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Under New Zealand’s new mandatory buyback confiscation law, owners of semi-automatic firearms have until September 30 to turn them in. But based on this Reuters report, authorities are expecting only a fraction of those who own the newly outlawed guns to comply.

Police Deputy Police Commissioner Michael Clement told a news conference on Thursday that they are not sure how many guns they would receive as New Zealand has no law requiring people to register firearms.

“Its a great unknown question…everybody appreciates that there is no register of firearms with regards to the type of firearms we are talking about,” Clement said.

“So It could be in the tens of thousands, it could be more,” he added.

There are about 1.2-1.5 million firearms in New Zealand, according to Of these, the government has said that a record of licenses show 13,500 firearms are military style semi-automatics (MSSAs). But the number could be higher.

– Praveen Menon in New Zealand police expect tens of thousands of firearms in guns buy-back scheme

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    • Wha we’re seeing in NZ is a natural result of virtue signalling at the national government level. Sociology calls this “patterned evasion of social norms’. When government passes laws that conflict with established cultural valves, which is what happened here, private citizens tend to find ways to ignore the new laws and continue doing what they’ve always done. Prohibition created “bathtub gin”. The 55mph speed limit era created a market for ever more sophisticated radar detectors. The outcomes of these kinds of virtue signalling laws are never good. NZ has made criminals out of a significant portion of their law-abiding population.

        • +1. Beat me to it. Irish Democracy. What happens when the gubmint passes ridiculous laws, like Prohibition. The people ignore it. Rather they find fantastic ways to work around it.

        • Just like the black market. Raise the price, create a new market. Ration goods, create a new market. Ban something, create a new market. Remember the USSR? You could get anything on the black market.

        • Victoria, I agree completely! In America, certain products have been illegal for more than 40 years, with increasingly stringent punishments including decades in prison for essentially nothing. And after all that, you can buy any of those products on any streetcorner in America, and you always have been able to.. If somebody is willing to pay the price, it will be available.

  1. Note to self; buy more popcorn, buy 6 more “standard” capacity mags, buy 2 more Tuff Products double stack magazine pouches. buy 4 boxes of new Federal .45 ACP 205 gr. Ammo, repeat as often as I feel like it. Why? Because I can. -30-

  2. The gangs and criminals have already stated that they will not give up their guns…
    Will anyone compare gun crime rates before and after the “buyback”?

    • Of course.
      Plus, lots of folks have a big problem being lumped in with the killer, and can read the lie from their Majesties parliment : we can protect you.

    • Since the majority of crimes are committed with handguns and not “assault weapons” I think we’ll see little to no change.

      • Actually it isn’t what arms the predators have that change the numbers. The change is based on what the predator believes are the number arrayed against them.

        That is why in the Union of the USA, banning handguns in cities caused any current fall in crime numbers to slow, or if stagnant to rise.

        Even when it was later shown there had been no statistically significant change in the actual number of gun.

        It is not the presence or absence of guns that kill, but the knowledge of gun control itself.

    • Very concerned about NY myself. The SAFE act turned me into a criminal overnight, even with my modest gun collection. My “crime” was that my .22 Savage bolt action plinker had a ten round magazine. (You’d better believe the first thing I did upon hearing about the SAFE act was to load that sucker right up to ten. Man, I’m such a rebel). Of course this provision was overturned pretty quickly.

      Since then, my collection has grown, always in NY legal ways: that is, in ways that avoid – not by choice – a lot of really cool guns and accessories. Even so, all it would take is a “SAFE act II” to make me a criminal again, and probably in some way that would require a much more significant act of non-compliance to keep what I have.

    • Maine is right nearby, Hunter. And there’s fewer people in the entire state than there are on Long Island. We just ask that, when you leave NY, also please ‘leave behind’ all the socialist douche-baggery you’ve been exposed to your entire life.

      • You’re referring to the “oblivious subjects” and/or the “useful idiots”. I have a lot of friends who vote party line California Democrat. They complain about how California is screwed up and plan to leave for sunnier pastures (conservative states) in the next few years…. I stopped arguing with them years ago, because they fail to see the irony/hypocrisy: I plan on staying and fighting for California despite constantly losing; they, after voting for decades for party policies that ruined the state, plan on jumping ship and moving to YOUR states.

  3. “Authorities” expecting massive non-compliance. Meanwhile, well-known gang leaders pre-announ l e that they will not comply as their guns are uzed againzt ofher gangs.

    So, what’s this law for, again?

    • What’s the law for?
      It’s very effective at making delusional fools feel better about themselves.

  4. So what happens October 1st?
    That’s the 64000 dollar question. How far are they willing to go to protect people from themselves? And although it’s slow in coming will criminals take advantage of the situation like in the UK?

    • To your last question, probably not because guns aren’t used very much in crimes against law abiding citizens. Only about 10% of New Zealand homicides involve firearms and those are usually criminal on criminal. And rimfire is not affected. The potential of a 22lr to the chest is as much a deterrent as a 500 S&W.

