New York Times Make the Case for Urban Residents Exercising Their Second Amendment Rights

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New York Times Chicago violent crime heat map
Courtesy New York Times

These everyday killings received far less attention than the mass murder at the parade. But they are the standard for American gun violence: More than 95 percent of gun homicides this year have been shootings with one to three victims.

Today, we want to help you understand where and why most everyday gun violence happens. We’re going to focus on Chicago, because it has one of the country’s highest murder rates and because a local group — the University of Chicago Crime Lab — keeps detailed data. But the trends in Chicago are also present in many other places.

One crucial point is that violence tends to be highly concentrated: A small sliver of blocks — just 4 percent in Chicago, for example — can account for a majority of shootings in a city or a county.

Many of the people in these blocks live in terror. The sound of gunshots is common, sometimes coming multiple times a day. Parents worry that their kids could be next, and young people fear for their own lives. As Jomarria Vaughn, a 24-year-old Chicagoan, told this newsletter: “I’m scared. I have my guard up all day.”

This map of shootings in Chicago shows the concentration. Shootings are rare in much of the city, particularly on the wealthier North Side, but not on the poorer West and South Sides.

— German Lopez and Ashley Wu in Everyday Violence

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  1. “Shootings are rare in much of the city, particularly on the wealthier North Side, but not on the poorer West and South Sides.”

    Guess which side is more likely to have, and has, the most law abiding gun owners with carry permits. I’ll give you hint – “particularly on the wealthier North Side”

    • Guess what? It’s everywhere in Chiraq. Near North side is a war zone. Harlem sux. Near Evanston is awful. Formerly “safe”areas like Old Irving Park ain’t nice. And the po-leece are toothless. Avoid Chiraq (&NYC) like the plague they are. Likely is meaningless!

  2. It seems that, in Chicago, if you are a gang member, you are allowed to conceal carry and openly shoot without consequences. However, if you are a legal firearm owner and use your weapon in self defense, you will be mercilessly prosecuted….especially if you happened to shoot a member of the mayor’s personal bodyguard gang member.

    • Gang Members have a special permit, a CCCCW permit (Chicago Criminal Concealed Carry Weapon). Its two ‘CC’s’ better than the CCW permits law abiding people mostly can’t get.

    • Here, once again, are the organized crime roots on how much of this came to be:
      Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance
      LAWBREAKERS, LAWMAKERS: In some parts of Chicago, violent street gangs and pols quietly trade money and favors for mutual gain. The thugs flourish, the elected officials thrive—and you lose. A special report.
      – – – –
      In short, as briefly as I can: In at least some certain areas of Chicago and many other major American cities, if you wanted to get yourself elected into local political office you would have to be willing and able to work with organized crime. Both for critical political funding and to help “get the vote out” in the areas where gangs rule the streets. Ever wonder why so many big city councilmembers always seem to vote for precisely whatever would benefit the local gangs / organized crime most? Now you know – that is who they must work with and for to make their political careers possible!

      Organized crime wants you disarmed. Therefore, so do all the politicians they own. The more corrupt the politician, the more anti-gun. Organized crime and anti-2nd Amendment politicians – hand in glove. One and the same. Follow the money.

  3. This ‘german Lopez’ twerp has written some really vile things about gun owners that TTAG has reported on in the not-distant past.

    Oh, how it must have pained him to admit it isn’t folks like us who are the real drivers of their so-called ‘gun violence’.

    @snicker@…. 🙂

    • This is also only a small sliver of the article and doesn’t really admit much overall. I’m willing to bet the rest of the article – which the NYT wants you to pay to read – details how violence and crime in these areas are because guns exist or something equally as anti-gun.

      Sometimes they will admit a sliver of facts, but still go right back to their propaganda machine. They really have no idea what they are advocating. Oppression and enslavement (business) as usual, for them.

      • ” I’m willing to bet the rest of the article – which the NYT wants you to pay to read –…”

        I read it, and I have no NYT subscription.

        In the FireFox web browser, you can add little side-programs (apps) that allow you to do many, many, things. Some of them quite fun, like dodge the NY Times paywall.

