Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu, File)
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No mention of armed good guys on-site. When seconds count . . .

Security cameras that can detect whether someone is armed will be installed in one of the Christchurch mosques targeted in the March 15 terror attack.

The cameras, made by US company Athena Security Services, use artificial intelligence (AI) and are able to alert to authorities within seconds once a threat is detected. Installation at the Al Noor Masjid on Deans Ave will be a New Zealand first for the technology.

It is part of the Keep Mosques Safe initiative, which will pay for the cameras to be installed in mosques around the world. …

“When a threat is detected, Athena Security’s award winning security system can warn the first responders, any on-site personnel and local authorities within a matter of seconds, bridging a crucial time gap that could mean the difference between life and death,” the statement said.

– Michael Heyward in Cameras with gun-detecting artificial intelligence to be installed in Christchurch’s Al Noor mosque


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  1. The will need to choose who they love more, their congregants, or their hatred of guns…

    • Optics. First time a gun shows up in a mosque in the hands of a good guy who is muslim the usual monkey’s here will scream ‘cult of death’.

      Any muslim with a gun is by default a terrorist. That’s the narrative.

        • Yep. JWM seems to have drank the left’s kool-aid regarding facts about islam and is painting with their same broad “hate” brush. (This is not intended as an insult to you, JWM. You have many good posts and very valid points on other subjects. I do have much respect for you from this and other venues on the interwebz.)

          For the record, I know muslims with guns. I think they are horribly naive and deceived about islam. However, I do completely support the exercise of their unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms AND their right to follow a death cult dreamed up by a gold-digging 7th century sociopath pedophile with narcissistic tendencies, may piss be upon him.

      • I’m a firm believer in giving every individual the benefit of the doubt. But as a group, if I had to bet one way or another, well…

        • Ing. We just had a dude arrested in CA with a thousand guns in his home. The comment section here on ttag was overwhelmingly in his support.

          Now picture a mosque anywhere in the USA and a news report that a dozen guns had been found stashed there. What do you think the comment stream would be like on that one?

          I frequently here in these comments about DHS and the TSA etc. and how we’ve given the terrorists what they want and we’ve crippled our own freedom, etc, out of fear.

          How many of those same folks lamenting ‘security theater’ would automatically assume terrorism on the part of the mosque?

          We all are guilty of bias and prejudice in one form or another. As an example. I’m white. I prefer living in an area that is predominately Asian and Indian. Why? Because in my personal experience those are the groups that make for quieter neighbors that respect your property rights much better. They tend to monitor what their kids are up to.

          I’m not a religious man. I think all organized religions are simply cults that exist to exploit the masses. Does that mean I have no faith or spiritual side? Hardly. The Redwoods are a fine cathedral in my mind.

          I see all religion based orgs. as a threat to freedom. I refuse to automatically assume one group are simply terrorists based on their faith any more than I believe all whites are fine folk based on their skin tone.

          And, by the way, Ing. Moist Nugget. 🙂

    • It’s a much more complicated issue than that. The issues with houses of worship (of any faith) is that they want to maintain an atmosphere of welcoming and benevolent openness, and they believe the sight or knowledge of guns on the premises would counteract that goal. This ideal of what image a house of worship should have is one of the biggest challenges in hardening houses of worship.
      Muslims in particular are going to be especially opposed to this for cultural reasons. Many muslims that operate mosques are immigrants and they come from a culture and society where lying low and no attracting attention to yourself will save your life and families/friends from torture (which, to their credit, is true in those dictatorial third world countries, but it doesnt apply in first-world countries). They oppose guns because deep down they dont want to do anything that is even remotely confrontational. This is why it is far easier for them to be victims than self-defenders.
      They also fear that the media will portray them as terror cells (if media cameras pick up images of armed muslims in front of the doors of mosques) and the public (potentially violent) backlash of that. They also fear being put on some sort of government blacklist. They fear that there will also be consequences of attacks or hardship on their families as well. For these reasons, the men that visit mosques would much rather risk dying while worshipping God than defend themselves and possibly place their families at risk.
      However, if every other faith (especially Christianity and Judaism) decided to encorporate armed guards and a security strategy into houses of worship, then Muslims might follow suit because that would be the new status quo.

