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In his foot-stamping screed following the legislative death of his party’s civilian disarmament measures in the Senate yesterday, the President predictably and liberally assigned blame to all the usual suspects. The NRA in particular. The gun lobby in general. If “Double Barrel” Joe had nudged Barack aside and taken the mic, he no doubt would have included the “black helicopter crowd.” But the editorial writers at the New York Sun see things a little differently. As they look at the wreckage the left’s anti-RKBA efforts have become, they see the culprit being much closer to home. As in city hall . . .

In their view, by placing himself at the head of the gun-grabbing chorus, Hizzoner presented the nation with a view of a disarmed America that galvanized opposition to anything the President and the media were trying to push.

He’s poured millions into the fight. He’s vowed to pour millions more. We understand how much the president resents the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby. But the NRA warned him of the fate of these measures all along. It understood that the issue in gun violence isn’t the size of the magazines. Or “assault” rifles. The issue isn’t background checks. But that’s not the problem, either. The real problem is that every senator comprehended that whatever measure might have been approved, it would have been certain to be used as but a stepping stone to the next restriction on Second Amendment rights.

That’s a sentiment you’ve probably seen expressed in a lot of the comments here yesterday. The fact that no matter how “reasonable” any of the Gun Control Industrial Complex’s proposals may appear to be, it’s all incrementalism. Part of the long game. Slowly turning up the heat under the frog until — poof! — law-abiding Americans wake up one morning and notice that their gun rights are gone.

Oh, and don’t forget the little matter of trust, either. Or the total lack thereof when it comes to discussing Second Amendment freedoms with anyone who calls himself a “progressive.” Sure, there are lots of liberal gun owners. And you’ll hear from them in these pages. As for those in positions of power, though . . .

The problem is that the neither Messrs. Obama, Bloomberg, nor Biden believe in the Second Amendment. Nor do any of their partners in politics, such as Senator Schumer. Not one of them has protested the over-regulation of guns in New York or any other state. Mr. Cuomo just tightened gun prohibitions in a state where Mother Teresa couldn’t get a pistol permit. Not even the most law-abiding, well-trained individuals can carry a gun in New York. The Second Amendment is not in force here. So people look at Bloomberg-land and ask, where is he leading us? Where does he want to go? The way we interpret the decision of the Senate yesterday is that it is saying, “not one more inch in that direction.”

Works for us. Other than those in the the most left-leaning precincts of the country, how many people who want to continue living their lives as they wish look at the New York City’s Bloombergian nannyism (with a big assist from Governor Cuomo at the state level) and think, “yep, that’s what I want here, too”?

So please, Mr. President. Spare us all the righteous indignation and histrionics. If you really want to know where to place the blame for the stinging defeats you suffered yesterday — besides the folks in your own party at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue — you’ll find him most days at 260 Broadway in lower Manhattan. Good luck with that.

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  1. I agree the blame game will come best two falls guys for the fascist will be either Biden or Bloomberg.

    • Not a chance. Progressives don’t have fall guys. They will continue to churn away on their agenda with no criticism, comprehension or consideration of their failings.

      • I agree, I was just in a conversation with one of them yesterday and all they have are excuses. Every time you refute them on something they just switch to another excuse.

  2. Unrelated: are those ketchup/ mustard dispensers Bloomberg is holding? If not, they really should be.

  3. Obama recognizing that would mean he possesses a modicum of maturity. So, no, never gonna happen.

  4. kapo bloomberg getting the credit he deserves. Who could hear about stop and frisk and put any trust in kapo bloomberg?

  5. NYC is heaading for a return engagement as the cesspool it was before Rudy Giuliani took over. The City will elect a standard left wing Democrat — it could be Anthony “the showman” Wiener –who will undoubtely abandon the City’s aggressive policing policies that have held crime in check. With those policies ended NYC will look lke Chicago inside of 18 months. When disarm your citizens and don’t keep the vermin off the streets they will take over and have free reign like they did in the past.

    • Fortunately, there are no “citizens” in NYC to worry about, just pathetic subjects. And they deserve everything they get thanks to their voting habits.

