Gavin Newsom gun control laws
California Gov. Gavin Newsom, seated, gives a thumbs up to Assemblyman Todd Gloria, D-San Diego, right, after signing Gloria's measure that prohibits the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, during a ceremony the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. Gloria's measure was one of more than a dozen gun violence prevention bills the governor signed Friday. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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Now, thanks to California Governor Gavin Newsom, just about anyone you’ve ever come in contact with can initiate a gun violence restraining order (“red flag”) confiscation order against you.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed a law that will make the state the first to allow employers, co-workers and teachers to seek gun violence restraining orders against other people.

The bill was vetoed twice by former governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, and goes beyond a measure that he signed allowing only law enforcement officers and immediate family members to ask judges to temporarily take away peoples’ guns when they are deemed a danger to themselves or others.

Newsom is also a Democrat and signed a companion bill allowing the gun violence restraining orders to last one and five years, although the gun owners could petition to end those restrictions earlier.

The new laws are were among 15 gun-related laws that Newsom approved as the state strengthens what the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence calls the nation’s toughest restrictions.

“California has outperformed the rest of the nation, because of our gun safety laws, in reducing the gun murder rate substantially compared to the national reduction,” Newsom said as he signed the measures surrounded by state lawmakers. “No state does it as well or comprehensively as the state of California, and we still have a long way to go.”

– Don Thompson in California adopts broadest US rules for seizing guns

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  1. As usual. NO facts, just lies.

    California is one of the unsafest, unhealthiest, worst places to live as a result of the creeping Socialism that has gripped the Globalist Elite owned and operated Democrat Socialist Party.

    • When you hate Socialism because Reagan told you to but you cannot live without your Social Security check so you then call everyone Snow Flakes. Make America Stupid Again.

      By the way I am not for this new California Law as it does not have enough safe guards to protect the innocent that are wrongly accused. It looks to me like a potential legal nightmare.

      • Americans hate socialism because socialism is a shitty way to run a country. Having Social security doesn’t directly translate into “socialism” as you liberals continually claim. But you’re probably too young to know how it actually works.

      • Expecting the government to honor it’s commitment after paying into the system for 50 years doesn’t make one a socialist. Even if it is a social program.

      • No, socialism sucks. Please educate yourself. Yes, the US is not a complete free market economy, but it sure as hell is not a socilaist society and I am not interested in even more government control and higher tax rates. I’m also not interested in paying for someone else’s Gender Studies degree, guaranteed jobs, an artificially inflated minimum wage, or really anything Uncle Bernie is pushing.

      • “When you hate Socialism because Reagan told you to…”

        I didn’t see that sentiment in any of the poster’s original statement. However, thank you for bringing that up. I’ve been here for over 40 years. It was better when Reagan was governor and there was a balance of right and left thought and debate. Single party rule has ruined the state. It’s driven out most of the productive people and drawn in 1/4 of the U.S.’s homeless, mentally ill, illegals, and drug addicted. I didn’t need Reagan to tell me that the commies have ruined everything; I’ve lived through and have experienced the change.

      • OMG, You actually believed what you wrote here? I have lived in communist regimes. I have lived in socialist regime. Now, I am living in a free capitalist society. Believe me when I said the place I’m living right now is the best place of all!!!
        If you really like socialism then you don’t have to move far……that place is right north of America. Move there and you will get all the FREE stuffs you ever dream of. Trust me, the government will take “good care” of you.
        Another thing, socialism and social checks don’t mean the same thing, you…..

        • ” I have lived in communist regimes. I have lived in socialist regime. Now, I am living in a free capitalist society.”

          And I welcome you!

          Curious, your communist exposure, was that of the Eastern European or South America version?

      • No, I hate socialism because it’s not self sustaining. As Marget Thatcher said “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of everyone else’s money”. Second, Social Security isn’t an entitlement at all, the government has taken that money out of every paycheck I have ever earned without any input from me.

      • Rubiconcrossed:

        You’re confusing Social Security with Welfare. Everyone that does not have a pension pays for Social Security. Welfare, on the other hand, is socialist and should be eliminated.

      • Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system and is/will be strained greatly by the aged baby-boomer generation. If it had been converted to an annuity type system like FD Roosevelt suggested in his later years, then it would be a completely sustainable system.