      • Those other faiths do often have armed guards (hell, many Mosques do already). The only time weapons cause people to wonder about ‘terror cells’ in my experience, has been when the FBI reveals they caught a mosque leader in communications with foreign organizations, and arranged a sale of weapons (usually exports, but sometimes imports) with an undercover agent. Armed guards acting professionally would not scare people.

        Religious leaders giving frequent sermons about paranoid topics (Jews, etc) and how the brothers of the faith need to channel their great and justified anger against non-Muslims into non-violent outlets (acknowledging that the opposite is not currently the case) is not particularly inspiring of confidence. It’s not ultimately a religious problem, it’s a social problem, that ends up associated with the religion for obvious reasons. The religious dogma helps to reinforce those problems, however, and that makes it part of the issue. It doesn’t have to be, but it definitely is at present (and won’t be stopping any time soon from the looks of it)

        • @ barnbwt:
          “Those other faiths do often have armed guards (hell, many Mosques do already).”

          I know of mosques having police outside during friday prayers, but I’ve never heard of any mosque having armed guards. I’m doing a bit of a side-research project on this subject, can you post a reply somewhere here of the names and city/state of the mosques that do have armed guards? I’d greatly appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!

    • NZ’ers are UK subjects. They can use the “longbow practice after church” (in this case, mosque) law and station longbowmen from the minaret towers, right?

  2. Well it will be a relief to everyone inside knowing that only 12 minutes after they’ve been mortally wounded the police will be outside setting up a perimeter.

    • Sort of what I was thinking…these cameras will alert someone to the problem about three seconds before the first shots ring out and bodies start to hit the floor, alerting everyone here is a problem. How advanced and handy are these cameras that let someone, somewhere know that you and yours are being shot to death. Man, the police and ambulances will get there like minutes sooner than they would have otherwise, this is great! It will be so comforting to know that police and EMTs are right outside as the shooter is finishing off the wounded! Everyone will be so glad these cameras are there to capture the carnage.

      What idiocy is this? Unless the camera is attached to an autonomous sentry gun it’s a good as useless. What does it take to awaken people to the basic concept, well understood for millennia of human existence, that you’ve got to be prepared to save yourself? Then again, Darwinism works when we let it. If those who prefer gun sensing cameras to actual defense die for their folly, who am I to disagree? I’ll continue avoiding stupid people, places et al. remain armed, and see if that doesn’t work out better for my survival. Everyone has their strategy, some will work, some wont…

  3. When seconds count, the cops will still be minutes away, ready to encircle and wait for SWAT.

  4. Security cameras in an age where the perps livestream is laughable.
    All the detectors accomplish is to make annoying beeping sounds as you die.
    Clown world theater.

        • No my man don’t give attention to commies atheists or satanists. Just what came to mind on past history of this kind of stuff. Also on a quick search looking like a good guess.

    • Yup. There are way for bad guys wearing masks and hiding their guns, to fool the video analytics of this system. It’s like, how much longer will the NZ Gov continue to learn things the hard way? I am sure the folks affected by this poor direction will will take matters into thier own hands to defend themselves so that they dont remain a soft target.

    • …then the guys with guns will come one minute earlier. Instead of being right there already.

    • Self fulfilling prophecy.

      America think every person that calls themselves Muslim is a terrorist, therefore, America bombs them to death before they can attack Americans. Muslims say look at these Christians murdering the innocent Muslims minding their business in their country. Then Muslims retaliate with terror attacks on innocent Americans, Christians and/or white people. Ultimately the U.S. will declare a war on terror and invade Muslims countries to bring “democracy” to the middle east and Africa. Once the war is declared the populace becomes racist or prejudice against their enemy.

      At that point it’s just a cycle. The people forget why they are fighting because they have been fighting for so long. It’s just passed down to future generation to continue the fight.

      • LOL, Muslims haven’t “gotten along well” with *anyone* they’ve come into contact with, at any point in history, except when their numbers were too small to carry political weight. Occasionally a great leader comes along and through dictatorial power keeps his people in line for a little while with brutal administration, but otherwise it’s a shit show of violent instability. Every demographic has had its ins & outs with each other, but perhaps only the communists/fascists have been more outwardly aggressive in every scenario they’ve been present. There’s plenty of well-written papers about how the tenets of the faith inherently breed a society full of angry fighters willing to die for their tyrannical leaders’ causes; that’s why it has been successful. Tolerance as a strategy against a force like this is akin to saying “we just need to break bread with the drug-gang that lives down the street, and we’ll not have problems with theft & violence anymore.”