        One of them lets you trick the NY Times into believing you are a first-time visitor to the NY Times. The app is called Cookie AutoDelete.

        Install FireFox, and add Cookie AutoDelete, and play with it.

        Once you get it installed, let me know, and I’ll walk you through the configuration…

        • And while on the subject, to you I would suggest Chameleon to all FF users.

          Forget-Me-Not is an acceptable alternate to Cookie AutoDelete as well.

      • “– which the NYT wants you to pay to read”

        Yeah, there’s this thing, a 12ft ladder so to speak, to help you peek over the paywalls. Legit, works on damned near every site with every browser I know of, good for bypassing even Cloudflare Tor blocking, and not spam. Try it out:

        • H’mm.

          It reads back “12ft has been disabled for this site” in the upper-left corner in plain text, and the rest of the page is blank, for that NYT article…

        • Huh, worked just last week for me @ NYTimes. Must’ve been bribed in the meantime. Sorry, worked last I knew of.

  4. Of course the NY Times German Lopez and Ashley Wu are “reycizz”.

  5. Up next: Front page retraction
    We were misquoted, that’s not what.we ment to say.

  6. We should all just join gangs.
    Tax free income, freedom from prosecution, government assistance programs up the wazoo, nobody can judge you or look down upon you, loose women and of course the most important benefit: membership in a diverse community.

    Really, once we get rid of all these judgey white supremacists there are virtually no downsides.

    • Freedom to carry stove piped “bull pup” .22’s and drop leg holster that sit on our knees too… And no, that wasn’t a sagging joke… Recent protests for that ski mask wearing idiot that popped a round at police during pursuit and ended up with massive amounts of lead poisoning because of it showed like 4 black panther racists open carrying and escorting the protesters down the middle of the streets while carrying drop legs literally on their knees. Cuz nothing says “we want equality” like holding up a bunch of innocent folk from commuting and then pointing your weapons at them for trying to drive normally…

      I’d be all for it if everything they did wasn’t racist and cringe. But then again, I’m racist for telling them how to protest and knowing where it would hit home the most… And it damn sure ain’t “in the community”.

      • Hell, it was elected to the highest office in the land up here in the queens colonies. Twice. Apparently. At least according to Dominion. Odd name for a voting machine company: Dominion…

  7. “A small sliver of blocks — just 4 percent in Chicago, for example — can account for a majority of shootings in a city or a county.”

    …Which is exactly how they like it. That’s why they freak out when there’s a shooting on the “good” side of town. When there are shootings on the “bad” side of town, it’s met with a yawn. They think life is supposed to be like that.

  8. A great site that tells the story of gun crime in Chicago is A trusted site that explains every shooting by neighborhood.
    Check it out true numbers as provided off police reports and citizens
    I always check on Monday from previous week/weekend
    Tell us what you think

  9. From the article:

    This map of shootings in Chicago shows the concentration. Shootings are rare in much of the city, particularly on the wealthier North Side, but not on the poorer West and South Sides.

    The entire Chicago area has the same laws and the same relative ability (however easy or difficult) to acquire firearms. And we see that criminals who use firearms to attack their victims are almost entirely concentrated to two somewhat small areas within the Chicago.

    That makes it crystal clear that the root cause/problem is a localized culture problem. And that means any purported solutions are a farce if they do not address the underlying culture problem.

    Disclaimer: my comment above is not “hidden racist language”. While a majority of the population in those localized areas may share similar ancestry, their genetics are NOT the underlying problem. The true underlying problem is a culture of narcissism and ZERO regard for the inherent sanctity and dignity of human life. That is a “nurture” problem, NOT a “nature” (genetic) problem.

    • to Uncommon sense

      quote————–Disclaimer: my comment above is not “hidden racist language”. While a majority of the population in those localized areas may share similar ancestry, their genetics are NOT the underlying problem. The true underlying problem is a culture of narcissism and ZERO regard for the inherent sanctity and dignity of human life. That is a “nurture” problem, NOT a “nature” (genetic) problem.———-quote

      Congratulations that is probably the most veiled attempt and the slickest and most well written attempt to deny that one is not a racist as I have ever read. The lowbrow T Tag denizens may have been fooled but hey they all worship Trump too.