        • If the Congress was stopped from using “extra” SS money for other purposes, we would not have the Baby Boomer breakdown. For years there was more money put in than was paid out. That money could have been invested or loaned out to other programs, but was just taken with no real accounting to add to the “general slush fund”

      • Stupid,read the Preamble,The Declaration of Independence to you Dummy.We are not a Democracy,If you do not know the difference then soon your Medicare for all will help you understand why you live in a shit hole and will never get out as long as you claim,that
        the “Now Chicom run Sadistic,Demon rat-Mob Rule Committee party as we know it under CAlif Mob Rules the Nation. Gavin Newsome is famous for quoting that phrase.He will be challenged and recalled, when Trump Collapses the 9th Jerkit once and for all Impeach all you want it will go nowhere as Red flag will never pass as a Federal Law as well as Collapse across America.

      • FFS Social Security is not socialism. They have nothing to do with each other. Social Security is a social service, not the seizure of the means of production by the people. Learn something before you regurgitate leftist talking points.

        • I’m willing to bet that guy just heard that leftist line for the first time in his sociology 101 class and thought he was just so slick and edgy using it here. Now he’s crying in a safe space Somewhere about online bullying.

      • I don’t care what somebody calls the stat government in California. Fact is that many of their state laws go against our constitution. If that is what Californians want to to, all the power to them – there is a legal way to leave the United States if they disagree with Federal laws. I personally would highly recommend taking that step as right now, California is not acting like a state of our country anymore.

        As it comes to gun control, red flag laws etc., it only shows how mentally damaging constant drug consumption can be. A great reminder for the rest of the country to keep drugs illegal…. and California is also an amazing showcase for how far politicians can go with their lies and blowing sugar up the arses of their voters to protect their own well-being.

    • Yes california is a very dangerous place to be. Just as Panama was a very dangerous place to be for the same reasons well over 100 years ago. Disease will be a major killer in california because of the backards movement in the area of public hygiene. Also violence is also very high in california. Some of the most violent cities are in california.

      DYSTOPIA California: Window to America’s FUTURE 13 minutes long

      • As a native and lifelong Californian, I can say that this video strikes pretty close to the mark. I’ve been visiting a certain Central Coast area off and on for three decades, though it’s been three or four years since the last time. Went there last weekend and was completely astonished at the explosion of homeless everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. It used to be that you might see two or three panhandling in a specific area, but now they were all over the town, at the beach, outside the hotel entrances, begging outside restaurants. Screaming obscenities at invisible people, yelling at passersby, tossing trash all over the place.

        A few of them were the expected older, grizzled-beard men, but most of them were in their 20s or younger, riding bicycles or skateboards and smoking pot while holding their hands out for money. Spitting, snot-rocketing, and trashing while attempting to convince you that they’re worthy of your pocket change.

        This exponential uptick started in San Francisco, then expanded to Los Angeles (when Phoenix offered one-way bus tickets to their homeless), then to the coastal cities, then to the Central Coast, and is now creeping inland to my own home area.

        Whenever I speak with a Lefty about politics or “social justice” programs being implemented here, they always circle back around to the basic premise that the State owes them a good living, and at the expense of others thru confiscatory taxes.

        Very sad. I’m watching this once-Golden State dissipate into a socialistic wasteland while Newsom and the Demokrats in Sacramento jump and dance to pander for continued votes.

        Bread and circuses. And we all know how that eventually turns out.

        • Yesterday, in Ventura Co. there were 3 small brush fires in the Santa Clara Riverbottom. I have no doubt the homeless that live there started the fires just so they can cook thier food. It’s like the homeless all migrate to CA, can’t beat the awesome weather.

        • A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a radio interview with an LAFD Fire Captain on KFI AM 640, and the Captain said the LAFD responds to up to ten fires per day in Los Angeles County, nearly all of them campfires that were started by homeless people and got out of control. He said it’s a tremendous strain on firefighting resources.

  2. At this point would Mexico even agree to take California if we offered, but required they take the people along with the land?

    • Yeah, Mexico would take it. And send in the army to clean it up. A lot of the BS that goes on now would be over.

      • And they would bring their corruption, cartels, failed state systems, etc. The only thing that would change is that it would strike 54 guaranteed electoral votes for the (D) machine, undermine our power projection in to the Pacific, cut the GNP by 20%, and cause tens-of-millions of California refugees to flee east in to YOUR states….. I say cut California in 2 rather than cede it back to Mexico.

