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By Mike

Oh, and dead children, too. Don’t forget the dead children. Because if we don’t think of the children, how else will we ever pass more freedom restrictions tough gun control laws? And to make absolutely sure readers are both outraged and horrified, author Michael Powell goes into graphic detail . . .

New York has experienced a summer of shooting, bullets ripping through young backs and spleens, exploding chests and filling lungs with blood. A 4-year-old girl took a bullet and died, as did a young boxer in Brownsville. Just last week, a 9-year-old boy was struck in the leg as he walked down Walton Avenue in the Bronx with his mother.

But remember what Mayor Bloomberg said, it’s the ‘Safest Big City In America’. Or not. Plus, according to Mayor Bloomberg, crime is down.

Shootings through Aug. 26 were up 5.2 percent compared with the same period in 2011; the number of shooting victims is on the rise, up 6.1 percent, to 1,166.

Except when they’re not. But don’t worry, there’s a solution already in place: they’ve banned carrying along with people’s right to armed self-defense.

It is so easy to demand that the police do more, but that’s silliness. For 20 years, the police and mayors have tightened gun laws and labored to remove semiautomatics and AK-47s, often called slammers. But the flood tide of armaments keeps running in.

Oops! The article unintentionally states the obvious: that’s silliness. And Powell doesn’t quite explain how the summer’s been defined by ‘Easy Guns’ as per the title. Though one of the contributors in the comment section gets it right:

Give us all a break. NYC has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. You have a crime problem, not a gun problem. When will you ever learn that?

Another commenter answers that one pretty succinctly: when it costs votes. It’ll be a while.

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  1. It just amazes me about the issue of our guns always coming up…. lets see, has anyone ever sat back and looked at how many knives have been involved in murders, how about baseball bats, that is another. Oh and by the way more people are killed in car accidents, lets outlaw cars and trucks. Let not worry about how people have a right to defend themselves in this country.. It is not the guns, it is the criminal, the crime. What was the crime being done when these people were shot? Maybe a thing called a drug turf war going on…. I do not know, they dont put that in the papers when the reason the story is even told is to try and get our guns, which by the way we buy our guns legally. Going throught the proper channels as definded by LAW. The criminal how ever uses other means…. So, lets see…… if you take away our legal guns, and the ciminal stills just gets his by illegal means, OMG we are now unable to protect ourselves, because now the government has all our guns. And the police only show up after your family has been murdered by the criminal with his gun….. check out the report by the FBI, it does appear that gun deaths are down in every state where there is a right to defend yourself and they have a conceal carry law….. amazing….. BUY A GUN KEEP AMERICA FREE

    • Car accidents kill many more people than guns every year. Maybe we should make the antis aware of this fact, and have them start campaigning for stricter laws in disbursement of a first time drivers license instead of trying (and failing) to take our guns. Since the antis, and the 16 yr olds this would affect, are pretty much on the same intelligence level it should be a pretty fair fight. /sarc

      I was under the impression that nothing even remotely related to guns was “easy” in NYC. Right? They have some of the toughest laws in the country regarding guns, yet people still get shot. Maybe we try out going in the other direction for a little bit, and allow people to carry guns, and see if it causes a change?

      • Now, now, there’s no need to insult the innocent 16 year olds by comparing them to the mental midgets of “gun control”.

  2. They don’t have a crime problem or a gun problem. They have an uncivilized population problem. This is a result of decades of the destruction of the black family–and to a lesser degree, the Hispanic family.

    Generations of kids raised with no fathers by mothers who see their kids as a meal ticket and a burden. Kids whose only male role models are criminals. Kids whose peers look down upon them when they try to better themselves.

    The solution the gun-grabbers suggest is that everybody else should have their rights infringed upon because the policies they overwhelmingly support have created a population of predatory nihilisitic sociopaths.

    When law enforcement attempts to reign in the lawlessness, the same population cries “police brutality” and “racism”. It’s hopeless.

    • Suggesting people are not raising their children properly is considered racist by those who make their living on the status quo.

    • JP,

      #1 That was well stated. The roots of the problem go to the issue of large groups of people being uncivilized vs being civilized. If children are not drilled from a young age to practice good ethics, be responsible, etc in today’s society they will quickly often turn into problem kids and later adults. America is now on I think some people who are third or maybe forth generation welfare receivers. Children who grow up without fathers have a higher rate of joining gangs, being in prison, dropping out of school, abusing drugs, pregnancy, STDs, etc.

      Take my guns away? No way! Unfortunately, I might need them someday to protect myself from the drugged-up violent uncivilized savages our government and society has helped breed.

  3. Why is it always the groups who have historically suffered the most tragedy from restricted rights and self-defense denial are always the most eager to give up their rights and ability to defend themselves?

    • Agreed. It’s almost as if “Stockholm Syndrom” and “Power Through Victimhood” made the beast with two backs, and this tragic attitude is the offspring.

    • Easy, its the leaders of those groups whom to stay in power must create an environment in which they are important versus giving the people the means to stand up for themselves. Over many decades they have been taught how to be victom and very little has been done to break the cycle of institutionlized govt dependency, poor education, broken families and poverty and it does not serve their leaders well to solve the problem.

    • The JPFO has reported that groups which (right or wrong to whatever degree) ‘perceive’ themselves as a victim culture are the most anti-gun. The three most anti-gun groups in America have historically been women, blacks, and jews. I guess a black female Jew from Ethiopia must really hate and fear guns.

      • And it was a horrible failure and it gave birth to organized crime that kick started the drug trade, which led to street gangs, which is responsible for the violent crime the nation suffers from now. Prohibition started this whole mess and the war on drugs only perpetuates the violent crime problem.

      • Exactly. Prohibition was an early example of the government telling citizens what they could own and what they could do with themselves. When that failure was brought to an end, bureaucrats had to find other things to keep themselves busy–namely marijuana and guns. This is all about expanding government power and nothing about keeping people safe.

  4. In the original NYTimes online article, I tried to comment (which was evidently not “approved” by the NYT) on another commenters question as to “are there any DGUs in NYC?” (I’m paraphrasing). I said there were DGUs all over the country every week but few we’ve seen in NYC, probably due to the difficulty of legal gun ownership in the city.

    The bad guys know that people may not respect them, but they respect a gun, whether flashed in a waistband or stuck in their face. They are also not stupid. Those carrying illegal weapons can be and are highly confident that they will likely be the only ones armed in a given area, especially that on any given night the ratio of citizen to cop is over 1000 to one. Based on this, keeping guns out of the hands of the lawful citizenry simply serves to embolden the bad guys to use guns whenever and wherever they please. The odds of meaningful resistance, whether private or public, are miniscule. In my opinion, that’s the real tragedy that results in the deaths of innocent children.

  5. ca., ill., new york city, all democratically controlled places with tough gun laws and the streets run with blood. and yes, i know baa baa bloomberg is an idependent, but the dems got him there.

    for the sake of the children, the dems must go.

  6. There’s a greater correlation between kids and violence/abuse/crime and single parent households than availability of guns. When will Bloomberg start the war on single-parent household?

    By the way, we have no idea what the real crime rate is in NYC since even the Huffpost has figured out the NYPD is cooking the books due to career/political pressure from the head nanny.

  7. It’s stupid to say New Yorkers don’t want guns when they are the largest importers of illegally trafficked guns in the country. If so many of them don’t want guns they should quit buying them. Oh, they really do want guns, and are willing to break the law and take a chance of going to jail to get them. I guess that means the writer is full of shait.

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