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“The shootings in Louisiana now have several groups calling for gun control measures that are more strict in Colorado and across the country,” Fox 31 “reported” in a thinly-disguised promotional piece for Michael Bloomberg’s  interests that ignored the real story. “Tonight, Lafayette Louisiana joins the long and growing list of cities like Charleston, Aurora and Littleton to become national symbols of gun violence,” propagandist-disguised-as-newsman Mark Meredith solemnly intoned. “Today, on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, a handful of women with the group Moms Demand Action, hit the streets near a movie theater, hoping movie-goers will hear their call for action.” . . .

“We need to feel safe, in our churches, and out movie theaters, in our schools, we need to not be ducking from gunfire,” spokesMILM Jennifer Hope wished for hopefully, neglecting to mention the examples she was citing were all already “gun-free zones” in most places. That there’s a huge difference between feeling safe and being safe goes without saying, at least on Fox 31.

“The group hopes other states will adopt gun laws similar to those which have passed in Colorado,” Meredith elaborated, neglecting to mention the politicians who have lost their seats as a result, along with a growing “I will not comply” movement. He also didn’t mention Bloomberg’s money that finances such Astroturf efforts throughout the states as a strong-arm substitute for grassroots support.

By way of a “fair and balanced” alternative view, Meredith turned not to a spokesman for any gun rights group who might offer substantive counterpoints and added perspective, but rather, to a call for prayer. A sound bite then played of a Louisiana Democrat calling for “a serious conversation” about disarming Americans using a mental health justification, leaving inconvenient due process considerations unmentioned.

The real story, such as one exists, is that a non-event centered around – how many were there, three? – women demanding “gun control” was all the support the Bloomberg Moms could muster in a major metropolitan area following a series of highly-publicized acts of criminal violence. The other story is that a major local television “news” organization sent a crew out to give free publicity to Bloomberg’s machine, presenting just one side of the issue, and the wrong side at that. None of which, when you think about it, is really news to informed gun owners, who see this sort of media manipulation all the time.

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      • my 6th grade teacher was sometimes called “4 and a quarter finger man” from a old shop incident. I never had anything but respect for him, I learned more in 6th grade science from him then most of the other years combined, including high school. He would also throw chalk at you if you were behaving like a lil shit, even tho it was 1993 in California no less. He and the rest of the teachers there were all near retirement age, including the principal and didn’t give much care to the giant pansies that run the school board. Course, the board had thier own issues to keep them distracted, they got caught spending 75k to by fancy office chairs for those high up on the ladder.

  1. Wow 3 whole protesters well I guess my thoughts about not taking the Moms seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

  2. Three people handing out flyers is not a rally.
    Whenever I get handed a flyer its as if they are saying.
    “Here, you throw this away.”

  3. That picture made me laugh. Three pseudo-mothers peddling their papers and passersby trying to ignore them — classic.

    • I wonder if the use of that particular photograph was an intentional rebellion against the trend of shilling for Bloomberg. I’ve never seen coverage of an MDA event that used a wide angle shot revealing the minimal support these events get.

      Usually, they’d clump the gun-controllers together in a narrow shot, maybe with a nearby unrelated crowd, like people camping out at the Apple Store for the next iPhone, in the background for filler.

  4. “neglecting to mention the examples [churches, theaters, schools] she was citing were all already “gun-free zones” in most places.”

    But not in Colorado, where this local “news” story was aired.

    The only places we cannot carry freely in Colorado are:
    * Places forbidden by federal law
    * K-12 schools (gun must remain in vehicle)
    * Public buildings with security personnel and electronic screening devices permanently in place at every entrance
    The above refers to concealed carry with a permit.

    • The “public building” part gets me any time I have to visit the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (which, fortunately, has only been twice). They have deputies and a screening device and seem to screen everyone (it looks like a freaking airport security checkpoint) but, if you have a weapon on you, they make you either go outside and leave it in your vehicle or forfeit it. That doesn’t seem to comply with the “public buildings” exception to “all areas of the state” in C.R.S. 18-12-214:

      (4) A permit issued pursuant to this part 2 does not authorize a person to carry a concealed handgun into a public building at which:
      (a) Security personnel and electronic weapons screening devices are permanently in place at each entrance to the building;
      (b) Security personnel electronically screen each person who enters the building to determine whether the person is carrying a weapon of any kind; and
      (c) Security personnel require each person who is carrying a weapon of any kind to leave the weapon in possession of security personnel while the person is in the building.