        • Cut it into 3. Two coastal liberal states and one agrarian conservative state.

          Then pray for the Big One…

      • The Crimson Pirate – riiiiight – the Mexican Army is doing such a stellar job of ‘solving’ all of the problems in what is currently Mexico – ever wonder how come people down there are forming citizen protection groups (which are generally stomped on by THAT army)?

  3. Streets covered in feces, 18th St, MS13, Crips, Bloods, Surenos, Nortenos, utilities shutting power off, $1.3 trillion in debt

    But yeah, let’s go after those gun owners. Enemy no.1.

    • They’re trying to drive conservatives and libertarian moderates out of the state. Its the only card they can play, because the state is so mismanaged and so many people are waking up to the insanity, that the state may flip next election cycle….. I highly doubt it, but we have more Trump voters, more gun owners, and more conservative political donors than any state other than Texas. Those are the people the (D) monster is trying to excise.

    • Ahh an educated man. Most people think MS13 is a Mexican gang. Crips and bloods are scarcer than ever and the Surenos and Nortenos are working on a truce. Newsom doesn’t approve.

  4. See what’s coming when the progressive socialists gain back the presidency and both houses of Congress!

    • I remember telling a couple of friends to steer way clear of this guy and his company. Build parties hosted by a company selling all the parts and “renting” the tools were always going to end up getting somebody in trouble.

      Super interesting article though, I didn’t keep tabs on much of anything after he got popped.

      • Where are you located? I know a few 3%’s in SB Co. Anyways, that article makes me wonder, just how many of these operations are the ATF keeping tabs on in CA? The way things are going not only will CA be leading the gun control, CA will also be leading the Gun Black Market.

        • No longer in CA at all. Grew up in Fontana and ran all over SB and Riverside Counties until I moved out to SaMo as an adult.

          Quite comfortable in NC where I am largely left the F alone and I have to worry less about my children dealing with the kind of dirtbags I grew up around

    • Interesting.

      “AR-15s, as we speak today, do not have a receiver by the definition of the existing law and that’s a huge issue,” he said. “It shows that the laws are obsolete and they’re out of sync with the realities of today’s firearms market.”

  5. I suggest that anyone who works with any Cali pols, Cali LEOs, and Cali gov’t employees should consider doing the right thing when this red flag law expansion goes into effect.

    Think of the children.

    • Yep – simply offer every drug user who “red flags” a cop or even better somebody who protects the useless senators and governor a free pipe full of dope and you will have the courts busy for the next 1000 years within a day.

  6. So i. a few short days California will be the safest place to live in the United States. I wonder if New York’s Governor Cuomo is taking notes?

  7. The only solution I can come up with as a counter strike is to sue anyone who claims you should not have guns. Even if you do not win it will cost the accusers a bundle of money and the word will get out and maybe go viral as well. But only do this if your not guilty because if you are guilty you will permanently lose your right to have a gun. Which is the main reason for the law to begin with. But never despair you can always go to a gun show and buy all the guns you want with no questions asked.

  8. Question to the people of California ; How do these people keep getting voted into office ? Do Dems outnumber Republicans ? I see plenty of complaining but no challenges to their unlawful power.

    • Well, California and New York are great places to live, especially if you like the living part. You know, continuing to have a heartbeat and respiration.

      Both California and New York rate higher then almost every other state for life expectancy and low premature death, California is number two behind Hawaii and New York is number five. Contrast this with the red states, Mississippi is the worst and the deep South has some of the lowest life expectancy‘s in the US.

      “ 2. California
      • Life expectancy at birth in 2015: 80.9 years
      • Life expectancy at birth in 1980: 74.3 years (20th highest)
      • 1980-2015 life expectancy change: 6.6 years (3rd largest)
      Residents of California have significantly improved their lifestyle, improving average life expectancy in the state significantly, and jumping from the 20th position in 1980 to second in 2015. The Golden State has the third lowest share of obese adults, the fifth lowest share of adults who do not exercise, and the second lowest share of adults who smoke. Also, 268.8 people under age 75 die per 100,000 people every
      year, the third lowest premature mortality rate and well below the national rate of 336.4 per 100,000.

