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“Cops shot a 25-year-old man after he jumped in the backseat of their unmarked squad car and grabbed a sergeant’s pistol in Brooklyn early Sunday,” reports. “Authorities say the suspect hopped in the back of an unmarked patrol car stopped at a red light and started fighting with a sergeant and a police officer on Avenue D and Nostrand Ave. in East Flatbush around 12:45 a.m. Gunshots then erupted in the car. It was not immediately clear who fired or why the suspect jumped into the squad car.” What is clear: New York’s Finest have maintained their legendary reputation for marksmanship . . .

While gripping the sergeant’s gun, the crazed man jumped out of the car, law enforcement sources said. The officers immediately followed him and opened fire. Three more police officers responding to the incident told the suspect to drop the gun and also started shooting, police said. The suspect was shot in the back and ankle.

So guess how many rounds were fired to hit the suspect twice?

Aboualasrar Haraz, who was working at a food cart down the block, said he heard three volleys of gunfire totaling about 20 shots.

Just another Saturday night in the gun-free zone also known as The City That Never Sleeps, where six separate shootings left seven people wounded. Oh, and you can bet there’s way more to this story than a “crazed man” jumping into an unmarked car. Drug deal gone bad? I reckon we’ll never know. [h/t DD]

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      • The DA/SA Smith 4006 (I have 3) is around a 12 pound pull for the first shot. There are a fair amount of DA/SA auto loaders that have a pretty heavy first pound trigger pull.
        My Sig 227 feels like 10-11 pounds DA. YMMV.

      • The NYPD and a bunch of other departments went to ridiculously heavy triggers on dehorned revolvers, DAO/DA-SA automatics, and later Glocks, because they wanted to reduce the chance of NDs. They also cut off their hammer spurs because they didn’t want officers to preemptively cock their sidearms, which could either be seen as “premeditation” in court or would mean they’d have to decock it later, which doesn’t work so well without a firing pin block or decocker lever.

    • My thoughts, exactly. There are so many more legally armed citizens who will run rings around New York’s finest when it comes to accuracy, it’s a shame. At least give them guns with a decent trigger pull.

        • True, I read detectives for some reason. Even if it was a retention holster the only thing that does is make it more difficult for someone to grab your gun… and hopefully buy time.

          It’s also possible that the officer drew his gun and then the guy went for it.

  1. From the back seat he grabbed a gun which should have been in a retention holster. How the hell does that happen? The only other explanation is that he grabbed it after the LEO drew it and pointed it at him at too close a distance. We aren’t getting the whole story.

      • I absolutely challenge you jump on the back seat of a car, and try to remove a gun from a Level 2 or Level 3 retention holsters on the thigh of someone sitting in front.

        Let me know how that works for you.

        • Um… I’ve done just that (on a belt, not thigh).

          I didn’t have to worry about getting shot with real bullets, but it’s perfectly possible. If you think it isn’t, you don’t understand holsters.

    • I think “justified shoot” would have been a better choice of words. This was by nobodies standards a “good shoot.”

  2. Aboualasrar Haraz, who was working at a food cart down the block, said he heard three volleys of gunfire totaling about 20 shots once he emerged, shaking with fear, from the manhole that he took shelter in.


  3. And here in the socialist occupied state of CA we are limited to 10 round capacity magazines (clips for idiot libartds) these ass-wipes continue to vote for these nut jobs that are bringing the country down. The more the government take away our rights the more we are suppressed as individuals.

  4. Where’s Rev. Al? Isn’t that just a short carjack from Rev. Al’s neighborhood?

    Only 20 shots. I must be missing something.

  5. Not the “gentle giant”TM huh? Chicago cops shoot alleged criminals several times a week.(like last night). How come there aren’t riots every time? Nobody EVER sees a gun. And I won’t comment on the police marksmanship…they manage to kill lots of black folks in Chicago.

    • I saw a report about an incident last night where the po-po man rolled up on two bangers shooting at each other across a street. Spotting The Man, one starting shooting in the direction or the cruiser, and unsurprisingly, the po-po jumped out and returned fire, striking this sweet innocent 17 y/o who’d just been released from juvey. Six hits on target, all to the rear (back, arms, leg), from which circumstance his brother and his mother said that he couldn’t have been shooting at the police because he was shot from behind–he was just running away from the other banger across the street. Uh huh. Which of course explains why a gun was recovered at the scene. (Empty, I would guess.)

  6. They should have said he was shot by a passing snark, for all the difference it would have made in the story’s credibility.

  7. Who, especially cops, doesn’t know that when driving ALL DOORS ON THE CAR MUST BE LOCKED?????????
    Never would’ve happened is the cops had taken first grade security measures.

    • The NY Post article doesn’t say the perp wasn’t invited into the car, but only makes clear his behavior once inside it was unfortunate…if the facts were as reported.

  8. Eighteen bullets off to hit something.

    I don’t suppose we can expect that the officers will be billed for any damage….

  9. what is clear: New York’s “Highly Trained” Finest have maintained their legendary reputation for marksmanship . . .

    There, I Bloomberged it for you.
    Thankfully no dogs were harmed as of last report.


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