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What, you didn’t make it to Knob Creek either? That’s OK. Kick back and check out the FN F2000 along with the SCAR Mk 16 and Mk 17 as Tim Harmsen of the Military Arms Channel blows through some ammo.

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  1. Kinda odd the way that FN bullpup just dribbles the spent casings out. I understand they’re travelling down a tube to feed them out. What if you’re shouldering the rifle and firing at an up angle, say the second or third story of a building. Would the spent casings loose enough oompa to start piling up in the tube and maybe even clogging the action up?

    • Nope. That was a specific design feature of the F/FS 2000. Spent casings push themselves out.

      Another little known fact: the first 3-4 spent casings will stay in the tube before popping out. There’s a cover (shown open in this video) that can be closed. In essence, this works like a revolver: fire a small number of rounds, but without leaving ballistic evidence (casings) on the ground. For what it’s worth …

      There also is material inside the tube that applies friction to spent casings so they don’t fall back down (inside) when firing upwards.

  2. Jwm, you can load the ejection chute with empties (it will hold around 6 or 7 of them), close the port cover and shoot it at an upward angle and it will kick every spent casing out of the gun. I’ve even packed mud in the tube and the gun incrementally pushes the rounds out until it pushes the mud out and the spent casings. It’s a very robust system.

    • Do you have a full review video for the FN2000 yet?

      As a cross-dominant right-handed/left eyed shooter with a wife who is cross-dominant left-handed/right eyed this and the Keltec RFB are only bullpups that interest me at all.

    • Tim,
      I am a big fan of your channel, you are the man dude, please keep your keen insights and reviews coming. Would you ever consider doing bullpup comparison video to get into the design differences and function between the different models available?

    • Great video. The only thing you should have added was actually shooting it from your left shoulder, too. (Just talking about it was better than most reviews, though.)

  3. I dream of the day that the Hughes Amendment and/or the NFA has a chance of being repealed. Slidefire stocks are just not the same as having access to pre ’86 automatic weapons.

  4. I’m sure the full auto machine gun shindig at Knob Creek is a blast, but I’d be just as happy to shoot a select fire FN2000 or SCAR like this.

    Another great MAC vid!

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