      5. New York
      • Life expectancy at birth in 2015: 80.5 years
      • Life expectancy at birth in 1980: 73.2 years (17th lowest)
      • 1980-2015 life expectancy change: 7.3 years (the largest)
      As is often the case in states with high life expectancies, measures such as New York’s relatively low obesity rate and high college attainment rate reflect healthy lifestyles and advantages that support longer lives. One in four state adults are obese, versus approximately one in three adults nationwide. The percentage of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree of 36 percent is 10th highest of all states.”

      Yep, conservative red states offer a life of sickness and an early death, no wonder the people of California and NY appreciate their elected representatives.

      • That’s because young unmarried people come to California and New York to make money and leave with their wives and kids when they retire. These states suck to retire and grow old. Almost everybody I know is planning and preparing to move out of California when they retire or change jobs. We all move to red states, get old and fat, and die happy of old age, diabetes, and heart disease.

        The people that grow old and die here are people who have lived and established them selves over decades. They made life choices over half a century ago that are bearing fruit today. That’s called investment, and those people are invested in the state. They became millionaires by buying $80,000 houses in the 70’s and selling them for $1.1 million. They can afford to get old here and spend money to extend their lives.

        Not only that, but nanny statism prohibits people from doing things that would otherwise kill them. We used to call that “living life” back when California was full of Americans. I’m sure when California gets around to encasing people in government mandated and controlled plastic “safety bubbles” from cradle to grave those life expectancy numbers will go WAY up.

        I’m not even scratching the surface. The numbers you’re throwing up are an oversimplified metric for a very complex dynamic.

        • You seem to be ignoring the truth in the very statistics you site. Yes, real estate in California has appreciated greatly in the past 50 years, that’s because it’s a great place to live.

          You can say people are leaving the state in droves but if that was reality the property would be worthless as people gave it away to flee the terrible state of life in California.

          Yes, many folks in California have made very good life decisions and very good choices, that’s why California is one of the 10 happy states out of the 50:

          “ These are the top 10 happiest states in 2018 and their corresponding scores (out of 100), according to WalletHub:
          Hawaii (68.27)
          Utah (67.84)
          Minnesota (67.26)
          North Dakota (65.62)
          California (63.14)
          Idaho (63.09)
          Maryland (61.78)
          Iowa (61.07)”

        • @Miner,

          I call BS on that list. I’ve been to the Hawaiian Islands multiple times, and I can tell you that the natives I’ve encountered (who live outside the tourism bubbles) are NOT happy with their standard of living.

        • Hmmm… 4 deep red states, 3 deep blue, and 3 in-betweenish ones. What’s your point about California being so special again?

        • ” California is one of the 10 happy states out of the 50 ”

          I’m sure that is uppermost in the minds of all the homeless.

      • Again I call bullshit. If you’re liberal paradises of New York and California are such excellent and superb places to live, then why in the absolute Fuck do all you libturds migrate out of those states in droves to “Shithole” red states like Florida and Texas? If you’re liberal paradises are so goddamn perfect then why don’t you just Fucking stay there and leave us the hell alone?

        • Agreed!
          If your Communist states are all the Why do you keep moving to Florida.
          Californians, to escape the cold, maybe?
          Remember, we have HURRICANES! Lots of HURRICANES, deadly HURRICANES! And sinkholes, and alligators, and cockroaches, and out of control lion fish, and out of control Burmese pythons – upwards of 300,000 pythons occupy southern Florida and this population will only continue to grow.
          No, no, New Yorkers, New Jerseyans and Californians,
          you do not want to move to this Zika mosquito infested swamp!

      • Sorry, but a state that allows that kind of dept, lets their people live in the shit on the walkways, that has a cost of living above and beyond every other state, allows federally illegal drug consumption, establishes state law against our constitution – well, that is simply not a desirable state to live in unless you are one of the drug addicts that don’t know if they are boy or girl when filming their next porn movie.

        Name ONE thing out of California that is of value to people in the rest of the world (and don’t tell me the movie industry is of any value…)

    • And since we all love our children, and want the best for them, one wants to research how California does with infant mortality.

      It looks like California’s elected representatives are working hard to make sure that the babies of this state have the best chance at a full, productive life.

      “ Compared to other rich countries, the U.S. has unacceptably high rates of perinatal deaths, a category that covers stillbirths and deaths within the first week of life. And the most recent data suggest those numbers are not improving ― except in California. That state was the only one to see a decrease in perinatal deaths from 2014 to 2016, according to a report published Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.”

