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TTAG reader Frank writes: “Check this out [via]. At five seconds in this video you can hear a pop and see a hole appearing in the wall behind the newly elected premier of the province of Quebec, Canada. During her celebration speech. The gun used is a CZ858, the made-for-Canada variant of the Czech VZ58. It is an immensely popular gun in Canada as an alternative to the AK which is prohibited by name. The Canadian gun registry was abolished a few months ago but it is kept alive in the province of Quebec by a temporary court order. It unfortunately didn’t keep the gun from firing when the (apparently lunatic) man pulled the trigger. I guess there’s only so much a little rectangle of beige paper with numbers on it can do. /sarcasm FYI, it cost $2 billion and 10 years to register 7 million out of 20-30 million guns in Canada. Imagine registration in the US.” Or not.

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  1. are you trying to say that gun control is an expensive failure? i wonder how much it would cost to try and enact a registry in a country like the U.S. in these tough economic times that’s just 1 more negative to a failed concept.

  2. Other news is saying that the guy fired from outside the venue. So either this guy had some kind of clear shot from way out (where we couldn’t hear the shot) or that is one hell of a fluke to get that close to her with random fire.

  3. Top notch security– only took them ten seconds to get her off the stage. Sheesh.

    Calls for banning anything the naughty side of a cork gun in soviet canuckistan in 3… 2…

    • Well, in Quebec it would still need to be registered since they are in the courts over the repeal. And this ‘assassin’ was identified today as an owner of a hunting and fishing shop so he almost certainly is licensed. He may even have just taken it (and the handgun he used) from his stock.

  4. To be clear the “long gun registry” which was abolished applied to non-restricted weapons, and I am 99.99% sure that this AK-variant is a restricted weapon, as it is a semi-auto with a detachable magazine (pinned to 5 round capacity, of course), so it would still have to be registered.

    • Apparently I was wrong, and the version with the 19″ barrel is not restricted. Which makes absolutely no sense, since in operation it is just another mag-fed, semi-auto rifle, like an AR15 or civilian-variant AK, which are restricted.

      I think you can expect this status to change pretty soon – and recall that adding weapons to the Restricted or Prohibited lists only requires a Cabinet Order, not formal legislation.

  5. The gun used is a CZ858, the made-for-Canada variant of the Czech VZ58.

    So… I take it the likelihood that it was smuggled into Canada from the US is roughly nil?

    • Today, the suspect was identified as an owner of an outfitters (fishing and hunting). The CZ858 is available for sale to anyone with a license as a non-restricted firearm. This means anyone can walk in and walk out with it without any registration.

      • though I should modify that by saying that currently the registry for such rifles is held in appeal in the province of Quebec (and in no others). So this rifle, if it did not just come from this fellow’s store stock, would have to be registered. The Province took the Federal government to course over the repeal of the long-gun registry.

  6. At 1:20+ “…somebody lit off with…you know…a blank.” A blank?! Is that what they thought? Or is that their way of quelling the sheeple rather than telling ’em that a nut job just fired a 7.62×39 round through there?

    • At first it was all very confused. The guy fired in the alley behind the building. He then set the building on fire after his rifle jammed.

  7. Correction: the “hole in the wall” turned out to be a dead pixel in the screen.

    Precisions: This firearm is a non-restricted rifle, is not an AK variant and the possibility that it was smuggled from the US is 0. This gun is not available in the US.

  8. Isn’t this the political party that wants to remove English and separate themselves from Canada as a whole? I am asking because I don’t stay up to date on such things. Anyone from Canada care to give their input?

      • No, he would be an anti-separatist. The mad Frenchmen are the separatists, I gather. Something to do with being French. I remeber a French teacher of mine commenting that the number of political parties in France is equal to the number of adult male voters. No reason Canada should be any different.

    • Yes, the Parti Quebecois stated purpose is eventual sovereignty but in this election they only barely edged out the ruling provincial Liberals by a bare percentage of the popular vote so they don’t have a mandate for anything like that. And the reason they did turf the Liberals is because of hatred for the four-time premier. So it’s not like overnight Quebec is going to secede. It didn’t happen in the 70s, it’s not going to happen now.

  9. It almost happened in 1995 (50.58% of Quebecers said stay as part of Canada-49.42% said Quebec should leave Canada). 2012 Quebec will be different in a political sense and less likely to pull the pin. It is probably less likely today because Quebec takes a lot of cash from its role as part of Canada.

  10. Not only will this worsen the image of anglos in Quebec, there will be action taken to worsen the lives of gun owners. Provinces are the ones that control the licenses for gun ranges. When come for renewal time, they might ask questions like “Do you allow semi autos at your range?” and the like. Answer anything Yes and for some strange reason, your renewal has been denied.

  11. Another suspect event. I think the drama is being reduced in the false flag opps in hopes of increasing believability. Now all the shooters are “normal, with legally purchased guns”. A steady somber uptick in shootings by people impossible to detect or weed from the population that have passed present “Lenient” gun controls . I’d like some more information about the alleged shooter, along with some first person interviews with people who are closest to him. I didn’t notice any reason given for the “attack” either. Just don’t smell right, Oui?

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