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“Founded in 2006, and backed by over 220,000 supporters, the mission of is to use public issue campaigns and direct outreach to lawmakers to ensure that troops abroad have what they need to complete their missions, and receive the care they deserve when they get home. also recognizes veterans as a vital part of the fabric of our country and will work to protect veterans’ interests in their day-to-day lives. is committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world – with force when necessary – to protect America. While non-partisan, the group is the largest progressive organization of veterans in America.” Run that by me again? No wait. I’m good. [h/t imrambi]

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  1. Thus proving that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This man is clearly misinformed but likely sincere. It’s unfortunate that there are so many tools and well meaning useful idiots. Sigh…. We have a long row to hoe.

  2. Does he mean to tell us that all the GANG MEMBERS in the military passed BACKGROUND CHECKS?

    No lie seems to be too outrageous to tell.

    • Yep – it’s time to unplug the country music and take an honest look at our military. There are many good vets – but the military also trains A LOT of gang members.

        • The “jail or service” went the way of the dodo after Vietnam. One of the few lessons that the military learned AND APPLIED at the right time.

        • Not true, Gyufygy. I had a neighbor in the late 90’s who robbed our home and later confessed to it. Instead of going to jail, he was allowed to join the Air Force instead.

        • Gyu I have personally listened to trash cops joking about sending little thuglets to the sandbox. Sick. Dunno where you’re getting your data, suppose you’re going to tell me rape and drugs in the military haven’t been seen in the military since we pulled out of Saigon.

        • I’m an army recruiter. You don’t have to be a saint to enlist but if they make it thru the screening process ether they have never been caught our someone lied there asses off.

  3. I had to pass a background check to rent an apartment, ergo people should have to pass a background check to have free speech. Is that about right?

  4. The same background check that allowed gang members to join? Yeah that worked out really well, particularly when they came home with the newly acquired skills………..

    YouTube EMBED REMOVED – It screws up some mobile browsers. Sorry.

  5. Apparently they forgot to read the constitution before they swore their oath to protect it. I guess the Uncle Bammy brainwashing has been taking. I have been slowly gaining respect for those that choose to serve, but these welfare queens want to pick apart our rights and continue to stomp across the globe in search of the ever elusive “terror”.

    “ is committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world – with force when necessary – to protect America.”

    I have a news break for you guys…we don’t need protecting, it’s quite the reverse. The world needs to be protected from the US strong arm of corporate interests. The only protection Americans require is from the elected officials that want to turn us into subjects.

  6. I wonder if some gun rights group could ever hire one of these douchebag actor/hunters and get them to flip their position? New commercial that leads off….”I was a paid actor to portray a gun grabber position but I decided to get my self truly educated, after learning the facts …..” I mean these actors are nothing but whores to the highest bidder aren’t they?

  7. Ummm…yeah. Last time I checked, criminals don’t submit to background checks, so tell me again what this mind-blowing revelation is supposed to prevent.

  8. Yeah! We should absolutely require criminals to pass a background check before they can get a gun!

    ….April fool’s?

  9. Let’s be fair guys — background checks have totally worked to prevent crime with handguns. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea? /sarcasm

  10. UHM, would someone mind letting this dumbass know that you already have to submit to a background check to purchase a gun! The exception to this is if you have a CCW. (or your a criminal who doesn’t purchase your guns legally)

  11. Well that’s one Vet group I won’t be joining. Something tells me
    that most of those 220,000 supporters aren’t Vets either.

  12. This is why I stay away from giving my money or time to a lot of “Veterans” organizations. They can be corrupted.

    • This one wasn’t corrupted. It was founded for the purpose of getting Democrat veterans elected to office. But yeah, it still pays to check them out before giving.

  13. So what, at one time, the Army permitted enlistees with a “felony waiver,” and that was a step forward from, “What’s it gonna be son, jail or the military?” Just another troll, shilling for the man.

    If, and I mean with a qualified “IF” there were to be any acceptance for background checks to purchase, that there be no tie-in between the individual buying/selling a firearm, and the firearm purchased. The buyer and seller could have a separate form, acknowledging the transfer of the firearm between them. Oh yeah, and let’s call it something simple like, “A Bill of Sale”.

  14. Couldn’t help but notice the AR-15 he is holding when talking has a Slide Fire stock on it, yet the footage of him shooting doesn’t have it.

  15. The background checks that are serious for military are expensive and not given for every service member. If you are to work on classified/secret/top secret/crypto/and beyond, you get increasingly intense background investigations. This in no way is a “go – no go” felony check to buy a weapon. This person is grasping for straws to justify his incorrect ideas.

  16. Check out their website. Board is full of nuts (that POS Wistlee Clark and bunch of Clintoestas), Every candidate they support is dem (I assume leftist).


  17. All I need to see is the term “progressive” in their self-description to know that their organization will be pushing ideas that erode individual rights and are profoundly anti-freedom and anti-choice. Unless, of course, your choice is to agree with them.

    Progressive equality is the social equivalent of clear-cutting an entire forest to give more light to all the trees.

  18. The printed message at the end didn’t say “If our soldiers need background checks, every one should” it said “If our soldiers need background checks, criminals should” So there two camps, soldiers and criminals. I am glad that not being a criminal, they want to opt me out of back ground checks. Oh wait, how stupid of me, I think they meant, all of us that buy guns, are criminals.
    I am so confused now. What are they saying?

  19. I know that the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to stomp on our rights, but it seems to me that the bottom of the barrel is in sight.