      When one considers that California’s elected representatives are helping to foster programs that have reduced infant mortality in their state, one begins to understand why the citizens continue to reelect these representatives.

      • I would attribute that to:
        1. If Californians accidentally get pregnant, then they can easilly murder the baby without any moral or social qualms. Abortions don’t go on any prenatal death statistics.
        2. People who DO want kids are more physically and financially prepared to have those kids.

        That being said, California doesn’t crank out enough babies to sustain its native population. It’s why we have to import people. Speaking of which, how many pregnant mothers went on vacation to California after it became a “sanctuary state” to have a baby here, then go home? Those “live birth” statistics go on our rolls as successful deliveries where aborted babies that showed “dead in the womb” or “unviable” did not.

        Again, over simplified metric trying to explain a complex dynamic.

      • So, you have no actual statistics to back up your claim, just speculation. Do you have a background in population or healthcare statistics that gives you a unique insight into this issue, or is this just an empty guesses from a lay person?

        Regarding abortion, I follow the biblical view that it’s not a living soul until God breathes the breath of life into the person.
        And until the child reaches one month of age, Mosaic law says there is no value.

        In any case, not having a uterus or womb means that I’m not qualified to discuss this matter. They don’t tell me what I can do with my sperm, I’m not gonna tell them what they can do with their eggs.

        And regarding California and New York, old folks just get to live a little longer in those states, then in the red states. The proof is in the putting.

        • Wait, wut?

          You follow the “Biblical view” that God doesn’t place any value on a human being he breathed life into until the child has reached the magical point of breathing air for 30 days? Do you have anything to support this nonsense?

          “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you;”
          – Jeremiah 1:5

          So you’re saying that due to the fact that you don’t have a uterus, you can’t have any say in your wife (or girlfriend’s) decision to kill your child? You cannot seriously come here to TTAG and espouse the (2A enshrined) right to defend innocent life, while also casually declaring that the most innocent among us have no right to such life.

        • Well, if your name is Jeremih, and God is speaking directly to you, then that might be true.

          “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you;”
          – Jeremiah 1:5”

          That verse is saying that God ‘consecrated’ Jeremiah as a prophet before he was born.

          “Genesis 2:7
          And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

          Until you receive the breath of life and acquire living soul, you are nothing but the dust of the ground and to the dust one day you will return.

          And you might want to read Leviticus 27, it’s interesting that the Lord places no value upon an infant until they are a month old. And, women are only worth about 3/5 of what a man is worth in the eyes of the Lord.

        • Wow, you’re conflating the dedication of a person to a priestly vocation to the value of a human life. Never seen anyone try that before.

          When a young Israelite was to be dedicated to temple life, that meant he/she would not be part of the larger community, and therefore would not be a “producer” (farmer, shepherd, carpenter, etc.). Due to the public vocations of the time, a male’s ability to provide through his labors was considered of higher value to the larger community than a female’s, generally speaking. So if a young boy was removed from the “productive” portion of the Israelite community to become supported by others (similar to how pastors are supported by their congregations today), the absence of that boy’s future labor potential was seen as greater than a girl’s would be, since she would likely become a mother and nurturer rather than a day laborer.

          Interesting how you take this concept and declare that God thinks a woman is worth less than a man.

          So, per your logic, was Jesus worth nothing to God while in Mary’s womb, or when he was born? Was He merely “dust of the Earth” until he had been breathing air for at least a month? Are you saying that it’s morally acceptable in God’s eyes to kill a child in the womb, or that partial-birth abortion is okay, or that even post-partum infanticide is okay if done before 30 days?

          Were YOU worth nothing in God’s eyes on the day you were born?

          I’m really having a tough time wrapping my mind around your logic. You sound like a Planned Parenthood supporter.

          Then again…you HAVE always been a troll on this site, so it’s entirely possible that you’re merely stirring up the pot with nonsense just to get a response.

        • Haz. miner is not pro 2a. Never has been. As far as abortion goes he knows, he’s too intelligent not to, that the very real majority of abortions in this nation are performed on women of color. There is an ongoing genocide against the black community in this country. All other demographics have increased their numbers with the exception of the black community.

          miner is a racist that has found a way through the socialist movement to help along a holocaust all the while he claims to be a progressive and supporter of womens rights.