      • ” And rimfire is not affected. The potential of a 22lr to the chest is as much a deterrent as a 500 S&W.”

        Huh. And silencers are cash-n-carry, with no paperwork? So what’s your problem, Leftists?

        • @Tahr Nation That would make my 1969 Nylon 66 illegal. That guns is only 6 years younger than me. That’s some assault weapon. /sarc

        • I also have my dad’s Nylon 66. Learned to shoot with it. Excellent plinker. I put a scope on it. My son still has his shredded target on his whiteboard. Impressive shooting by a beginner at 25 yds.

      • “Are you people nuts? How could we *possibly* do any of the crap in that movie? Invading Colorado? You Yankees must be crazy, so we have no choice but to redouble our defenskis against you!” LOL

  5. New Zealand is the place we can’t dock any of our ships containing nuclear weapons or propulsion methods.
    They’re proud of it, think they’re improving something.

    • Actually there are many countries, probably most, where nuclear powered ships cannot go pierside. There are certain requirements by DOE and Navy concerning the ability of the host country to provide proper support, which is unique to nuclear vessels. As far as weapons, I don’t know why we’d ever want to put nukes there. On the part of New Zealand, it is as the other poster indicated, just virtual signalling. The carriers and other vessels visit Perth Australia on a regular basis.

      • NZ banned any ship that carried nuclear weapons and since Navy policy was to neither confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons aboard ship no US Navy vessels were allowed to dock in NZ. Since the Royal Navy had the same policy in disclosure all Royal Navy nuclear capable ships were also banned

        • Piss on the dollars, I hope it has been explained that if Myanmar or Somalia decides to invade them, don’t call us, they’re on their own.

      • NZ doesn’t allow nuclear powered vessels or vessels carrying nuclear weapons into their territorial waters.

        It sounds all hippie dippy, and at first I thought it was but there’s a reason that made me say “Damn, that actually kinda makes sense but I still disagree because the chances of a problem make that very, very, very unlikely” but I don’t remember what it was.

    • As is their right, as a sovereign nation. Going against the population who have “modern sporting rifles” is not right, and I hope that the citizens stand up against the government. The mosque shooter wasn’t a Kiwi, he was Australian. Maybe they should not have allowed him to buy firearms without some vetting, since he was not a citizen.
      Punishing the good gun owners of New Zealand because of something done by an alien is wrong.

      • Like many of our mass shooter here he was able to pass background checks and vetting because he wasn’t a criminal and had no interaction with the mental health system. His debut crime was the mass shooting. Unless they checked into his personal views on Islam and nationalism no one would have any reason to prohibit him from having a gun.

        Everyone who wants government to look into people’s political, economic, and social views as part of a background check raise your hand.

        • Even if not being super tolerant of Islam and being a Nationalist disbarred him he still wouldn’t have been disallowed from buying a gun because he neither hates Islam nor is he a Nationalist.

      • “Maybe they should not have allowed him to buy firearms without some vetting, since he was not a citizen.”

        Yeah, that’s exactly what they needed… more gun control. smh

        Each individual is endowed by his Creator with the unalienable right to keep and bear arms.

    • classic example of a country getting a “free ride”….thinking they can insulate themselves from the rest of the world and its problems….

  6. “Police Deputy Police Commissioner Michael Clement told a news conference on Thursday that they are not sure how many guns they would receive as New Zealand has no law requiring people to register firearms.”

    If NZ doesn’t ‘need’ gun registration, neither do we, Leftists…

    • Some first world countries require a “moderator” on their guns or they can buy one over the counter if they want. In the U.S. you require permission and a fee.

      In some Asian countries you can drink in public. In the U.S. you will be cited or charged just having an open container.

  7. Non-compliance is the honorable thing to do, admirable too if you understand the risk you take and take it anyway on principle.

    There’s another form of non-compliance, those people who were already criminals anyway. They find all this hilarious. Biker gangsters have already publicly announced they will not comply, but do not worry as they only shoot at their rivals and apologize for any collateral damage!

    Um, ya’ll know that means there will always be a thriving criminal market for whatever “evil black rifles” a wannabe mass killer cares to buy? Right?

  8. Give ’em the one finger salute…OTOH it’s a tiny country. Are they gonna hide their stash in a troll cave?!?😏

    • ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄░░░░░░░░░

      That’s right. The government has nukes, that means you’ll lose (LOL) The entire island might not be habitable, but you’ll lose. (Swallwell’s an idiot).

      • There are not enough nukes to put one on every rifleman (sniper) in Wisconsin.

        And that doesn’t eliminate the snipers in all the other states. The Second Amendment is about protecting us from governments – the cause of 100+million deaths in the 20th century. The First Amendment is about spreading this message.

        If you think the government is here to protect you, think about H*tl3r, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel, Che-baby. First and foremost, the government protects itself. It doesn’t care about you, other than to convince others that it cares about them.