      • The biggest racist commenting here is you, herr dacian. How many minority owned businesses did you and your ss/antifa buddies loot and burn during the summer of love?

        • As many as they could. Bet he didn’t even dress in his cosplay Dacian wardrobe, just the standard brown shirt with stains.

      • From my comment above:

        “… the root cause/problem is a localized culture problem.”

        dacian’s response (paraphrased):

        “I cannot refute the truth of your statement and I despise the way that your truth statement undermines my false narrative, so I am going to call you a racist and hope that leads listeners to reject your truth statement.”

        • If you look hard enough, twist context, avoid common sense and logical thought, you can find racism anywhere.

          Was that observation racist as well?

      • Dacian
        From the American Heritage Collage Dictionary:
        Da-ci-a (da’ she-a, -sha.) An ancient region and Roman province corresponding roughly to present-day Romania; abandoned to the Goths after A.D. 270. Da’ci-an adj. & n.

        Note: In the pronunciation guide (above in the parenthesis), the dictionary uses an upside down “e” to represent the sound in she-a and -sha, which I cannot reproduce on my computer. So, I have substituted an “a” in both cases, which comes fairly close. Also, as shown in the dictionary, “Dacian” should be capitalized.

    • “their genetics are NOT the underlying problem”

      Correct. Compare and contrast the behavior of black people who identify as conservative versus those who do not. It ain’t conservatives out there shooting up the hood. A similar argument can be made about Jewish people. Stop blaming all Jews. Note the difference between the conservative and liberal/progressive ones.

  10. This is my Shocked face…. 😠
    Oops, evidently I can’t overwrite my default ” F. U., N.Y.T. ” face .. sorry.

  11. The Dems love to see minorities victimizing and slaughtering each other…Why?…It makes people seek more government intervention…more socialism….more communism…..after that the big crackdown, they are not telling you about, will happen….people must give away all their liberties first…they are gonna make things so bad most people will….

  12. The T Tag references to Ashley Wu’s article are and were designed to be misleading as Ashley is NOT advocating that more guns will make Chicagoans safer. Rather the article she wrote explored the possible causes of crime and violence among the poor. This article (if read in its entirety) is way over the heads of the average low brow T Tag posters who believe that even every 5 year old child should have his own AR15 assault rifle.

    I would have to add something that Ms. Wu overlooked and that is the fact that back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s high paying Union jobs made crime and poverty much less than it is today. A job that pays the bills and has enough money left over for disposable income gives people’s lives meaning and purpose. Today all that is gone and the scarcity of high paying jobs for people with no professional training has resulted in abject poverty, high divorce rates, and a total breakdown of family life. This has now reached out even into the once affluent white suburbs which are no longer so affluent anymore because the U.S. standard of living has dropped dramatically in the last 50 years while the super rich have increased their income by a whopping 320% creating two classes of people, the few who have it all and the majority who have almost nothing. Is it any wonder crime and violence and mass murder are now an everyday occurance??

    I am reminded of the haunting scene in the movie “Blade Runner” from way back in 1982 that showed a cop cruising through a part of the city at a slow speed and poor, desperate, people trying to steal parts off the cop car as it was still moving. Although the average person probably did not realize the significance of this scene it was deliberately sending a subliminal message to the people watching it that portrayed what happens in a society of haves and have nots because of blind greed and corruption which is the hallmark of life in Capitalvania, but which now has evolved far past the ability of society to survive in it.

    I would have to say that, if anything, Ms. Wu is advocating (what the drives the stingy, cheap, and selfish. racist. and totally ignorant Far Right completely up the wall) MORE government involvement to fight poverty, not less. Europeans have realized this decades ago and have done far more to lessen poverty because of their socialist programs that do indeed help people. In Capitavlania the solution by the Far Right is to tell them to live under more bridges.