  20. TO: All
    RE: History Says…..

    A martial nobility and stubborn commons, possessed of arms, tenacious of property, and collected into constitutional assemblies form the only balance capable of preserving a free constitution against the enterprise of an aspiring prince. — Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

    What he’s talking about here is how the Roman Republic fell to the Caesars and declined into rank despotism and suffering of the citizens.


    [History repeats itself. That’s one of the problems with History.]

  21. P.S. As the ‘veterans’ are supporting the disarming of the citizens….

    …they remind me of the Roman Praetorian Guard.

    The unarmed Roman citizens and senate could do nothing to prevent them from appointing whomever would pay them the most as a new emperor.

    These ‘veterans’ are just asking for the same sort of situation to develop amongst US.

  22. RK-FL – Everyone entering the service gets a NAC – National Agency Check. Next step up is a NACI – National Agency Check w/ Inquiries. I know – Used to be TS-SI/TK/G/M-O-U-S-E… (CI guy)

  23. Apparently the “destruction of terror networks” also includes American citizens who speak out against and stand up to tyrannical government. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    Just like police, the military as a whole can’t be trusted to do what’s right, including veterans. As a whole, I said; yes I know there are quite a few who are great, blah blah. In the end, soldiers can and do forget that they took an oath to uphold the Constitution (not the government) and fight against enemies foreign and domestic (hint: that means corrupt would-be tyrants, not honest Americans trying to hold on to their freedoms).

  24. How about all those background checks for Sunni fighters in Iraq before they got there guns . . . oh wait that did not happen. How are those background checks working for Afghan cops that spontaneously combust?

    Our vets and active duty military are a much much bigger threat to themselves than school children. They are killing themselves at a rate never seen before in any fighting force in history. Can we focus on fixing that?

  25. As soon as I read that these were “vets” who were devoted to fighting the scawy tewwowists around the world rather than protecting the constitution and American citizens, I knew they would be slimy enough to attack the amendment that would rule them all unemployed.

  26. Funny distinction:

    The USMC doesn’t have a right to bear arms. They have the privilege extended by congress. The USMC can guard the integrity of their reputation as they see fit. I don’t care if it is background checks, or square dancing competitions. If it works they can have it.

    “The people” have the right to keep and bear arms. If congress or USMC for that matter wants to screw with that, Molon Labe b!tches.

  27. There is no right to join the military…whatever ‘background’ checks there are would be more functionally equivalent to background checks for jobs. At least that would be my take on it. The background checks aren’t for guns…

    Not to mention the fact that the checks become less restrictive when we need more troops and suddenly more restrictive when we are trying to cut back. Funny how that work, just like the job market.

  28. And all the cartel types in F&F – Oh wait, not our country, not our problem.

    “Anyone see a problem with THAT concept…?” – Mr. Obvious

    This government administration’s hypocrisy is only exceeded by it’s stupidity.

  29. Just to clarify…

    The same party demanding background checks for gun owners considers drug testing welfare recipients to be oppressive…

    Think about that a moment when you consider which they consider themselves more entitled to…

  30. I have gone through the process of obtaining a Q clearance, while it takes the G-Men time to complete the requirements of this top security clearance, the items included in the firearms purchase checks, are within this check. It is a lie to say anyone can walk in and purchase any firearm. When a web site lie’s on anything they cannot be trusted for any information. Thank you,

  31. So Adam Lanza murders his mom and stole her guns. Should he have gone through the background check on the way to the school? I fail to see the logic in having background checks (which we already do, great job creating propaganda that we don’t and need some uber special UBC.) to prevent Sandy Hook in order to own an AR-15. The way he talks is that a background check would have prevented the tragedy. How stupid is this guy.

    The average soldier gets a very general background check. They get finger printed and it is sent to the FBI to see if they have a record. If it comes back clean or with charges that are considered allowable, they can continue processing. Guess what? Sometimes they system comes back entirely clean and they have over a dozen charges including drug possession. It is far from perfect. A UBC would also be seriously flawed.

  32. VoteVets has been a Soros front group from Day 1. Its “leader”, Jon Soltz, has had Soros’ hand up his ass making his mouth move for so long that he’s ready to be a recurring character on Sesame Street.

  33. Betting dollars to donuts that this is Mayor Wall Street astroturfing… The goal is clearly to weaken and split the 2A supporters.

    I especially like the barn jacket, that’s a nice touch. I wonder why he didn’t hug Rachel Maddow? She’s in their other vids.

    We need a ‘Democrats for the Bill of Rights’ type group because turnabout is fair play. The wedge issue is that the BOR is designed to protect minority rights and that an attack on one part weakens the whole. Just as progressives might support a woman’s right to an abortion even though they are personally against it, they should also support a law abiding citizen’s RKBA even though they may not personally own a gun. Weakening the RKBA is part and parcel of a general trend in which other rights including the 1st and 4th amendment rights are being weakened.

    And yes Dems who support the 2A exist apart from libertarians.

  34. Quote from the video:

    “If our troops need a background check, so should criminals.”

    Glenn Kunkel, go eat a dick. I’m not a criminal. neither is anyone here fighting for our rights.

    You’re no better than me, so don’t you dare look down on me and treat me like a criminal.

  35. VoteVets is a partisan hack front group for the DNC run by a former motorpool queen who thinks one tour in Iraq as a junior office makes him some kind of authority on all things military.

  36. This guy is funny. Try and take your M16 off base. Try and bring your personal weapon on base. Try and keep ammo in your room. Try and load your weapon before you are instructed to. The military barely trusts is members and only under direct supervision from and NCO or officer. Joining the military is not a right enshrined in our Constitution. Otherwise, anyone could join. This dipsh1t is making comparisons that aren’t even remotely related.

  37. This is all about protecting their pensions. There are some interesting battle lines drawing up over that issue.


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