        • jwn, you speak of genocide but I’m wondering, why is there no commandment against genocide? In fact, God often commanded the Israelites to commit genocide, Canaanites, etc.

          For that matter, there’s no commandment against rape or domestic violence.

          And not only is there no commandment against slavery, there are specific instructions on how to buy and sell slaves and how do even trick Jews into perpetual slavery.

          In fact, God has often commanded infanticide by the Israelites and committed it himself against the firstborn of Egypt.

        • miner. I don’t read the bible. But i see you did not deny my statement. You just tried to use a book to justify a genocide. A true follower of margerat sanger. There is an ongoing genocide right here in America and you will not speak against it. But all your enemies are the racist ones, right?

      • Again, bullshit. If you’re liberal states are so perfect then why are you fleeing them in droves to red states.

      • “Are you saying that it’s morally acceptable in God’s eyes to kill a child in the womb”

        Well, let’s turn to God’s word for an answer.

        Numbers 31:17 (Moses) “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every women that hath known man by lying with him.” In other words: women that might be pregnant, which clearly is abortion for the fetus.
        Hosea 13:16 God promises to dash to pieces the infants of Samaria and the “their women with child shall be ripped up”.  Once again this god kills the unborn, including their pregnant mothers.
        2 Kings 15:16 God allows the pregnant women of Tappuah (aka Tiphsah) to be “ripped open”

        1 Samuel 15:3 God commands the death of helpless “suckling” infants.  This literally means that the children god killed were still nursing.
        Psalms 135:8 & 136:10 Here god is praised for slaughtering little babies.
        Psalms 137:9 Here god commands that infants should be “dashed upon the rocks”.

        Now there is a firm, righteous moral compass to follow. When it comes time to commit genocide, start with the children.

    • Having the State government Force homosexual sex acceptance onto the state population is more important than gun civil rights. Also making drugs legal is also more important than gun civil rights.
      Newsom was always anti gun. But he was the first to marry gay couples at a city government level. And the gays were so happy. They rewarded him with their voters for him to win the governorship.

      My question is what happened to all those straight and gay open carry protesters from a few years ago???

      I now they can’t legally open carry in cali. But what about protesting without your guns? You still have the 1st amendment correct??? Or is that gone as well?

      Are you afraid?

      Perhaps you have reason to be.

      • Oh my, the horror! Their article really goes into great detail about the terrible acts by the protesters:

        “Throughout the evening, some people blew whistles while others banged drums and yelled, “Lock him up!” to attendees of the rally as they left.”

        Who would ever chant lock her up at a political rally, that’s just terrible! Right?

        And reports of urine throwing, that does sound nasty. Anybody sent to the hospital? Anybody encouraging people to punch the protesters right in the face, I’ll pay your legal bills?

        The Washington Examiner does say that there were reports of people being arrested, so it seems our LEO’s responded properly to the malcontents terrible misbehavior, right?

        So why the fear about our 2A rights?

      • ”Force homosexual sex acceptance onto the state population”

        If you were opposed to Homo sexual conduct then just don’t engage in it.

        How hard could that be?

    • rbnukeman, yes Dem voters outnumber Rep voters. Last Gov race Newsom got 61% of the vote and John Cox (Republican) got 38%. We have 2 big CA gun rights orgs, CRPA (works with NRA) and Guns Owners of California. FPC sometimes are fightung for us CA folks. We do have a lot of moderate and slightly left leaning voters. Latinos are the majority and are Roman Catholic Conservative, but most vote Dem. In general, most CA folks prioritize the environment, schools, labor rights, housing crisis, etc. above gun rights. I know many gun owners ranging from “shooting range 1 to 2 times a month” to “at the range maybe once every 1 to 2 years”. The later being more focused on other hobbies, I.e. cars/trucks, camping, deepsea fishing, scuba, surfing, sea kayak ing, cycling/mtb, CA lifestyle stuff.

    • Tens of millions of socialist voting Mexicans moved in. Import the third world, become the third world.

      Foreigners and paperwork Americans outnumber actual Americans by a wide margin in California.

  9. Let me see, weren’t some of the last people to sign similar legislation called Nazis and Soviet communists? If he wants to get some people shot let neighbors start ratting on each other for no reason. Co-workes and teachers who report people who are NOT a problem should lose their jobs. California recalled a nut named Gray Davis, didn’t they? It’s time to fire up the petitions again.