  6. I see that photo and all I can do is imagine him making the toy guns jerk back and forth while quitely going “pew pew! pow pow pow!” under his breath.

  7. Let us also not forget that the government has not proven itself trustworthy in policing its own. To wit, AG Holder’s refusal to produce F&F documents, “mistaken identity” LAPD shooting of the blue Tacoma, Obama sending arms overseas, releasing personal information of gun owners, misrepresentation of the Trayvon Martin shooting, etc. I’ve worked for different levels of government my whole adult life as a Marine and police officer and I can tell you that the government absolutely needs accountability.

    And I apologize for my initial support of M-T: I thought that national concealed carry reciprocity was part of the law. Thank you for holding me accountable.

    • I wouldn’t apologize for supporting M-T. It was, if unintentionally, a perfect way to confuse the situation. It’s defeat made the real anti-gun legislation go away for the time being. And if people have a problem with Toomey, he’s nonetheless much better than his opponent in the next general election. Political life in the sound-bite age isn’t simple.

  8. So you are saying that Americans are not going to buy, “if you like your current gun, you can keep your current gun.”

    Something about fool me once…

    • Exactly! When I heard the President say we were lying about the registry, that the bill makes a registry against the law, I literally screamed at the TV. His administration didn’t seem to have any problem breaking a number of local, state, federal and even international laws in trafficing guns to criminals in Mexico. He didn’t have a problem with breaking the law requiring the reporting of multiple long gun sales in the border states (somehow bizarrely justified by Fast and Furious). Excuse me if I don’t trust that Obama won’t break the law again.

  9. “Other than those in the the most left-leaning precincts of the country, how many people who choose to live their lives as they wish look at the New York City’s Bloombergian nannyism…?”

    California has already proved, through their voting trends, that they do. Ditto Washington, Oregon and much of the non-South eastern seaboard. Ditto Illinois.

    Other states are trending in that direction.

    This was just a battle; even losing armies/nation-states win battles as they lose the war. This war isn’t over, but it isn’t looking pretty, and our foes have already vowed to continue the fight. Do we have a similar will to continue? I’m not too confident.

    • Now that the nationwide fight will subside and stay off of the 5 o’clock news, at least for the foreseeable future, the Supreme Court can continue to take cases and make incremental gains our way.

      IL is next. They have a little more than a month to figure out what they want to do about Posner’s decision. The “may-issue” bill that Chicago wanted so bad was also turned down by a margin over 2-1 yesterday. Residents of IL want shall issue, with preemption. What is Madiggan going to do? Appeal to the Supreme Court and risk Posner’s opinion becoming the law of the land? I don’t think Chicago is willing to live with a “shall-issue” CCW law. Then we’re going to get challenges to NY’s SAFE Act and the Colorado bills.

      The state-level democrats who voted for those state laws are going to be pissed. They were promised the moon by the party. Because the federal bills are now failing, they are going to be stranded out in the wilderness, naked and exposed. CO might very well turn back red in 2014.

      We just withstood a massive frontal attack, but we did suffer some collateral damage (CO, NY, CT). Now, we continue the good fight.

      • Amen,


        BUT IF AND ONLY IF we as gun owners go to the ballet box, we as gun owner recruit other gun owners who never vote and get them to vote, we get family to vote, we get friends to vote etc.

        Only we have the power to finish this. A few key upsets and it will be a very long time before they attempt this sh!t again.

        Even the very pro-Obama MSM cannot keep the story from the headlines if key democrats or key states or governors are lost.

        The battle will be for the ballet box in 2014. Get involved, go help campaign for the pro-2a candidate, go help get new voters registered.

        if ANYONE here has ever gone to an Appleseed you know they stress to get involved in order to make the government what you want. They can be dems, the can Repub but make sure they are pro-2a.

        • Ballet-Silly dance with tutu thingy

          Ballot-That voting thingy

          Sorry-just couldn’t resist

    • Beg to differ. As a Washington state resident, we’ve got plenty more freedom than California. And we plan on keeping it that way!

    • This latest bout of anti-gun fervor, propelled in the media by a bunch of left-wing low-life grave dancers, did reveal the movement (apt) for what it is, a cabal composed of a few urban-core politicians who can’t even manage their own cities. When suburban women voters in middle-America get the message, the leftward tide may well ebb.

