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Welcome to Texas!  From Everyday Carry.

Have you submitted your pocket dump yet?  What’s holding you back?

Groove Street, a prosecutor in Texas, has.  He sends his Summertime Carry.   Even though for many parts of the country, summer has quickly become past tense.

He describes it as this:

My “lite” go-to EDC for Texas summer days/nights when I’m not working.

It’s good stuff.

Nice Kimber.  Super Ultra Custom Carry or something like that in a Crossbreed rig.   With not one, but two spare eight rounds of 230gr. Gold Dot goodness.  Groove has got it going on!  By the way, isn’t this the bullet Mas Ayoob described as a flying ashtray?

Throw in a Streamlight 2L light (2AA) and a Benchmade auto.  And a Stuhrling Original watch…  I had to follow the link on that.  (And then Google it.)




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  1. Yup. I submitted mine. It’s been a while though. Lost my knife for a week and I was sick. Just found it 10 minutes ago. Everything else is the same.

  2. Good carry, but then he is in Texas. The flying ashtray was the old Speer 200 gr HP with an extremely large cavity. At least I think it was 200 gr. Haven’t seen that load in at least three decades.

  3. That’s a lot of hardware. Why not just have a double stack? They’re not any fatter. (This is from someone who hasn’t carried yet.)

    • They are fatter. Personally, having carried multiple different guns over the last 20 years, I greatly prefer a 1911 style gun over anything else. I’ve just always found it far more comfortable and natural then all other handguns.

  4. I have 4 boxes of the old flying ash trays that I got at and estate sale. Yes they are 200gr.

    They have a good reputation expect for feeding in older 1911’s.

    Most newer 1911 say made from 1990’s and latter have been designed to feed all bullet designs. They feed well thru all 4 of my newer .45acp pistols

    The new gold dots are a very good bullet also. Bullet design has come a very long ways in the last 30 years.

    The most important factor in any bullet used is hitting your target. The best bullet does you no good if you miss.

    • um excuse me we’re talking about .45, you just have to fire it in the correct basic direction and it’ll incapacitate a bear.

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