmaid in Chicago was, to steal a line from Weird Al, “whiter than sour cream”. That didn’t stop a drunken 300lb. coward with a badge from trying to stomp her to death or stop his friends from intimidating the victim, her employers, co-workers and witnesses.

    Likewise, when Officer (later Detective) Alvin Weems shot Michael Pleasance in the head for no reason whatever, there were no White people present. The victim and the killer were both Black. A White Police Superintendent promoted him to Detective AFTER the unjustified shooting.

    Police misconduct and indeed criminal violence by police is not PRIMARILY a racial problem. It’s a problem of a group of public employees who seek to make themselves an inviolate caste above the rest of society.

    And regarding the protests, if you chase an inflated animal skin for a living, I don’t give a damn what you think about ANYTHING. I don’t care what Colin Humperdinck (I can’t be bothered to learn to spell his name correctly) thinks about football, never mind anything of consequence. I haven’t watched a non-shooting sporting event since 1986. To all of those outraged by the infantile protests, READ A BOOK. I suggest “Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors”.

  22. Well if the numbers are to be believed this is costing the NFL quite a bit of coin.

    Their TV ratings for SNF came out today, in many places the numbers were the lowest ever.

    Personally I don’t give a fig. I haven’t watched football since my early teens and I don’t much care about the protesting.

    • If I read it correctly there are provisions in the contracts with advertisers that state certain ratings numbers. If said ratings do not meet with the specifics of the contract then money has to be refunded to the advertisers. NFL owners can say they are in unity with players all they want. If their bottom line is affected enough they will put a stop to this stuff.

  23. What is this football of which they speak? It’s just begun but I’m done for the season. Maybe I’ll watch next season—should there be one.

    • In more civilized countries, ‘football’ is called ‘Soccer,’ or ‘Rugby,’ and is actually played with the FEET. The ball is, amazingly, ROUND, gets kicked about and occasionally head-butted, the players don’t wear armored suits or crash helmets, and, shockingly, few are killed and even fewer maimed.
      It is widely considered to be the World’s most popular sport–except in ‘Murica. It is especially loved in countries that also fight with their feet and make love with their mouths, speak funny languages that are NOT American, and eat really spicy food with a lot of cheese while serving wine to their children (GASP!).
      This is why they are inferior to us in this and so many other ways and never win any wars.

  24. Robert,
    What does this article have to do with guns? I could really care less what your opinion about this subject is. Stick to guns. Thanks.

    • Freely exercising MY First-Amendment rights, I hereby state that I completely disagree with your opinion, and have enjoyed the article and the comments–that is, all except yours.
      Of course, you are fully entitled to your absolutely ridiculous opinion, and I absolutely support your right to be absolutely wrong in front of thousands of people.

  25. So to him, this is bigger than football. And it’s still happening. Then why is he still playing football instead of helping?

  26. There’s still a lot of money in race-baiting. Ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. A lot of votes, too. Obama picked up more than 95% of the black vote. Hillary would be president if she had done a better job of exciting black voters.

    As to police, I usually can’t tell the race and gender of the person I’m stopping. Frankly, I don’t give a sh!t about someone’s race, except in a use of force. I don’t want to use force on anyone, but especially on black people. Everyone loses their minds if a cop uses force on a black man, regardless of the reason.

    Now, if a white man gets shot, people tend to focus on what happened before the shooting, and if the shooting was justified. You know, things like facts. And that’s as it should be.

    • Your naive/dishonest claim that “… I don’t give a sh!t about someone’s race…” is belied by a mountain of peer reviewed studies indisputably documenting that not only overt racists like you but even well-meaning folks engage in racist decision making

    • Despite your dishonest and transparent claim that the issue is “Everyone loses their minds if a cop uses force on a black man…”, the documented reality remains that decent folks are upset because UNARMED black folks are disproportionately shot by the police.

      The problem is that UNARMED black folks are being shot, not criminals who happen to be black as you dishonest indicate

      And people are upset because this is documented to be an ongoing across the board phenomenon, not something that happens “if” police shoot.

      “The results provide evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans…”

      Police ARE shooting and consistently shooting and killing UNARMED black folks, thats why BLM exists. No amount of your racist bullsheet will change this sad reality

  27. All these left wing organizations to avoid–saving me a good deal of coin. Nothing better than collecting long-lived toys that they despise.

  28. Keeling NFL players and their supporter sare dupes or scum.

    BLM loves cop killers and Hamas, and lies about cop on black violence, and ignores nearly 200x more black criminal on black law-adiding crime stats.

    7 Statistics You Need To Know About Black-On-Black Crime

    Police Violence against Black Men Is Rare

    Black Lives Matter, Hamas and the BDS Movement


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