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You know how you can tell who the Democrats are grooming for future greatness? They’re the one assigned the honor of delivering the convention’s keynote speech, set for prime time tonight. And this year, the fair haired boy is San Antonio mayor Julian Castro. Whoa! A Texas mayor? That’s good news (gun-wise), right? Not so fast, Sparky. Julian’s a made MAIG member. For you cave-dwellers, that’s Michael Bloomberg’s anti-2A agglomeration of (mostly) lefty gun-grabbing mayors. Texas’s preemption law is likely the only thing that’s prevented Castro from pushing more restrictive gun control laws down Alamo way. And Second Amendment Foundation honcho Alan Gottlieb tells TTAG that Castro’s no friend of firearms. That’s good enough for us. You?

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  1. To be fair a lot of mayors bought into the whole “against illegal guns” tagline without actually knowing what the organization was all about. I seem to recall they dropped a ton of membership a few years back when pro-gun activists reached out to the mayor’s who had signed on and told them what the organization was all about.

    I kind of doubt that Castro wouldn’t have gotten the memo by now, but I suppose it’s plausible.

    It’s also possible that he doesn’t really have a well-defined position on the issue one way or the other. That’s not uncommon of local politicians who quite frankly don’t have to grapple with the hot-button issues that state and federal politicians have to take a stance on one way or the other. I know that’s hard for us to believe, since anyone reading this probably has a pretty firm opinion on the issue, but for a lot of people it’s just not an issue that they’ve given a lot of thought to.

    It’s likely that as he rises to national prominence that he’ll begin to define himself on various issues which he hasn’t had to worry about earlier in his career. Gun rights among them.

    Probably the closest barometer we have at this point is his twin brother who has served in the state legislature and is currently running for a seat in the federal congress, and as such has had to take a stance on gun rights issues. According to this page the brother has received a “C” on the NRA’s most recent scorecard. Though I’d be curious to see what metrics they used to create their rankings.

    I realize that twins aren’t required to share the same opinions, but lacking any firm record on the subject as mayor it’s probably as close as we’re going to get.

  2. Well to be fair to Julian we haven’t heard what he has to say. He certainly has a right to his opinion. I think that being a member of the MAIG should tell you something however. Sure it kind of started out ambiguous enough but there have been plenty of statements from MAIG members and leadership which has done more than enough to define it’s stance on gun ownership etc.

    Even in Texas folks there are little pockets of lefties. Generally they aren’t strong enough to get very far unless they are along the lines of a blue dog democrat though. When it comes to gun rights he will more than likely have to walk quietly if he wants to keep a career in Texas.

    He is only speaking at the DNC because he is Latino and they want to shore up that vote. He is considered a key demographic. He will be touted as a rising star, and all that. The DNC has showered him in headlines like calling him the Democrats’ “messiah” and a potential first Latino president of the United States. His home town of San Antonio might be a small pocket of blue. But I have to say that the overall red of the state, hence it’s conservative values to fiscal responsibility has contributed a lot to his success.
    He will need to make sure he chooses his words wisely to keep independents, and left leaner happy. You know since voter ID laws might prohibit illegals or dead people from voting.

    • My FB timeline is blowing up with “hooray for representing not only the city but the latinos”. If im honest, he hasnt been a bad mayor.

      • I was listening to his speech. It is great San Antonio is doing so well. The only funky part is trying to say that it is democratic policy that did it. The state and funds there is are controlled by a conservative majority. Those funds then go to the city, and counties. There may be local taxes which could help schools etc, but big difference between the two. He seems nice enough though.

    • You haven’t been to Houston lately, far from being blue Dog Dems. There has been a Dem in the mayor’s office for a long time. And after Mayor Parker leaves its a safe bet another one will head up the energy corridor.

  3. maig bad. joke about castro good. and there’s no doubt about his stand on guns. he wouldn’t be delivering the speech if the dems hadn’t vetted him on all issues.

    • Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, the Republican who signed Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, has endorsed Obama and will be speaking at the convention.

      As a practical matter it would be difficult for any individual to line up 100% with the party’s official platform, which is itself the product of compromise. Even Romney/Ryan differ in substantial ways from the official party platform that was endorsed at the convention, and I’m sure it’s no different with Democrats.

      • Yeah but then there are speakers like tonight’s Kamela Harris, Attorney General of California, another “up and comer” and sworn enemy of guns and gun rights. Her most recent attack has been to dlay approvals for firearms purchases, invariably on the basis that hte office “cannot determine” the disposition of old misdemeanor criminal offense (some of which do not qualify as exclusionary even if a conviction is entered), requiring applicants to dig through ancient court files to find the document that says “case dismissed.”

        • Of course there are plenty of anti-gunners speaking at the convention. That wasn’t the point I was attempting to refute.

          Former New York City Mayor Giuliani has spoken at several GOP conventions, and he’s about as anti-gun as you can get.

          Speaking at a DNC convention no more automatically makes one anti-gun than speaking at the GOP convention makes one pro-gun.

        • I have to say if you have a speeding ticket in CA forget about getting your background check done. Waiting for my CA ID in the mail to process mine.

  4. The GOP had a Florida Senator, a New Mexico Governor and a sure-to-win candidate for Texas Senator, and the best the Dems can do is a medium-city mayor?

    Seriously weak sauce guys.

  5. A fellow LEO and good friend of mine is a deputy in Bexar County (read: San Antonio). While the city and county’s hands may be tied by state premption, SA still finds a way to push an anti-gun agenda. For example, Bexar county routinely prosecutes whenever they find a weapon in a vehicle, despite the reality that state law (fellow-Texas residents correct me if I am wrong) states you can have a pistol or long-arm anywhere in the vehicle in Texas. The way my friend tells it, they apply this prosecution selectively. Do you live in a neighborhood known for gang banging? You get locked up. Live anywhere else? Have a nice day. It’s pretty messed up.


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