      “Take it back to your car or forfeit it” doesn’t seem to jibe with “leave it in possession of security personnel while in the building”. To me, the statute means I can leave it with them and claim it when I’m leaving. If I can’t do that, they’re not complying with (c). If they’re not complying, then it isn’t a public building described in (4). If it’s not such a public building (and not a school or a federally-prohibited place), then I can carry there.

      • In Washington (the good one), we have a similar law. If a government building restricts guns inside, they have to provide safe storage for the length of your visit. And only certain types of government buildings (basically prisons, jails, and courts) are allowed to restrict weapons.

        • The Colorado statute just says “public buildings”. I suppose the DMV or county clerk could install screening devices and security personnel, but I visit those offices a couple of times per year and haven’t yet seen anything – so I carry. The only place I’ve seen the required security is the Sheriff’s office (which also houses the jail). I haven’t yet visited the courthouse (got a juror summons, but my number wasn’t called), but I’d bet they have the security, as well.

          Our statute also says they’re supposed to store weapons for us. The first time I visited the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, I was carrying a little folding knife. They didn’t give me the option of storing it while I was in the building; it was either take it back to my car or forfeit it. Next time I go (hopefully, that will be to renew my permit in a couple of years), I’ll carry a gun and a copy of the CO statute, and I’ll see what they say.

        • Indeed, but the law requiring the government building is not actually executed properly in some buildings.

          King County courthouse (Seattle)- metal detectors, lock boxes, staffed by uniformed LEOs, everything in accordance with state law. No issues there.

          Snohomish County courthouse (Everett) – private non-uniformed security sent me back to my car to store a pocket knife. When I asked to store in the lockboxes (that they have to provide by law) he looked at me like I grew horns and stabbed him with a pitchfork. I said “You have to provide lock boxes for things like this”. He just said “Nope. Exit through the door you entered” with a finger pointed.

          Gotta love it when government doesn’t abide by their own laws, right?

        • “‘Nope. Exit through the door you entered'”

          Same as my experience in Douglas County, CO. Though I was also given the option of letting them take my knife and never seeing it again.

          So, maybe, they were complying here. They were letting me leave it in their possession “while [I was] in the building”, but were then going to keep it in their possession indefinitely (which isn’t addressed in the statute).

      • They can, but there’s no penalty for ignoring them – they don’t have the force of law. At worst:
        * business posts “no guns” sign
        * I enter carrying a concealed firearm
        * someone, somehow, sees that I’m carrying
        * I’m asked to leave
        * Option 1: I leave. No penalty for me
        * Option 2: I refuse to leave. Now I’m trespassing and can be cited for that.

        • same here in Florida. no force of law. I just don’t patronize those shops. or , in the case of the mall, which I rarely visit, ignore the sign.
          On another note, how many of us have actually seen a Moms demand pink hemorroid cushions rally? or even an assembly? I never have. Wouldn’t go over well in my area as most of the women I know, carry

        • Except the vast majority of private gun owners, unlike anti gun clowns, respect property rights and tend to take signs like that seriously. Or they do what I do and just don’t give those places any time or money, and avoid them entirely.

        • “respect property rights and tend to take signs like that seriously”

          The problem (at least here) is that every time I enter a business, I’d have to scan every surface in the vicinity of the entrance to see if there was such a sign. Not just looking for a prominently-placed, large graphic (e.g. a silhouette of a firearm inside a red circle with a slash through it), but also reading the text of every notice, advertisement, warning, product promotion, etc. that might be displayed on or near the doors.

          I don’t go out of my way to look for those. If I’m about to enter a business and I see a prominent sign (i.e. at least 12″x12″, graphic, on the door I’m about to use, and at my eye level), I might consider not entering. It would depend on the circumstances.

  5. Old media. The “Pravda” (Truth) of the statist worshipers.

    The “authorized journalists” (who authorized them?) that would make Stalin proud.

    Thank G-d for the internet. Without it, the Matrix of mind and soul control by the Powers That Be would have been complete.

    • I actually think the rise of the internet is why we’ve seen such a strong push towards statism in the west since the late ’90s. The ruling elite realized early on that it would spell their end, so they launched an all-or-nothing ploy to cement their control. And that’s part of what has made Americans distrust the federal government now more than at any, since Reconstruction.