      • Whatever the ratio of women for/against civilian disarmament, the tide is steadily turning to women opposing civilian disarmament. Every gun shop and concealed carry class scheduler I hear from talks about how women are coming in droves — something they didn’t see 10 years ago.

        I have said it before and I will say it again: Progressives expect the status quo and that is why they are steadily losing ground — and will continue to lose ground on civilian disarmament.

        Look at it this way. Progressives might have a strangle hold on California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Hawaii. And while those states do send a lot of representatives to the House, every state gets two senators. With 40 shall issue states in the U.S. — and many of them expanding gun rights — I don’t see any substantive civilian disarmament laws coming out of Congress as long as we are willing to phone, write, and e-mail our elected representatives.

        The real battle is expanding gun rights. And I think women will be the key to winning that battle as well.

    • >> Ditto Washington, Oregon

      Huh? Both states have gun laws on the books that rival some of the traditionally more conservative ones.

      Heck, here in WA we’ve got shall-issue, no-license open carry, and state preemption of firearm law, and have recently legalized the heretofore banned suppressors, and shot down the local AWB (so there’s a recent track of moving in the right direction, even). What else do you want?

      • +1

        Word. Comparing Washington’s gun laws to California’s… pshhht, there really is no comparison. Gun ownership (and yeah, smoking weed) is a matter of liberty in Washington. California? Good luck.

        I sympathize for my friends and family in California, but I don’t plan on leaving Washington anytime soon.

  10. When Americans feel they are being unfairly pushed around, they come together and push back.

    It doesn’t matter how rich or powerful the bully is.

    • What we must now all be alert to and resist at all times are the underhanded small incremental restrictive measures these gun grabbing culprits have and will continue undertake at all levels of government.

      Not one step back.

  11. Cost of Bloomies commercials = $2,000,000
    Seeing him go down in flames and then whine like a little girl = PRICELESS!

  12. God, I love ttag. Where the facts are not made up and people can have a sane conversation, unlike in bloomber’s universe

  13. There’s a good deal of truth in this. As often as the latest gun grab was described as “reasonable” and “common-sense” by the Community Organizer in Chief and his minions, and as often as they said they respected the 2ndA, there were too many other hard leftists telling the truth – they wanted all the guns from everybody. I suppose they thought it was a done deal and didn’t have to practice deceit any longer.

    • They would pick your pocket with one hand & get a king crab leg on your nuts with the other & call that “reasonable”. Whats reasonable is free 9mm & bat day for Chicago for non felons, yep, thats reasonable, Randy

  14. Those toy guns are probably illegal in NY, boy is he in trouble now. I thought he would just put one in each ear & stick his tongue out, that would have impressed the brady’s, Randy

  15. TheYankeeMarshal had a good video on: how could the first african american president preach for mob rule when “90% support it” was the same arguement FOR segregation?

    • This, as was the segregationist movement, wasn’t about the people, or the children, but was about power…

  16. and let’s not forget every new gun control law ends up taking much more of our rights away, but doing nothing about real crime… We no longer trust anything they say.. Look at all the record gun and ammo sales…We the people are talking back but no one cares, why? We will not forget come election time either!

  17. Let’s not forget Andrew “confiscation is not off the table” Cuomo. That was another classic moment where they showed their hand again.

  18. Dont forget all that 16 ounce size limit on pop and whatnot, which made the libtards into nanny state psychos.

  19. Excellent article on this topic, here:

    With a reference to M-T:

    I wonder if the point of that offer, plus SAFs endorsement, was to open the debate to the many pro-gun fixes that amendment covered. And as this article also points out, perhaps thats what spooked Obama and Reid, leading them to bail out by asking for the vote, so they fall back to bashing the NRA, and not suffer the humiliation of pro-gun legislation like what was popping up at various state houses.

  20. I live in Switzerland now and a 3 your old swiss kid was runnnig around making pew pew powpow noises. this is not an American thing but a global social understanding. having said that kid would ahve loved the mustard/ketchup guns

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