        Much like theocratic Christianity & feudalism in the dark ages, Islam at present is a virulent political/religious package deal that is not separable in practice, and therefore is a danger to all other forms of social order it comes into contact with. Maybe post-reformation that could change, and the dogma will moderate enough to allow the faithful to coexist & prosper with more advanced societies, but that seems unlikely for at least decades (assuming they don’t plunge us into a world war & dark age before all’s said & done)

        • The other religions also breed violence even today.

          Another religion says all non chosen people are to be their slaves and a one world government will be created for them to lord over those slaves. Anyone that stands in their way, or criticizes them, will be killed.

          So the world has at least two religions that call for a one world government based off their religion. Christians will talk about one of those religions and not the other.

        • What other religion believes and teaches that any woman that is not wrapped up from head to toe in a sheet is fair game for rape. What other religion believes that it’s rewardable and heroic to fly passenger planes into office buildings full of people minding their own business and kill them. What other religion believes that you kill everyone that does not subscribe to your own religion. What other religion believes that it’s ok to rape and sodomize children. Only a heinous, despicable , decadent death cult that does not belong in any civilized society.

  5. Well, its quite obvious that Authoratarism is in Full swing in New Zealand ,and No Subjects of the crown will be ARMED! Only the NZ Goverment, its agents, and agencies….

  6. A complete waste of money. Guns have been banned and ordered surrendered.
    So sayeth the king.

  7. Now when a shooter tries to get in they can see he has a gun and yell stop really loud.

  8. let’s be clear 99% of all religious shootings and violence isn’t going into the mosque it’s coming out….

    so pretty sure they will be fine no matter what they do! now the rest of us probably not so much

    • I think you’re very wrong on that. I heard most Muslims are killed by other Muslims. There are two factions. Jewish, Christians and Muslims kill Muslims. They get it from all sides.

      • *Sigh* this very mosque has been caught spouting anti-semitic propaganda (the stereotypical kind) and IIRC multiple members have ended up in Syria as terrorist fighters for Islamic Jihad or Al Nusra or whatever dumbass name they go by today. I sympathize for the victims, I also recognize that a significant number likely harbor similar hatred as the shooter, who was likewise emboldened in a similarly-toxic online environment. I don’t like the term ‘radicalized’ since it makes it sound like the person didn’t form the thoughts or opinions that motivate them; insane forums or radical preachers simply give encouragement to these individuals’ base instincts.

        We used to have these things in America –fortunately rarer & rarer these days– called ‘fire and brimstone preachers,’ whose defining characteristic was a very aggressive, and very intolerant view of the world & the “enemies of Christendom.” They often threatened the congregation with death/damnation if they did not take up the sword for God, they often portrayed the boogey-man-of-the-day as the enemy of God. These churches were the font from which a lot of the old KKK terrorist activity originated, back in the old-old days when preachers still spread gospel that black slavery was justified through some tortuous reading of the bible. When you, essentially, preach a hateful view of the world, some portion of the congregation will act on it. As the close of the civil rights era in America made these viewpoints less & less viable, we began to see the widespread terror campaign against black Americans evaporate.

      • I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t willingly pay the jizyah and be subdued under sharia law. Judaism, Christianity, and islam; one of these things is not like the others.
        ‘Quran 9:29 instructs Muslims to fight and subjugate other people under Islam:

        “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the latter day and who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden and who do not adopt Islam, (even if they are) of the People of the Book – [fight] until they humbly pay the Jizyah and have been subdued.”‘

  9. You’re gonna give firearms to the number one terrorist group, I.e., muzzie filth? You’re an idiot. A member of that mosque was videotaped blaming the attack on the mossad and Jews. They should be deported, not protected.

      • What the CIA is not a branch of Mossad!? Next you will try to tell me thewworld is round. The internet is great but yeah there is a bit of crazy mixed in.

  10. The british commonwealth is just doing what the mother country has already done. London England has the most security cameras per square mile than any nation on earth.

    But no civilian s guns for you.