  10. THOMAS C. FROHLICH AND JOHN HARRINGTON | 24/7 WALL STREET | 2:12 pm EST February 21, 2018
    As of this article California had 1467 firearm related homicides in 2016. They were #1 on the list of the states that reported that figure. Calofornia for all its infringements can’t seem to get it right. The democrats don’t want prayers when tragedies occur, but they won’t change their approach so who is more dangerous? The criminals that perform these horrible acts or the politicians who do nothing to curb them?

  11. Pass more restrictive gun laws, see no change in murder rate. Pass more restrictive gun laws, see no change in murder rate. Pass a few more gun laws, again see no change in the murder rate. This is California in a nutshell.

    Instead of people saying wow, these gun laws haven’t done anything, we get Newscum wanting more restrictive gun laws. If you “lead the country” in gun laws, and yet have not seen a significant decrease in your murder rate, that tells you something. What is tells you is that you are not attacking the root cause of the problem. You are attacking people that aren’t committing the murders and violent crime. If you look at the table, it’s roughly level for violent crime for the past decade. All of these years of passing gun laws and nothing much has changed. Compare those stats to other states that have not passed a bunch of restrictive gun laws, or even repealed a multitude of gun laws for the past ten years.

  12. Being very simplistic here.
    If we could unload both New York and Kommifornia. This would once again be a great country.
    Those 2 shitholes of states aren’t fit to live in. Let them become their own countries. And see how long they would last.

  13. The whole west coast sucks,,, blame the public school systems, there the ones pumping the young full of crap,,, like the streets on the WEST COAST… oh ya, their all run by , come on now, say it with me,,,, Democrats…💩

  14. Yes, California has outperformed most states, it having made hash of the constitutional rights of the law abiding. This, in the view of some, strange to note, is an accomplishment to be admired. For myself, having once upon a time lived in California, Berkeley and Oakland, I find California’s “accomplishment” more than just questionable.

  15. The People’s Republic of Kalifornya is an HIV infection in this country, and it needs to be cured. Every single politician there has the disease. The sheeple who elect them are clearly infected. Maybe if we quarantined them all, the rest of the country could rest easy.

  16. Reality check.
    Doing the same thing over and over (such as laws restricting firearms) and expecting a DIFFERENT result (past laws have caused NO reduction in firearm crimes/violence) is the definition of insanity.

    Best case, the CA politicians are LYING about why they want more anti-gun laws. Worst case, they are sh!thouse rat level CRAZY.

    Those are the 2 possible conditions, liers or insane.
    No need to argue which, both make them UNQUALIFIED to hold a public office.

  17. I’m curious; will police officers(on duty and off) be exempt from this?

    I could imagine a well organized gang could cripple the local police department.

    Oh, the hilarity!

    Seriously, my wife and I cannot leave this shithole state soon enough.

  18. Gov. Newsom Signed A Total Of 15 New Gun Laws:

    AB 12 by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) extends the duration of a gun violence restraining order (GVRO) (AKA “red flag law”) to a maximum of five years instead of one year.

    AB 61 by Assemblymember Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) allows an employer, coworker, employee or teacher to file a petition requesting that your guns be confiscated without due process.

    AB 164 by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D-Riverside) holds any person subject to a valid restraining order, injunction, or protective order issued out of state to the same restrictions on buying or possessing firearms in California as they are under in the state where the order or injunction is operative.

    AB 339 by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) requires law enforcement agencies to develop and adopt written policies and standards regarding the use of gun violence restraining orders.

    AB 521 by Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto) requires the University of California to develop a training programs for doctors on the “prevention of firearm-related injury and death.”

    AB 645 by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) requires firearms packaging to contain even more redundant warning statements on suicide prevention, increasing the cost to sell the product to the consumer.

    AB 879 by Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson) requires that the sale of firearm “precursor parts” (80% lowers, AK flats etc) be conducted through a licensed firearm precursor part vendor. The author, as judged by prior introduction of a similar bill during the previous session, more than likely intends to have ALL firearms related parts to be classified as “precursor parts.”

    AB 893 by Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) prohibits the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in the San Diego.

    AB 1297 by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) eliminates the existing $100 limit on processing fees for concealed firearm licenses, meaning local sheriffs can charge as much as they’d like.