  9. I would recommend mass non-compliance in NZ.

    It’s really the only way voices can be heard at this point. And Ardern and company, just desire to dismiss gun owners. Just dismiss them and sign the law, and goodbye. You do what we say, is their message. And the message carries with it, their opinions to force upon you. And that’s what they are, they are opinions. NZ gov didn’t just judge the shooter of these mosques, they judged all gun owners and put them all in the same boat. And that’s what governments do. They are not about individual liberty and freedom and holding those specifically responsible for what others do, they are about governing on the basis of a collective and statistics, economics, and patterns of the collective. It’s essentially socialism for responsibility. The public good/whole is what matters, and your meager freedoms are logs to be thrown in the furnace.

  10. I made my change during the Clintonista Regime..
    I studied Gunsmithing….
    Now, its what i do for a living.
    I shall not be denied

    • There are a thousand points of light – and hundreds of thousands of garage shops across the country. Our Elite Usurpers don’t know much about mechanical engineering or machining processes. Or how easy it is to hide multi-use machining.

      “oh no sir, this is not a rifled barrel manufacturing facility. I make corn drillers for the local farmers.” Or something like that.

  11. Let me understand.

    An Australian commits mass shootings in two mosques using a Mossberg 930 shotgun and a Remington 870 shotgun as his primary weapons. The mass murderer actually videos the assaults and uploads the video in real time.

    The government of New Zealand responds by pressuring YouTube, Fadebook and other internet companies to scrub the videos from their platforms before too many people can view them. The government even makes it a crime to possess copies.

    Unidentified people even edit Wikipedia to delete specific information about the shotguns used in the massacres.

    Then after waiting a few weeks for the propaganda about “assault rifles” to ge embeded in people’s minds, the government bans semiautomatic rifles.

    • He used a 930 Mossberg at the entrance, then two AR15s. He also had a hodgepodge of other shotguns and a bolt rifle but interestingly no pistols. All were bought legally in NZ. Watch the video and inform yourself.

        • Encyclopedia Dramatica has a link on Brenton Tarrant with an unedited embed of his GoPro video.

          Geesh, lazy people. Google and FB doesnt even have to censor stuff from you when you are that lazy to demand information welfare.

      • He probably didn’t want to wait/pay for the license to have a pistol and he may not have belonged to a pistol club, which is a required part of being able to buy a handgun in NZ.

  12. The Prime Mister of NZ is packing a big bazooka under its dress. Submit to TRANSformation or get blasted!

  13. In the movie “Trading Places” Valentine (Eddie Murphy) made the comment “It occurs to me that the way you hurt rich people is by making them poor.” Well, it occurs to me that the way that you make politicians hurt is by throwing them out of their cushy, minimal work job where they get to boss people around. NZ gun owners need to organize (perhaps with the help of the NRA) and form a political party to challenge the fascists. After some of them get thrown out of office then their dim rat brains might just start to figure out that they really PO’d of the wrong group of people.

    • pass a law…and just hope the issue goes away…when it doesn’t [because of non-compliance]..suppress that information…it’s rapidly becoming a pattern….

    • Throwing a politician out of office is no punishment. Most of them just get jobs as lobbyists at twice the money.

  14. By default, the criminals will be in non-compliance.

    What a shame. The criminals will keep their guns and the citizenry get treated like criminals.

  15. Did you know that sheriff’s in the USA can enforce law at will? In other words, if by some decree from some democrat dumbazz similar to NZ confiscation law actually passed in the USA, a sheriff (all are elected officials, not appointed) can decide it’s not going to be enforced because it’s unconstitutional? Now, equally, they can’t just ‘make up’ law either, but they can use CORRECT interpretation of our Constitution as applicable to said “law” vs the truth of the Constitution.

  16. If 10,000 of the 13,500 decide to fight as a group, how big is New Zealand’s law enforcement force?

    Is it something like the 100,000 AR owners in Connecticut versus 1,100 Connecticut State Police? Sounds like a fair fight to me. 🙂

    • If you tell the sheriffs that their job is suddenly to kill their neighbors, you’ll find their numbers shrinking dramatically without any opposition.

  17. Amazing how the only former colony of the British Empire to have a right to Arms written into their constitution is the USA.

    With the snap of her fingers the NZ elected leader just took away everyone’s guns. And the representatives of the people have also voted for it???

    I see the female leader of NZ is dressing like a very compliant slave now. Perhaps the rest of the women in NZ can also start dressing like slaves. This should make the leader of Turkey very happy.

    There are English, Scottish, and Aussies in america now with their own gun business and podcasts. Perhaps more will follow????

  18. Pro-Tip for all you confiscation aficionados out there; Register BEFORE trying to confiscate. It’s just basic sense to get the names first other wise they’ll tell you to take a flying leap.

    Of course the Registration schemes don’t work in the US because we know what they’re all about. We let them get away with a lot 30 or more years ago but no longer.

    Just ask California how their registration scheme is working. Dumbasses blew it big time and started arresting people who were trying to obey the law. Registrations have now dropped to nothing.

    It’s a good thing liberals are so stupid and arrogant.

  19. The important thing to note is that registration is simply a means to simplify confiscation.

    Home build from 80% receivers/frames. Having no paper trail is priceless.


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