  11. I’ve related this example of the uselessness of metal detectors as a firearms deterrent before. Now seems a good time to bring it up again. A number of years ago when I lived in Missouri. It was decided by a county board that the court house needed to install metal detectors at the entrance to prevent people from bringing firearms inside. Which was done and seemed to fix a potential problem. A divorce trail was to take place and everyone was in the court room with the exception of the husband. After he arrived in the parking lot. He exited his car a shot a deputy dead who just happened to be in the lot. Next he entered the courthouse and shot another deputy dead who was manning the metal detector. Proceeding into the court room he shot his wife,her lawyer who also died and then committed suicide. This example clearly shows the lack of the effectiveness of metal detectors alone as well as with armed security when an attacker chooses to commit an evil act. Maybe there is nothing that can be done to stop every evil person. But to expect metal detectors to be a deterrent is a Fool’s Folly. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  12. But the Cult of Death©is protected by allah! They don’t need no stinkin’ gunz-just unarmed white folks.

    • Looks like they’re being protected by state-appropriated funding on the part of snookered NZ taxpayers. I’d call that victim reparations and would be interested how much of it actually gets spent on security needs instead of diverted to Islamic “charities”.
      Years ago Erdogan was on record as saying “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets”.
      Ha ha, I didn’t realize he was getting paid to do comedy …

  13. New Zealand should trade with the entire world but remain internally homogenous. Unless divided into separate parts, a modern nation needs a single culture and, ideally, a single religious faith. Indigenous peoples may be accommodated or thoroughly integrated, but not some of one and some of the other.
    We are the “Anglo-Sphere”. We are Anglo-Saxon. We are Protestant. We are “Victorian” in our culture, philosophy and worldview. We are modern in our use of science and technology. We are utterly ruthless in our will to power. We celebrate ourselves.

    • That’s called “The New World Order.” That’s a fascist totalitarian racist system. That goes against Christianity. It leads to race wars and religious wars. It’s a supremacy ideology without scientific basis. It’s an archaic world view from thousands of years ago.

  14. Security Theater.

    Cameras and sensors are tools to aid armed guards, they are not a replacement for armed guards.

  15. Remember how great shot detectors are supposed to be? How they will alert police of a shooting in progress and where. Did they live up to the company’s claims of stopping shootings or catching criminals?

    In the Christchurch shooting people saw the shooter walking onto the property wearing his gear carrying his guns. Even if they called police it wouldn’t have stopped the attack.

    Schools have automatic warning systems that are sent out to everyone in case of a shooting. That helps in some ways, but it doesn’t stop the mass shooting. It’s been said the average mass shooting is over in about 7 minutes.

    It’s better to have someone screen the people coming onto the property and someone armed to stop an intruder. In other Mosque attacks they use bombs. If you don’t screen they will make it into the Mosque.

  16. So when the next shooting happens, we’ll have more angles to sensationalize the carnage. Good to know they have their priorities — make it even more of a media-rich target for the next murderer and they won’t even have to spend money for a GoPro.

    Critical thinking.

  17. New Zealand would be better off if Muslims were removed to a Muslim nation. Diversity always leads to war.

    • In an anarchy type of environment people can peacefully separate and create their own communities with their own rules. When government gets too big they try to force assimilate or kill the other.

      Under your thought process it would be best that Europeans and other invaders leave the lands which they did not evolve in. Back to Europe they must go. Out of South Africa because they are invaders and they are going to lose the fight.

      Europeans didn’t evolve into North or South Americans. They jumped the line with technology and violence. They get skin cancer more easily in these areas. It’s not an environment for them. Should they simply return to Europe and let the people who populated the continents repopulate it again? Even if the answer was “yes,” it wouldn’t be realistic.

      The world in connected now. People can jump on a plane and make it anywhere in the world in a day. You got to learn to live with each other just like you have to learn to live next door to people you don’t take a liking to.

      We exist today as we are because everyone had babies with each other. Neanderthals no longer exist as their own European species.

      • So evil death cult followers that do not assimilate , are violent and believe that they should kill everyone different than them and even their own people should be allowed into civilized countries ? You must be suicidal. They should all be in the country they came from so they can stay away from civilized people and live 3000 years behind the rest of the world. They are wreaking havoc in all the European countries that they have gone into.

  18. The guy was carrying a gun and started blowing people away as he walked in the door. What sort of moron thinks that “gun detection cameras” is a relevant response to that?

    And the authorities knew within seconds that there was something very bad going on there and they took about a half hour to do shit. Yeah, great idea guys.

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