    In the early 70’s the Feds let into Capitalvania a large amount of Russian immigrants. In less than 5 years half of them went back to Russia when they realized that although they had more material wealth in the U.S. the lack of social programs caused people who lost their jobs to lose everything. To the Russians who had lived under both systems the American system was not worth the trade off for more often times only temporary wealth. I might add that the people in the wealthier Western European Nations laughed at anyone wanting to come to live in Capitalvania.

    • Give it up, herr dacian. Gun control is a non issue now.

      The real issue now is how badly the Social Lists have tanked the economy. You guys have had your moment and it has driven millions of Americans into poverty.

      November is coming. Thank you in advance for all the work you’ve done to give the gop the advantage.

      • His economic credentials are just as solid as his firearm competition credentials. Rock solid.

        His understanding of the concerns of common people is unparalleled in the accuracy he presents us.

        Jwm, I hope you have hip waders on.

  13. Mayor Lori Lightfoot can’t look at a map from the University of Chicago Crime Lab and figure out where the most crime is in the city of Chicago resulting in the most shootings.

    Oh wait …. she was busy fleeing the scene of the crime, she spent her city’s taxpayer funds to travel to London and Paris to promote the economic prosperity of Illinois.

  14. Years back I did an analysis of violent crime in general, just for funzies. Took me probably six months in my off time crunching away on data with SPSS.

    Your strongest correlation by far, IIRC around .88, for violent crime in general (including murder obvs), wasn’t race, income, home ownership, car ownership, gun availability or any of the other often cited items. It was a shitty school district. “Failing” school districts were the marker.

    Such a district also had about the same correlation with being a hub for black markets.

    Shocking, huh?

    How much do you want to bet that if you pull the stats on those red squares that they all have absolutely atrocious schools, far lower than the ones in the lighter colored areas?

  15. you can’t make steel out of tin…and you can’t make a kid learn if he/she (it?)…doesn’t want to…of course you could separate the ones that do from the ones that don’t…but that would be…you know…segregation….

    • Just tell them you’ve created a “safe space” for them to escape their perceived oppression.

  16. its cultural
    its cultural
    its cultural
    it always was
    it is now
    and it forever will be
    fix THE CULTURE that is doing it
    and youll fix the problem

  17. 95% of shootings have had one-to-three victims so mthat’s OK then> Have you any bloody iodea how stupid that makes you sound as it ‘one-to-three’ is somehow excusable. I did a biyt t of checking and if I casn do it from the UK than how easy is t it to do in America. First of all I did not appreciate the the definition of a MASS shooting had changed to THREE OR MORE to FOUR ot MORE victims. If we take the lower, figure of THREE rather thanm the higher figure of FOUR as far as I can ascertain there were around THIRTY such incidences in the first six months of 2022 in the USA.
    In the meantinme I would suggestb that you atke a look at the NUMBER OF DEATHS BY GUN CRIME in the USA per 100,000 persons [ this is known as a PRO.RATA Comparison ] as compared to just about every other civilised country in the world] The UK Has by the way the LOWEST at less the ONE per 100,000 – in fact too low to record. The rest of the comparisons -they are there on WIKIPEDIA [ and frankly even I was surprised!] show that the USA has by multiples way way the largest. To me that is a mark of shame not something to bloody well be proud of. If you then do a comparison of the availablity of firearms and conditions of LICENSE in each country you will find a DIRECT RELEVENCE to the number of deaths by Gun Crime. The figures are irrefutable no matter how much you engage in childish self-justification.

    • And if we look at other crimes… the UK is by far one of the most crime ridden civilized countries.

    • I suspect you failed to notice that over the 4th of July weekend, all the news was about Highland Park and the seven people killed, with hardly a mention of the 92 people shot in Chicago over the same weekend. Highland Park is an upper middle class/ upper class suburb. Was the news media being inherently racist, or was it such a big story because a young white male with AN ASSAULT WEAPON shot up a wealthy neighborhood?

    • Albert (dacian)

      Maybe you should not be taking so much of what ever drug gave you this hallucination of a missive.

  18. One of the outcomes, (or maybe it is a goal) of gun control is to make owning a gun more expensive and harder to get. This disproportionately harms the people at the bottom. Like the law against sleeping under a bridge, it applies to rich and poor.

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