    • The rise of the internet explains why polling on guns has done a 180 since the 90s. I love seeing the death of newspapers and tv!

  6. Kudos to TTAG for stating “Fox 31 “reported” in a thinly-disguised promotional piece “. Now only if the followers here could take a small step forward and grasp that nearly all mainstream “news” is a promotional piece(s), or more accurately, agenda driven propaganda pieces.

      • Fox News is entirely in the statist propaganda camp. Rupert Murdoch is one of the ruling elite.
        Part of the Fox News mission is to get people to believe in big government and the idea that perpetual war and the domestic police/spy state are protecting American values. The other part is distracting people with false issues, like the “War on Christmas”, so they don’t realize that the Republi-crat leadership is the real enemy.

        • You bet. Liberals are exactly half the problem. Republicans have also done their share of wiping their behinds with the Constitution.
          Both parties are far more alike than different when it comes to destroying our civil rights and there is barely a whit of difference between Fox and MSNBC other than the flavor of lies you’re being fed.

    • +1. Pretty disappointed that a station affiliated with Fox reported this way- but then its Denver, and as all the media stations in left markets lose revenues as conservatives and independents tune them out, and seek news online, the editors have no choice but to find something – “meat to the dogs’ among the LIVs and SJWs.

      I put it down to desperation.

      Thanks Mr Codrea. More, Faster, Please.

  7. 3 protestors? Heck, I can get at least 6 buddies together with 30 minutes notice for fun at the range. I think I would be embarrassed to call anything a protest if only 3 people showed up.

  8. Handful? 3, ha ha. Checking Constitution now, nope, no guarantee to “feel safe”. Only thing you need to do is breath, everything else is a choice you make.

    • Does this mean when my family goes out to dinner together we’re a rally, too? Or if we split and 1/2 order meat rare vs medium, what does that mean? We double the MDA numbers in this photo.

      • I think so. I’m starting to think if I stand around in public talking to myself loudly, I can be called a rally, and I assume I will be taken as seriously, as well.

  9. I’m surprised he actually used the term “handful” instead of something more amorphous like “group” or “contingent” or something that could connote a significant number. He must have struggled in “Slanting 101” at j-school.

  10. The media is generally despicable. Most are intellectually dishonest and or lazy. If they weren’t human beings, they’d be the types of curs cut out of the herd with prejudice. These are evil people that need to be further marginalized Alinsky style.

  11. They have to do something. Shannon’s Sugar Daddy is not going to keep writing checks if they just sit at home petting their cats.

  12. From the article, “Now some see Thursday’s shooting spree in Lafayette, Louisiana as a chance to restart the gun debate.”, I read that as waving the bloody shirt and dancing in the blood.

  13. We need to feel safe, in our churches, and out movie theaters, in our schools, we need to not be ducking from gunfire,”

    Tell me, Jennifer Hope – when was the last time you ducked from gunfire? I’m betting you’ve never even been present when a firearm was discharged. Gosh, it’s so dangerous out there!

  14. “Tonight, Lafayette Louisiana joins the long and growing list of cities like Charleston, Aurora and Littleton to become national symbols of gun violence”

    Maybe I’m just a tad bit callous, but none of these incidents rates as “national news” to me.

  15. I emailed this station by using the contact form on their site. I included a link to this story and reminded them that this was why newspapers and tv were dying.

    • +1. Kudos to you. Noticing the absence of comments on news sites more and more- I guess they dont need the negative feedback from old-school news readers. I refuse to use FakeBook, or TwitNitwit, and I am sure there are many more like me… what that means is the StateRunMedia is increasingly circling around an ever more self-referential group of navel gazers, who imagine their importance is based on likes and retweets, which of course, only hastens their collapse as reality intrudes in realword loss of revenues, as other readers go elsewhere. The social media flim flam is only one step behind the massive crash to come in the manipulated stock market, which is being held up by fast ALGO flows, and leveraged hedge money in a few casino stocks like FakeBook and the Evil Google, etc.

  16. Whenever anyone says there is more support for gun control than there is for guns, I like to shoe them picutre after picture of empty gun controls rallies such as this one, followed by picture after picture of lines outside gun shows.


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