    AB 1493 by Assemblymember Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) authorizes a person who is the subject of a gun violence restraining order to submit a form to the court voluntarily relinquishing their firearm rights.

    AB 1548 by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D-Encino) codifies the California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program to “improve the physical security of nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of violent attacks or hate crimes due to ideology, beliefs, or mission.”

    AB 1603 by Assemblymember Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) codifies the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program to “help reduce violence in communities that are disproportionately impacted by violence.”

    AB 1669 by Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Alameda) updates existing law by applying the same gun show regulations that already apply to firearms dealers to ammunition vendors as well.

    SB 61 by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) prohibits the sale of a semiautomatic centerfire rifle to any person under 21 years of age.

    SB 376 by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) limits the number of personally-owned firearms an individual can sell without a license.

    Let this be a lesson to those that live in free states. Just because we have The Second Amendment it does not always guarantee our rights as some would believe so. Remember to stay active and involved in the political process by voting, donating, write your congressman, make phone calls and join Pro Second Amendment organizations. The anti-guners are well organized , well-funded and as a community if we are not organized these types of bills will be coming to your state one day.

    As Gov. Newsom said after he signed these bills “we can certainly do more”

    • Yeah, I’ve been keeping close tabs on all of this. The Dems’ openly declared that their strategy is to pass as many laws as they can, knowing full well that many of them don’t pass Constitutional muster and can be struck down, but also knowing that it can take up to ten years for challenges to their insane laws run their course. In the meantime, they can keep doing this and frustrating gun owners to their hearts’ content.

      At some point, some Federal judge somewhere has *got* to put a stop to this. Note that nearly all the anti-gun bills contain the words “this bill creates new crimes” and explicitly exempt LEOs. What they’ve been doing is creating a second class of citizenry, whereas LEOs may enjoy nearly all the original gun rights as intended by the Founders, while the rest of us poor plebes cannot. This is building into an arguable violation of the 14th Amendment, which at some point can be used to strike down nearly all of these laws.

  19. This guy is the biggest piece of garbage socialist American hating traitor on the planet, I hope he dies in a fiery car wreck or watery grave somewhere

  20. Yeah, California needs to do much more. Start off with firing the governor and all the democrats that have run roughshod over the rights and safety of the citizens of California. Then, enforce the laws regarding illegal immigration.

    • How about good old Texas? Why aren’t they firing their politicians for making Texans unsafe in their own homes?

      A woman was in her own home, minding her business, when she was unjustifiably shot dead by the government (who claims to have been there to save her). They are saying she was a threat because she owned a gun. The police keep murdering residents of Texas as if there will be no justice for their actions and they blame our human rights afterwards.

      Amber Guyger was allowed to use Texas’ castle doctrine as an argument in her murder case, but the non government residents of Texas are not allowed to use that law against the government. If they do shoot dead a cop, they can and likely will be charged with capital murder, which allows for the death penalty. Amber Guyger was never facing the death penalty because she shot a commoner.

      At least in California the residents are trying to make it harder for the government to execute you and get away with it. They even want to disarm the cops.

  21. Sure, our gun laws are completely ineffective, but wait until you see the walls that we’re going to build around our gated communities. Just like Trump’s wall, they keep the Mexicans out!

  22. Why don’t they cut to the chase and confiscate the guns. Problem solved. No more nasty gun owners. This is why the “slippery slope” argument is not a logical fallacy. They have said they want to take our guns away. In their mind, we have them only to kill people and for no other reason.

    When I say “we” I mean the formerly law abiding gun owners. Actual criminals do not enter this equation in the Democrats mind. Criminals are only criminals because of the actions of straight, white, republican men.

  23. I wonder what would happen if 10,000 gun owners would file red flags on Newsom and other politicians for threatening them?

  24. The people of California elect their government just as other states do. Got what they voted for. Once a totalitarian government is legally in power it stays. California is a model for the nation.

    • Correct! As the great-in-his -own-mind philosopher Barry once said. ‘Elections have consequences.’ Many, many people through our history have said things like, ‘You get the government you deserve (vote for).’ What is not so often said is that we can vote out those we don’t like. At least today we still can.

      • Fortunately, even if majority does vote for one side, the minority’s rights are still protected by the Constitution.
        Unfortunately, that one particular side is known for shitting on Constitutionally protected human rights with great gusto.

  25. The people that are leaving the “blue states” are simply spreading the cancer to the free states.

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